Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Carpool karaoke Christmas mashup

The latest release in this series.

Kimmel on the Children's Health Insurance Program

Aka CHIP. It's a program that helps parents who earn too much money for Medicare find and pay for insurance for their kids. It's a bi-partisan program that has been funded for 2 decades until recently, when Repugnantans let the funding lapse to use as a bargaining chip to give tax breaks to the wealthy. Children's lives are literally at stake while parents don't know how they're going to pay for the healthcare their kids desperately need. This says a lot about Repugnantan priorities, and our children aren't one of them.

Pussy Riot - Make America Great Again

Artistic expression of what the MAGA worldview means for many. Sound great, right?

The Dump cult

TYT interviews Reza Aslan, who has called the Dump phenonenon a cult. He defines it in this case as "an insulated group of individuals in thrall to a charismatic leader to whom they have given divine status, prophetic status," and explains this as what is operating in a large swath of Evangelicals. This despite the fact that Dump makes a mockery of all of their religious tenets.

Dump insinuates Gillibrand is a slut

Senator Gillibrand said Dump should be investigated for sexual assault so Dump Tweeted that "she would do anything" for campaign contributions. It's just one more example in a never ending panoply of Dump's misogynistic mindset, hence the long history of sexual harassment and assault.

Colbert: Dump called one of his accusers a c*nt

Yeah, he's a great Christian, as are those Christians that support him. Also discussed is Dump's increasing paranoia and deteriorating mental state.

Nomiki Konst on the corrupt DNC budget

Great TYT report on Konst's comments to the DNC about their corrupt budget. She brings to light that the DNC spent around $1 billion on 5 consultants while State Parties got little to no money for their elections. And we can see the result of paying said consultants: 1200 legislative seats lost across the country. She demands that the Party budget be transparent because to date it is anything but and this clip gives a revealing glimpse why.

New GOP restrictions on food stamp recipients

This is an Onion satire, but it isn't too far off.

WASHINGTON—As part of their effort to rein in government spending through entitlement reform, GOP congressional leaders announced Friday that their new tax plan will require welfare recipients to apply for each individual piece of food they receive. “Mandating that all Americans on food stamps submit a separate application for every morsel they want to buy ensures that they get the nutrition they need without wasting taxpayer dollars,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan, explaining that the new bill would significantly reduce the costs of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by requiring low-income Americans to make a case for each piece of fruit, slice of bread, or grain of rice they plan to purchase. “Putting more onus on welfare recipients to justify why they need to buy something like a potato chip, a dollop of mayonnaise, or a pinch of salt with taxpayer money will help increase personal responsibility and reduce waste. In addition, parents will be required to fill out separate forms itemizing each mouthful taken by their children, which will enable them to be adequately nourished while not indulging in superfluous calories at government expense.” Ryan added that the bill also included work-requirement reform mandating that all food stamp recipients submit daily paperwork to their SNAP office with a valid explanation for each minute they weren’t working.

Entitlement or paid and earned benefit?

The Repugs see Social Security ad an entitlement or free handout to lazy bastards. The reality is that we working folk paid into both of those programs our entire lives as retirement and health insurance benefits. So now these scumbags want to literally steal our earned benefits.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Former MN Republican Governor supports Frankin

See the article here. He said, and I agree with, that Frankin should be given due process by the Ethics Committee before any action is taken. To just have him resign his Senate seat is fighting one injustice with another. She also calls into question one accuser's motives based on coaching from Roger Stone, who knew the accusation was coming before it was released. Thank you Governor Carlson for displaying some morality is a Party that seems sorely lacking in that department these days.