Monday, April 24, 2017

The Allure of Things

The Captain Metaphysics cartoon had me search for Bryant's paper "Time of the object." In the search I discovered his updated version subtitled: "Derrida, Luhmann and the processual nature of substances." And it is within the book The Allure of Things: Process and Object in Contemporary Philosophy (NY: Bloomsbury, 2014) edited by Roland Faber and Andrew Goffy and available free at this link.

Relating to the Captain Metaphysics comic, I like this:

"What Derrida articulates in this passage is a variation of Aristotle’s concept of primary substances; for the very being of primary substance is to exceed and be detachable from every context. Hence, in the case of New Historicism which strives to reduce an articulation to its context, we encounter a sort of transcendental illusion where the historicist is not discovering the contexture of relations that gave the work meaning, but rather creating a contexture, a regime of attraction, that generates meaning as an effect. It is for this reason that I refer to substance under the title of presence as local manifestation, for the manifestation of any substance is a function of its contingent context, such that every substance, in principle, harbors the power of falling into other contexts and thereby of manifesting itself otherwise than it does in this context. [...] Derrida’s account of time and diffĂ©rance gives us one way of providing a formal ontological demonstration for the thesis that substances are withdrawn" (89-90).

And the conclusion, a variation on Edwards' syntegrity:

Captain Metaphysics and the postmodern peril

I'm guessing it's about Derrida. If so he never said any such thing but it's funny anyway. He was certainly interpreted that way by the metaphysicians. Perhaps that's also what the comic was indicating at the end, when none of them including Captain Metaphysics had a clue what he was saying? Click 'read more' for the next panel.

A dancer doesn't let a wheelchair stop her

Moving performance after telling her story.

Twamp science adviser

Accurate depiction.

Supreme Corp: Ok to shoot an unarmed black man in the back

That's pretty much what they just decided. A cop pulled over a black man for drunk driving. When the cop went to put on the cuffs the man turned his back to the cop and started walking away. The victim claims the cop shot him in the back right away, the cop says the victim reached for his waistband and though he was going for a gun. There is an obvious dispute of the facts, which requires a jury trial. But the Supreme Corp sided with a lower court saying there is no dispute of the facts and so the lower court can just issue a summary judgment. Justice Sotomayor wrote the dissent.

Top 10 ways Twamp & GOP are screwing workers

The following are just the bullet points from this Economic Policy Institute post. See it for the details. These are the facts of what you voted for Twamp swampers. This is real news, and it's you that are being fed fake news to manipulate you. If you want us to quit calling you stupid then quit being stupid.

1. Protecting Wall Street profits that siphon billions of dollars from retirement savers. 
2. Letting employers hide fatal injuries that happen on their watch.
3. Allowing potentially billions of taxpayer dollars to go to private contractors who violate health and safety protections or fail to pay workers. 
4. Undermining important regulations that protect workers and consumers.
5. Allowing employers to penalize employees who don’t want to reveal their private medical information.  

The Senate Committee to investigate Russiagate is impotent

Nothing at all. The Republican Chair talks big but doesn't nothing, just like Twamp. To date there is no full-time staff, they have not issued any subpoenas, no witnesses have been called. And while the Republicans refuse to do anything the Dems are too limp to be effective. It's all a scam to appear to be doing something and nothing at all is getting done.

Where do we make budget cuts?

Do we want to be a real disaster movie?

Commentary on the Democratic unity tour

From TheRealNews below. Sanders said we can't have the kind of society we want without pointing the finger at the top 1% that do everything in their power to prevent it. Perez on the other hand refuses to do that because he, like other corporate Dems, still think they need the 1% to finance campaigns. They have no memory of the last election where Sanders raised more money than Clinton and didn't take one cent from the 1%. Also discussed is when will Sanders realize it's a waste of time and effort to team up with the Dem Party?