Sunday, December 21, 2014

Beggin for thread

I heard this song for the first time today and it hit me right upside the aesthetic.

Beaten dog syndrome

See this article, which highlights the Intro of a new book on why we stopped resisting income inequality. Like chronically beaten dogs we think we get what we deserve. And that nothing we do can change it so may as well eek out what little enjoyment there is through sex or consumerism. That's why we need Elizabeth Warren to be our next President, and Bernie Sanders to be our next VP. Then we can believe again that we make a difference, that we can get ahead through hard work, that our government represents us. We need a leader like Warren to get us motivated, to get us to quit accepting the status quo, to not only bark but to bite back and to get our just bones.

Language and thought can be 'enlightened' too

In this video at 59:50 Thompson discusses the difference between Yogacara and Madhyamaka on the self. He follows this with comparing them to the neuroreductive and enactive views in cognitive science. The latter includes social cognition through language, so language is a legitimate part of a performative self, whereas in Yogacara it is merely illusion. We discussed this quite a bit in the IPS Batchelor thread. He sees the enactive view as a middle way where "the self is a dependently originated process with a conventional identity." The self is not an illusion while not being an independent essence (1:05:30). Around 1:21:15 he is asked about the narrative self. He responds that it is doesn't have to be seen as an fixed substance with independent existence or substance (1:23:30). Which reiterates previous points above that the narrative self through language is not necessarily an illusion divorced from our pre-linguistic or core self but can be an extension of it.

This also relates to the IPS real/false reason thread. Real reason, including language and discursive thought, when grounded in the pre-linguistic and pre-rational image schema as well as the emotions, is not of the same kind as false reason. The latter is ideationally abstract and creates the mind-body and other dualistically metaphysical splits. Hence we can have our cake (symbolic thought and language) and eat it too (connection with our pre-rational core selves). Which reminds me of one of my favorite David Loy quotes:

Worst Congress ever

So this was the regressive strategy. To do little to nothing and spin that it was everyone's fault when in fact it was theirs alone. Unfortunately the American people as a whole are too stupid to see that fact and fell for the spin that it's Congress generally, as well as the President, that are to blame. See this article for the details.

Capitalism in a nutshell

Republican Jesus

See this article for much more detail. This Jesus has nothing to do with the Jesus of the Bible.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gidley's three times

Continuing from this post,

"Gebser’s nuanced concretion of time does not represent a linear developmental endpoint like that of the modernity project, nor is it endlessly recursive in non-directional cyclical space as in Eliade’s 'myth of the eternal return' (Eliade, 1954/1989). Integral consciousness as understood by Gebser does not place mythic and modern constructions of time in opposition to each other, as both modern and traditional approaches tend to do. Alternatively, Gebser’s temporic concretion is an intensification of consciousness that enables re-integration of previous structures of consciousness—with their different time senses—honoring them all. It opens to new understanding through atemporal translucence whereby all times are present to the intensified consciousness in the same fully conscious moment" (176).

"Gebser sees integral time concretion as the point where consciousness folds back on itself and integrates the whole" (179) (my emphasis, see this thread).

Religion and torture

See this article for the details. Only a majority of the non-religious are against it. But even in that category 40% support it, so something more than just religion is going on. Still, it says something.

Friday, December 19, 2014

DA knew witnesses were lying in the Brown grand jury

Wow. See the video below and this partial transcript. DA McCulloch knew some of the witnesses he presented to the grand jury were lying. He even admits that one witness, the one Fox has been quoting repeatedly, was never at the scene and just culled new reports for her false testimony. He rationalized that he had to present all the witnesses to be fair, total bullshit.

Meanwhile, you'd think he'd know that Missouri Supreme Court Rule 4-3.3 uneqivocally states:

Andy Smith on Joe Perez

Continuing from this post, Andy Smith has entered the fray at Integral World in response to Joe Perez. I appreciated a lot of his sensible points. For now I'll mention the one on context, that his anger has different types and levels depending on context. That was a main point in every one of the developmentalists I cited; and that there is no overall, consistent level overseeing all the lines and contexts. Certainly not Spirit, or direct access to consciousness per se in kennilingus.

As to this blog not receiving independent review, that's true, since I get few comments and respond to fewer still. However that is not true of the IPS forum, where I've had serious review from, and discussion with, several other peers.