Monday, November 30, 2015

Fiorina is wrong on climate change as national security risk

See this article. Fiorina says Obama is delusional to say that climate change is an immediate and immanent national security threat. It's not just Obama though. A Pentagon report notes that “climate change will affect the Department of Defense’s ability to defend the nation and poses immediate risks to U.S. national security." Another recent study by the US National Academy of Sciences: “There is evidence that the 2007−2010 drought contributed to the conflict in Syria [...] We conclude that human influences on the climate system are implicated in the current Syrian conflict.” To put it politely, Fiorina is the delusional one here.

Not at all coincidence

SEIU rank and file outraged by Clinton endorsement

See this  and this story. Many members are speaking out that it's counterproductive to the union's own policies to endorse Clinton, while Sanders is in line with them. As I said in this post, this is one reason for declining union membership, as leadership does not represent its membership as it should in a democratic organization. Such union leadership is part and parcel of the corporate structure and supports such corporate payoffs like Clinton.

Krugman reviews Reich's Saving Capitalism

See his review here. Therein he said:

"To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this sales pitch. In some ways it seems to concede too much, accepting the orthodoxy that free markets are good even while calling for major changes in policy."

Which reminds me of what I said about the book in this post:

Different kinds of emptiness

Following up on this post:

The thing about kennlingus emptiness is that it is completely full, as in a theory of EVERYTHING. Since it's sure it covers everything it cannot see what is outside its purview or the unmarked space, as Spencer-Brown would say. Even the unmarked space is covered by kennilingus emptiness, which can itself be directly experienced as it is in its complete fullness. This is not the same as Spencer-Brown or OOO's withdrawn, which can be speculatively inferred but not experienced in this way.

Mapping the post-capitalist paradigm

See this article.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Existing US democratic socialist programs

For all you clueless ignoramuses.

Yes, they still want to defund Planned Parenthood

Even given these facts.

Life in a Walmart sweatshop

You contribute to this when you shop there.

"In China, factory workers live in dorms owned by Walmart - workers pay rent and utilities. If they move out of the dorms to live in a place not connected to Walmart, they still have to pay rent for the dorms. Workers work in factories with poor ventilation. They are told to lie to inspectors about how many days they work: six, when they really work seven days a week. If you don't lie, you will get fired. All of this to make less than $3 a day. In Bangladesh, women in Walmart factories work 14 hours days, 7 days a week and only make up to 17 cents a day."

You get what you pay for