Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Corporate Dems and their stupid consultants

Emma breaks down what the corporate Dem consultants are telling them on how to beat Dump. Don't attack him for what he actually is; just call him ineffective. And blame that ineffectiveness on his social media addiction. Emma's right; this is just plain stupid. It suggests that if only Dump wasn't so addicted his ideas could be effective. And it lacks any understanding of the power of social media, how Dump talking plainly to people actually works.

It's the Dem Party's complete lack of understanding that is the issue here. They keep doing the same stupid shit year after year that loses elections and still they refuse to change. Fortunately the progressives in the Party know that to win requires hammering home Dump's fascism, racism etc., and at the same time using social media to reach out to people with values and policies that actually help them.

ANW: Michelle Warnky completes city final course

She is only the 2nd woman ever to achieve this feat; Kacy Catanzaro was the 1st.

Good and evil

And good is showing how the concrete grounds the abstract, e.g. embodied cognition.