Friday, September 30, 2016

Sex robot cafe

See this article on a new cafe opening in London that will have sex robots to give you a blow job with your morning coffee. Adds new meaning to "would you like cream in your coffee?" The Donald Trump's of the world should love this place, as you don't have to talk to the robot or buy her dinner etc. for the service. I'm guessing you will have to pay for it though, but Donald is used to that.

Trump does indeed hire women

But only the pretty ones according to this article. He's such a conscientious, equal opportunity employer. See the article for the facts and the details.

Add eugenics to Trump's resume

Now when have we heard this type of thing before? And to what effect?

Imagine a female candidate like Trump

Something tells me the regressives would have a field day denigrating such a candidate.

Regina Spektor

She performed Small Bills on The Late Late Show last night. It's my first exposure to this band. I like the innovative and haunting sound. And the lyrics are deep, about the poets waking up to financial fraud, and then waking up the rest of us to challenge that system. It's good to see art returning to this necessary social commentary.

Banking fraud, I mean social welfare

See this article. Banks continue to commit fraud, to wit the recent Wells Fargo scandal. But our government continually fails to prosecute those in charge, including WF, instead offering up lower level employee scapegoats. And how does this happen? Because representatives are bribed. I mean given legal contributions through dark money laundering organizations courtesy of the Supreme Corp. I mean through 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations. See how easy it is to turn dark money bribery into legal social welfare?

The scientific polls on the debate

See this article, where in scientific polls Clinton won the debate by large margins. Right after the debate Trump touted winning in online polls, which are far from the standards used in the scientific polls and hence inaccurate. But hey, these are the facts which we know Trump and his supporters don't accept. It must be some kind of media conspiracy to these paranoid lunatics.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why the President doesn't say "Islamic terrorism"

Obama was asked this last night at a town hall meeting. His response is perfect for those right-wingnuts who froth because he won't legitimize their xenophobia and thereby play into the terrorists' hands.


Randy Rainbow makes fun of Trump using this made up word. I'll grant that Trump is good at making things up. Problem is, he thinks they're reality.

Senators write to the President on the TPP

Senators write to the President on the TPP. Their letter is in this article (at the end). Of foremost concern is the clause on Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), which gives corporations the power to sue governments if the latter have laws interfering with their profits AND it's adjudicated by their corporate peers. Yes, that includes health and safety laws. So the Senators, including Sanders and Warren, want that provision struck from the TPP. The Senators had other complaints with the TPP, also listed in their letter.