Monday, May 30, 2016

Not much of a choice

Pursuit of integral ecology

See this article. A couple of excerpts follow. The article isn't that much longer, a quick read.

"The United Nations will convene the first World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, where global and local leaders will commit to putting each and every person's safety, dignity, freedom, and right to thrive at the heart of decision-making. More than 125 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, a level of suffering not seen since World War II. The social problems are wide and deep, from war and human trafficking to the gross inequality between the wealthy 1% and the poorest 3 billion of the population. Included in the summit's Agenda for Humanity are climate and natural disasters. Indeed, 1 year ago, Pope Francis emphasized, in the encyclical Laudato Si, that complex crises have both social and environmental dimensions. The bond between humans and the natural world means that we live in an 'integral ecology,' and as such, an integrated approach to environmental and social justice is required.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

10 signs of a bad workplace

All of my jobs had most if not all of these signs. The thing was, all the companies in my profession were doing many of these things and if I wanted to eat there really was no choice. It's one reason I'm glad to be retired and no longer in need these draconian conditions to survive. Just the bullet points are provided below. See this article for the details. Most of these things can be ascertained in the employee handbook. If they won't provide one pre-employment then walk away immediately.

1. No moon-lighting policy.
2. Won't provide references when you leave.
3.  Progressive discipline.
4. Payroll deductions.
5. Dictated hours.

Republican reveals the truth behind voter ID laws

Todd Albaugh, former chief of staff for a Wisconsin State Republican Senator, testified that to what happened inside a 2011 closed door meeting. Therein the GOP openly admitted that the reason behind the voter ID law was to disenfranchise Democratic voters. Here is Allbaugh's Facebook post with the details. A clip:

"Elected officials planning and happy to help deny a fellow American's constitutional right to vote in order to increase their own chances to hang onto power. A vigorous debate on the ideas wasn't good enough. Inspiring the electorate and relying on their agenda being better to get people to vote for them wasn't good enough. No, they had to take the coward's way out and come up with a plan to suppress the vote under the guise of 'voter fraud.' The truth? There was almost none."

The twisted paranoia of the bathroom police

Elites hate competition

This article shows how those at the top of the income distribution proclaim competition as the great American way, but only for everyone else, not themselves. They are a monopolistic bunch that to the contrary do not in any way want to compete on a fair playing field, for that would jeopardize their top gun status and pay. This article proves that these folks are often not even close to being the best the brightest in their field, just the best at rigging the system for their own benefit. This includes not just the Republican 1% but the professional Democrats in the top 10%. Some excerpts follow:

"There is no evidence to support the idea that the top 1 percent consists mostly of people of 'exceptional talent. In fact, there is quite a bit of evidence to the contrary."

MSNBC admits it's suppressing the vote

The below clip shows Chris Matthews admitting that the networks, including MSNBC, will proclaim Clinton got the Democratic nomination 3 hours before the California polls close. This in effect would discourage those who have not yet voted to say fuck it, what's the point now. Plus the proclamation would be based on including superdelegates in the delegate count when they haven't yet voted. Another win for corporate media and loss for democracy.

Salon on the progressive third party

This article starts by saying that Sanders cannot run as a third party at this point. And that he would not have received as much support as he did if he'd done that from the beginning. But now that he has got the attention of millions of people, many of them young, after the election it might well be the time to organize such a progressive third party.

Many if not most of Sanders supporters have been disillusioned by the Democratic Party and no longer believe it represents them, just the corporate oligarchs. Rather than wasting time trying to reform the Democratic Party from the inside it's time to start from scratch with a Party that holds true to the values and policies the Sanders' agenda articulated. Hence it would garner massive momentum from the start if Sanders himself were to light the fire in this direction.

Winning with proper progressive framing

In Overtime Scot Adams said that Trump will win in a landslide due to his rhetorical tools and techniques. And they've worked so far, given Trump defeated all the establishment Republicans. So what do we do to counter him?

In this piece Lakoff explains why the Dems got hammered in the '14 mid-terms. And what they need to do to change that. Same applies to this day, with the Dems still making the same mistakes. Sanders had the right framing though but the Dems hated it. They will never learn, which is why it's time for a properly framed progressive party on its own. We cannot change the Democratic Party from the inside by infiltrating it, for it's too far gone and beyond repair. It's time to recognize that fact, move on, and organize around a new Party.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sanders on a third party candidate

In this interview he basically said that even though Clinton and he diverge on several issues, at this point he will support her because the alternative in Trump would be a YUGE disaster for this country. He admits that people don't trust Clinton's change of view on for example the TPP or the Keystone Pipeline. And that her work is to convince us she's authentic about it. So for this election Sanders is not going third party, but we can hope that if Clinton is elected, and she and the Democratic Party continue to feed the corporate beast, he'll change his tune and start turning his campaign machine into a progressive third-party movement.