Saturday, May 27, 2017

Third Industrial Revolution implemented in Europe & China

See this article for details. An excerpt showing how Rifkin's work is influencing the world, except for the regressive US.

"On February 7, the European Union unveiled its 'Smart Europe' plan influenced by Rifkin’s work, which outlines how the 350 regions of Europe will start building out the road maps to transition into a new infrastructure of 5G internet, renewable energy, and automated driverless transport internet, all riding on top of an internet of things platform. Regions in the north of France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands have already begun their transition over the last few years. There’s a similar plan taking place in China: After Premier Li Keqiang read Rifkin’s seminal book, The Third Industrial Revolution, he made Rifkin’s strategies core to the country’s 13th Five-Year plan that was announced last March, and includes billions in renewable energy investment by 2020."

As one successful example, the Hauts-de-France region in France began working with Rifkin in 2012 and has since transformed itself per the video below.

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