Saturday, April 18, 2015

Senator Sanders sets pinhead O'Reilly straight

He shreds the pinhead's ideological assumption about democratic socialism.

Robert Reich on the TPP

Contact your representatives to stop this travesty.

Senator Warren on a false choice

From her email:

"For too long, the opponents of financial reform have cast the debate as an argument between the pro-regulation camp and the pro-market camp. They generally put Democrats in the first camp and Republicans in the second. But that so-called “choice” gets it all wrong. Rules are not the enemy of markets. Without some basic rules and accountability, financial markets don’t work. People get ripped off, risk-taking skyrockets, and markets fall apart. Rolling back the rules or firing the cops can be profoundly anti-market.

Republicans claim – loudly and repeatedly – that they support competitive markets, but their approach to financial regulation is pure crony capitalism. It helps the rich and the powerful protect and expand their wealth and their power – and leaves everyone else behind. This week, I gave a big policy speech where I presented ways we can promote competition, innovation, and safety in financial markets. The speech was long and wonky, but it really boils down to two principles:

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hillary's fake populism

From this article:

"At launch she talked a streak of anti-elitist rhetoric that was taken seriously for a few days, until the punditry took the temperature of her populism and declared to it be the right kind: the fake kind, the purely strategic kind. The congoscenti even seemed to applaud Clinton for sounding enough like Elizabeth Warren to preclude the necessity of the actual Elizabeth Warren running for president, Warren being the wrong kind of populist, the real kind. The punditry should embrace the real idealists and hammer the fakes. Instead we get this sleazy process in which the fakes are called smart and yet still allowed to market themselves as the real thing. It would be nice, for once, if we did things in reverse."

Who gets punished?

And which crimes are worse? Seems the worse the crime then punishment reduces to zero. That is, if said criminals can afford to pay you off.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Regressives give tax break to the top 0.2%

See this story. And yet these same regressives are cutting social programs en masse to pay for the lost revenue of  tax cuts for those who don't need it. Yeah, they care about income inequality all right. Watch what they do, not what they say.

The food and health industry blinders

Warren's financial agenda

Continuing from this post, another article on Warren's speech laying out her agenda for financial reform. See it for the details:

"Her ideas fit into four basic categories: first, getting tougher on bad financial actors, particularly big banks, and presenting them with actual legal accountability for malfeasance. Second, Warren outlined how to change the basic structure of the country’s largest financial institutions so their very existence doesn’t threaten the economy nor taxpayer money via inevitable bailouts. Third, she outlined how to change tax policies that incentivize financial risk-taking and instability. And finally, Warren called for tougher regulations on the shadow-banking sector that was a huge contributor to the 2008 crash and which remained largely untouched by Dodd-Frank."

Center for a New American Dream roundup

Join New Dream THIS Saturday, April 18, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. EDT (10:00 a.m. PDT) for our free Get2gether Roundup call!
These conversations are the place for ongoing inspiration for New Dream Get2gether teams, from sharing your progress and challenges to getting ideas, tips, and resources for supporting and growing your community efforts.
This month, we'll be kicking off our Spring Cleaning Swaps campaign. Joining us will be New Dream Board member Holly Minch and Seth Yon from Greener Grads. They will share ideas for some great swap events and give tips on how to host a successful swap in your community.
We'll also get a chance to check out all the cool organizing resources on the new Get2gether platform.


Anna Awimbo
Director, Collaborative Communities Program
Center for a New American Dream

Senator Warren on corrupt government regulators

She's not only on the case of a rigged financial system but also those who are supposed to police it. See the below video where she rightly reams said regulators for not bringing criminal prosecutions for blatantly criminal activity. She soundly refutes the spurious regressive argument that regulations are anti-business, noting that legitimate rules make markets run well for everyone, not just the few. She says the real argument is between crony or competitive capitalism. And the former has pretty much bought its way out of trouble and into the bank accounts of said regulators in a despicably corrupt system.