Sunday, February 26, 2017

10 spiritually transmitted diseases

An oldie but goodie. See the article for the details; I'll just post the bullet points here. A specific malady within the broad category is kennilingus, which exhibits most if not all of the symptoms. I'm also reminded of the related illness altitude sickness. Also seems the author is a student of Marc Gafni. I wonder is she applied all this to him?

1. Fast-Food Spirituality
2. Faux Spirituality
3. Confused Motivations
4. Identifying with Spiritual Experiences
5. The Spiritualized Ego

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Twamp news network

Fallon satirizes how Twamp's entire Presidency is pretty much a reality tv show with no connection to reality.

Smith at Fox: CNN is not fake news

Poor little dictator Twampler is getting reamed by his own network.

Deconstruction of the administrative state

Hartmann discusses Bannon's frightening recent declaration. It's the executive branch's job to administer the laws we have for public protections against the oligarchy and Bannon wants none of that. Hence most all the Cabinet picks chosen specifically to destroy the offices they are sworn to administer.

Twamp sandwich

The truth via sandwich. Very much like a shit sandwich.

Maher's monologue

Another funny one covering the weeks political news.

Press We Can

Maher's New Rule about the press finally starting to grow a pair and calling out Twamp on his lies. The press was complicit in getting the Biggest Loser elected by just airing all of Twamp absurdities without challenge just to get ratings and make money. But there are a few instances of them now starting to wake up to their public responsibility. Too bad it took Twamp trying to derail them via his libelous and slanderous lies.

Since freedom is a big conservative talking point, we must retain freedom of the press to maintain our democracy. And that includes the press being free of corporate influence to promote the people's freedom.

The real enemy

And it's not the press.

Republicans defund Planned Parenthood

How is it possible to have a conversation with people that hate women and want to take away their healthcare? Where is the common decency to begin a dialog?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Spicer said banning media is a dictatorship

Yes, he said this, there is video proof, an actual fact. Of course this was before he got the job as White House press secretary.  And now he's banning media sources from a government-funded news briefing. Spicer was right then about this being an example of a dictatorship, not a democracy.