Sunday, May 24, 2015

Corporations are people that don't go to jail

Nor do the people that hide behind them. They admit to criminal activity and yet no one goes to jail.

TPP will cut Medicare

See this story for the details. The Administration said no US laws will be changed or overridden due to the TPP. This story says it's a baldfaced lie, given that there will be cuts in Medicare to pay for assistance to workers that lose their jobs due to the TPP. First off, this admits that US workers will lose their jobs due to the trade deal, when the Administration told another lie that there would be no such job losses. And it's laudable that we should assist those that lose jobs, but why must it be paid out of Medicare? Certainly the enormous profits the wealthiest will obtain from the deal can be taxed a few pennies to pay for this?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Next System Project

National launch webinar.

We need a new economic system

From this article by Gar Alperovitz. Actual democracy, imagine that. That this sort of thing only gets press in Aljazeera says a lot about our media outlets.

"Long-term structural shifts in the political economy have rendered the program of regulation and reform more or less inoperative. [...] Any real change will require not just regulatory redistribution, but a fundamental shift in the dynamics of wealth accumulation. [...] If we want an economy that delivers democratic rather than plutocratic outcomes — we need to democratize the economy."


Word of the day is apothegm: noun, 1. a short, pithy, instructive saying; a terse remark or aphorism. To be distinguished with apophlegm, which is something that used to be an apothegm but got stale with overuse, hardened into dogma and just obstructs breathing new life. E.g., transcend and include, everyone is partially right (but I am more right), integral _______ (fill in the blank), meta________ (fill in the blank), post-post _______ (fill in the blank), etc.

Julianne & Derek

At the finale of DWTS.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The power of the other 1%

See Ralph Nader's article. It only takes 1% of the population getting active to effect change. And it only requires a modest amount of time and money. Of course, to what they devote their energies must be supported by a majority of the public, like higher minimum wages, marriage equality, etc. We've seen time and again these issues getting enacted when they have those 1%ers fighting for them, giving them voice and public attention. Like Senators Sanders and Warren. That's exactly why they can win. Nader details how such firebrands have inspired popular movements that have indeed become law, like women's suffrage, unions, financial regulation, product and occupational safety, environmental regulation. 

Senator Sanders calls out banksters

When a group of CEOs wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and  social security, Sanders replied with how these scumbags steal enormous amounts of money by paying regressive legislators to give them tax breaks and bailouts. Such stolen lucre dwarfs what is paid for social programs. Sanders names names and provides details.

How ALEC corrupts legislation

See this news expose of how ALEC works in Georgia, akin to how they work everywhere. Democracy? Not.

Senator Warren on fast track

Here's the good Senator presenting on the notion of allowing a 60-day transparency period before any trade deal is allow fast track.