Monday, September 21, 2020

Hartmann discusses what happens with another CON SC (In)Justice

Continuing this post, here's Thom video on the topic.

Uygur: 5 ways Dems can thwart Supreme Court nominee

Continuing this post, Cenk describes these 5 tactics. Watch the video below for details. Of course it will take guts for the Dems to do these things so we the people need to harass them continually to take action. Don't let them get away with claiming there's nothing they can do.

1. Ask for unanimous consent of every vote in the Senate from now until Nov. 30.

2. Don't raise the debt ceiling.

3. Block the resolution to fund the budget. 

4. Start another impeachment hearing.

5. Threaten to expand the Supreme Court with more Justices after the election, the first of which will be Hillary Clinton.

Repugnantan motto

And they don't even try to hide it anymore.

Barr declares NYC, Portland and Seattle 'anarchist jurisdictions'

The accelerating steps toward full fascism in plain view. Can't wait to see what he and Twit do now.
Especially since it was they who sent in violent agitators to justify their fascist play.

"The Department of Justice on Monday released a list of cities it has deemed 'anarchist jurisdictions' under President Donald Trump's instructions earlier this month to review federal funding to local governments in places where violence or vandalism has occurred during protests."

Ball: Dems need to break norms too to win

Krystal makes a good case that the Repugs breaking their own rule to not approve another Supreme Corp nominee in an election year is the rule rather than the exception. They no longer have any principles, instead constantly and consistently violating them to what's most expedient at hand to win. She further makes the point that Dems must be willing to do the same or they will continue to lose these battles and the long-term war for power. You cannot win by always playing by the rules when the opposition has no regard for them whatsoever. So will the Dems make good on their threat of eliminating the filibuster and court packing if they win the Senate?

Hartmann: The consequences of the Supreme Court

In his FB post copied below these are the results of Presidential elections. Not only must we stop Twit and the Repugs from nominating and approving another of their ilk, it's why Dems must win the Presidency in November. THIS is what we're voting for.

"A Hard-right Supreme Court Nominee Could Completely Alter Life As We Know It
Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died, and while everybody is focusing on abortion, the Supreme Court, if it falls into hard-core conservative hands, could do massive damage to the entire spectrum of life in America.
Ever since the 1930s, Republicans have been trying to either destroy or privatize Social Security, and a hard right conservative majority on the Court could make that happen.
Since the 1960s, Republicans have been yelling that Medicare and Medicaid are actually forms of socialism. While a conservative Court will almost certainly destroy Obamacare, it’s also likely to end Medicare and Medicaid.
In the early 1930s, the Supreme Court ruled that both minimum-wage laws and child labor laws were unconstitutional. Expect these to once again become issues.
Since the Reagan revolution, Republicans systematically torn apart our nation’s public schools, with the state of Michigan, where Betsy DeVos has been focusing her efforts, now about half privatized. With a conservative Court, we could even see the end of a functional public school system nationwide.
Are you concerned about how climate change is driving wildfires, massive flooding storms, and hurricanes? A conservative Supreme Court could rule that laws or policies to reduce carbon emissions are an unlawful violation of refiners and other fossil fuel companies rights to do business.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

AOC: We are up against a profoundly corrupt, establishment network

She comments on McConnell's pledge to replace RBG as soon as possible. And the corrupt Repugnantan machine that enables Twit. We must fiercely fight back with everything we have. "Now is not the moment for cynicism" (4:45).

AOC: November is about survival

She brings home the stark differences in this election and as usual hits the nail on the head.

"November is about survival. Voting for Joe Biden is no longer about whether you agree with him. It's a vote to let our democracy live another day. [...] On the left, there's a lot of—there's a huge diversity, right? And we get mad at each other. That's the way it is because it's incredibly frustrating. I get incredibly frustrated. You all know I get incredibly frustrated with my own party, too. We all have our disagreements. And that's fine because we all recognize that November—frankly I wish it wasn't like this; it only serves to highlight the brokenness of our entire system—but whether we like it or not, November's about survival. November's about survival."

Bernie on the climate crisis

And the absolute necessity for the Green New Deal. From his FB post:

"What does the future look like if we do not get our act together? Look at the unprecedented wildfires on the West Coast. Look at the increasing number of climate refugees. A Green New Deal is our moral responsibility."


Repugnantan Biden ad

Of course we progressives only wish this was true. But the fact that Repugs are using it as a scare tactic indicates to me that the reality lies somewhere in between, leaning more on the progressive side.