Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rachel Maddow beats Fox in cable news ratings

Yep, for the first time in 21 years this is the case. With the popular O'Reilly gone the door has been opened and Maddow now sits on top of this ratings class. Hopefully it's a sign that at least the majority are becoming more inclined toward the truth in news programming.

Former CIA chief on Russian collusion

He left the CIA the day of the inauguration, January 20. He testified in the House Intelligence Committee that during his tenure “I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and U.S. persons involved in the Trump campaign. I was concerned because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals. And it raised questions in my mind again whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals.”

Chris Blue covers Rhythm Nation

Awesome performance last night on The Voice.

Jesse Larson's new single Woman

He's in the finals of The Voice and this is his new single. Awesome singing and guitar work. And as usual, the show has great production.

Rashad & Emma's freestyle

Rashad has come a long way and is much better. Granted he's not as good as Normani but he still deserves kudos for this excellent performance. He also contributed to a small part of the choreography.

Normani & Val's freestyle

Awesome performance last night for the finals. It even had Val crying at the end.

3 known leaks of Dakota Access Pipeline already

Yes, there have been 3 known incidents already, not to mention those that likely happened and have been covered up. Oh, but that simply can't happen we're told, the builders have taken every precaution for the safety of the people and the environment. Yeah, right. We'll keep hearing of more leaks and spills through alternative media, certainly not through lamestream corporate media.

CA Dem Party chair election rigged

As California goes, so goes the nation. And even in CA the establishment Dems refuse to accede power to the progressives that represent the majority of those who identify as Democrat, as well as the majority of voters in the US. The corporate Dems will give lip service to progressive populist issues but when the rubber hits the road they inevitable kowtow to their corporate and Wall Street masters. They may call for Party 'unity' but it's really just more lying spin to keep their status quo and keep the corporate funding (aka bribery) rolling in.

And of course they keep using the scare tactic that if progressives form a third Party they will just be handing all future elections to the conservatives. Remember who won in France's Presidential election, and that he went independent of the 2 major parties. And remember who won in the US, claiming to not be part of the 2-party swamp (even though he lied). The time has come for progressives to organize outside the Dem Party, as they really do have the majority of the US behind them.

Town halls challenge reps on climate change

Good compilation of such town halls from Yale Climate Connections. Such activism is sorely needed in these dire times, and we the people are getting busy. They rightly give deserved credit to the Indivisible movement for organizing a lot of that activism.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Warren on education budget cuts

She lays out the details of the Swamp budget proposal to gut public education. I guess swamp critters are not yet stupid enough that they need some extra help. Plus this budget will just produce more of the same to keep voting against their own, and our country's, best interests. The agenda is plain as day for those of us that still have a bit of brain and heart left.

Supreme Corp rules against NC gerrymandering

Wow, Clarence Thomas broke ranks with his conservative brethren in joined the progressives in the Court ruling that two districts in North Carolina gerrymandered along racial lines, a clear violation of the Constitution. The other 3 conservatives agreed in part and dissented in part, with Gorsuch sitting this one out. The entire opinion is linked in the article.

T-Swamp also tried to sway top intelligence officials

Yep, the Swamp also tried to obstruct justice by asking the national intelligence director and the director of the National Security Agency to make public statements refuting then FBI Director Comey's assertions of an investigation into Russian corruption. Both of course refused. The treasonous plot thickens by the day.

T-Swamp prepares for voodoo economics

Here he is worshiping the Saudi magic orb, consistent with the economic policies he wants to impose on us.

A reminder from Senator Warren

Also remember that in building that business they used a lot more of our public resources than any individual. So their taxes should be higher to pay their fair share of that use which  helped in their success. But that's one thing conservatives never consider, thinking it's a right to use those resources that someone else paid for. It's theft if they don't pay for it accordingly. But stealing from the poor to pay the rich has always been part of their ideology.

Commerce Secretary admires Saudi Arabia

Wilbur Ross actually praised them, saying he saw no sign of protests when he and T-Swamp visited there. He failed to mentioned that Saudis behead protesters. It is one of the most repressive countries in the world headed by autocrats, so we can see why both he and the Swamp love that country and want to turn the US into that sort of regime.

T-Swamp budget proves he's the Biggest Liar

T-Swamp will propose to cut Medicaid by $800 billion, which he promised not to cut. This will slash 10 million low-income people from coverage. There will also be cuts to food stamps and social security. He is proving on a daily basis that he truly is the Biggest Liar in the World. I suppose he has to be the best at something.

Reich on the Dem establishment

In this FB post, commenting on this article, he said that the Party establishment still hasn't learned from past elections, including the last one. They are still refusing to fight for the things progressives, and the majority of the country, want: single-payer universal healthcare, free public higher education, higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for public programs, and campaign finance reforms. They think that they can just be anti-T-Swamp. How did that work out for you last time idiots? The Party is lost and beyond repair.

Notre Dame graduates walk out on VP Pence

Bravo to these conscientious students with conviction and spine. They are the future of our country.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Drunk uncle

A favorite SNL skit lampooning how a typical conservative acts when he's drunk. It starts around 1:40.

SNL weekend update on T-Swamp

Covering the facts with humor.

Beyond point-and-shoot morality

See Greene's paper here. Therein he said: 

"We should distrust our automatic settings and rely more on manual mode when attempting to resolve practical moral disagreements. So far, so palatable. But where does this lead? I believe it favors consequentialist approaches to moral problem solving, ones aimed solely at promoting good consequences, rather than deontological approaches aimed at figuring out who has which rights and duties, where these are regarded as constraints on the promotion of good consequences. More specifically, I believe that reliance on manual mode favors act consequentialism at the level of first principles and something resembling rule consequentialism in everyday practice. As private individuals, we should nearly always respect the conventional moral rules, but in establishing those rules as voters and policy makers we should aim simply for the best long-term consequences."

T-Swamp and critters open SNL

Singing the classic song Hallelujah.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Far right radicalization

The far right, like T-Swampers, are using the same tactics as ISIS. And like ISIS they are using online services like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to spread their hatred, racism and xenophobia. Breitbart and InfoWars are a few of the more popular outlets. Their goal is to attract the the disaffected, those who have little to no education, employment opportunities or training, thus severely limiting their life opportunities. They are ripe to fill the void of their lives by blaming everyone else for their situation, incited by violent rhetoric that leads them in that direction. Homegrown ISIS right in our midst.

Colbert on T-Swamp's first overseas trip

First stop, Saudi Arabia, where the Swamp wants to unite the Arab world by giving a speech on radical Islam! And the speech is being drafted by Steven Miller, the guy who influenced the first Muslim ban! Yeah, something tells me this winning combination is just what we need to bring peace. Things don't look much better for the Israel or the Pope visits.

Maher and West get into it

Over Clinton v. T-Swamp and the relative difference between 2 evils. A good heated exchange. I'm with Maher on this one.

World Happines Report 2017

The main factors that support happiness: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance. Six key variables of happiness: income, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on in times of trouble, generosity, freedom and trust, with the latter measured by the absence of corruption in business and government. The full report on various countries can be found here. The top 10. Just maybe the US can learn something from these countries? Nah...

1. Norway
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Switzerland
5. Finland
6. Netherlands
7. Canada
8. New Zealand
9. Australia and Sweden tied

The problem with superheroes

Good New Rule on how all this superhero shit in media trains us to not take responsibility for ourselves, instead hoping someone with great powers will come to our rescue. It is basically inculcating us into passive acceptance that we don't have the power to change our lives. Hence why T-Swamp was so popular, as only he could fix it all for us. He even told us he could.

I don't know it for a fact

I just know it's true. Another installment of Maher's popular series, making fun of how conservatives don't base their worldview on facts.

Maher's monologue

As usual, he updates the political news with humor.

Friday, May 19, 2017

More inside info on conversation with Russians in the Oval Office

See this report in which the Biggest Loser told the Russians: "I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” This came from notes taken inside the Oval Office that were circulated as the official account of the meeting.

The implications and explications of the fold

This is part of my exploration of the fold in this IPS thread. Bruce and I had this conversation today.

Bruce: Given Bryant's appeal to autopoiesis, a comparative look at Bryant and Thompson might be worthwhile.

Me: Bryant includes Brown's unmarked space as one example of the real excess beyond our access. In the beginning of Thompson's video he mentions Buddhist emptiness, but only in the context of relational dependent arising.

Bruce: Wilber uses Brown too, but in a more Idealist fashion, of course.

Me: It doesn't appear he [Thompson] includes this excess beyond relations. And yet Bryant has lately turned into a correlationist.

Bruce: With his fold model?

Me: Even before that.

Bruce: Maybe a weak correlationist, reading it as co-relation?

Me: Seems that way.

Bruce: That's in line with Buddhist emptiness (in one of its iterations)

Me: That's Thompson's pitch.
Bruce: I think Bryant may not grok how much he skirts around a Buddhist view.


Yes, it's an intentional misspelling. I wish I'd come up with it but I didn't. I first heard it used by Joe Corbett. This meme highlights it's absurd premise.


Styles performed from his debut solo album last night on Corden.

Carpool karaoke with Harry Styles

The next installment in this popular Corden series.

Sanders on the Russian investigation

Which includes Comey's firing, asking Comey to drop the Flynn investigation and revealing classified info to the Russians in the White House. Sanders puts this in the context of T-Swamp's man crush on Putin. Both are oligarchic authoritarians, their common love bond. Hence T-Swamp's daily moves toward transforming the US into a Russia-like dictatorship. How the Congress, the FBI and the special prosecutor proceed in this investigation will determine if we are to retain any semblance of democracy in the US.

Experience as transcendental prerequisite

Continuing the last post, Bitbol agrees with Thompson that conscious experience of something is prerequisite to studying something scientifically. And this prerequisite is neither a purely subjective nor objective affair, but an "inextricably united experience-of-a-world out of which the usual duality are differentiated" (17). Thereafter he discusses neurophenomenology.

Bitbol on pure experience

I came upon this Michel Bitbol talk on 'pure experience.' It goes along with Thompson's section on the primacy of consciousness in this post. But are they the same, different, or some combination? There are also some suggested readings in the description below the video. One of those references is Bitbol's paper "Is consciousness primary?" The abstract:

"Six arguments against the view that conscious experience derives from a material basis are reviewed. These arguments arise from epistemology, phenomenology, neuropsychology, and philosophy of quantum mechanics. It turns out that any attempt at proving that conscious experience is ontologically secondary to material objects both fails and brings out its methodological and existential primacy. No alternative metaphysical view is espoused (not even a variety of Spinoza’s attractive double-aspect theory). Instead, an alternative stance, inspired from F. Varela’s neurophenomenology, is advocated."

Colbert on the Comey memo

Therein T-Swamp also asked Comey to imprison reporters, not just back off the Flynn investigation. Meanwhile, cowardly Republicans are being complicit in this obstruction by avoiding the issue altogether.

VP Pence knew about Flynn too

In this piece it notes that the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee wrote a letter in November of last year to the T-Swamp transition team warning of Flynn's involvement with Turkey. Pence was heading the transition team. The letter was confirmed received by the campaign. Despite Pence's denials he knew about this when he claimed he did not. He's going down with the Swamp too, because their whole Administration is the Biggest Swamp in the History of the World. Heh, just using T-Swamp's own rhetoric against him.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery

The promo for the new series coming this Fall. But WTF, it's on pay-tv!

T-Swamp and his critters lied about Russian communications

This article discusses a Reuters story that said the T-Swamp campaign had "at least 18 calls and emails during the last seven months of the 2016 presidential race” with Russia. This despite the Swamp denying any contact whatsoever. The article provides the details. A treason charge and impeachment are well on their way.

New Time cover says it all

About who is really running the US.

NATO has to childproof for T-Swamp's visit

Colbert continues about this topic. The White House is sending memos to NATO on how to make presentations to the Swamp given his notoriously short attention span and lack of adult comprehension. It's amazing that the not just the US but the rest of the world now has to cater to a spoiled child-King.

Colbert won't "let it go"

He comments on T-Swamp telling Comey to "let it go," meaning the Russia investigation involving Flynn. Colbert just can't do it either, thankfully.

Kim Jong-Un's commencement speech

Not too far off from the T-Swamp's own recent commencement speech.

Senator Warren challenges Treasury Secretary over Glass-Steagall

Warren notes that Secretary Mnuchin, along with the (notmy)President, supported a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act. The original act separated the type of banks that loaned money from those that did speculative investment. It's demise was a direct cause of the financial meltdown.  So Mnuchin replies that he never supported the original Act but does support this purportedly new one because it does not have that separation. Needless to say, Warren is aghast and calls him out repeatedly over this sorry excuse of a new Act that not only does nothing to prevent another financial crisis but to the contrary encourages yet another one. Apparently the new Act just uses the same name as the old one to give a false impression that it's doing something to solve the problem while doing the opposite.

Why did Dems lost their asses in the last election

Good article on what Dem pollsters have found on the issue. A significant % of former Obama voters either voted for the Swamp, someone else like the Green Party, or sat out the election. Why? Dem economic policies favored the wealthy and not the lower classes. For some it was more a matter of voting against Clinton, who was rightly perceived as being a Wall Street lackey. So the pollsters concluded that Dems need to be better at messaging to this demographic.

Yeah, but they also have to be sincere about it with actual policy implementation. It does no good to say the words is we know you don't believe them. Clinton talked the talk and we didn't believe her. What the Dems really need is to elect actual progressives with a proven track record over history of walking the talk. They had that chance with Sanders and they did everything to thwart him. Same with the new DNC head, muscling out the progressive Ellison and installing the same kind of corporate Dem in Perez we don't trust. Dems need to get real about this or get out of the way.

T-Swamp is the same old tyrant he's always been

Here's Reich FB post on this article. The Swamp's entire history is one of being a con man. He screwed over contractors, business partners and creditors while violating laws constantly. His bankruptcies mounted to the point that no American banks would do business with him anymore, so he sought out loans from Russian banks. "Over the years, Trump has been the focus of investigations on housing discrimination, bribery, corruption, dealings with the mob, misleading earnings reports, fraud, and improper campaign contributions, and sexual predation."

So it's no surprise he continues to operate this way in the White House and is destroying the good name of that high office. Let's hope that the Republicans have the moral constitution to prosecute this most fetid of all Swamps.

Fact v. fiction

I know, it's hard to tell in this post-truth, fake news world. So here's some real news for you.

T-Swamp is the worst (not my) President

In fact, the worse ever. Intercept podcast, transcript coming soon. Their blurb:

"Donald Trump is spectacularly bad at being president. Maybe the most extreme allegations about him are true: he is a Russian asset, compromised, taking orders from Moscow. He definitely is hiding all sorts of information about his finances. Regardless, it is clear he is wildly incompetent with no interest in even trying to understand his current job or the rules that govern it. Or maybe, Donald Trump is just an idiot. This week on Intercepted, investigative journalist Marcy Wheeler and The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald analyze the latest insanity emanating from the White House. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Tim Weiner and Intercept writer Trevor Aaronson discuss the firing of James Comey and debate his FBI legacy. And Palestinian author and journalist Rula Jebreal explains why President Trump is going to Saudi Arabia and Israel on his first international trip."

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Damasio on consciousness

Continuing this theme, here's an 18-minute Ted Talk on the topic by Antonio Damasio.

Short Thompson video on neurophenomenology

An easier bite to chew on.

The Comey memo

It turns out that ousted FBI Director Comey wrote and circulated a memo on a 2/14/17 meeting with T-Swamp wherein the later asked Comey to quit investigating former National Security Adviser Flynn. That is of course obstruction of justice. This was after a previous meeting on 1/27/17 where T-Swamp asked Comey to pledge his loyalty during the Russian investigation, again obstruction of justice. Will the Republicans investigate this? Sure they will (not).

Colbert on T-Swamp bragging about secrets

His monologue covers this and inviting the top Russian spy into the Oval Office.

T-Swamp reveals other classified secrets

Colbert makes fun of the Biggest Braggart.

Neurophenomenology for laymen

Following up on the last post, this article is more of a layman's introduction to neurophenomenology. It's only about a 15-minute easy read. If one wants to get geeky like me they can watch the previous video and read some of the references in the bibliography.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Nature of Consciousness: A Neurophenomenological Approach

Evan Thompson, professor of philosophy, University of British Columbia, delivers the keynote address for the Mind & Emptiness conference held at Dartmouth April 28 & 29, 2017. LECTURE BEGINS AT 6min.51sec. It's my preferred approach to the topic, along with Damasio, Lakoff and a few others. The outlined topics: the primacy of consciousness; the problem with physicalism; not quite panpsychism; the primacy of embodiment; neurophenomenology.

WTF is wrong with Americans

In a word: T-Swamp.

Voter suppression expert appointed to 'voter integrity' project

Talk about opposite world. Greg Palast did a detailed investigative report on Kansas Secretary of State Kobach's Interstate Cross-Check program. That program purged 1.1 million from the voter roles in the last election. E.g., T-Swamp won by about 10,700 votes in Michigan, yet some 50,000 people of color were purged from voting there. So in typical fashion T-Swamp appoints him to lead a new 'voter integrity' commission to investigate voter fraud, when in fact the opposite is true: Koback is the fraud. Without such suppression the Swamp never would have won.

Intelligence community on the T-Swamp leak

Yes, the President can declassify intelligence. But as noted before, this is typically done with consultation with the intelligence community for specific purposes. T-Swamp's cavalier treatment of the intelligence has caused other countries to withhold sharing intelligence with the US if it's going to be in the hands of such an idiot. And still the Republicans will not move on impeaching this travesty.

NATO prepares for T-Swamp

NATO is well aware of the Swamp's childish developmental level and is preparing accordingly. This clip provides quotes on just how they are preparing. What does this say about the US, that we'd elect a petulant child as President? And just a reminder for those Bernie Bros that refused to vote for Clinton and who tipped the election. NATO would not be preparing this way for her.

Colbert on T-Swamp revealing highly classified intelligence

To the Russians, in the Oval Office, with only Russian media to report. Seems we found the White House leaker. Yes, it's 'legal' for the President to do so, but typically it would be with full consultation of the Security Council with a strategic purpose. But T-Swamp did so out of pure narcissism and endangered the source of the intelligence as well as the operation by giving information that could easily lead to that source and operation. He's not only an idiot but a traitor.

Simone & Sasha

This is her perfect score Rumba, which followed her perfect score jive. And yet she was voted off last night while that clumsy baseball dude goes to the finals? It's not just that they give equal weight to the ignorant public's vote, which is bad enough. But it's also the judges fault, giving Simone less than perfect scores most of the time because they hold her to a higher standard. Meanwhile, those dancers with less expectations get inflated scores. If it weren't for all the excellent dancing I wouldn't watch this corrupt popularity contest.

To skip the package and go right to the dance it starts at 3:15.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Lakoff on consciousness and the unconscious

Interesting talk. It goes to about 7:03 and then repeats.

Another study on liberal/conservative prejudice

Here's another recent article on the parity of prejudice among liberals and conservatives. However:

"There’s an argument to be made that conservative intolerance does more harm than liberal intolerance, as it targets more vulnerable people. Consider the earlier list of groups maligned by liberals and conservatives. Rich people, Christians, men, whites and the police would generally seem to have more power today than immigrants, gays, blacks, poor people and goths."


"Robbie Sutton, a psychologist at the University of Kent in England, presented preliminary findings at SPSP that touch on the issue of which intolerance is more justifiable. He found that people who endorsed denialist conspiracy theories about climate change were more likely than those who endorsed warmist conspiracy theories to want to censor, surveil and punish climate scientists, whereas warmists were more likely than denialists to want to punish and surveil climate change skeptics. But are these sentiments equally harmful? Many people would say that’s a subjective question, but it’s hard to ignore the evidence, for instance, that Exxon has hidden its knowledge of climate change for years, and the fact that that the current Republican administration has placed new restrictions on Environmental Protection Agency scientists. Who is more vulnerable, and backed by scientific evidence: Exxon or environmental researchers?"

Supreme Corp gets one right

Yes, it's an intentional misspelling indicative of the High Court's usual rulings in favor of corporations over people. It will continue to do so with their new corporatist Gorsuch. They did however get this one right in refusing to hear the challenge against the 4th Circuit Appeals Court decision that overturned the North Carolina voter suppression legislation. The 4th Circuit found the NC law acted “with almost surgical precision” to disenfranchise black voters. So that ruling stands, defeating NC's racist law, a win for democracy.

Pew study on liberal/conservative views on climate science

Continuing the last few posts, I do not dispute the findings of the studies in the New Scientist article. The meta-analysis of 41 studies admits that those tested were self-identified as liberal or conservative. While overall bias was about the same for both types, it also admitted that some methodological features moderated the overall bias, as well as it being modified by different political topics.

Using the topic of climate science as one topical example, this Pew study first of all divided up political affiliation into 4 categories: liberal Dems, conservative Reps, and moderate Dems and moderate Reps. This is more aligned with Lakoff that some people are biconceptual, meaning liberal on some issues and conservative on others. Even so, only 55% of liberal Dems think climate scientists use the best available scientific evidence to support the research. Granted it's the highest % in that category, but still indicates there's plenty of self-identified liberal Dems that are not that science-savvy.

There are also some stats on those with scientific knowledge. Dems with high science knowledge agree that the earth is warming due to human influence, see scientists as having a firm understanding of climate change, and trust those scientists about its cause. But Republicans with high science knowledge are no more or less likely to agree with those statements. Their ideology trumps science.

It's also interesting to see how scientists identify politically in this Pew study. What does this tell us?  

New Scientist article

In the Meetup ground from the last post, this New Scientist article was cited claiming both liberals and conservatives equally have the same level of confirmation bias. Indeed, liberals are dismissive of conservative claims on gun control, climate change and abortion because liberals present the scientific facts on those issues. To call that confirmation bias on the same order as conservative explanations for those same issues is ludicrous.

And of course we must differentiate educated liberals from ignorant ones. There are plenty of ignorant people that identify as liberals who are more prone to confirmation bias. But where are the progressive ideas coming from?

Which moral judgments are better?

We must make moral value judgments about what's better for society. We decided that slavery was antithetical to a democracy as but one example. Another is that an authoritarian regime is antithetical to a democracy. Another is that implementing climate science is better for the very survival of the human species than continuing fossil fuel use. It's fair game to do so when comparing liberal and conservative world views, using science, of course. Science itself must make these value judgments instead of sitting idly on the sidelines.

Yes, there is plenty of woo woo on the liberal side, like anti-vacination, anti-GMO and far out conspiracy theories. It too has its confirmation biases. But I or others in this Meetup 'in-group' have yet to espouse that sort of liberal nonsense. Our focus is supporting our claims with science. So yes, in that sense we are biased toward the scientific method of validation, but that's a good thing. And no, I've seen scientific studies that show liberals are indeed more open to changing their confirmation bias when presented with new facts and evidence.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lakoff speaking at Indivisible East Bay

This talk makes clear that Lakoff espouses progressive values because they are the foundation of democracy. Without them we do not have democracy. Conservative values are all about authoritarianism, oligarchy and control via the elimination of democracy. While framing is important, what is even more important is to what framing is applied. This is a very real battle to save democracy from irreparable damage, if not outright extinction from the US.

California leads the US economy

Because it does things that T-Swamp and the Republicans say can't work, yet it does better than any other US State and most countries. It's a living testament to progressive policies that make a better life for most of its citizens. E.g., it is 1/7 of the US GDP. "Much of the U.S. growth can be traced to California laws promoting clean energy, government accountability and protections for undocumented people." See the article for many details on CA performance. The Swamp should learn from success, but that would require they are capable of learning. We've seen that they are not.

Dutch documentary on T-Swamp's financial ties to Russia

Zembla produced this investigative report and went where no US news organization dares to go. It details T-Swamp's financial ties to Russian oligarchs and mafia. Why haven't we heard any of this from US media? Please circulate far and wide.

McCarthy does Spicer again on SNL

SNL: T-Swamp's interview with Lester Holt

Alec Baldwin returns to parody the latest T-Swamp disaster.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The dual-process brain

Continuing this post, in this paper Greene describes the dual-process brain, the fast automatic setting and the slower manual mode. From the conclusion:

"Our brains, like all complex functional systems, face a tradeoff between efficiency and flexibility. To promote efficiency, our brains have point-and-shoot automatic settings in the form of intuitive emotional responses. These are marvelous, but nonetheless limited in what they can do. In particular, we should not expect them to perform well in the face of peculiarly modern problems, ones with which we have inadequate genetic, cultural, and individual experience. Many of the most important moral problems we face may be of this kind" (48).

I'd suggest climate change is but one of those challenges. And it will only be obstructed by those science-denying conservative automatons instead of acknowledged and addressed. If we don't do the later via those manual mode scientists we very likely will not have a human future whatsoever. And that ain't no hyperbolic automatic exaggeration but hard scientific fact. And oh yeah, a moral judgment based thereon.

Maher interviews Congressman Schiff on losing our democracy

They discuss the difference between democracy and authoritarianism. We are fast losing the former and even faster degenerating into the latter. And the T-Swamp is larger responsible for that acceleration.

T-Swamp is FAT

Maher goes there, where political correctness dares not go. And he's right, and funny about it too.

New Rule: social media is an intentionally designed addiction

Amen. Like tobacco or any other addictive substance, it's designed to hook you for profit. Social media outlets are in essence drug dealers, nothing more. It's time for we addicts to wake up to that fact and do something about it. Ah, but first one must admit they are an addict and I'm doubting most of us will do so. "Why, I can still function in society using social media. I'm not dependent on it." Uh huh, sure.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Breaking T-Swamp's spell

Good video on studies of those like the Biggest Loser who are confident in their ignorance, with some possible hope on the horizon.

Maher on Comey's firing

His monologue tonight.

Michelle Obama on T-Swamp delayed school lunch program

Yep, the Swamp is delaying federal rules to make school lunches healthier. And Mrs. Obama is right: the critters don't give a shit about your kids.

T-Swamp's executive order to further suppress the vote

The Biggest Loser calls it "election integrity" but it really means further voter suppression. Especially since the vice-chair of this commission with be Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the architect of Interstate Crosscheck which suppressed hundreds of thousands of voters across America. And the reason we need such a commission? T-Swamp still believes without any evidence that 3 million people voted illegally to explain his popular vote loss. It's bizarro world when racists hell bent on stealing elections are in charge of election integrity. US = Russia more every day.

PS: See the cited 2016 Pew report here. Zero evidence of fraud.

Krugman: the entire GOP is colluding with treason

Yes, he went there and rightly so. Both Speaker Ryan and Senate leader McConnell are supporting the firing of Comey and the thwarting of the Russia investigation. And that's near unanimous with the entire Party. The GOP used to claim patriotism; now they shun it during Russian interference in our election. And why? Because of a tax break for the 1% in T-Swamp(don't)care. If the Swamp goes down for treason then the entire GOP should go down with them in the coming elections for supporting it.

Joshua Greene on moral cognition

Another really good resource I just discovered is Joshua Greene's work on moral cognition. This link has several studies he's done on both quick and slow moral processes, roughly analogous to Haidt's intuitional and Kohlberg's rational traits.

And this Greene interview on the evolution of morality.

"Biologically at least, we only evolved to cooperate in a tribal way. Individuals who were more moral—more cooperative with those around them—could outcompete others who were not. However, we have the capacity to take a step back from this and ask what a more global morality would look like. [...] If a morality is a system that allows individuals to form a group and to get along with each other, then the challenge is to devise a system that allows different groups to get along—what I call a meta-morality."

So the Swamp critters lied

I know, big surprise. T-Swamp sent his critters out to tell fake news that it was the Deputy Attorney General that suggested firing Comey due to the Clinton email scandal. Then T-Swamp turns around and admits he had already decided to fire him due to the Russia thing. Then T-Swamp lied about Comey telling him he was not under investigation, which did not happen.

T-Swamp threatens Comey

T-Swamp threatened Comey on Twitter, saying there better not be taped conversations between them. I so hope there are tapes and that they are leaked. The Biggest Loser has to go.

T-Swamp criticizes Colbert

And Colbert fights back.

Healthcare for profit is immoral

A constituent lays into his Congressman on the topic. Said Congressman is Tom MacArthur in New Jersey. He is the author of the health(don't)care amendment that allows States to change or eliminate essential health benefits, drastically raise costs for seniors, and put people with pre-existing conditions is unaffordable high risk pools.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Acting Director of FBI contradicts and challenges T-Swamp

Granted since Comey's firing acting director McCabe won't last long at this rate either. Contrary to T-Swamp saying Comey was ineffective, McCabe praised Comey in no uncertain terms. He also said the Russian investigation was significant and will continue. He too will no doubt be fired soon and replaced with someone who will lie, cheat and steal for the Swamp.

New poll: T-Swamp is a lying incompetent idiot

Yes, those were the top 3 responses to this new Quinnipiac poll when asked: "What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?" So we also have to ask: If this is the case, then what kind of people voted for the Swamp in the first place? I'm guessing the answer is pretty much the same.

Colbert on Comey's firing

In his monologue last night. As usual, his fearless comedy about the Biggest Loser.

T-Swamp's letter to Comey

On Colbert last night, taking it though all the drafts.

Morning Joe update on Comey firing

The latest details make clear the firing is a cover-up to prevent the investigation into T-Swamp's very possible treason. Will they get away with it? I guess that's up to you, Americans.

Senator Sanders on Comey's firing

He admits up front that Comey committed a despicable act during the campaign. Nevertheless, he was also involved in investigating Russian interference in our election with possible T-Swamp collusion, a matter of the utmost importance. Given the fact that every US intelligence agency agrees that Russia did indeed interfere in our election, what does that say about those who are hell bent on thwarting the investigation into the matter? Sanders lays out the facts in the case so far, which leave any non-partisan with only one conclusion.

Warren on the Comey cover-up

There was a time in America when if Russia interfered with our elections, and Americans helped them, it would be unanimous that it should be not only investigated but stopped and retaliated against. Now we have Republicans and T-Swamp with critters fighting to allow just such Russian interference with American support. WTF has happened to our country?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Daily Show on Comey's firing

Noah's funny take on the 'reason' used to fire Comey, the Clinton email fiasco!

NY Times: why Comey was fired

This NY Times piece reports that days before his firing Comey as the Dept. of Justice for a significant increase in funding to support the Russian investigation. That request was specifically sent to the Deputy Attorney General, who took over the lead on the investigation since the Attorney General had to recuse himself. Comey even briefed some members of Congress about the meeting. Then it was the Deputy AG himself who wrote the memo used to justify Comey's firing? Coincidence? And we're supposed to hope that the Deputy AG is going to appoint an independent special prosecutor? We become more like Russia by the minute.

Colbert interviews Stewart

Last night before the reunion with the cast of the Daily Show.

Daily Show reunion on Colbert

Last night. Part 1 is below. Part 2 is here.

Another Watergate

Morning Joe does a piece on the frightening similarities between the Watergate fiasco and T-Swamp's obstruction into a legitimate investigation of him. As was Watergate, this too is a Constitutional crisis to maintain democracy or devolve into dictatorship.

Warren on Comey's firing

The good Senator puts it in context. Acting Attorney General Yates warns T-Swamp that former National Security Adviser was compromised by Russia and Yates was fired. The US Attorney for the southern district of NY, who has jurisdiction over what happened at Trump Tower got fired. Which of course is consistent that FBI Director Comey would be fired, since he's been investigating T-Swamp's involvement with Russia. The intent is clear: obstruction or elimination of this investigation.

The obvious next step is an independent special prosecutor. But that must be appointed by the Deputy Attorney General. It's usually the Attorney General's job but he had to recuse himself because of his own ties with Russia. Does anyone really think the Deputy is going to do this appointment if he wants to keep his job? It's sickening that the US has turned into the exact sort of banana republic dictatorship that spits in the face of the very democracy that we fought so hard to establish.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kimmel fires back

At the callous Republicans that criticized his comments on his sick baby and the need for a compassionate healthcare system. Give them hell Jimmy.

T-Swamp fires FBI Director Comey

How about that? The FBI is leading an investigation into Swamp involvement in Russian collusion (aka treason). And now Comey is fired? Does anyone not brainwashed seriously believe that this is not about sabotaging the investigation? We demand an independent prosecutor to talk over this investigation now.

Peirce and metaphysical realism

Continuing this post, since Wilber uses Peirce in his semiotic exploration we might also consider how Habermas uses and criticizes Peirce in Postmetaphysical Thinking, Chapter 5. One of those criticisms is that Peirce wants to think of semiotics without recourse to an intersubjective relationship (91). Instead Peirce grounds semiotics in a metaphysical, Platonist frame (93). This is explained in detail in section IV starting on 108. We might see here why Wilber uses Peirce to validate his own metaphysical realism. Also see this previous post for more background.

Bill Nye on the March for Science

It starts around 4:15 in this clip. It's incredible that we have to march for science, but in the fact- and science-free world of T-Swamp and his slime critters it was indeed necessary.

Democracy Now on net neutrality

They discuss the topic with Craig Aaron, President and CEO of Free Press. The FCC rule under Obama declared that internet service providers (ISPs) were common carriers, which allowed a free and open internet where everyone could view and download whatever they wanted without ISP interfering in that process. T-Swamp's FCC wants to change the rules to allow ISPs to create fast and slow access, and even to let them not provide access to certain sites or information if they so choose. You know, free choice for the ISPs but not for the people.

Yates crushes Cruz

When Yates, former Acting Attorney General, testified before Congress yesterday about warning the White House about former National Security Adviser Flynn's connections to Russia, Cruz tried to distract from the issue at hand by instead asking Yates about why she was fired by T-Swamp. Cruz tried to demean Yates by using a US Code to suggest Yates violated the law by not implementing T-Swamp's Muslim travel ban. So Yates then schooled (crushed in more like it) Cruz on the law, a beautiful sight to behold.

Normani & Val

Another perfect score. Normani should be the champ of this season, but you never know when they allow ignorant viewers to decide.

Syntegrity in semiotics, dance and martial art

In this FB IPS thread the issue of semiotics came up, as well as the language of dance.

I am an advanced partner dancer in ballroom, country and swing genres, as well as an advanced practitioner of tai chi as martial art. Learning to communicate through touch of course requires, like any language, building a vocabulary of technique and pattern. But 'connection' in partner dance and marital art requires creating a slight tension (or resistance) using leverage and compression not only between parts of one's own body but between where partners touch, usually the hands but other parts of the body as well. That slight tension allows us to communicate and accurately interpret each others movements. I said more about it in this and the following 2 Ning IPS posts in reference to LP's notions of adjacency. 

Btw, this same notion of 'tensegrity' (or syntegrity) is explored by Edwards et al in another domain but would apply to semiotics as well.

Monday, May 8, 2017

An idiot or a traitor?

It's what Olbermann asks about T-Swamp in this clip, discussing former Acting Attorney General Yates testimony in Congress today. The answer is of course both. She personally warned the White House about previous National Security Adviser Flynn, that he had illegal meetings with the Russians so could be easily compromised by blackmail. And this was after Obama had already warned #NotMyPresident. The White House knew this long before T-Swamp nominated him for the post. So what happened? T-Swamp fired Yates and not Flynn. Yes, Flynn was fired later, but only after the truth became public. And now the Senate is trying to avoid the truth like giving healthcare to those in need.

Enjoy this T-Swamp rant

I know I did. I especially like her saying she did the politically correct thing and tried to reason with the swamp dwellers, but that was a waste of time.

T-Swamp's broken promise on Medicaid

Jack Tapper interviews Secretary of Health and Human Services on the $880 billion cut to Medicaid. It's truly amazing the lying spin he puts on answering the blatant cut while T-Swamp promised not to cut it at all. Honestly, these Swamp creatures are sick fucks.

Something in the way she moves

I was reminded of this classic today.

What Lincoln thinks of T-Swamp

And the majority of the rest of us.

Save net neutrality

See the petition here and consider signing, thanks. The blurb:

The FCC is preparing to gut what millions call the 1st amendment of the Internet by removing strong net neutrality protections. I just signed Mozilla’s letter telling new FCC Chairman Ajit Paij to leave net neutrality alone! I hope you will join me and show your support as well.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Macron wins French Presidency

Projections are he got about 66% of the vote to Le Pen's 34%. This is a triumph over the recent trend of authoritarian bigots winning elections, including the US. And it's a triumph for independents who are sick of the dominant two-party system, as Macron formed his own Party. However Macron is no progressive but more a moderate depending on the issue. He wants to cut government spending and ease labor laws to the dismay of progressives. Also encouraging is that WikiLeaks leaked thousands of Macron campaign emails in an attempt to sabotage the campaign but it didn't work.

March for Science

Lakoff comments on this. Scientific discovery has been critical in creating public resources that make private innovations possible. It's part of the framing the government as job creators and economic stimulators, as well as public service and protection. And of course appreciating scientific fact, something conservatives have left by the wayside.

White socialism

Good article detailing this phenomenon. While some Americans hate social programs because they're 'socialist,' the facts are that affluent workers with employer health insurance benefit from socialist government programs designed specifically for them. Employer health insurance programs can cost $20,000 per year, with the employee paying only $4,000. The rest is subsidized by taxpayers. Companies can deduct that cost and employees don't have to claim that benefit as income, costing taxpayers $400 billion per year. White socialism also applies to other areas: "Taxpayers fund our retirement saving, health insurance, primary, secondary, and advanced education, daycare, commuter costs, and even our mortgages at a staggering public cost." Just a reminder that we have socialism all right, but only for the well off.

Weekend Update on the health(don't)care bill

Accurate information presented with humor. You know, that stuff Republicans call fake news.

SNL on Joe & Mika's engagement announcement

Funny take on Morning Joe.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Harvard & Hopkins psychiatrists on T-Swamp

It's obvious the Swamp is mentally ill, but listen to some top psychiatrists on just how much so he is.

Jimmy Kimmel and the stark difference in healthcare

Good discussion with the panel. This really is a life or death situation and both sides are not the same on this one.

Kasich redefines Republican

OH Governor Kasich with Maher. Kasich thinks the Republican health(don't)care plan passed by the House is a travesty and gives good conservatives a bad name. Amen brother.

The FCC goes after Colbert

Yep, our fascist government hates free speech if it's critical, but just loves that free speech it calls money. The FCC decided to investigate Colbert's comments about T-Swamp's mouth being Putin's cock holster, and if they deem it obscene they will take "appropriate action." We edge closer to a full-blown fascist regime by the minute. But hey, it would be just as bad under Clinton, right? NOT!!!

How T-Swamp(don't)care works

Kiss grandma good-bye.

Republican Jesus

Continuing the series below. It's hard to read "unto the lepers" given the white font against his white robe.

New Rule: Lesser of two evils

In his New Rule Maher lambasts those liberals who couldn't bring themselves to vote for Clinton because she was just the lesser of two evils. Do they now think Clinton would have been as bad as T-Swamp? Maher clearly lays out the implications of the T-Swamp and it ain't nothing like what we'd have under Clinton. Liberals better wake up or we'll keep losing to the fascists, who are far worse than some corporate Democrat.

Maher's monologue

Last night on Real Time. He covers the health(don't)care bill, where Republicans celebrated kicking people off coverage to go die a horrible death. Then T-Swamp compliments the Australian healthcare system saying it's better than ours. Of course our Biggest Idiot didn't know that they have single-payer government healthcare.

Sullivan: T-Swamp(don't)care doesn't give a damn about people

Sullivan hits another home run in this piece. And he identifies as conservative. He praises Obamacare and pillories T-Swamp(don't)care. The latter is callous and reactionary in eliminating 24 million from coverage while screwing those with preexisting conditions. Gutting Medicaid will cause millions of poor off coverage. It's so bad that Sullivan will hold his nose and now back Democrats, for his Party has abandoned him.

Sullivan on reactionary Republicans

Good article. He argues that the Republican Party is no longer merely conservative but reactionary. It is rooted in a contempt for the system and wants to return to a past golden age. But that golden age was when women were chattel and blacks were slaves. It is a regression of evolution, or devolution. And they are now in power across the globe so we better fight back now, and hard, or evolutionarily progressive ideas and people will be squashed like bugs for daring to carry mankind forward.

Brain evolution and liberal/conservative morality

Continuing this post, several neuroscientific studies make clear which parts of the brain are emphasized in liberals and conservatives. The amygdala (indicative of fight or flight fear) is a much older evolutionary brain structure, while the anterior cingulate cortex (higher thinking functions) much newer. Hence there is neuroscientific brain evidence for the evolution of morality per Kohlberg. Haidt admits that conservative morality is rooted in these more evolutionary earlier brain structures, and liberal morality in the newer structures.

The newer neocortex then coordinates and integrates the older brain functions so that the latter do not dominate and send us backward in evolution. It's not that liberals don't have the conservative moral traits like Haidt claims; it's that those earlier evolutionary traits are now modified under neocortex control. Yes, there is a value judgment involved here, but it's supported by evolutionary science, not ideology.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Breitbart challenges Spicer

I enjoyed this press conference where a reporter from Breitbart (no less) got in Spicer's face for calling a fence a wall in the video below (around 2:30). Breitbart was promised a border wall and that's what they want. Spicer continues to insist that the fence is a wall but Breitbart is not having it.

Being a decent human being

Face the fact that those who voted for the health(don't)care Bill are definitely not decent human beings. And please, save the PC crap that we can't call them what they are because it will deter an opportunity to create a relationship with them. They don't want a relationship with us; they want us dead. Just read the Bill to verify this fact.

Tai chi delusions

Tai chi master meets reality below. Another tai chi master bites the dust in this video, which starts with him defeating a dozen students without even touching them, then gets in a real fight.

Meyers' closer look at T-Swamp(don't)care

He compares the reality of what it does with T-Swamp's blatant lies about it. In the process Meyers calls out the Biggest Loser's many, many other lies, as well as amply demonstrating his utter idiocy. He also shows numerous clips of Speaker Ryan doing exactly what he said he was against back when Obamacare was passing.

Colbert on the health(don't)care bill & the legislative process

The newly House-passed health(don't)care bill is only a third of the way toward passage. In the process he educates us on the nightmare this will cause to millions. Of note is the Republican rationalization that giving States the right to eliminate pre-existing condition coverage or essential health services won't really happen because "no state would be crazy enough to ask for them." It's an admission that these provisions are crazy. And yes, Republican controlled States are indeed crazy enough to do just that. They're the ones who wanted to eliminate these provisions from the start.

Think about what T-Swamp(don't)care has done

Seriously, long and hard. This is important and demands attention and action.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Healthcare sector againt T-Swamp(don't)care Bill

Most if not all actual healthcare providers and workers are against the Bill that just passed. Following is a partial list. See the link for why they are opposed.

American Medical Association
American Cancer Society
American Diabetes Association
American Heart Association
American Lung Association
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
March of Dimes
American Hospital Association
American Association of Retired Persons
Catholic Health Association of the US
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Public Health Association
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Nurses Association
American College of Physicians
Blue Shield of California
National Physicians Alliance

HR Clinton doesn't take responsibility

See the clip below for  Axelrod commenting on Clinton blaming the FBI Director and Wikileaks for her loss. She says she accepts responsibility and made mistakes, but it was these other, outside events that did the trick. Axelrod said Comey didn't tell her to not campaign in the rust belt, which is where she lost. Clinton hints she might reveal what she and her campaign did wrong, but only if you buy her new book. That anyone still gives this woman the time of day is beyond me.

Colbert addresses controversy

On Monday night Colbert mightily insulted T-Swamp. In so doing he used a phrase that some found offensive and thereby called for his firing. The phrase is question is: "The only thing your [Trump's] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster." Some called this homophobia, so Colbert apologized for this phrase and reiterated his support for anyone to love whomever they choose. The rest of his tirade he firmly stands behind.

WSJ discovers poison pill in GOP health(don't)care plan

As if the plan isn't bad enough already, the GOP has hidden yet another reprehensible provision discovered by the Wall Street Journal. Obamacare prevents lifetime caps on coverage provided by employers. But the MacArthur Amendment puts those caps back in place, in effect saying when you've reached your coverage limit for your life-threatening illness then pay for it yourself or die. And if you can't afford it, then just die, and quickly.

GOP health(don't)care plan is a moral disgrace

Jonathan Chait is right about this. The GOP is trying to rush through another version of their hatred for the American people. It still gives huge tax breaks to the wealth, still cuts 24 million from coverage, still cuts insurance subsidies to those in need. It adds giving States the right to cut essential services, put lifetime caps on coverage, and put people with pre-exiting conditions in unaffordable high risk pools. And all this without a CBO score or any hearings or studies of the Bill. These people are reprehensible beyond compare.


I was referred to this book on the topic. I'm enamored of the term syntegral as an alternative to integral. So I was looking over the referenced text and found this from chapter 14, which I like:

"[T]he French-Jewish philosopher Jacques Derrida is an atheist syntheist. [...]
There are quite simply no objectively valid hierarchies between people. [...] Hierarchies blossom in the worlds of transcendental metaphysicists. It is only through breaking with transcendentalisation and introducing an immanent metaphysics that we can achieve a genuinely egalitarian society. Syntheism is radical egalitarianism par excellence."

And this from the glossary:

"Radical atheism the idea that classical atheism taken to its ultimate conclusion dialectically transforms into syntheism. The idea is investigated by philosophers such as Jacques Derrida, Simon Critchley and Martin Hägglund, before Bard & Söderqvist delve even deeper into it."

Btw, we had an in-depth discussion with Gregory Desilet at Ning IPS on this very topic. He calls his own version synergist spirituality.  Also referenced in that thread is Desilet's Integral World article "Radical atheism and new spirituality."

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Senator Warren on the state of the Dem Party

She's asked if the Party should go back to progressive values or remain 'more moderate,' meaning enchained to Wall Street donors. Warren said that is ineffective framing, instead talking about the issues most Americans want enacted. But of course she admittedly describes progressive values in doing so. So tries to avert blatantly blaming corporate Dems, but those issues she names do exactly that. She's then challenged by how then, if the American people are behind progressive issues, have Democrats lost so many races in the past 6 years? She responds that Dems have to fight hard and loud for working families every day, to live progressive values. But again, she refuses to present why they lost so much: the Dem Party gave up on working families and instead sucked the rich's nether parts while we the people took the ejaculations in our face. Again she avoids the very real divide in the Party and it has to be faced and combated. 

Out of context T-Swamp

Colbert has some fun.

US Federal Court confirms net neutrality legality

The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals via a 3-judge panel originally ruled that the FCC had authority to classify ISPs as common carriers. The ISPs challenged this, asking that the entire 9th Circuit rule on it. The 9th Circuit refused to do so, once again saying the ISPs' case was ludicrous. Hence the ruling stands on net neutrality's legality, yet T-Swamp's current FCC head is determined to eliminate it. Get active people and contact the FCC to save net neutrality. Without voice like mine and yours will no doubt be silenced.

America's warped self image

Ivanka quotes Goodall, Goodall responds

In her new book Ivanka T-Swamp quote Jane Goodall, so Goodall responded telling Ivanka that since she's now in a position of power, and if she truly believes in conservation, she'll try to influence her father to quit polluting the environment and protect endangered species. Ivanka responded via mouthpiece that her book is not political, as if to say Ivanka has no responsibility to actually use her position to enact the things she says she believes in. In other words, like a good T-Swamp she's all talk and no action.

The People's Budget

While it is necessary to oppose T-Swamp's budget (and everything else he does), it is also important to propose a positive position on the issues including the budget. A budget is a statement or moral values, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) budget is that positive statement of those values and how to implement them. According to polls these are the values of the majority of Americans. So let's get busy Americans and educate ourselves on this and demand it be voted for in Congress. The bullet points follow. See the link for details.

Invest In America

● Invests $2 trillion to transition to a 21st Century Infrastructure to transform our energy, water and transportation systems
● Closes loopholes so our government agencies use materials made in America
● Expands our commitment to efficient renewable energy and green jobs
● Invest $100 billion to increase access to reliable, high-speed internet

Affordable Health Care

● Maintains critical coverage gains under Affordable Care Act
● Lowers costs of prescription drugs
● Allows states to transition to single-payer health care systems
● Expands access to mental health care and treatments for opioid and heroin addiction
● Repeals excise tax on high-priced health care plans for workers and replaces with public option

Fair Tax System for Working Families

● Ends corporate tax break for offshoring American jobs and profits
● Stops companies from renouncing their American citizenship to dodge U.S. taxes
● Closes wasteful corporate tax loopholes that cost billions of dollars
● Taxes Wall Street to fund Main Street
● Ensures profits from investments are finally taxed at the same rate as income taxes
● Raises revenue from the wealthiest few who can afford to pay more
● Expands the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Care Credit

Justice and Fair Elections