Sunday, December 22, 2019

The cult of Dump

See this piece. I've heard from some well-meaning liberals that think we just need to be nice to them, communicate with them on their own level, and we'll all get along famously. No, that does not work with cultists and the mental illness associated with it. What they really need is psychiatric intervention and reprogramming. Since that's impossible on a mass scale it's best to just defeat them in elections and keep them contained.

"We are witnessing the development of a dangerous and massive cult. And Trump, the cult leader, knows exactly how to wield his power over his supporters in order to retain his position. [...] The Cult Education Institute lists the warning signs of a 'potentially unsafe group/leader,' and almost all of them are uncanny descriptions of President Trump.[...] Do Trump’s supporters realize they are part of the nation’s biggest cult?[...] A psychological study of Trump’s supporters uncovered key traits that are remarkably consistent with the warning signs of being in a cult."

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