Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who wants big govenment?

The usual conservative canard is that the liberals want big government, that they want to control our lives with over regulation, and that such legislation gets in the way of rugged individuals engaging in laissez-faire capitalism's invisible and beneficient hand job. Rachel Maddow begs to differ providing several examples that conservatives want the big government when it supports such hand jobs for the rich.

For example, Governor Rich Snyder of Michigan and his conservative legislature passed the emergency state takeover bill which allows the State to come in after declaring a financial emergency, which is often falsely created, to dispense with elected town officials by installing a State-appointed financial Czar. Maddow reports on Benton Harbor MI which was so taken over to make public land private so as to build a golf course for the wealthy. See the link for much more on this authoritarian big government policy that conservatives hide behind their seemingly libertarian rhetoric.

PS: On the Maddow blog it was noted that the golf club development preceded the Czar's installation. Maybe so, but the latter was needed to complete the project over democratically elected officials', and public, objections.

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