Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The "Bernie is not a Democrat" whiners

In this FB post Kathleen makes a great point. The underlying dynamic, at least for the establishment in the Dem Party, is that Bernie wants to make it once again a Party of the working class and quit taking the blood money of the oligarchs. He apparently doesn't join the Party because they refuse that simple, honest, transparent agenda.

That progressives in the Party continue to win, and that their caucus now has 97 House members and growing steadily indicates that we the people want that change in the Party too. I'm guessing when we achieve a majority Sanders might change his tune.

In the meantime, there is obviously no rule that he must be a member to run as a Democrat. And that he has to is testament to 2-Party rigging as amply noted by Kathleen. To accept that rigging outright really does say something about the complainers hawking the rigged narrative.

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