Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What happens when you criticize Israel

Recall this post. Below Stewart demonstrates that one cannot even ask questions about Israel's military policy toward the Palestinians without be called a terrorist supporter.


In the movie Divergent is a caste system based on type for which one is tested. This was no doubt dreamed up by the Erudites, the intellectual class. Everyone must neatly fit into a category. If they don't they are divergent and must be killed, as those with aspects of the different categories (factions) upset the neat Order of things. Interestingly, the head Erudite thinks its human nature that must be suppressed, since it doesn't fit into their perfect abstract Order.

The protagonist, Tris, is of course divergent. Thing is, we all are a mix of these categories. Even with typologies like the Meyers-Briggs we change types over the course of our lifetimes, ofttimes more than once. Even within its typology, no one is fully in one of the types but by degrees leaning into mixes of them. Which of course depends on different life cycles, environments, social contexts, etc. All of which bring out different aspects of our mindsets and behaviors.

Bottom line for this post, consistent with my ongoing criticism of kennlingus and models like the MHC, is that both of them are dysfunctionally trying to fit round pegs into square holes, into their perfect Platonic and/or Aristotelian categories like the Erudite. And the Real is divergent.

Note: I personally have strong Erudite qualities and value them. It is not the Erudite per se that does the above, just when they lose balance with the other factions and move into dysfunction and become a dominator holon. Like the difference between real and false reason.

From this old post, quoting Women, Fire & Dangerous Things:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Stewart on regressive compassion for refugee children

Remember Colbert on this issue. Now Stewart sings praises to regressive compassion toward the refugee children, who see them as an invasion force. We progressives can only hope to one day love our neighbors as well as these kind and generous folks.

Run Liz Run

Here's a new song encouraging Senator Warren to run for President. Also go to the campaign page to join the movement.

Media reporting on climate change

See this story. Reporting on this issue is up in 2014, but that's not saying much. This year there has been a total of 60 minutes of coverage on the major Sunday talk shows. MSNBC led the way with 20 minutes so far. However that time has been split between accurate, science-based reporting and debate-style reporting, where climate change denial is represented as an equally accurate position. The following chart breaks it down in these 2 categories for the major networks. No surprise, Fox had 0% of accurate reporting.

Israel & Palestine

Watching the Sunday talking heads made it clear that the Palestinians are not even recognized, let alone addressed. Everyone says: "Israel has the right to defend itself." True, but to the extremes they are doing so? Indiscriminately killing innocent women and children? Sure, go after the Hamas involved in the rocketing, specifically target them. But blowing up neighborhoods because Hamas has been there? Absolutely no one in the media questioned the talking politicos on this, just accepting that Israel had the right to do whatever they wanted in retaliation.

Then finally I saw this article speaking for the Palestinians.

Consumer financial protection is working

The following is an email from Senator Warren. This stuff is working because we the people get behind the likes of Warren, who created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We can continue to overcome Big $ if we but organize and get active. Warren:

"Not long ago, I was at a McDonald's when a man came over, held out his hand and said he had been having trouble with a fee his bank had charged. It wasn't huge, but he said the bank should not have charged him. He called and argued, talked with customer relations, asked to speak to a manager -- and he got a big, fat zero.

Then he said he remembered about the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and told the bank he would file a complaint. They put him on hold and then came back and said they would reverse the fee. The agency worked.

Today is the fourth anniversary of Dodd-Frank, the law that established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- and the third anniversary of the date the CFPB became an independent agency. And in those three years, the agency has done a lot to help level the playing field.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Justice Dept. should just quit pretending

See this story suggesting the above. No, it's not a regressive appealing to a capitalist agenda by justifying what the banks did. It's a progressive saying that what the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) is doing is such a travesty of justice as to be only further degrading that notion with every prosecution. David Dayen certainly thinks banks and bankers should be prosecuted and punished for their crimes, but what the DOJ is doing is antithetical to those goals.


Here's a song about the Hobby Lobby decision. "They'll cover your penis by not your whoseiwhats." "SCROTUS: deciding constitutional law base on their junk...science."

Liberal science denial

Yes, regressives have science denial big time on many issues. But some liberals are not immune* either, especially when it comes to vaccination. * Pun intended.