Saturday, March 28, 2015

Subsidy Tracker

See Ralph Nader's article here wherein he provides a link to the Subsidy Tracker. The next time a regressive goes off on welfare, look up their company to see exactly how much it gets in government welfare. I tried Citigroup, the focus of Senator Warren's recent diatribe, and found the following, which is just a partial list from a comprehensive report. The amount starving kids get for food stamps pales in comparison.

Parent Company Summary

Parent Company Name: 
Ownership Structure: 
publicly traded
Headquartered in: 
New York
banking & securities
Subsidy Summary Subsidy Value Number of Subsidies
State/Local $288,386,116 71
Federal (grants and allocated tax credits) $161,999,228 2
TOTAL $450,385,344 73

Loan / Bailout Summary Total Face Value Number of Awards
Federal loans, loan guarantees and bailout assistance (not including repayments) $2,591,415,050,066  728

Maher on PC liberals

He goes on another rant about this. I disagree in that those who disagree with an issue have every right to boycott it or criticize it, even if it's someone "on their team." That one thing that sets liberals apart from conservatives, in that the liberal's team is not mind-numbed followers that go along with one set of marching orders. Yes, it sometimes causes problems in trying to organize a coalition, not much of a problem for the regressives. But that's the price of intelligence and diversity.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Deaths caused by lack of Medicaid expansion

See this article: "As many as 17,000 Americans will die directly as a result of states deciding not to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, according to a new study. Researchers from Harvard University and City University of New York have estimated that between 7,115 and 17,104 deaths will be 'attributable to the lack of Medicaid expansion in opt-out states' in a study published in Health Affairs."

Big banks are oblivious

See this story about big banks withholding Democratic Senate campaign contributions because of Senator Warren's so-called "anti-business" rhetoric. No, she is not anti-business. She is anti-criminal enterprise when big banks engage in via fraud. She is anti-rigging the system via big banks buying legislators to eliminate laws making what was previously criminal activity legal. She is anti-speculative gambling with the people's money for the bank's profit while decimating the economy for everyone else. Those activities are not how we should define business per se, but bad business. Yes, she is anti-bad business, not at all the same thing.

Another Governor proving regressive ideology wrong

Which is not all that hard; just present the facts.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

WikiLeaks releases TPP investment chapter

See their press release here, which has a link to the full chapter. It says: "The TPP has developed in secret an unaccountable supranational court for multinationals to sue states. This system is a challenge to parliamentary and judicial sovereignty. Similar tribunals have already been shown to chill the adoption of sane environmental protection, public health and public transport policies." There's also an analysis of this chapter by Public Citizen at the link.

Senator Warren on regressive values

As expressed by their recent budget resolution. She nails it yet again.

Corbett on a clash of integral ideas

Joe Corbett has a new Integral World article that is creating quite a stir given his conclusion of using ISIS to assassinate "key leaders of the global 1 percent." For example, see this heated FB discussion. A few of my comments from the latter are below.

Let's remember well that both the American and French revolutions were filled with justifiable violence against tyranny. Are we magically beyond that now? Can we really overcome global capitalistic oligarchy with peaceful reform? Just asking...

Remember Ken Wilber's essay "The war in Iraq" about justifiable violence. "There are second-tier reasons not to go to war. But there are also second-tier reasons to go to war." While I'm no tierant I'm just using Wilber as an example of a valid reason to use violence against injustice for those kennilinguists who cannot abide the idea.