Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CA Dem Party chair election rigged

As California goes, so goes the nation. And even in CA the establishment Dems refuse to accede power to the progressives that represent the majority of those who identify as Democrat, as well as the majority of voters in the US. The corporate Dems will give lip service to progressive populist issues but when the rubber hits the road they inevitable kowtow to their corporate and Wall Street masters. They may call for Party 'unity' but it's really just more lying spin to keep their status quo and keep the corporate funding (aka bribery) rolling in.

And of course they keep using the scare tactic that if progressives form a third Party they will just be handing all future elections to the conservatives. Remember who won in France's Presidential election, and that he went independent of the 2 major parties. And remember who won in the US, claiming to not be part of the 2-party swamp (even though he lied). The time has come for progressives to organize outside the Dem Party, as they really do have the majority of the US behind them.

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