Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Establishment Dems embrace capitalism

Which enriches the already rich and fucks the rest of us in the ass without lubrication. See this article, which echos Thomas Frank's work. By the way, we're just going to get the same from Clinton 2. An excerpt:

"Largely due to both their acceptance of an ideological system that runs counter to the needs of the masses and "pragmatic" commitments to the needs of organized wealth, gradually during the late 20th century Democrats abandoned the language of class, instead adopting the seemingly high-minded — but often diversionary and empty, particularly when put to use by elites — language of identity politics.

"Having shifted allegiances from the working class to the professional class since the 1970s, Democrats have had to adjust their tone accordingly: No longer could they use the provocative language of class conflict; no longer could they condemn, as FDR did, the nation's 'economic royalists' who 'maintained' a system of 'economic slavery.' Their new constituency would not take kindly to such language.

"And with the language of class went the politics of class — the politics that transformed the Democratic Party throughout the post-Depression years into a party that, while not entirely sympathetic to the working class, pushed through changes that improved the material well-being of millions.

"But now, in the face of levels of income and wealth inequality matched only by those of the year prior to the Great Depression, the 'New' Democrats have proven unable — even unwilling — to confront the problem. This lack of ability or willingness has less to do with the personal failings of individual Democrats and more to do with the ideological bent of the party they pay allegiance to."

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