Monday, May 29, 2017

Kennilingus hypersensitivity

Once again there are some who get their panties in a was over the word kennilingus, most recently in this FB thread. I first responded with two Maher videos here and here, emphasizing liberal hypersensitivity over trivialities instead of focusing on more important issues.  Then I posted this:

I've spent a lot of time in the past not only criticizing Wilber but appreciating him. And I do so by being well-informed of his work. This can be verified by anyone with the time to read the Ning forum. So if one wants to put me in a box of just hating the guy, they're 1) wrong and 2) likely within the kennilingus cult.

As to the word kennilingus, which gets hyper-sensitive people's panties in a wad, I now typically use it to refer to Wilber's work generally. i.e., Kenni's language. Words have different meanings and connotations depending on context. Next time you read the word put it in context. Or pull on your panties. Whatever gets you off.

Of course Wilber is still referenced in this forum, as his work has much value. But he is but one of several sources used here and is no longer the main source for me and some others. However if one wants to join the academic coterie in the US, or be accepted by Wilber, then he still must be the top dog. But that is far from the case at CIIS or at Integral Review. The article I referenced from the latter on syntegrality doesn't have even one mention of him, nor was it needed.

I'm personally at a point where for me syntegrality no longer needs to be propped up with him. These days I much prefer the orientating generalization of the collaborative commons as the base of the emerging next wave of evolution, spiritual and otherwise.

Kennilinguistically yours, theurj

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