Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dispelling more myths about climate science & scientists

Katherine Hayhoe dispels the myth that climate scientists are biased because they are in it for the money. She then debunks other common myths against climate science. Warning: Facts ahead so regressives can now shield their eyes and ears and loudly shout "Na na na na na."

Conservatives against Roy Moore

Doug Jones, Moore's opponent, is using conservatives standing up for women over Party in his latest ad.

Starbucks not-gay cups

Colbert jokes about the absurd conservative attack on Starbucks holiday cups showing two women holding hands like its animal rape or worse.

Dump endorses Roy Moore

Because we need to take Moore's total denial into account. And, of course, the fact that the Senate need his vote to implement their tax plan and the rest of their insidious agenda.

The FCC is also gunning for the alt-right

Uygur informs us that the alt-right should be up in arms about the elimination of net neutrality too, since the big ISPs will curtail their content given its anti-establishment agenda cutting into their profits. This really is a free speech issue.

The end of net neutrality is the start of fascism

Harmann discusses the head of the FCC, a former Verizon lawyer who is gutting net neutrality so that ISPs can slow down or even block content they don't like. Or if they will provide any such content, it will be a premium charge. Controlling information and media is a key step toward fascism and we're well down that road.

Colbert on Roy Moore's pedophilia

He shows a clip of Moore talking about when he first fell in love with her at a dance recital when she was 15.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Conway: Tax cuts more important than child molestation

She admitted it. One day she says a Senate seat isn't worth child molestation, a few days later she says tax cuts are worth it in the case of getting Moore in the Senate. At least she gets her, and the Repugnantan Party's, priorities straight.

The Party of Moore and Dump

Senator Flake of AZ was caught saying that "If we become the Party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast." Dump couldn't resist Tweeting about it.

Julianne Hough's tribute to choreographer Marinda Davis

Davis is terminally ill and choreographed this number for Hough to show through dance the challenges of the illness.