Friday, October 21, 2016

Michelle Obama visits community gardens

It's great to see someone with the Presidential pulpit encouraging both community and small gardens as one means to change not only our eating habits but building a different paradigm of collaboration and good will while supporting our environment. What a role model she's been.

Clinton roasts Trump at Al Smith charity dinner

Some good jokes in this speech. And her closing on religious values hits home on some of the themes in the Presidential campaign. Very good job.

No, what Trump said is not like Al Gore

Olbermann has to lay it out for the deplorable Trump surrogates the distinct differences between what Trump said about not honoring the election results and what happened by law in the Florida recount for Gore. Said surrogates are truly deplorable by continuing to defend Dump no matter how absurd, ridiculous, and yes, anti-democratic he gets. But then again, the Republican Party hates democracy so not that surprising.

The project for democratic reform

I thought we were supposed to be a democracy. And that the foregoing was supposed to already be in effect. But it isn't and we need to implement the following. But how are we going to do that when the fox is already in the hen house?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Clinton might gut social security

This is a frightening article. While Clinton keeps saying in public that she wants to expand social security, a leaked Podesta email from Tony James, Blackstone CEO, proposes getting rid of social security and implementing mandatory retirement accounts. The accounts would be managed by Wall Street banks for their usual usurious fees. And we know what said banks did to retirement accounts like the 401k in the past. And there are currently no laws that require said investment advisors to operate for the benefit of the investor. This is really fucked up.

What the Russians are actually doing