Friday, September 22, 2017

Direct correlation between insurance payoff & single-payer support

What do you think?

A Muslim snaps back

Gotcha! See for example this report on white male terrorism compared to that of Muslims.

Graph of meetings between Dumpsters and Russians

The graph is below. See this story for the details.

Colbert updates the Russia investigation

Mueller is going for the kill. He's requested Blight House documents concerning the meeting with a Russian lawyer and Ambassador, the firing of James Comey and anything on Paul Manafort. While Manafort was Dump's campaign manager he agreed to give a Russian oligarch briefings on the campaign. Said oligarchic is one of Putin's most trusted confidantes. Thing is, Manafort, even if indicted and convicted, already knows there's a Dump pardon waiting in the wings, so he's not about to turn stool pigeon.

Kimmel is relentless

Great job Jimmy. We need relentless fighters against this atrocity that will literally kill tens of thousands of people each year. In this clip he expands on the realities of the Bill. Kimmel's critics say that he's not a doctor and Grassley, on of the authors the Bill, is. Sure, but the vast majority of doctors said the Bill sucks. It's like trying to say the 1% of climate change denying scientists carry the same weight of reality as the 99% that prove it.

Heron on relational spirituality

And from another angle, one of my favorite pieces by Heron on relational spirituality. The obsession with individual state experience passing as higher levels of spirituality is akin to the obsession with meta-complexity passing as higher levels of cognitive development. In both cases it has more to do with the relational space between prepositioning both states and stages. 

"On this account, the whole meme system collapses, with its claim to portray an evolutionary logic. The green meme description is superficial, and is itself green in the sense of callow, inexperienced and immature, because it cannot grasp the depths and the challenge of relational spirituality. The yellow and turquoise memes, as described, simply have no warrant or grounding in any kind of relational spirituality, and read like the conceits of self-appointed philosopher-kings. The edifice is doomed to an early demise, which is just as well, since, given its radical omissions and distortions, its use is bound to be counter-productive.

"I prefer to think of the spiritual development of human culture as rooted in degrees of relational, moral insight and not in an evolutionary logic. Evolution as a concept seems best left to natural processes. Otherwise intellectual bids to know what evolution is up to and what is coming next culturally, rapidly convert into hegemonic arrogance and attempts at social and intellectual control. The developing of the human spirit in cultural forms is a different category and is very close in my view to the way in which our realization of an extended doctrine of rights, in theory and practice, unfolds." 

Murray on prepositioning integral theory

And then there's postmetatheory as highlighted in the Introduction to "Metatheory in the 21st Century." I appreciate that Tom Murray's last chapter was valued for 'prepositioning' metatheory itself, something I've long harped on in the relationship of image schema to differance. Also how it anchors abstract metatheory in the body, for without that it's just more 'complex' but less 'real,' more metaphysical and less postmetaphysical. Of course if we use metatheory's usual definitions and assumptions then postmetatheory would transcend and include and thereby supersede metatheory, thereby outmeta-ing the meta. Poetic justice, that. E.g.:

"The final chapter of the volume is Tom Murray’s "Contributions of Embodied Philosophy to Ontological Questions in Critical Realism and Integral Theory”. This chapter takes a different approach than previous chapters in that it is less concerned with the relationship or possible synthesis between critical realism and integral theory. Instead, Murray draws on the field of embodied philosophy (a la Lakoff and Johnson’s position of embodied realism) to augment both CR and IT. He introduces a number of the core distinctions and findings of embodied realism and illustrates how these notions can ground integrative metatheories like CR and IT. He focuses on epistemological and ontological issues, which is quite useful given that it is within these contexts that most of the philosophical challenges and opportunities exist between these two approaches. In some respects this final chapter represents position 0 in that it foregrounds the process of integrative metatheorizing and helps establish the clearing of such metathinking and meta-practice" (28-9).

Gebser's structures of consciousness and somatic development

Great paper by the above name at the 2015 ITC conference. It reinforces what I've discussed at length in the Ning IPS fold thread. We need to fully integrate previous structures but we don't return to the original state in which they emerged. This is especially important since we entered the deficient rational stage which has unbalanced the earlier structures. A large part of that deficiency is to "due to the introduction and solidification of perspectivity. The practice of arranging individual elements along a sequential line skews one’s view on reality. Any language arising from the rational structure will naturally describe a perspectival world" (28).

The emerging integral consciousness is an "integration of all structures of consciousness [and] is not to be confused with an 'expansion of consciousness,' which would indicate a quantification of consciousness" (29). It is more of an intensification and coherence of all existing structures. "This shift away from linear perspective requires a sensate connection with life" (29). How do we do that? While the paper didn't go into detail on that, it die go into detail making the connections between structures of consciousness and the nervous system. The earliest archaic structure was related to the dorsal vagus complex. The magical structure is related to the sympathetic vagus complex. The mythic structure relates to the ventral vagus complex and the rational structure to the neo-cortex.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Repugnantan Jesus

Dawn of the Bill

Colbert parodies the return of the dead Repugnantan wealthcare Bill. Even when it dies it keeps getting resurrected like a never-ending horror show, otherwise know as the Repugnantan Party.