Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trump's mean streak is caused by political correctness

See this article, which blames liberal PC for not allowing racists to be hateful racists. Some really contorted rationalization from the regressives. And one Trump himself uses when Megyn Kelly confronted him with his hateful misogyny.

How to feel good about poverty

Philosophical soccer

Following up on this post:

Obama irony

The President has done a lot of good in his tenure, but stuff like this, and his backing of the TPP, are confounding.

The majority are behind Sanders

See this article. Sanders appeals to a broad base including Republicans and Independents. Why? Because he represents what they want. In the linked article polls show the following, all issues Sanders promotes like no one else in the race.

● 53 percent support the government paying students’ tuition for community college.
● 71 percent support debt-free college at all public universities.
● 78 percent believe the government should limit greenhouse emissions from businesses.
● 61 percent believe that in today’s economy, just a few people at the top have the chance to get ahead.
● 57 percent say the government should do more to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.
● 65 percent believe income inequality is a problem that needs to be addressed now.

Monday, August 31, 2015

It's what the press wants

But not what we the people want, at least most of us.

Robert Reich on the new populism

See his post here. Much of it crosses traditional political party lines and is not so much about left v. right but about populism v. the establishment of both Parties. Here's 6 issues from the post the neo-populists share. See if for the details:

Capitalism v the Commons

Here's Robert Reich's post on this, only he frames it as authoritarianism versus democracy. Same difference.

"The key to understanding the 2016 election is American's indignation about what the establishment has done and failed to do. Trump’s indignation is aimed squarely at the Republican establishment; Bernie’s at the Democratic establishment. That’s why both are surging. But the crucial difference is Trump’s answer is authoritarianism – a strongman who 'knows how to deal' and 'will deliver' -- while Bernie’s answer is a progressive movement that strengthens democracy and will countervail the moneyed interests. It is not a new battle. The biggest political contest over the last three centuries of world history has been between authoritarianism and democracy. The central battle over the next 15 months in the United States could be the same."

The spin and the reality on the rich

Philosophy news network

See this cartoon. Here's what I got from it:

I agree with the cyborg that we need to end something, but not human life. How about the end to useless philosophy that has virtually no impact on human life because it is "no longer immanent to anything other than itself?" To paraphrase one of its last news items: "Philosophy store robbed at gunpoint but nothing of value was stolen."