Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Fact checking McConnell's ties to Russian contributor

According to this fact check, "Blavatnik’s company, Access Industries, gave $5.25 million to various conservative super PACs in the 2016 election cycle — including $1.5 million to the McConnell-affiliated Senate Leadership Fund." Blavatnik is tied "to Oleg Deripaska — a Russian businessman who had been sanctioned by the Treasury Department." According to the Mueller Report Deripaska is described as a "Russian oligarch [who…] allegedly received updates on then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign through Paul Manafort." What did their money buy from McConnel? "Blavatnik co-owns a company that has a 26.5 percent stake in Deripaska’s aluminum company, Rusal, according to reporting from Bloomberg. In April, Rusal announced plans to open a new aluminum plant in McConnell’s home state of Kentucky." Pay to play with Russians, plain and simple, aka treason.

Are lanes emerging in the Dem primary?

From 538, podcast below:

"The first Democratic primary debates are scheduled for later this week, but the candidates are already butting heads. Joe Biden’s comments about his past work with segregationists in the U.S. Senate earned him strong pushback from Cory Booker, and Bernie Sanders appeared to be taking a jab at Elizabeth Warren when he tweeted an article about centrists coming around to her side. So, in this installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew debates how much of the current conflicts in the primary are happening within “lanes,” and whether those lanes are evident in the polling. They also assess the stakes in President Trump’s approach to tensions with Iran."

Self evident truth

Apparently not so much to the mentally challenged.

Update to Hitler classic

Given the concentration camps.

The new left economics

This article highlights exactly what Sanders is talking about doing: Economic democracy. Seems he is the only Dem candidate doing so.

"The new leftwing economics wants to see the redistribution of economic power, so that it is held by everyone – just as political power is held by everyone in a healthy democracy. This redistribution of power could involve employees taking ownership of part of every company; or local politicians reshaping their city’s economy to favour local, ethical businesses over large corporations; or national politicians making co-operatives a capitalist norm. […] Making the economy more democratic will actually help to revitalise democracy: voters are less likely to feel angry, or apathetic, if they are included in economic decisions that fundamentally affect their lives."

AOC once again turns the tables

AOC is asked if she should apologize for calling child detention centers 'concentration camps.' As usual, she's right that it's those supporting the concentration camps who should apologize. Thanks again future POTUS.

Pox's Shep Smith destroys Pence and US concentration camps

Let's be grateful that at least Smith on Pox has some sense of decency and humanity.

Jessie Graff on ANW

She is one of only two women to complete this qualifying course.

Syndey Burtis on SYTYCD

I don't generally like tap dance but this performance with excellent technique also somehow touched me emotionally.

More yoga soft porn

Flocke does her thing again, which does a thing for us fans.

The Nordic Secret

"Renegade Inc. host Ross Ashcroft is joined by the co-author of The Nordic Secret and author of The Market Myth Tomas Björkman to reveal the secret as to why Scandinavia is always cited as the exemplar for a progressive modern society.
'For too long we have glibly relied on the so-called free-market' to solve our intricate social challenges. We can now safely say it hasn’t worked.
"At historical turning points societies have two stark choices: bloody revolution or an informed evolution. Few societies in history have achieved a peaceful transition but there is an exception to that rule…
"In Scandinavia their secret was simple – you can’t do the external leadership and subsequent social change if you haven’t done the internal work on yourself."

Monday, June 24, 2019

Roots Action targets 15 establishment Dems to primary

Excellent news from this piece.

"The incumbent House members its identifies are: Cheri Bustos of Illinois, who chairs House Democrats’ campaign arm; Jim Cooper of Tennessee; Jim Costa of California; Henry Cuellar of Texas; Eliot Engel of New York; Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey; Jim Himes of Connecticut; Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland; Derek Kilmer of Washington; Dan Lipinski of Illinois; Gregory Meeks of New York; Brad Schneider of Illinois; Kurt Schrader of Oregon; David Scott of Georgia; and Juan Vargas of California.

"Below each of the Democrats’ names, Roots Action includes several paragraphs about their policy record making the case for replacing them and the districts they serve in, as well as information about existing efforts to challenge any of the lawmakers. The group plans to send the report to its 1.2 million-member email list, including activists in each of the 15 congressional districts."

Reich: Break up Big Tech

Just like any big business the tech giants are forming oligopolies that eliminate competition and don't compete with each other but rather conspire to fix prices, sell private information, buy protective legislation and kowtow to government surveillance. If we want truly competitive, innovative, free markets--and democracy too by the way--we have to break up all oligopolies, including Big Tech. But that is definitely not what big business and their legislative cronies want.

Straw criticisms of postmodernism

Which pretty much covers most of them. Ray Harris commented on this Donna Haraway interview:

"I have long argued that most people misunderstand post modernism and when they attack it, are in fact attacking a straw man. It's a complex subject that requires a thorough grounding in modernism - at a high level (masters/doctorate). So be wary of any one simplifying post modernism and trying to reduce it to something it is not and never was."

In the interview Haraway said:

"Our view was never that truth is just a question of which perspective you see it from. […] The idea that reality is a question of belief is a barely secularized legacy of the religious wars. In fact, reality is a matter of worlding and inhabiting. It is a matter of testing the holdingness of things. Do things hold or not?"

E.g., from Caputo's book Deconstruction in a Nutshell:

Telling it like it is

If you really like truthful authenticity, then here it is.

Repugnantan hypocrisy

So if it's not really love of children behind their policies, then what is it?

Our poor little innocent drone

The Onion does it again:

U.S. Claims Drone Was Minding Own Business On Its Way To Church When Iran Attacked It Out Of Nowhere

WASHINGTON—Maintaining that the unmanned aerial vehicle was simply going about its day without posing a threat to anyone, U.S. Department of State officials claimed Thursday that one of their drones was minding its own business on its way to church when Iran attacked it out of nowhere. “This was an outrageous, unprovoked attack by the Islamic Republic of Iran on an innocent drone who merely wanted to attend mass in peace,” said acting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, emphasizing the drone’s upstanding moral character by pointing out its history of donating to charity, volunteering at soup kitchens, and making homemade cookies for school bake sales. “We’re talking about a drone that sings in the church choir and coaches little league baseball games on the weekends—an absolute pillar of the community. This is an upstanding family drone who did nothing to deserve any sort of attack. What kind of world do we live in where an innocent drone can’t fly through Iranian air space on its way to church?” At press time, Department of Defense officials confirmed that their request for Iran to return the drone’s body back to the U.S. for a proper burial had gone unanswered.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Izzy and Easton dance on AGT

Sneak preview of these two young dancers destined to be stars.

This should be self evident

But the exploiters are masters of manipulative, lying spin. They are the ones rigging the system and lying to you about who is responsible, Dump included. Don't let them fool you again.

The 21st century left will be anti-capitalist

From this article, a point I've repeatedly made:

"I believe that what is sometimes called intersectionality is an achievement of the culture of the left in the twenty-first century. The question of social inequalities is intimately bound up with that of discriminations and xenophobia, and it is impossible to conceive any model of an alternative society that does not take the ecological question into account. All these questions must be linked together, but not in a hierarchy, as they are interdependent. […] The twenty-first century left will be anti-capitalist. It will radically question the dominant socio-economic system that is in the process of consuming the planet."

For more see my piece "From capitalism to the collaborative commons" in this journal issue. 

AOC responds to Chuck Todd on concetration camps

I started this video at the point where AOC responds to Todd's uninformed 'opinion.' You can view it by starting it earlier. Anna reiterates AOC's points that Todd and other apologists divert from the real issues about what is happened in our concentration camps.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Rep. Omar passionately reams Repugnantans

She embodies her religious faith in fighting for every human being, while the fake Repug Christians tell the poor to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. Inspiring speech for us with humanity, but it won't penetrate Repugs one bit with their inhumane worldview. Hopefully such speeches will at least inspire more of us with humanity to vote out those cruel, fake Christians.

The truth about the Mueller Report

In this 5-minute video. In Section 1 Mueller specifically investigated conspiracy and coordination with Russia and said there was not enough evidence to prosecute those crimes. From what I've read of and seen about the Report indeed there was plenty of evidence to indict on those crimes. And that the Dem Party won't do their duty about it is itself a crime.

Free speech support highest among liberals and college grads

According to the stats here. So much for the Peterson's of the world making a blanket, straw man case against those evil, postmodern liberals.

"Overall public support for free speech is rising over time, not falling. People on the political right are less supportive of free speech than people on the left. College graduates are more supportive than non-graduates. Indeed, a 2016 Knight Foundation survey showed that college students are likely than the overall population to support restrictions on speech on campus. […] The alarm about student protesters, in other words, though not always mistaken about particular cases, is generally grounded in a completely mistaken view of the big-picture state of American society and public opinion, both on and off campus."

Sanders responds to Third Way calling him a threat

You know, that Third Way, the corporate Dems who are bought and paid for by big money. Sanders wears as a badge of honor their labeling him an existential threat to their corruption. He is also a blessing to we the people.

Dump's same old game

You'd think Dumpsters would finally wake up given how many times Dump has pulled this. But let's face it, some people really are just plain stupid.

Vampire Weekend - This Life

The lyrics are juvenile but I like the overall sound of it.

Ingrid Michaelson and Friends - Pretty

They fight like girls pretty damned good.

Corporate socialism

Call it what it is.

Maher makes the case for Opra in 2020

She checks all the boxes and is the only sure candidate who would trounce Dump.* Celebrity is the biggest factor, since we live in a post-truth, post-qualified world where popularity is the only requirement. Maher knows she won't run but is just commenting on how our culture has degenerated to the point of celebrity.

* As an aside, Maher's premise is wrong. Recent polls show at least 5 Dem candidates beating the hell out of Dump in '20. Then again, all the polls were wrong in the '16 election.

Maher's monologue

Comic relief from the near war this week.

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Raconteurs - Bored and Razed

From their just released new album.

Lindsey Stirling - Underground

Her latest just premiered and she does it again.

Aubrey Plaza: Robots will end humanity

Discussing her new Chuckie movie where he's an evil AI.

Dump kicks off re-election campaign

And thanks Pelosi and Schumer for not doing anything to stop him.

Dump approves, then calls off, Iran attack

According to this Democracy Now report. Apparently the operation was already in progress when called off.

Dump's re-election strategy

Coming soon to a war near you.

A sure way to make America great again

IF there is still justice in this country it's coming.

Committee to re-elect the Presidunce

It's obvious why they want to keep Dump: He is one of them, albeit the dumb one.

Changing education paradigms

Here's a longer video by Robinson explaining the shift in education. Education used to be dominated by the Enlightenment paradigm of logical deduction. He connects the old way to the rise of ADHD, since children's natural ability to think divergently is thwarted and they must focus on one thing. He also connects this to socio-economic models, from capitalism to the collaborative commons (in my terms).

Education and divergent thinking

This video shows the direct correlation between the degeneration of natural divergent thinking and education. Education focuses on convergent thinking, which creates dichotomies, while divergent thinking creates syntegrities. It also shows the direct correlation between divergent thinking and collaboration, a hallmark of the emerging collaborative commons.

Convergent and divergent thinking

Continuing this post, this brief video explains the difference of these two modes of thinking and how they work together.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Flush the turd on November third

Excellent meme that goes with my pet name for Dump. The hat can be purchased here.

Crosswalk the Musical: Les Miserables

The latest installment of Corden's popular segment.

Iran shoots down US drone

The Pentagon said it was in international airspace, Iran said it was in their airspace. He we go, marching off to war.

Saudi Arabia behind deliberate, premeditated execution of Khashoggi

According to this independent report. Can't wait to see how Dump responds to this with full support for the atrocity.

Sanders: The meaning of freedom

We can't be free if we are economically enslaved. Hence an Economic Bill of Rights is on his agenda. To achieve that will require fighting all of the entrenched economic forces that want it all for themselves. And we know Sanders is up for all of that. Is your candidate?

Hartmann: US has suggested using fake Iranian attack boats

Hartmann shows a clip of Seymore Hersch commenting about how this idea was already floated years ago to use as a tactic to start a war with Iran. And here we are.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Biden admits he'll protect the rich

Cenk quotes and comments on what Biden said to a bunch of rich donors. We know where his bread is buttered.

Hartmann agrees with AOC on concentration camps

Continuing this post, Hartmann agrees with AOC.

Marcin Patrzalek on AGT

My favorite performance of the night: Guitar virtuoso with percussion.

AOC is right about concentration camps at our southern border

And historians agree; they are different from death camps. As defined by experts concentration camps are exactly what we have at our border. And it is fascist to have them. Thank you AOC for calling it what it is. Also see this report on what goes on in these facilities, confirming their nature.

Our own Intellligence doesn't inform Dump of operations

They fear he'll either stupidly stop their ops or blab it to Putin. Some Presidunce we got, eh?

Sanders responds to Dump's 2020 re-election rally

Sanders is rightfully and deeply disturbed at the hatred dripping from Dump and his followers. As usual, Dump couches it all in lies. Sanders focuses on what Dump left out, the most important things we must address going forward, like climate chaos, income and wealth inequality, the need for fair taxation, the need for a single-payer healthcare system, the need for better education and free college and so on. The choice is clear.

Dump launches 2020 campaign

Unlike the inauguration, at least people showed up for this.

Blight House: Iran behind Kerrigan Attack

From The Onion, about as believable as Iran behind the tanker attacks.

WASHINGTON—Blasting the Middle Eastern nation for the brutal assault on the Olympic figure skater, President Donald Trump claimed Tuesday that Iran was behind the infamous 1994 attack on Nancy Kerrigan. “It is because of the crazed actions of the Ayatollah that a world-class athlete was cut down in her prime,” said Trump, describing how the Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei used a baton to bludgeon her legs after practice one night while then-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani waited outside the Detroit arena in a running car to help him make a clean getaway. “These clearly belligerent actions are a provocation to Americans who loved this graceful young skater and everything she represented. Nancy Kerrigan could have placed gold if it weren’t for Iran’s disgusting aggression. The Ayatollah’s fingerprints were found all over the crime scene, and we as a nation won’t stand for it.” Trump added that the U.S. military had deployed 1,000 troops into the Middle East in hopes of finding peace for Nancy Kerrigan and her family.

We have the money

It's just where we spend it. Want to invest in our future? Then vote for people who will do that for us.

Detroit Youth Choir on AGT

They got Terry's golden buzzer.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Archaeologists discover fully intact 17th century belief system

In Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan.

"COLUMBUS, OH—Marveling at how well preserved the archaic opinions were, a team of archaeologists from the Smithsonian Institution announced Thursday the discovery of a fully intact 17th-century belief system in Ohio congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH). 'It’s just extraordinary to come across a perspective that dates back to the the mid-1600s and shows absolutely no signs of decay,' said Dr. Claire Goedde, explaining that while it’s not uncommon to encounter partial remains of convictions from that era, it’s exceedingly rare to recover a specimen this pristine. 'All the 400-year-old viewpoints remain almost completely untouched, from religion’s place in society to the rights of women to the attitude toward science. I can only imagine the insights this single sample will provide as to how people who lived centuries ago saw the world around them.' Goedde added, however, that the congressman’s belief system was fragile even in near-perfect condition and could deteriorate rapidly if examined too much."

Daniel Gil wins Power Tower on ANW

And not goes directly to the finals in Las Vegas. Also check out his run where he had the fastest time and defeated the $10,000 wall.

AOC's passionate plea for drug research

And overriding the draconian drug laws that prevent it. Well done future POTUS.

Sanders ain't buying the Iran lies either

He brings up past lies that led us into war and hence just doesn't believe Pompeo, given their obsession with going to war with Iran. You can see more of Sanders' interview before the bookmark in the video below.

The Mueller Report in under 30 miniutes

Don't have time to read the 448 pages? Then maybe you have 28 minutes to hear the major points summarized from this PBS video?

Stewart reams McConnell, again

McConnel responded to Stewart's impassioned plea for 9/11 responder help, so on The Late Show last night Stewart had more to say.

If you care about people

Then care about putting people in office that also care about people and who will do something about it.

Why we don't believe the Gulf tanker story

CNN's story on supposedly new 'evidence' that Iran did it. She also explains why allies just don't believe it.

Kimmel on Dump's interview

Damn our Presidunce is an idiot. And he and his followers don't even know it!

We need transformative financial change

From this piece. Half measures or just tweaking capitalism will not do.

"The Federal Reserve just released some data […] in its new Distributive Financial Accounts data series […] America’s superrich have grown about $21 trillion richer since Taylor Swift was born, while those in the bottom half of the wealth distribution have grown $900 billion poorer."

"So, is an economic system that distributes its benefits in this manner consistent with Americans’ common-sense views of economic justice? If not, would incremental changes be sufficient to bring it into alignment with the median American’s values? Or would more sweeping measures be required? […] Given all this, any politician who insists that American capitalism is 'already great' is clearly a far-right extremist whose indifference to inequality puts him or her wildly out of step with ordinary people."

"It will take a lot of redistribution just to prevent America’s current wealth gap from growing even larger. […] Nothing short of progressively redistributing ownership of capital assets could bring our nation’s wealth distribution into alignment with its values."

Monday, June 17, 2019

More yoga soft porn

Flocke does it again.

Majority of Americans are progressive

Reich provides the details of polls confirming it. So we just need to get them to vote in their own best interest.

Christian Dumpsters think he is a messiah

It's disturbingly sick, I know, but true. Especially since Dump hasn't a Christian bone in his body and could give a shit less about Christians. From this  Psychology Today piece:

"But there is another major reason why Trump loyalists do not waver no matter how he behaves or what scandals come to light. For most evangelicals, it is not only fear that keeps them in line, but it is also faith. As a cognitive psychology researcher who has been writing about the science underlying Trump’s unshakable support since he began his presidential campaign, I have learned—through comments, emails, and discussion forums—that a significant portion of his supporters literally believe the president was an answer to their prayers. He is regarded as something of a messiah, sent by God to protect a Christian nation."

Russian trolls targeted Sanders supporters

In a huge social media campaign against Clinton, said trolls tried to flip avid Sanders supporters to vote for Trump instead of Clinton. According to this story they indeed achieved their goal with about 12% of Sanders supporters doing so, enough to turn the tide.

Don't get fooled again if by chance Biden gets the nomination. He is going to be far better than Dump. And if we elect more progressive Dems to Congress, and take back the Senate, Biden will more than likely sign progressive legislation instead of vetoing it. Vote blue no matter who. In the meantime, definitely support Sanders and hope he get's the nomination.

Stewart slams McConnel on Pox

Pox interviewed Stewart on Sunday and he said McConnel is the one blocking the passage of extending the funding to 9/11 first responders, as well as blocking every other decent, humane legislation proposed. Bravo to the Pox host for putting it on his show.

Huckabee-Sanders replacement disqualified

Borowitz does it again.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A leading candidate to replace the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was disqualified after telling the truth repeatedly on his job application, the White House has confirmed.

According to the White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, the candidate got high marks in his job interview by demonstrating “utter disregard and contempt for press freedoms.”

“We then had him do a practice press briefing in which he was relentlessly abusive, obnoxious, and insulting,” Mulvaney said. “We were all, like, ‘This is our guy.’ ”

But after a thorough examination of the candidate’s job application, “a troubling series of truthhoods emerged,” Mulvaney said.

“It turned out that he was telling the truth about his education and previous employment,” the chief of staff said. “It was a pattern of honesty that we found deeply disturbing.”

Mulvaney said that the “inexcusably veracious” answers had eliminated the candidate from further consideration. 

“We all feel like we just dodged a bullet,” he said. “This whole episode just demonstrates how tough it is to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

Oil company socialism

Continuing this post, the International Monetary Fund determined that in 2015 fossil fuel subsidies were more than our military budget. That is, our tax money paid for it, hence socialism. Sanders was right that corporate socialism dwarfs the payments to humane social services. We'll take democratic socialism over corporate socialism any day.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Shaed - Trampoline

Nice one.

The only way to defeat Dump

We'll never reach Dumpsters that don't respond to facts and science. Hence we must show up and vote. But to do that we need to provide candidates that will inspire people to vote. And that's why Sanders needs to be the Democratic Party nominee, as he is the most popular with we the people and generates that sort of excitement to vote.

Syntegration the key to innovation

This TED talk discusses how tech innovation is driven by those with diverse experience that syntegrate a variety of genres instead of specialists that are limited to a few. They call it 'lateral' thinking but that term sets up a dichotomy with hierarchical thinking, which the syntegral approach is certainly much more than. The hierarchical complexity approach would limit that way of thinking merely to what it calls horizontal complexity, again missing the boat entirely of the sort of cross-paradigmatic thinking involved in syntegration, aka hier(an)archical synplexity.

History repeats itself

Only when we forget history. Fortunately many are reminding us and aptly demonstrating that the US is up to it again with Iran.

The AOC Effect: More progressives challenging establishment Dems

This is great news. AOC's success is inspiring other progressives to challenge establishment Dems in primaries. McKayla Wilkes is challenging Steny Hoyer in MD's 5th District. Morocco Ihssane Leckey is challenging Joseph Kennedy III in MA's 4th District. Zina Spezakis is challenging Bill Pascrell for NJ's 9th District. In all the above the challengers favor the sort of progressive agenda AOC supports against establishment Dems that fight it at every turn. It's time to take back the Dem Party for the people by people who are of we the people.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

TYT on the Gulf tanker attack

Continuing this post, TYT reports pretty much what Democracy Now did. Only TYT outright said the US is lying about it. Also noted is that some print outlets (NYT, WaPo) are also responsibly reporting on this, but the Network and Cable news shows are just parroting the US propaganda. Good thing there is some responsible media out there exposing the lies.

Aubrey Plaza's audition for Catwoman

Hell yes.

Catalan Integral Cooperative

A fine example of the emerging socio-economic system that will one day surpass capitalism as the dominant paradigm.

"The CIC’s objective is to generate a self-managed, post-capitalist society based on P2P [peer to peer] principles and environmental and social realities."
"The easiest way one could describe the internal organization of the CIC is as a collection of about a dozen committees, each one with its own field of responsibility. For example, the Economic Management Committee, as its name implies, is responsible for the economic management of the cooperative, the Legal Committee is entrusted with legal matters, the IT Committee deals with the IT infrastructure and so on. In consequence of this division of labour, committees work largely autonomously from each other.
"To coordinate their activities, the cooperative holds assemblies (the so-called ‘permanent assemblies’ which are held once a month), where committee members make decisions collectively based on consensus. In line with the principles of cooperativist and anti-authoritarian organization, these assemblies serve to collectivize the managerial process, thereby ensuring its participative and inclusive character.[10] That is, in a nutshell, the way the CIC is organized: the ‘core’ of the organization is made up of a dozen committees which coordinate their activities collectively and anti-hierarchically through frequently-held assemblies.

Sheryl Crow - Still The Good Old Days ft. Joe Walsh

New music from some old favorites. Just cuz we're old now we ain't dead yet.

Maher's monologue

Joking about the week's tragedies.

Maher: The deadbeat dad Party

Maher traces the transformation of the Party from a responsible dad to the deadbeat dad.

American Sharia law

Same difference.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Democracy Now reports on the attacked Gulf tankers

It's obvious the US is blaming Iran without proof to start a war. The so-called video 'proof' of a small boat pulling up to one of the tankers afterward to apparently remove an unexploded mine was actually Iran offering help to unload crew members to safety. The President of the Japanese company that owned the ship said that the tanker was attacked by flying objects, not mines. He also said he didn't believe any objects were attached to the side of the ship. Do not let Dump get away with going to war on a manufactured lie.

Pox's Smith and Napolitano on Dump's collusion statement

They analyze what Dump said and rightly determine it would be a felony to do exactly what Dump said he would do. (And by the way what he already did in the last election.) Napolitano: "The President of the United States is prepared to commit a felony to get re-elected."

Cake - Never There

More for Throwback Friday.

Leaked Senate testimony of Dump Jr.

No surprises here.

FEC Chair schools Dump on federal law

The Attorney General and the FBI Director have remained cowardly silent about Dump's clear intent to violate federal law on accepting dirt from foreign governments. However the Chair of the Federal Election Commission had no such compunction on laying out the federal law.

Dump opens door to enemies

And welcomes them in. The Late Show's parody on this travesty is below, showing our enemies thoroughly enjoying this open invitation to interfere in our democracy.

Colbert on Dump's continuing, treasonous collusion

And it's truly amazing that Dump's defenders have to twist themselves into pretzels to justify this treason. It's a sick, sick situation that we've come to this which Colbert helps us to relieve at least temporarily with laughter.

Wolff: The rich must pay their fair share of taxes

If we want our economy to work for everyone. Thing is, that even works for the rich in that they're still rich, just not to the point of dysfunctional, selfish, power-hungry greed. Wolff explains how a healthy, democratic economy works.