Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The zero carbon grid

This video explains how renewable energy production and transfer can effectively and efficiently manage all of our energy needs. Of course fossil fuel producers will lie, cheat and stead to prevent it so we need candidates that authentically pledge to transform our energy infrastructure, not those that keep supporting the oil industry.

The DNC is rigging the primary again

No surprise, since Bernie fights corporate corruption no matter the Party. From this piece. See the link for more.

"The following is a partial list of ways the Democratic Party has rigged the 2020 presidential primary against Sanders and progressives.

Loyalty Oath: The Democratic Party added a loyalty oath that allows the DNC chair to deny progressives access to the primary ballot if he deems that a candidate has been insufficiently “faithful” to the Party throughout their life.

Closed Primaries: It kept closed primaries that will shut out millions of progressive-leaning independent voters. It maintained early party affiliation deadlines, which will also bar the growing number of independents.

Removing Caucuses: The Democratic Party is slashing the number of states that hold caucuses, which favor progressive candidates with passionate supporters. More than half of Sanders’ state victories in 2016 were in caucus states, 13 out of 23. Six caucus states that Sanders won in 2016 are switching to primaries in 2020: Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Idaho, Maine and Utah. More could follow as the DNC implements a transition to primaries, which favor establishment candidates.

Warren gets Working Familes Party endorsement

Kasparian and guest discuss this endorsement. The WFP claims they chose Warren over Sanders because she represents their movement. And yet Sanders has been spearheading workers issues since forever. Part of worker issues is Medicare For All, which Sanders wrote and Warren is now hedging on. Plus Warren is also hedging between progressive issues and trying to court the more establishment Dems who are no longer about worker issues. Another key difference is that Sanders also names the enemy, big money and corporations, which must be defeated in order to obtain better worker rights. Warren also hedges in trying to include that enemy in a solution when they are in fact the main impediment to worker issues.

Granted Warren has a sweeping new anti-corruption plan. It's almost as if we could just get the corruption out of business then they'd be honest brokers in worker issues. But the very nature of capitalism is to exploit workers to maximize profits, so it's more than corruption but inherent to a defunct system. Is trying to reform a broken system the answer? Sure, it's a good start but we need more.

PS: The video also explores how the WFP voted for Warren, with their leaders having 50% of the voting power. They were asked for the total vote count and refused to provide it.

Reich: The real political battle in America

The old labels of right and left no longer apply. But the 1% continue to frame in those terms in order to divide us and keep us from the real divide: Oligarchy v. democracy. Don't fall for their fake misdirection in blaming everyone but the real cause of our suffering: The oligarchy and their legislative stooges on both sides of the isle. We can defeat this power grab by recognizing our real enemies, voting out the stooges in both Parties and voting in those who actually support we the people through democracy.

The status of states round 2

Alderman's Integral Stages has produced another video on the topic here. I'm guessing Murray discussed the following from his IR article in one or both of the videos. It's something I explored years ago and in depth in this Ning thread.

"Human wisdom can be understood in terms of two processes: complexity capacity and spiritual clarity. [...] 'Spiritual clarity' is our term for the incremental results of this unlearning, healing, deconstruction, or 'shadow work.' [...] One can visit earlier states in a controlled fashion without fully 'regressing' to them. For example, in psychotherapy one might be flooded with the memories and feelings of a difficult moment in childhood. One can maintain an adult meta-cognition that allows for a re-interpretation of the memory and a re-integration of suppressed feelings, without fully regressing to the earlier age and action logic. Multiple action-logics can be 'on line' in consciousness simultaneously, though one's mental focus and performance seem to be oriented to one mode in any given moment."

"Putting all of this together, we can understand spiritually 'advanced' states or realizations of timelessness, spacelessness, and egolessness in terms of one's awareness gaining access to developmentally primitive states of being. Such access is possible when the neurological connections that constitute our constructed experiences of time, space, or ego, are released, seen through, or bypassed to reveal early states of undifferentiated perception. Thus, the growth of wisdom includes both movements of increasing complexity (in understanding interiors and exteriors), and movements of, as Bonnitta Roy calls it, releasing complexity."

Monday, September 16, 2019

You want the Green New Deal?

There's one sure place to find it: Sanders, the real deal for the GND.

Biden loves Big Pharma

Ball destroys Biden's fallacy that it's only a few bad Pharma apples that gouge prices. Ball provides the details about how Pharma takes advantage of government research to create new drugs. Their own research departments are only concerned with extending patents by minor tweaks to existing drugs.

Remember all this when you think about voting for Biden, who thinks Pharma is good old American enterprise. It's not; it's rich people whose only concern is ripping us off to have more for themselves. And remember it's Sanders who wants to import less expensive drugs from Canada to help ill people with their treatments, and for the government to negotiate for  bulk discounts. Sanders has the real American values, not Biden's corporate cronyism.

Dump's concentration camps: "It's how Nazi guards behaved"

From this disturbing article. The same can be said of Dumpsters more generally.

"Trump’s regime of cruelty is not being enacted by faceless robots or automatons. These are evil acts done by one group of human beings against another group of human beings. [...] I recently spoke to Zimbardo about Donald Trump’s concentration camps, how ICE and Border Patrol and other Trump enforcers rationalize their cruelty against migrants and refugees, and what these inhumane policies reflect about our president’s mental health. Zimbardo also discussed the way Trump’s supporters are attracted to his cruelty because of their cult-like relationship with him — a relationship that represents a dire threat to the safety of our country and the future of our democracy."

538 shares 3 million Russian troll Tweets

For those of you who don't think social media has much impact. Unfortunately the Russians know better. 523 reveals 3 million of their Tweets.

"FiveThirtyEight has obtained nearly 3 million tweets from accounts associated with the Internet Research Agency. To our knowledge, it’s the fullest empirical record to date of Russian trolls’ actions on social media, showing a relentless and systematic onslaught. In concert with the researchers who first pulled the tweets, FiveThirtyEight is uploading them to GitHub so that others can explore the data for themselves."