Thursday, May 23, 2019

Vigeland: It's not left v. right but populism v. establishment

Emma is right, as usual. The so-called center of America is not some fantasy of a middle ground between right and left ideology. It is a battle for the majority of America, which is what populism is about. Granted there are at least two kinds: authoritarian and humanitarian. But at least some of the former can be turned into the latter with an authentic, progressive populist like Sanders. Biden, as a centrist ideologically, can't inspire this populist shift. She said:

"There's this kind of false perception that the center is in between the left and the right ideologically, where I would say the center is more populist, which is why we saw Donald Trump actually win, and why I think Bernie Sanders could have a similar appeal with those voters."

New Yorker cover says it all

About the obsequious toadies supporting the destruction of democracy for blood money.

AOC on racism in facial recognition software

She presents the case that tech companies are selling facial recognition without our consent to government agencies, so privacy is an issue. But then she goes further that the tech is created by, and best identifies, white males, while it is least effective in identifying people of color. Hence the incidence of misidentification of people of color is more frequent and of grave concern.

Hartmann interviews Sanders

Sanders discusses his new financial transaction tax, union strikes for better pay and healthcare for all.

The House is now on trial

According to Rep. Al Green. The Mueller Report is out and it contains everything needed to impeach the criminal in the Blight House. So now the onus is on the House to do its Constitutional duty. If not, they send the message that the Presidunce is above the law, that they don't have the necessary spine to do their duty, and that they are not worth voting for in the next election.

Fortunately there is a growing number of progressive Dems also fighting for impeachment and doing so will only get them reelected. And also fortunately, if the cowardly Dem leaders don't pursue it, they will be defeated in the next primary so that we can win back the Senate and Blight House while retaining the House with a new breed of brave, strong progressives to get our country back on track.

Star Trek: Picard

Teaser for the new series coming soon. Here's a reaction and review.

Colbert interviews Kamala Harris

Harris thinks we should begin an impeachment inquiry, which will gather evidence to determine if Congress should then proceed with impeachment. It has to be done because "it's about maintaining the integrity of our democracy," despite whether or not the Repugnantan Senate will convict. Otherwise we slip further by the day down the road to fascism. It's a matter of telling our citizens that we stand for law and order, that we respect our democratic institutions, and in the process it will expose those that have no respect for those institutions by enabling a dictator. We need to draw a clear line in the sand, for our democracy is at stake.

Colbert: Dump's I-words

There are several, but they all lead to the Big I.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Dump's Russian laundromat

Brian Williams reports on The New Republic's story. Sounds like treason to me, at best.

Why corporate Dems hate Medicare For All

See Wendell Potter's interview here. An excerpt:

"Well, a lot of Democrats, the ones that I would refer to as corporate Democrats, those who take a lot of money still from corporate interests, including health care interests, they’re under the influence of the lobbyists for those companies, and have been persuaded by those lobbyists that private insurers have a legitimate role to play in our health care system. They’re getting big campaign checks. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee brings in a boatload of money from health insurance companies and health care providers, so they don’t want those checks to stop. So they are in many cases not favoring Medicare for All because insurance lobbyists don’t want that. They’re under some delusion that the insurance industry will be more favorably inclined to support some half measures; something that would, for example, create a public option, which is something that the insurance industry will fight just as fiercely as moving to Medicare for All."