Friday, September 19, 2014

An oligarch's opinion on why Sanders can't win

This article lays out what it takes to be President of the US. And why Senator Sanders is therefore not qualified. A successful candidate must be "a member of either major political party" and their "network of cronyism and backroom deals." One also needs to be "beholden to a major corporate interest or investment bank."Although the quoted author thinks that this "system works," because it eliminates the possibility for someone with integrity like Sanders from even having a chance. That's what "it works" means to the oligarchs. While the author is right that Sanders couldn't generate contributions from the billionaire class, he is so popular with the rest of us that I'd bet he'd generate plenty of money from millions of small contributions.

Regressives just don't get it

And they can't, since it's in their twisted ideology to assume that if you don't have a job, and have been unemployed for any length of time, it's your own fault. House Speaker Boehner's recent comments once again confirm this decrepit social Darwinism of the Ayn Randian type. He said that "it's a very sick idea" that the unemployed prefer to "just sit around." No Boehner, you're the sick bastard for assuming this when most of these folks would love to be working. But your personal blocking of jobs bills is the real reason they are not.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

House climate hearing

See this link for videos of the White House science adviser answering climate-denying regressive House members. I've just included the first video below. It's astounding that we have such ignoramuses is positions of power.

Jorge Ferrer interview

Balder started an IPS thread on this here. My initial comment follows. 

Good article. On p. 101 I appreciate how different religions emphasize and develop different aspects, like contemplation, psychophysical integration, social service etc. All these aspects are part and parcel of a 'spiritual' tradition. It's a point I made in the FB thread on Clinton v. Warren. It seems some traditions make state experiences the foci of what's important and foundation for the whole shebang (like Sam Harris recently). Ferrer expands on this later on the page and into the next page with the eco-social-political test. That was also part of my argument in that thread as part of a legitimate 'spiritual' tradition.

In response to LP's initial comment I said (see the thread for his comment):


Continuing from the last posts, in terms of hier(an)archy the object a as embodied image schema 'in the middle' is the networked interactions of the particular and the general. It appears as a hole or absence in such diagrams but it's not nothing. Like Buddhist emptiness it is the transcendental interrelations of dependent origination, not some outside or transcendent force and ground. This doesn't negate hierarchy per se, just contextualizes it with the middle ground as that which transcendentalizes the apparent transcendent and abstract top/bottom on a vertical ladder via formal, metaphysical reason. The top/bottom curve back on themselves, infolding back into the middle, while the middle curves out to enfold and relate the top/bottom. Hier(an)archy indeed.

Borromean rings in motion

Following up on the last few posts, this video shows the Borromean Rings in motion and the geometry behind them.

Inside/out, outside/in

Continuing from this post, I prefer the following symbol though, since the basic categories are akin to the objet a at the center of the diagram. I.e., they are that which traverses all boundaries which being at all boundaries.

And yet the following gif shows the dynamics in action, how the inside center is always moving out, enfolding the general/particular. And simultaneously the outside is always moving in, being infolded by the concrete. All kinds of folds going on. It's a bit harder to imagine how the above looks translated into the below, since the edges are rounded and no corners.

The scale as image schema

Continuing from this post, and the one linked therein, I'm reminded of  this article. In discussing the r-terms as the basis of the a-terms he said: "As the concrete includes and exceeds the abstract." I.e, the concrete transcends and includes the abstract. This is an entirely different mereology than kennilingus where the more abstract transcends and includes the concrete. The most particular and the most general are the abstract a-terms while the basic categories are the most concrete and r-terms. Since basic categories are our most concrete connection with ourselves and our environments, and in the middle of such formal hierarchies, this turns such formal hierarchies inside out. 

Consulting with Musique via tarot the following image was chosen at random.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Senator Warren on the revolving door

See her blog post on the topic in response to liberal Anthony Weiner criticizing her for berating former House majority Cantor for taking a Wall Street job. This is the difference between corporate liberals and progressives. The latter are not paid off and beholding to their corporate masters but fight both the masters and their congressional lapdogs, both Democrat and Republican. See the post for several examples of how this revolving door corrupts our democracy to the point of oligarchy.

Enlightenment dissociation and poor framing

Recall from this Koestler source thread that "the regenerative potential of organisms and societies manifests itself in fluctuations from the highest level of integration down to earlier, more primitive levels, and up again to a new, modified pattern." We can integrate and re-program evolutionary wiring. As I argue in the fold thread it's not about every-increasing complexity but about a more fully conscious integration. Just adding complexity only continues the metaphysical underpinnings of an abstract ego divorced from individual and collective bodies, including the environment.

Btw, this agrees with Wilber's notion of modernism's dissociation of the value spheres. We differentiated them, an advance, but then instead of fully integrating them they went into dissociation. This is an ongoing phenomenon and one in which even kennilingus (and the rest of us) unconsciously participates. But we can get over it.