Saturday, May 27, 2017

Reich's plan for a new Democratic Party

See the article here for the details. Just the bullet points follow. While I agree with Reich I have serious doubts that the Party has any intention of doing this, as they have yet to recognize these as problems that need fixing. (That is, with the exception of number 4, which can't do it alone.) And it seems the Party has in fact continually been ignoring these suggestions given the newly elected heads of the DNC and CA Party, not to mention losing some key races already. His number 8 recognized the Party might not do this, so suggests one or more strong progressive national organizations that demand the Party to do so.

1. Overhaul the DNC
2. Embrace populism
3. Mobilize, energize and educate the base
4. Expose Trump as a fraud  

5. Focus on 2018 now
6. Look to the state and local level
7. Protect groups threatened by Trump
8. Failing all else, look outside the party


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