Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thanaticism, capitalism, kennilingus and necrophilia

andrew linked to this Integral Options article on thanaticism. I was reminded of this post and the one following. I applied Faber in the first post to kennilingus in the second:

Now many folks have discussed how kennilngus, with its ideology of false unifications, often ends up supporting "rigid conservatism" politically. But I like this other image, that of "fantasies of necrophilia," as applicable to the dogmatic TOE agenda. I may have to change my neologisim to Necrolingam, with necrolingus the act of so doing. This removes Kenni  from the equation altogether so as to not make it so "personal," whereby he becomes just one of of a long line of metaphysical unifiers that like to have intercourse with the dead Absolute and thereby control the relative living through hegemony and ivory (white folk). (Sung to the tune of Ebony & Ivory, all the more ironic since there ain't no "black" or marginal people or ideas in this here unification.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stewart on Hannity's typical hypocrisy

It's not that hard to show. More like taking candy from a baby. But it's still funny. This time over Hannity's defense of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

Meryl and Maks perfect tango

California leads the way, as usual

Robert Reich reports on an interesting proposal. California, as usual, is on the forefront with a new Bill, SB 1372. It bases corporate tax rates on the ratio of CEO to average worker pay. The higher the ratio the higher the tax and vice versa. This ratio used to be 30:1 but is now 280:1 and 354:1 in big corps. As Picketty astutely noted, this is not at all tied to CEO performance but on how they rig compensation committees in circle jerks. Remember when these masters of the universe crashed the economy? Their compensation did not fall one bit but rather was increased for failure.

Dean Baker reviews Picketty

Dean Baker reviews Picketty and offers solutions based therefrom, including the following: reduce financial institution insurance subsidies and add a financial transaction tax; do not privatize Fanny and Freddie; eliminate pharmaceutical monopoly subsidies, as well as such subsidies to telecom, airlines and airports, broadcasters; add a carbon tax. Picketty did a good diagnosis but was short on treatment, so these progressive solutions pragmatically ameliorate the disease. We're going to need a different Congress though to enact this, so let's get busy on this year's critical election.

How post-rational potentials aggravate pre-rational habits

Layman Pascal started an IPS thread by the above name. My initial response follows. Check in with the thread periodically to see the ongoing discussion.

Thanks for starting the thread, as it reflects several of my concerns in recent posts. I'm even going to have to give in and accept the premise of IT as the current meta-marker, just not particularly kennilingus. I'll say more as I ponder, weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. For now I'll just re-post some representative examples of this phenomenon from other threads:

From here. (Also see the one following it.):

More bad news on climate change

More bad news on climate change. We've not only hit 400 ppm CO2 it's been consistently over this figure in the last month. "This is higher than it's been in millions of years." "And few countries have given any indication that they plan to cut emissions in the near future -- at least, not enough to affect the trajectory the planet is on." They compared government inaction to a patient informed by his doctor that his cholesterol is through the roof, yet denies that it means anything.

Fatty Boom Boom

Yippie kai yay motherfucker! Very amusing and entertaining.

Ideology over facts

In the Picketty interview (see a couple posts below) at around 10:00 he responded to a question about the economics profession. He said part of their problem is the ideology, in that in order to be taken seriously they focused on mathematical formulas. Thing was, the formulas were isolated from data and facts in some abstract Platonic and/or Aristotelian ideology (my translation). So it was quite a shock to the economics world when Picketty and his team of international economists actually complied the data on income inequality over several countries and centuries. That it contradicts the ideology is evidence that the latter needs to get up to speed to match the facts. Naturally progressives welcome this task and regressives are still in denial.

Btw, his book is now number 1 on Amazon. Think people are interested in the facts? Not good for the regressives in the upcoming elections. But good for humanity.

Tribal paranoia

This Krugman post notes that tribal regressives who don't believe in climate change--it's a massive liberal conspiracy--are trying to thwart and roll back renewable energy programs. The Koch brothers are of course one such sun block, as are other usual suspects like ALEC and Americans for Prosperity. Krugman rightly notes that these folks are paranoid.

Unfortunately we also have the RIFTers on the tribal left, also a bit paranoid who don't trust government or tech and thereby add fuel to the regressive agenda and make it all the harder to reverse climate change.