Thursday, December 5, 2019

Trance inducer

Just watch and enter the zone.

Dump's swamp

He claimed he wanted to drain it but instead he overflowed it like a backed up toilet full of shit. There's no way around the swamp creatures he installed in his Administration.

Professor Karlan's impeachment statement

With her Constitutional expertise she lays it out quite effectively.

Biden's ad: NATO laughing at Dump

While I do not support Biden at all, this is a great ad about NATO laughing at Dump.

Dump is NATO laughingstock

Recall this story. It's ok Donny, Putin will console you, then give you your next assignment.

Sunrise Movement rates top 3 Dem candidates on Green New Deal

See their very detailed scorecard here. The total scores are as follows.

Sanders: 183
Warren: 165
Biden: 75

Prevent Senate from voting on impeachment

Richard Saunders' FB post has an excellent idea, copied below. Also continue using the courts to enforce subpoenas. And force it to go to the Supreme Corp to show how biased they are too. I contacted my Representative with this idea. Please consider doing the same.

"Judiciary Committee hearings: Turley argued like a mob lawyer. I agreed with him on one point, but not for the reasons he gave. The Democrats are not setting the impeachment bar too low, but they are moving it too quickly. Not for Turley's fake legal and philosophical reasons, which were sophistries, but political ones.

"The correct legal and philosophical arguments were given by the three experts called by the Democrats. But the Democratic leadership is erring on the side of political correctness rather than political pragmatism by trying to get the impeachment over as quickly as possible in order to minimize influence on the 2020 election. In light of the Repuglican Senate's utter lack of good faith, the House should run the impeachment out all the way up to the election. That would be entirely legal and morally justified, even if somewhat 'unsportsmanlike'. You can't play by Marquess of Queensberry rules when you play with the Repuglican Mob. We need to run Mitch McConnell's Merrick Garland play against them by preventing any Senate vote."

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

3 expert witnesses: Dump committed bribery

At the Impeachment inquiry today, 3 Constitutional scholars said so. The 4th witness was a Repug that didn't think Dump's actions rose to criminal bribery. The other 3 made the far more compelling legal case.

Ideological blindness

When your mental frame literally can't perceive factual reality. Aka a form of schizophrenia.

Who is the real threat?

This should be obvious: A paranoid with a gun or unarmed, harmless diversity.

Maddow succinctly summarizes impeachment report

Sort of. Which is a major accomplishment for her, as she usually tends to interminably draw things out ad nauseum. Yet she manages to draw out even this summary with needless repetition. But we do love her nevertheless.

Dump's 'accomplishments'

Dump's 'accomplishments' amount to a destruction of our democracy and consolidation of the swampy oligarchy. Good job fascist.

"Some of the Trump agenda is standard for a Republican president. White-collar criminal prosecutions have hit a 33-year low. The Justice Department defends state laws that could kick thousands off the voting rolls. The National Labor Relations Board is now more sympathetic to employers than unions. And military spending is on track to reach the same levels as during the height of the Iraq War. But he’s gone further. While the media, understandably, focuses on Trump’s many scandals, his administration has quietly enacted a far more aggressive agenda than his Republican predecessors. Big boosts to fossil fuel production have come at the expense of an unprecedented deterioration in air quality. Tens of thousands of people have lost health insurance by administrative fiat, and millions are in the process of losing their nutritional assistance through the same mechanism. He’s remade the judiciary, installing conservative judges at twice Obama’s pace, and he’s consolidated a conservative majority on the Supreme Court that may endure for decades."

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Some questions about MFA doctor and hospital payments

But what about doctors and hospitals getting paid at the current Medicare rate, which is less than the private insurance rate? I was in the insurance industry and know that doctors and hospitals charged a lot less when people paid out of pocket. And they charged a lot more when people had health insurance, we might even say gouged them. So both doctors and hospitals are still going to make a profit even if the current Medicare payments are the same. They just won't get super rich off them, so sorry.

Plus this article notes: "Other studies of the Sanders plan assume that Medicare will increase its rates to keep up with or even slightly exceed costs -- though that would levy a heavier burden on taxpayers. Plus, proponents say, medical providers will be able to shrink administrative costs, which will save them money, and they will benefit from everyone having coverage.

"'The vast majority of doctors will not get paid less,' Jayapal told reporters before unveiling her bill. 'In fact, they'll be seeing many more clients and they won't have to spend sometimes up to 25% of their time on administrative stuff.' To contain health care costs, Jayapal wants to pay hospitals under a so-called global budget system, which other developed countries use.

"So does Maryland, which has specified the amount of annual revenue hospitals can receive from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers since 2014. An analysis by research group RTI International in 2017 found that hospitals adjusted their rates to remain within their budgets, but that didn't hurt them financially. Also, hospitals reduced spending on their emergency departments and some other outpatient services and saw admissions decline. They also curtailed unnecessary care among Medicare beneficiaries."

And this article makes clear that doctor salaries and hospital fees in the US are far higher than in places with well-functioning single-payer systems. That is, they are gouging. With lower rates and reduced admin costs they would still turn a healthy profit, just not the killing they're used to.

Medicare for All: Get more, pay less

It's a great deal and everyone gets it. And you still get to choose whatever doctors and hospitals you want. Make the right choice and choose the best deal for you, your family and everyone else.

Gary and Susan US Open 2019

1st place in the Pro Classic Division.

Appeals Court: Banks can hand over Dump's records

Dump tried to block the House Committees from obtaining these records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled they must be provided. Now it will go to the Supreme Corp and we can accurately predict what they will do.

Obama's own words on bold, progressive policies

First, here is what he said to the Democracy Alliance, "a secretive group of donors on the left who collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars on politics."

"This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement. They like seeing things improved, but the average American doesn't think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it. And I think it's important for us not to lose sight of that."

"Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision, we also have to be rooted in reality and the fact that voters, including the Democratic voters and certainly persuadable independents or even moderate Republicans, are not driven by the same views that are reflected on certain, you know, left-leaning Twitter feeds. Or the activist wing of our party. That's not a criticism to the activist wing. Their job is to poke and prod and test and inspire and motivate. But the candidate's job, whoever it ends up being, is to get elected."

While seemingly praising those in the Party with bold visions, he also called it completely tearing down the system to remake it. And that voters are not driven by those very same activists in our Party, that we have to get real about getting elected.

In reality repeated polling shows that the majority supports exactly those bold, progressive, activist policies that Bernie campaigns on. Several progressives running on those policies won in the mid-terms. Obama is wrong on all counts and obviously supports the more moderate, centrist reform position favored by mega-donors. And quite frankly that just ain't good enough.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Dayen on Obama's progressive bashing

David Dayen is Executive Editor of The American Prospect, a strongly liberal magazine,*  interviewed on Rising below. He finds Obama's reported, recent remarks against Sanders to be nothing new. Dayen thinks Obama is protective of his centrist, ideological legacy and the new progressive push is a threat to that. They discuss the irony in that Obama ran in both elections as one who challenged the status quo with grassroots campaigns against war and for challenges against vulture capitalism.

* Mediabiasfactcheck report: Overall, we rate the American Prospect Left Biased based on story selection and editorial positions that routinely favor the left. We also rate them High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing and clean fact check record.

A dog's Christman wish

The reindeer too. And the elves got a living wage with benefits and retirement. Etc.

Do you swear it's true?

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on penalty of perjury with up to 5 years in prison?

Deep and simple

"I feel so strongly that deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex."
- Mister Rogers

Being nice can be collaboration with the enemy

There's a time to be nice and a time to resist. With rampant fascism in the US Executive what time is it now?

This goes for academics with their head in the clouds of the next best evolutionary system without having their feet stomp on the ground of protest and political activism. Fascists just love it when they stay in their sterile ivory towers and play with themselves.

It also goes to a similar demographic that thinks we can be nice to the fascists, that we can converse and compromise with them, that our good intentions will move them to be more humane. Again, the fascists love this sort of insipid fantasy, for it doesn't challenge them in the necessary ways to defeat them. Fascism ain't nice, and defeating it ain't either.

Hence the fierce fighter Bernie is the spearhead of the people's resistance. And why the fascists hate him, for they know we can defeat them. We've done it before and we'll do it again.

Corporate media's war on progressives

Another article supporting this obvious truth. See the link for more examples.

"The Washington Post, owned by one of the world’s richest people Jeff Bezos, has routinely spun Medicare for All as some sort of government takeover. In a prominent Nov. 30 news story that largely attributed Warren’s recent dip in polls to her positioning on healthcare, the Post matter-of-factly—and falsely—referred to Medicare for All as 'government-run healthcare' and 'a government-run health plan.'"

"Such pervasive mass-media reporting smoothed the way for deceptions that have elevated Pete Buttigieg in polls during recent weeks with his deceptive 'Medicare for All Who Want It' slogan. That rhetoric springboards from the false premises that Medicare for All would deprive people of meaningful choice and would somehow reduce coverage.

"In late September, with scant media scrutiny, Buttigieg launched an ad campaign against Medicare for All that has continued. Using insurance-industry talking points, he is deliberately confusing the current 'choice' of predatory for-profit insurance plans with the genuine full choice of healthcare providers that top-quality Medicare for everyone would offer."

The Temptations - My Girl

Flashback Monday.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Happy Holidays from New Mexico

May you have peace and hominy.

AOC responds to Buttigieg on free college

From her Twitter:
1. Universal public systems are designed to benefit EVERYBODY! Everyone contributes & everyone enjoys. We don’t ban the rich from public schools, firefighters, or libraries bc they are public goods. 

2. Universal systems that benefit everyone are stronger bc everyone’s invested!

3. When you start carving people out adding asterisks to who can benefit from goods that should be available to all, cracks in the system develop. 

4. Many children of the elite want to go to private, Ivyesque schools anyway, which aren’t covered by tuition-free public college!

5. Lastly, and I can’t believe we have to remind people of this, but it’s GOOD to have classrooms (from pre-k through college!) to be socioeconomically integrated. Having students from different incomes and backgrounds in the same classroom is good for society and economic mobility.

Kerry, Schwartzenegger on bi-partisan climate action

They handled Todd's Repug talking points quite well in defending this bi-partisan effort to educate voters on the climate crisis. And how to address it while creating new renewable energy jobs to replace their old polluting jobs. Arnold emphasized later how important framing is in motivating people to care and take action.

Thomas Frank agrees

Interviewed by Hartmann on his book Listen Liberal. He talks about the Dem Party abandoning the working class to chase after the top 10%'s money.

AOC agrees

From this prior post where she said: "I want to be the party of the New Deal again. The party of the Civil Rights Act, the one that electrified this nation and fights for all people. For that, many would call us radical. We aren't 'pushing the party left,' we are bringing the party home."

The real civil war in the Dem Party

From this source:

"There seems to be unanimous consent that the Clintonites represent the 'Democratic Establishment.' While this may be true in the present moment and from a purely operational perspective, the Clinton Wing of the Party (which also includes Obama) by no means represents historically Democratic principles or indeed the 'traditional' Democratic Party positions, policies and philosophies. Rather today’s Democratic elites are 'moderate Republicans' who regularly praise Ronald Reagan as their philosophical model while they rarely even mention FDR. These Democratic revolutionaries have created a Party in which the likes of Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush and even Barry Goldwater might feel at home. It is the Sanders Wing, the ones the Media call the 'upstart activists,' who represent traditional, dyed-in-the-wool Democratic principles and values."

"It took a revolution within the Democratic Party to allow that to happen [undo FDR's New Deal policies]. That revolution was led by the Democratic Leadership Council and its Chair, Bill Clinton. Declaring that the era of big government was over, this radical cabal of right wing Democrats proceeded to hijack the Democratic Party and leverage its legislative strength and former reputation to actually enact all of Reagan’s wish list, from 'ending welfare as we know it' to signing NAFTA, to deregulating business and rolling back all the New Deal banking safeguards that were enacted after the Great Depression."

"The Sanders revolution is really a restoration."

Pox's Judges: Napolitano v. Pirro

Napolitano uses sound, reasoned, legal arguments, Pirro spits Pox propaganda talking points. And of course we know that Dump gets his policy advice from Pox propagandists over his on intelligence and national security staff. It's also pretty much what it also comes down to in the House impeachment and Senate trial. Reasoned legal facts in the House majority, lying Pox propaganda in the Senate.

Cornel West on Bernie and democratic socialism

Both are as American as apple pie. Dr. West is highly knowledgeable and articulate on the topic. I especially appreciate that it is now the progressives who emphasize morality since it has been abandoned by the Evangelicals and other fake Christians. He also makes the case that establishment Dems are still tied to centrist neoliberalism, and it's time we moved on from it to progressive populism (aka democratic socialism) if we want to beat Dump and create a better world for all. Amen brother West.

House Dems have passed nearly 400 Bills

They are doing their jobs. McConnell has blocked most all of their Bills. Dump is a liar when he claims otherwise. See the link for many more details.

"House Democrats have passed a wide range of bills since they came to power in January, ranging from a sweeping anti-corruption and pro-democracy reform known as H.R.1, to bills to save net neutrality, pass universal background checks for guns, and reenter the United States into the Paris climate accords. They have also put a large emphasis on health care, a defining issue of the 2018 election after Trump and Senate Republicans attempted to pass a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Democrats have focused on bills to lower prescription drug costs, protect preexisting conditions, and condemning the Trump administration’s legal battle to strike down the ACA in the courts. And although Medicare-for-all is driving the conversation in the 2020 presidential primary, it has not gotten a vote in the House."

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ball: Why is Obama sabotaging Bernie?

Krystal as usual provides astute analysis. Obama has kept out of politics until Bernie started to rise. Why? Bernie's not a Democrat. Seriously, that's it? Never mind that Bernie is the people's choice, that his entire history has been about fighting for us. That's what the Dem Party used to be about, so Bernie is more Democrat than the Party itself. Ah, but that's the rub. He reminds the Dem establishment, including Obama, about what they used to be, not the corporate money grubbers they are now. And we can't have that, now can we?

And this is the kicker. A significant portion of the establishment Dems would rather see Dump as President than Bernie. How f___ing sick is that? Kyrstal also discusses how the Party itself will intervene if Bernie gets the nomination. Bernie is not the problem; it's the establishment Dem Party. Let's both get rid of Dump and kick establishment Dem Party ass come this election. We the people demand those who fight for and represent us, not the rigged establishment in both Parties. It's time for a real transformation of our corrupt system.

Throw out the Nazis

And show up in droves to make up for all of their Nazi election rigging.

Apple bends to Russia

And recognizes Crimea annexation on Maps App. Keep in mind this is the kind of thing your money supports when you buy their products. All the big tech companies are selling out our democracy for profit. That's because big companies that gain a majority of market share care only about dominant market share and nothing else. Hence the urgent necessity of a progressive transformation of our system NOW. There is no compromise with what's happening; we must stop it and re-institute we the people before it's too late.

"Ukraine said on Wednesday Apple did not 'give a damn' about its pain, after the U.S. tech giant began referring to the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula as part of Russia in its Maps and Weather apps for Russian users."

Dump in a nutshell

This graphic sums him up pretty well. Our democracy is being desecrated by this cretin.

Buttigieg's shadowy past

This article discusses his 3-year work with the highly secretive international management firm McKinsey and Company. Buttigieg has a nondisclosure agreement with them so won't talk about it, but we must include it in our evaluation of determining what kind of agenda he will seek to implement. This company description gives a huge clue:

"The company essentially dispatches rosy-cheeked Rhodes scholars to clients all over the world to tell them how they can become more efficient and effective. This can mean many different things. Sometimes, it means McKinsey employees tell a business how many people to fire. (In The Firm: The Story of McKinsey and Its Secret Influence on American Business, financial journalist Duff McDonald describes McKinsey as the "single greatest legitimiser of mass lay-offs... in modern history.") Sometimes, it means advising authoritarian governments and state-run businesses; McKinsey consultants have worked with Chinese firms acting in opposition to U.S. interests and gone on to work at the Russian energy companies they were advising. Past McKinsey clients include Enron, Purdue Pharma, and Saudi Arabia. This is a company that tells other companies (and governments) how to be as ruthless as possible, and dresses up its methods in a bunch of acronyms and buzzwords."

We the people must demand of him an accounting of this part of his past. And beware of how he tries to answer for it, for he is a corporate wolf in liberal clothing.

Cognitive aspects of interactive technology use

Title of a new Frontiers ebook above, subtitle: From computers to smart objects and autonomous agents. We are Borg. The blurb:

Although several researchers have questioned the idea that human technology use is rooted in unique “superior” cognitive skills, it still appears that only humans are capable of producing and interacting with complex technologies. Different paradigms and cognitive models of “human-computer interaction” have been proposed in recent years to ground the development of novel devices and account for how humans integrate them in their daily life.

Psychology has been involved under numerous accounts to explain how humans interact with technology, as well as to design technological instruments tailored to human cognitive needs. Indeed, the current technological advancements in fields like wearable and ubiquitous computing, virtual reality, robotics and artificial intelligence give the opportunity to deepen, explore, and even rethink the theoretical psychological foundations of human technology use.

The miniaturization of sensors and effectors, their environmental dissemination and the subsequent disappearance of traditional human-computer interfaces are changing the ways in which we interact not only with digital technologies, but with traditional tools as well. More and more entities can now be provided with embedded computational and interactive capabilities, modifying the affordances commonly associated with everyday objects (e.g., mobile phones, watches become “smart watches”).

This is paralleled by novel frameworks within which to understand technology. A growing number of approaches view technology use as resting on four legs, namely cognition, body, tool, and context (of course including social, cultural, and other issues). The idea is that only by viewing how these notions interact and co-determine each other can we understand what makes the human invention, adoption, and use of technology so peculiar.

Consider for example how advanced artificial prostheses are expanding the human capabilities, at the same time yielding a reconsideration of how we incorporate tools into our body schema and how cognition relates to and interacts with bodily features and processes. Then, of course, the new mind/body-with-prostheses participates in physical, cultural, and social contexts which in their turn affect how people consider and use them. Analogously, technologies for “augmenting the human mind”, such as computational instruments for enhancing attention, improving learning, and quantifying mental activities, impact on cognition and metacognition, and how we conceptualize our self.

Friday, November 29, 2019

DOJ IG: FBI cleared of spying on Dump

Yet another paranoid Dump delusion dispelled by his own FBI Inspector General.

"A draft copy of a report compiled by the Department of Justice inspector general concludes that the FBI didn’t spy on President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, a person familiar with the document confirmed to NBC News."

Melania's inspiring words

She's such a shining example for young, aspiring gold diggers.

Michael Moore on Sanders

He makes a great case why we need Bernie and not some centrist. We need to move forward, not backward. Yes, the system is rigged so we need to transform it, not negotiate with it. We need to keep building on the great society and the new deal, expanding them even further to embrace all of us. A vote for Bernie is not just for him but for us.

Former top Navy Seal: US under attack from this President

Continuing this post, retired Admiral McRaven said:

"They have seen our leaders stand beside despots and strongmen, preferring their government narrative to our own. They have seen us abandon our allies and have heard the shouts of betrayal from the battlefield. As I stood on the parade field at Fort Bragg, one retired four-star general, grabbed my arm, shook me and shouted, 'I don't like the Democrats, but Trump is destroying the Republic!"

"A good leader sets the example for others to follow. A good leader always puts the welfare of others before himself or herself. Your [Dump's] leadership, however, has shown little of these qualities. Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation."

Be quiet naysayers

That is, STFU centrist moderates. Bernie, AOC, The Squad and the Progressive Caucus are doing it as we speak.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

New ad from Republicans for the Rule of Law

They wonder why Dump won't let key witnesses testify and ask: What are you afraid of? The truth, obviously. Kudos to at least these Republicans who still respect the rule of law, unlike most of the Party these days.

Dump backs out of participating in impeachment hearing

Dump has cried about not having an opportunity to defend himself in the hearings, so Nadler invited him to do so. Now Dump is backing out because he knows that the facts will undercut his pathetic excuses. He's not only a crybaby and a criminal but also a coward.

Fired Navy Secretary slams Dump

Dump pardons a war criminal, the Navy Secretary (SecNav) criticizes that and gets fired. Now the SecNav is firing back. He said:

"The President has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically, or to be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices."

The commentators also note that Dump got the idea of the pardon from Pox Views, and that is an insidious debasement when a Commander in Chief listens more to them than to his own military commanders.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Want real choices?

No choice really with employer-based health insurance. Want a real choice? Choose Medicare For All. Than you get those kind of choices. And for an overall lower cost with better service and healthcare. Now that's real freedom.

Dump starts to throw Giuliani under the bus

In Dump's infamous phone call with Ukraine he explicitly said he's sending Giuliani as his agent. Now Dump is like: "I didn't direct Rudy, I don't know why he went to Ukraine." I can't wait until Giuliani is indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced to see what he has to say about Dump then.

AOC smacks down Dump again

Dump Tweets nonsense about her not doing anything, AOC wins the Twitter war yet again. Dump and the poor Repugs are no match for her, and it appears they're too stupid to even recognize it.
TYT explains:

Google joins the Evil Empire

Here's Robert Reich's FB post (copied below) on this article.

"Just days ago, Google hired a consulting firm known for its union-busting work. And now, Google has fired four employees that were actively involved in labor organizing, under the guise of 'data security breaches.' Two of these workers were also actively involved in circulating a petition among Google employees asking the company not to pursue a contract with Customs and Border Protection; the two employees also voiced concerns about the company’s hiring of former Department of Homeland Security official, Miles Taylor.

"Google was once the standard-bearer of an open and collaborative workplace between employees and executives. Now it is following the lead of other major corporations seeking to hoard power away from workers. As employees have become more vocal about the company’s treatment of contract workers, its handling of sexual harassment cases, and its shady contracts with government agencies, Google has become increasingly more draconian as it cracks down on its workers. I stand in solidarity with all the Google employees using their voice and standing up for their right to unionize."

Dump aware of whistle blower complaint before he released Ukraine aid

And in fact it's why he released it, since his extortion was found out.

"President Donald Trump was told that a whistleblower had filed a complaint about his call with the leader of Ukraine several weeks before he unfroze nearly $400 million in military aid to the country. [...] Two White House lawyers told the president a whistleblower had accused him of wrongdoing in late August.[...] Trump eventually released the $391 million in military aid in early September."

AOC outraises all other candidates via grassroots

Why centrist Dems hate her and Bernie, as they are proof to the lie that we need big money to win. We the people will support those who genuinely support we the people. In so doing we can and will defeat big money on both sides of the isle.

"Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised more money for reelection than any other House Democrat in the third quarter of 2019, an achievement the New York Democrat touted as a testament to the power of grassroots fundraising over schmoozing with corporate lobbyists and wealthy executives."

Wisconsin's anti-protest bill

So much for their supposed and vaunted 'freedom' of speech. This is the sort of crap we get with 'centrist' Democrats.

"Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, a Democrat who took office earlier this year, has signed into law a bill designed to criminalize and chill environmental protests, despite widespread opposition from local and national environmental and social justice groups, as well as some of Wisconsin's federally recognized tribes. In a press release, the governor echoed oil and gas industry talking points, which the nonprofit Center for Media and Democracy revealed earlier."

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Reich exposes Moscow Mitch

McConnell is despicable and must be replaced to prevent irreparable damage to our democracy. As it is, it will take a generation to repair what he's done so far. Reich explains:

Judge orders McGahn to testify

McGahn was former Blight House counsel and is now compelled to testify in the impeachment inquiry. Of course the Injustice Dept. has appealed. McGahn's attorney said he will testify unless it is stayed pending appeal.

Cuomo: Dump and Dumpsters have no principles

Dump thinks he can get away with anything because he's above the law. And his followers agree. They used to tout law and order but now what is it they believe in? Apparently only blindly following an authoritarian leader regardless of any principles whatsoever.

Colbert on Nunes

The Parnas story about him helping Nunes to get dirt on Biden. When asked point blank about this on TV, Nunes refused to give a direct answer. Colbert comes up with a funny yet accurate analogy.

Climate advocates choose Bernie to address the crisis

You want to really address this global climate crisis in the US?

"We asked longtime climate advocates which candidate has the best and boldest plan to halt climate change. The answer was nearly unanimous: Bernie Sanders."

The rise in low-quality, low-paying jobs

According to this piece, just using the employment rate doesn't tell us much. Right now "44% of all workers age 18 to 64 in the US earn low hourly wages."  See the link for many more details. Remember to cite these studies when Dump touts employment numbers, as many of those jobs are part-time and low-wage.

Monday, November 25, 2019

AOC frames correctly to express our values

From a Bronx town hall last Sunday. See the video here.

"People like to say, 'Oh, this is about free stuff.' This is not about free stuff... These are public goods."

Her Tweet about it:

I had a dream

It's pretty much what she did in her testimony.

Time to update our government?

The Constitution is a living document, with amendments to adjust it as times change. Well what about the following? Is this really a fair distribution of Senators or a holdover from slave owning origins?

Bernie interviews himself

Funny Bernie impersonator with Bernie.

Mulvaney asked for legal justification of military freeze

Emails obtained reveal that is what happened after Dump held up military aid to Ukraine. That aid was only released after the whistle blower report. Also the House Intelligence Committee has obtained audio, video recordings and photographs from indicted Parnas. Each day brings new revelations into the corruption of this criminal Blight House.

Why I don't have a smart phone

While there are benefits, if you're always hooked into it the costs are alienation and a disconnect from humanity. Then atrocities are just another phenomenon to 'experience' instead of fight.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Interview with Fusion GPS co-founders

On Meet the Press this morning. They are the ones behind the release of the Steele dossier. And to this day they stand behind Christopher Steele's research despite Fiona Hill's comments about it. A key fact that Repugs ignore is that the whole incident starting with Repug funding into Dump opposition research. The pair are continuing to investigate Russia's global efforts to disrupt democracy.

Dump hates you workers

Wake the f___ up and smell the swamp. Dump is in it over his head and he's taking you with him.

SNL: First Thanksgiving

They turn the tables on immigrant xenophobia, as the native grandpa doesn't want the horrible pale invaders in his land.

SNL: 2020 Democratic debate

Quite a cast of players portraying the candidates.

Justice Dept. IG: Page FISA application legal and factual

Dump and company have been claiming since the beginning that the FBI was biased and out to get him. Well early reports of the Inspector General's report are showing that while a low-level FBI employee indeed altered a document in the FISA application on Page, and was subsequently fired over it, overall "that conduct did not alter Horowitz’s finding that the surveillance application of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had a proper legal and factual basis." Even though this debunks Dump's conspiracy theory don't expect him or his Dumpsters to quit with this fake news, for they thrive on paranoid conspiracy theories to justify their false and mentally ill beliefs.

How gerrymandering rigs the system

Repugs in these States drew districts in such a way that they could win more districts even though they lost the popular vote overall in those States. If districts were drawn fairly by impartial judges the Dems would have won the majority of districts. In a sense the Electoral College is another form of gerrymandering, and it needs to be eliminated because Clinton won the popular vote by more than 3 million.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Bizarre, paranoid conspiracy theories

Versus simple truth.

Same lies, different liars

Exaggeration? Not by much if at all

Senators briefed by US Intelligence on Russia's Ukraine conspiracy

And yet Dump and the Repugs keep floating this conspiracy hoax perpetrated by Russia. Russian assets for sure, but wittingly? It appears so since they've heard it directly from US Intelligence.

"In a classified briefing this fall, US intelligence officials told senators and their aides that Russia has engaged in a years-long campaign to shift the blame away from Russia and onto Ukraine for interfering in the 2016 American presidential campaign, according to two US officials. That briefing aligns closely with Thursday’s testimony from Fiona Hill, President Trump’s former top Russia expert. The message conveyed by US intelligence officials to lawmakers also takes on new relevance as many of those conspiracy theories have been increasingly repeated by Republican lawmakers."

Released State Dept. documents show Pompeo/Giuliani relationship

You can see the documents here. For one, the docs show Pompeo, Guiliani and the Presidunce's personal assistant apparently tried to smear Yovonivich. As the documents were just released this is just the tip of a giant iceberg to be further disclosed in the coming days. See the link above for updates.

Giuliani associate willing to testify against Nunes

Now we see why Nunes protects Dump so avidly. Allegedly Nunes was directly involved in trying to get dirt on Biden from an ex-Ukraine official. And Parnas, an indicted co-conspirator, is willing to testify to that. The swamp continues to fester.

AOC on America for sale

At the recent House Financial Services Committee meeting by the above title AOC put it bluntly and accurately: "I wasn't sent here to safeguard and protect profit. I was sent here to safeguard and protect people." TYT provides a clip and discusses how AOC's defense of the consequences of private equity take overs on people is in sharp contrast to the defense of private equity by the establishment Dems on the committee. It really highlights the sharp differences in the Party on who represents we the people and who represents corporate profits above all else.

Friday, November 22, 2019

The truth never stopped Dump

Or his followers. The day after Hill testified that the notion of Ukraine interfering in our election was Russian propaganda, Dump (the Russian asset) repeated it yet again on Pox and Fiends.

"President Donald Trump called into “Fox & Friends” a day after the impeachment hearings ended and repeated false statements that have been debunked by fact-checkers and, in some cases, members of his own administration. Trump repeated the baseless theory that the Democratic National Committee gave its computer server to a “Ukrainian company.” In fact, the DNC hired U.S.-based company CrowdStrike to investigate the cyberattack on its network during the 2016 elections, and CrowdStrike said it has “never taken physical possession of any DNC servers."

Moore: We are the majority

He is right that the majority of Americans are with the progressive agenda because it is for we the people. He debunks that there is some other 'center' that the establishment wants to define as more moderate than the reality.

Nunes accuses witnesses of using facts

Borowitz does it again:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In what some observers called his most sarcastic opening statement of the impeachment inquiry, Representative Devin Nunes, on Thursday, accused witnesses of trying to mislead the American people with facts.

“From the beginning of these proceedings, the Democrats’ witnesses have offered facts, more facts, and nothing but facts,” Nunes said. “I, for one, have had enough of their factual games.”

Ramping up his attack, he accused the civil servants who have testified of having “an almost cult-like worship of verifiable information.”

“‘Step right up,’ these witnesses seem to be saying,” Nunes added. “ ‘The fact circus is in town.’ ”

Nunes, however, warned his Democratic colleagues that “the American people won’t be fooled by your relentless account of things that actually happened.”

“When the American people see the Democrats building this massive, sky-high tower of facts, they have to ask themselves: Is that all you’ve got?” he said.

Colbert simplifies the testimony

While the Repugs want to make it seem too complicated for their ignorant base to understand, Colbert makes it easy for them with Game of Phones.

Jordan's hometown paper thinks he's scum

Why? Because he's scum. The full story is here. More:

"If it takes undermining yet another principle of democracy by condoning attacks on men and women who have devoted their lives in honorable service to this country, Jordan is always ready and willing. If it takes changing the Trump defense strategy on an almost daily basis because facts keep getting in the way, Jordan is the ideal bootlicker. Trump’s support is all that seems to matter to the man former House Speaker John Boehner regularly referred to as 'a legislative terrorist' – along with a whole bunch of other descriptions unfit for print."

You can't handle the truth

Continuing the last post, that famous line from this scene. Applicable today more than ever.

It's really quite simple

And true. That is, is you want the truth. Some obviously can't handle it.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Who is getting things done? Who isn't?

Some more of those pesky facts. You can see the 2019 Congressional Record  here for more examples. Bottom line: Liberals work for you, conservatives work for big money. I'm guessing most of you are not big money, so who do you want in government?

New poll: Sanders and Biden tied

Sanders continues to rise, Biden continues to fall. It's just a matter of time.

"Emerson poll released Thursday found Biden and Sanders each with the support of 27 percent of Democratic primary voters, with Warren following at 20 percent support. No other candidate received double-digit support in the poll."

Schiff's closing statement today

He highlights that the Repugs could not question the facts, so instead came up with debunked conspiracy theories that Russia disseminated and character assassination of credible, career service officers. Yes, there is a partisan witch hunt going on here and it's the Repugnantans perpetuating it in defense of a criminal in the Blight House who doesn't belong there. If these public hearing did anything it's to expose that criminal and his defenders so that in the next election we speak loudly and clearly that we support the rule of law. And those who do not need to get the hell out of office.

Sanders on the climate crisis

And the fossil fuel industry that knowingly perpetuated it must be criminally prosecuted. It is a crisis that demands the sort of urgent action Sanders is willing to take to at least curtail the catastrophic results coming in the next few years, and many of which are right now manifesting.

Holmes testifies on the Dump-Sondland phone call

And of course Sondland doesn't remember the details, but Holmes indeed does.

The meaning of Christmas

What the Christmas spirit has become, not very Christian.

Dump and GOP are Russian assets

And this is exactly the Russian propaganda that Dump and his Repugnantan cronies have been pushing, again doing Russia's bidding against our country. We prefer real Americans in positions of government. Remember that at the voting booth.

Crosswalk the musical: Frozen 2

The latest in Corden's popular segment.

Colbert on Sondland's testimony

Sondland made clear that everyone was in the loop and knew full well that Ukraine was extorted at Dump's direction.

TYT: Bernie in the debate

They provide clips of his performance and then discuss. First is rethinking the war on terror and the bloated military budget. Next Sanders, unlike others, finds Saudi Arabia to be a brutal dictatorship unworthy of our aid. He makes a similar point that what Israel is doing to Palestinians also requires us to leverage our aid.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Schiff's closing statement in Sondland testimony

He quotes repeatedly from Sondland's opening statement and testimony that Sondland believed there was a direct requirement of a Biden investigation in exchange for military aid and a White House meeting. Schiff then summarized other aspects of Sondland's testimony. Despite Sondland saying that Dump never directly told him to withhold the aid or meeting in exchange for dirt, nevertheless numerous other of Sondland's statements did in fact make that direct connection with Dump. The evidence is clear that Dump committed acts for which impeachment is the only reasonable accountability.

We must find out

Being that they are supposed to represent Americans and all.

Sondland's testimony

The following is from his opening statement wherein he confirmed it was his belief that military aid and a White House visit were conditional on Ukraine publicly declaring an investigation into the Bidens. From his answers under questioning though he repeatedly denied that Dump ever directly told him that was the case, that he only inferred it from Giuliani. He is protecting Dump and revealing the strategy that Giuliani is going to be the sacrificial lamb. However Dump's own phone call makes explicitly clear he in fact engaged directly in the extortion.

Summary of impeachment testimony yesterday

Two of the witnesses listened in on the infamous call, Williams and Vidman, confirming the fact that Dump extorted Ukraine for dirt on Biden.  All the Repugs could do was try to get the identity of the whistle blower, which Schiff rightfully shut down. And their other despicable strategy was to defame Vidman, all pathetic distractions from the indisputable facts in this case. Volker, one of the Repugs key witnesses, recanted his former testimony and admitted the facts in evidence as noted above. Morrison, another of the Repug star witnesses, also confirmed the extortion.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Chris Wallace's snap back to Dump

Love it.

Compare single payer with a public option

More facts to help you make up your mind. That is, if you use facts in that process. Get more info here.

2020 climate crisis plans compared

Want to avert climate disaster while creating millions of new jobs? Sanders' Green New Deal is the way. Yes, it costs $16 trillion over 10 years, but the return to the economy in green new jobs and reduction of payouts for climate catastrophes will more than compensate for that. And we get to thrive healthfully in a clean environment. That is, return on investment will be Huge! Want to live in such a world? Then you know what to do.

TYT on Warren's transition healthcare plan

They agree that to have two Medicare For All battles is politically naive at best. And it also speaks to Warren's lack of commitment to the principle of MFA by catering to establishment opposition to it as well as appeasing the insurance industry. Again, no such hedging with Bernie. And the majority of us Americans like MFA just the way Bernie proposed it.

Ball: Warren switches from MFA to Petecare

Ball breaks down Warren's latest proposal to have more of a public option in a transition to Medicare For All. Ball explains why that is more like an excuse to get out of MFA entirely. And that it's yet another example of Warren caving to political pressures from both establishment sides rather than standing firm on principle. There is no such wavering with Bernie.

The Nation's anti-endorsement for Biden

They have yet to endorse but are certain that Biden is definitely not their candidate and should not be ours.

"Like Hillary Clinton in 2016, Joe Biden offers the promise of picking up where the Obama administration left off: a restoration of business as usual for the K Street lobbyists and Wall Street speculators whose prosperity the 2008 financial crisis did little to disturb. [...] The man posing as 'middle-class Joe' has built his career and his family’s wealth on an eagerness to serve not the many Americans crushed by credit card debt but the very banks whose hands are around their throats. The candidate who insists Medicare for All is too expensive for Americans is also the candidate who, like Clinton, endorsed NAFTA, China’s admission to the World Trade Organization, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership—all of which have savaged US manufacturing and workers. Clinton’s record cost her the industrial heartland (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan) and, with it, the election. [...] The Nation therefore calls on Biden to put service to country above personal ambition and withdraw from the race."

Jim Rutt interviews Jordan Hall on Game B

The podcast and transcript are here. It would be interesting to see how this compares to the integral, metamodern and collaborative commons paradigms. And for me the transitions from one to another, as well as "parasitizing" the old into the new. The blurb:

"A new episode with Jordan Hall. After a brief review of GameA, we engage in a reasonably tangible discussion of GameB. For those curious about "what is this GameB thingie?" this is a solid introduction. For GameB players, some more meat on the bones. Some topics: liminal spaces, embodied wisdom, sovereignty & sense-making, the pre-B phase, changing our lives to be GameB oriented, meaningfulness, the transition to GameB, parenting & working in Game B, the importance of conviviality & multidimensional health, policing & justice in GameB, the dynamics of coherence, the hard problem of scaling past the Dunbar number, parasitizing GameA to boot up GameB, the role of locality & remote collaboration, the value of failure, and more."

Reich: The real deal with Medicare For All

Here are the facts, something the scare mongers completely avoid. Healthcare for all at lower cost is good for families and businesses, making for a happier, healthier, more humane and productive society.

Monday, November 18, 2019

This is us

This is middle America, this is Bernie, this is us.

More like the audacity of dope

Crawl back into your corporate jet and fly away Obuma.

CA Young Democrats endorse Bernie

If Bernie is the nominee we turn out this massive youth vote. You want to win or not? Bernie said:

"Young people are supporting our campaign because they are ready to take on the fossil fuel industry to pass a Green New Deal. They are ready to take on Wall Street to pass a financial transactions tax and cancel all student debt. They are ready to take on the billionaire class to pass a wealth tax and fund the affordable housing and universal childcare families need. They are the most progressive generation in history and if they vote at the same rate as older people, we will defeat Trump in a landslide and transform this country."

AOC responds to Obama

Again, Obama wrong, AOC and progressives right. She said:

"I want to be the party of the New Deal again. The party of the Civil Rights Act, the one that electrified this nation and fights for all people. For that, many would call us radical. We aren't 'pushing the party left,' we are bringing the party home."

Something the corporate stooges like Obama and Biden don't understand. Choose true progressives over centrist Dems if you want candidates who represent we the people as evidenced by repeated polls.

Progressive issues polling

Continuing the last post, the polling results highlighting that Sanders is right, Obama is wrong. From this source.