Friday, June 24, 2016

Defecting progressives

See this Salon article, noting that many of us progressives have given up on the corrupt Democratic Party and may vote Green instead. He argues that the corrupt two-party system has really become just one party of money, and Clinton represents it. More and more Republicans are deciding to vote from Clinton daily."

As the joke goes, her platform may match Bernie Sanders’s on 95% of the issues, but her record matches Trump’s platform on 95% of the issues, and her issues match Richard Nixon on 95% of the record." The Party talks progressive to get votes but never follows through on those promises. And their main rallying cry, "but not Trump!," just isn't a reason to vote for someone, especially when that someone is part of the one big money party problem.

Lawsuit against the DNC

See this article that details a lawsuit to be filed against the Democratic National Committee "alleging fraud and collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign." Some of the evidence comes from DNC internal communications revealed by hacker Guccifer 2.0. I hope the suit gains traction and goes to court. Hitting the DNC's bottom line might be the only way to get it to actually obey its own charter and bylaws that forbid such behavior. The DNC, like Clinton herself, have always felt they were above and beyond the rules for everyone else.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Colbert on a hopeless Senate

4 gun control measures, none pass. Lots of prayers but yet again zero action. Colbert does a rap battle at the Senate.

Calysta Bevier

She earned Simon's golden buzzer this week.

Some of Obama's work

I guarantee you that the Republicans had nothing to do with this.

It's barbaric today

Thomas Frank interview

In this video he reiterates points in his new book, Listen Liberal! Bottom line, the Democratic Party abandoned the unions and the working class to support the professional class because they had the money to support their campaigns. Yes, the current Party is all about money and money only. Party members still talk a progressive game but it's all spin designed to get votes and do nothing about progressive policies. Remember Obama while campaigning said that NAFTA was a disaster and that he'd change it. In office, quite the opposite with his adamant support of the TPP. Plus his Justice Department failed in criminally prosecute even one Wall Street Banker for crimes they admitted to. And it's still ongoing and even encouraged through revolving doors of the professional elite. It will be the same with Clinton and things will continue to deteriorate.

Sanders of course represents a throw back in their minds to the New Deal that cared for the working class. The corporate Democrats find that revolting and did their best to thwart the People's candidate and hence in their minds the crass, unwashed masses. As my mother used to say, watch not what they say but what they do.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

David Korten on Clinton and Sanders

Here he said: "I'm sticking with Sanders and voting for Clinton." He's right that Clinton is far better than Trump, given her political experience. But he's mistaken that Sanders has actually moved her to the left, or that the progressive movement can hold her to implementing her progressive spin. I agree that we must support progressive candidates that are not beholden to any Party but instead are committed to progressive policies. But this election has proven that the Dem Party is not in the least committed to those ideals and is just as corrupt and undemocratic as its nemesis, the GOP.

Response to Norman Goldman about the Dem Party

I heard a bit of the show about an hour ago. He admitted that both the electoral college and the Democratic superdelegates are specifically designed because they don't trust we the people. And that the Dem Party is further designed to support itself over we the people. That it no longer represents we the people, and does represent their moneyed backers, is indisputable. And we're supposed to become a part of that?

Sanders only ran as a Democrat because if you're not in one or the other of the two major parties you have no chance. Since you like to get at the core issue, that's it: the two-party system itself is corrupt. To have a vibrant democracy of the people requires a multi-party system that allows for those other Parties to actually have a chance to compete in the system.

House Democrats stage a sit in

Protesting the lack of a House vote on recent gun control Bills. The coward Speaker Ryan is trying to avoid a vote before they go on vacation and the Democrats are chanting, "no Bill, no break." Recall the Senate Democrats had a filibuster over the same issue that finally forced a vote and the Republicons voted down the gun control Bills. The House is trying to avoid a vote because it would be the same result, the Republicons continuing to suck NRA cock. The House speaker even cut off the cameras to prevent the world from knowing about the sit in but fortunately we have other media that is sharing what's going on. Please share.