Thursday, May 25, 2017

New CBO score on Republican health(don't)care bill

And it isn't good. 23 million people will lose coverage. States can take away pre-existing condition coverage. They can reinstate lifetime caps on how much will be spent on your illness. If pre-existing condition coverage is available, the premiums will skyrocket beyond affordability. Premiums for the elderly will be 4 times higher, again reducing coverage for this demographic.

However it will reduce the deficit by $119 billion over the next decade and the premiums will be lower. However the prices come down for healthy people who have far less comprehensive coverage, and because far fewer sick people will have access to coverage. As to reducing the deficit, it does so by reducing federal coverage support to low and middle-income families, again reducing access to the most vulnerable. Also they are cutting $800 billion from Medicaid. However most of that money saved will go to tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, with just a small portion going to deficit reduction.

This is the reality of what you get with Republicans. Don't buy the spin; understand the facts.

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