Thursday, October 31, 2019

Grand Obsolete Party

The Party's embrace of Dump has destroyed what little integrity it ever had. It is now destined to the trash heap of history. Good riddance.

Intercept: Biden's Super PAC organized by corporate lobbyists and weapons makers

Here's the article. Are you establishment Democrats comfortable with that? If you are then we need to primary you out of office. And certainly not vote for Biden in the primary.

Dump lies about Kimmel

As Dump lies about everything. Jimmy sets the record straight.

Bernie: I'm an existential threat to the Dem Party

He admits it because he wants to transform the Party by breaking its dependence on big money corruption, to make it once again a  Party of working class people. Which btw is what he means by "democratic socialism," you know, we the people.

Colbert: Blight House edited phone transcript

Like we didn't know that already. According to Vindman the transcript "omitted crucial words and phrases."

House passes impeachment resolution

Just a roadmap for the process, not a vote on impeachment itself. That comes later.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Colbert on Lt.Colonel Vindman's character and testimony

Vindman was a direct witness to the treasonous phone call and now the Repugnantans are being repugnant. Here's hoping their disgusting Potty will be completely damaged, never to return.

Duty, honor, country

These used to be Repugnantan values but no more. The trashed Lt. Colonel Vindman, a true patriot, for telling the truth to preserve our national security over a lying, cheating and stealing scumbag who is only in it for himself. This tells us what the Grand Old Potty has become. Vote them out, then lock him up!

Kanye West - Airport Karaoke

The latest installment of Corden's popular series, only this time with Kanye and his entire church choir in the sky. I never liked Kanye and I don't care for Christian religion, but I temporarily suspended both of those feelings and just enjoyed the joy and beauty with which the choir sings their praises. Amen and Hallelujah! 

ESCO performance in EU Green New Deal

Continuing this post, the Green New Deal for Europe (GNDE) does not want any private-public partnerships like Rifkin promotes in his book and in his work with some of the regions of Europe. I tried to find information on performance of the private energy service companies (ESCOs) that have been working with the EU to see if they have manifested any of the worries of the GNDE. I emailed both the GNDE for any specific reports on those ESCOs, as well as emailed the Hauts-de-France region that has been implementing Rifkin's GND, but neither have replied. As anyone who knows me knows I am anti-corporate. But as yet I don't see the negative worries about the ESCOs manifesting per the GNDE. If anyone has any evidence to the contrary please let me know.

AOC's ad for Bernie

Go team! The human team, that is. "Not me, us."

Bernie: Leverage US aid to Israel to end horrific treatment of Palestinians

Some have complained that Bernie is an Israel apologist, by implication suggesting he supports unconditional aid to Israel. This should debunk that myth.

"Speaking at a conference Monday hosted by the liberal-leaning Jewish organization J Street, Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed support for leveraging billions of dollars in annual U.S. military aid to stop Israel's horrific treatment and occupation of the Palestinian people."

Sander: "My solution is to say to Israel: you get $3.8 bil every year, if you want military aid you're going to have to fundamentally change your relationship to the people of Gaza, in fact I think it is fair to say that some of that should go right now into humanitarian aid." He added: "It is not anti-Semitism to say that the Netanyahu government has been racist. That's a fact."

DS Wilson on muti-level selection theory

Continuing this post, Wilson said the following in this essay:

"Multilevel Selection (MLS) theory [...] provides a spiritual narrative that is more compatible with modern evolutionary science. In this narrative, the spiritually enlightened state can evolve by a Darwinian process, but only under special conditions. The challenge, or quest, is therefore to create the appropriate conditions for evolution to take us where we want to go. The only way to arrive at the Omega Point is to steer toward it. I personally find this more motivating, as well as more scientifically accurate, compared to narratives that invoke macro-evolutionary trends or stages of development that are supposed to take place over historical epochs. It provides a more immediate call to action, along with the tools for getting the job done."

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Bernie's Green New Deal

More details here.

Tlaib endorses Sanders

Yet another true progressive endorses him. This is more generally indicative of how young progressives feel, and we need them to turn out to vote in 2020 to defeat that giant, stinking Dump. If Bernie is the nominee I'm sure they will.

Colbert on Dump's unwelcome at World Series

Besides booing Dump and chanting "lock him up," the first pitch was thrown out by a immigrant who praised immigrants, another slap in the face to our Presidunce. Also see this song that Colbert made up about his visit.

Monday, October 28, 2019

A neurology of the conservative-liberal dimension of political ideology

2017 article in The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences. Excerpt from the abstract:

"Differences in political ideology are a major source of human disagreement and conflict. There is increasing evidence that neurobiological mechanisms mediate individual differences in political ideology through effects on a conservative-liberal axis. This review summarizes personality, evolutionary and genetic, cognitive, neuroimaging, and neurological studies of conservatism-liberalism and discusses how they might affect political ideology. What emerges from this highly variable literature is evidence for a normal right-sided cconservative-complex' involving structures sensitive to negativity bias, threat, disgust, and avoidance."

How do we read each other's minds?

Ted Talk from Dr. Rebecca Saxe. Her MRI studies show that we humans have a specific brain area for accurately reading other minds, the right temporal-parietal junction (RTPJ). While we humans are good at understanding other minds, it's a lengthy learning and developmental process. It's not just the people have different but equal evaluations; through learning our evaluations about others' motives become more accurate. The less developed evaluation system has less RTPJ activation, and when confronted with a more realistic situation will come up with false narratives to justify their evaluations. This also applies directly to moral judgments.

While she did studies on how adults judged moral situations differently, which corresponded to greater or lesser activation of the RTPJ, she did not distinguish their political orientation in these differences. Nor did she discuss how indeed liberals and conservatives scored differently on developmental moral scales like Kohlberg's. However other such studies like this one indeed found such moral differences, as did this one. I haven't yet found yet such studies that show the differences in RTPJ activation correlated with liberals and conservatives but I'm guessing there is a correlation.

For example, this study notes differences in brain structure but not specifically the RTPJ. Also see this excellent FB discussion.

How do we get there from here?

We tend to focus on the advanced stages of human development with the hope that we as a human race can all have opportunities for such development. But how do we get there from here? It seems that we need to first address and meet the needs of those of us on the lower developmental stages in order to open up opportunities for higher development. It's pretty hard if not impossible to get involved in self-actualization practices when we don't have enough financial resources to eat, pay rent and bills, get a good basic education etc. If we are to accept developmental theory we know those needs need to be satisfied before we can even imagine the farther reaches of development.

One way to provide for those basic needs is through good government that creates legal policy designed to meet them, like a living wage, healthcare for all, worker's rights etc. So we need to vote in politicians that will authentically implement such policies, politicians that are themselves further along on the developmental trajectory, even if not so-called metamodern, integral, whatever. That requires that we talk to the majority of voters about issues of importance to them, not necessarily of importance to us. We have to win elections in the first place to provide such opportunities. Yes, talking about the farther reaches of development in our insular communities is a necessary good for setting future attractors, but one thing we've learned in the US at least is that the majority of working people find such highfalutin talk to be of the very elite class they don't connect with and voted against.

Working class expert: Focus on working class issues

Joan Williams notes that the liberal elite tend to focus on self development and social issues instead of working class issues like a good job, healthcare and education. Working class people are more concerned about the end of the month, not the end of the world, hence economic populism should be our main selling point.

We also need to frame those policies in working class language, so that's one difference between Sanders and Warren: The former does exactly that, the latter comes off as more professorial which doesn't connect as well with workers. That is born out by the majority of contributions to each of the candidates: Bernie gets more from the working class, Warren more from liberal elites.

Dump gets booed at world series with "lock him up" chants

Dump got the welcome he deserved. Now let's impeach him and then lock him up.

Moore: Timid centrist Dems lose

The majority of voters poll for progressive issues, so why don't we fight like hell for them? Well, Bernie and The Squad do, so when will the rest of the Party come around? Answer: When we replace the establishment Dems with progressive ones. Michael Moore explains.

Catastrophic climate change

Let's call it what it is, and it's going to get a lot worse if we don't wake up.

"[By 2100] we’ll be generating climate conditions last experienced during the Cretaceous period (145-65.95 million years ago) when CO2 levels reached over 1,000 ppm. What might that mean? [...] In a Cretaceous rerun, there would very likely be no ice at the poles once again, and sea levels would be about 216 feet (66 metres) above current levels. We would also see the creation of vast warm shallow seas with mineral deposits similar to those that produced 1,300 ft (400 metre)-thick chalk strata in the old Cretaceous; while, in place of the larger mammals that would become extinct, reptiles might radiate across the globe and grow large in form – a fitting dinosaur revenge?"

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Analysis of Al-Baghdadi kill

Of course Dump is pounding his chest like he was the one responsible for the kill. This panel notes that it was our very US special forces presence in Syria that led to the intelligence and operation that accomplished this feat. And Dump's withdrawal of such forces will only make it more difficult if not impossible to have other such successes in the region. Dump had nothing to do with it, and his decision to pull out of Kurdish Syria is a grave, stupid and callous mistake.

Napolitano shuts down Pox and Fiends

The fiends wanted support from Napolitano on their narrative of the Democrats' unjust impeachment proceedings. Nap shut them down by noting they're just following the rules that Repugnantans themselves created. Poor little fiends weren't expecting that and had their fake spin fact-checked.

Kasparian: Regressives want a civil war

Ana reports on their repeated and incessant calls for a Civil War with video examples. And that means a literal one, with armed conflict killing liberals who support such atrocious policies as a fair wage, universal healthcare and reasonable gun reform. I'm sure Facebook and Suckerberg just call it free speech. And I'm equally sure that the current Presidunce is inciting it, and that the US Attorney General will not prosecute those in the media who are inciting armed insurrection against this country.

These are dark times bordering on the sort of fascist regimes that have in fact implemented death camps and genocide. We really need to heed this for what it is and get very busy voting this sort of violent hate out of our government before it is too late, as well as prosecute those in the media inciting it. Inciting violence is not free speech and never has been. See the Constitutional free speech exceptions, particularly on incitement. If we don't act now our very Constitution will be burned before our eyes.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Zuckerberg's fake dinner equality

Another example of his behavior not matching his words. He invites conservative people to dinner but not liberals. When asked at a Congressional hearing about his conservative dinner companions he said he likes to dine with “lots of people across the spectrum on lots of different issues all the time.” The Intercept asked some prominent liberals and not a single one has ever had such an invitation. The article explores some possible explanations, bottom line being Suckerberg is a conservative. Hence why he dines with liars and lies for them.

"Cynics might tell you that Zuckerberg, the fifth-richest person on Earth and head of a giant international conglomerate, is largely sympathetic to the corporate right. According to a Bloomberg News analysis, the 2017 GOP tax bill saved Facebook $8.3 billion in just one year.

"The same cynics might mention that Facebook’s first outside investor was Peter Thiel, who now serves on the company’s board — and is one of just two members of its compensation and governance committee. Thiel, an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, secretly funded a lawsuit that destroyed the news outlet Gawker.

"These cynical cynics would point out that, despite constant accusations from the right-wing media that Facebook “silences” conservatives, the right-wing media is wildly popular on Facebook. They’d say this is no surprise, since Facebook’s vice president for U.S. public policy is Joel Kaplan, a former aide to George W. Bush and current member of the board of Bush’s presidential museum. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kaplan has 'wielded his influence to postpone or kill projects that risk upsetting conservatives.'"

Maher's monologue

Some comic relief from the madness of the week.

AOC: Exxon knew about the climate crisis

Back in the 80s, yet created ads casting doubt on it nonetheless. For profit they knowingly contributed to the climate catastrophes we're seeing today, let alone even worse ones that are coming down the road. That is some seriously sick shit and now they must pay severe financial penalties for their crimes against humanity and the environment. And they must commit not only to cease and desist their destruction but actively work toward environmental restoration or cease to do business altogether.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Michael Moore endorses Sanders

Yet another authentic progressive endorses the most authentic progressive candidate in the race. Moore also talks about a shift in Bernie since the heart attack, one with even more heart. Moore is also much more charitable toward Warren as an authentic progressive, unlike others who have questioned her apparent corporate courtship. He does though draw what he considers a real difference: Warren is a proud capitalist in her bones and Moore is not, and neither is Bernie. He sees Bernie more as supporting a true, economic democracy, and capitalism ain't that. Finally, Bernie sticks to fighting for we the people, always has, always will.

Biden reverses, will take Super PAC $

Correction: I got the story backward. Biden decided he will take Super PAC $ as confirmed by this story. My mistake. Emma comments below.

Pillory Clinton demands media corrections to her own words

TYT first gives us Pillory's own words about Gabbard being a Russian asset, then how she demanded new sources correct what she actually said. That is, Pillory is now using Dump tactics that truth is a lie and lying is truth. And yet establishment Dems still can't understand why progressives don't like her, or them, for that matter.

Dump: How can you help me?

That is his only concern. If you can't then he'll destroy you. If you can, he'll promise to compensate you somehow and then skip out on his end of the deal. It's all about him and he is certain that he is above any fair dealing or legal boundaries. Let's prove him wrong and first impeach him, and then  prosecute him for all of his crimes when he's out of office. Lock him up! It's where criminal con men belong.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Collective computation II

Continuing this post, some quotes from the presentation. You can also see her article here.

"Of course if you take a step back you can maybe argue a kind of Russian doll approach to complexity where you say the higher levels include all the lower levels, that they're more complex for that reason alone. [...] The point here is that our view of higher levels being more complex is just wrong, and that it's complexity all the way down" (29:22).

"If our goal is to understand how biological systems perform computations we need not just this mathematical understanding, which is very important, but we also need an understanding of mechanics because biological computation is instantiated in material. We need to understand how the material affects the computation" (46:53).

Figueredo on the differences between Sanders and Warren

Kasparian interviews Figueredo on her program No Filter. In this clip he describes those differences. Bernie has been authentically fighting for Medicare for All since forever, Warren has been wishy washy. Bernie has been fighting for a revolution in the Party since forever, Warren wants to work within it for piecemeal reform. This is not splitting hairs but fundamental, key differences on how best to get the kind of world we want.

Morning Joe on new facts in Ukraine scandal

So Dump and Repugs have claimed that that Ukraine didn't even know military aid was held up in trade for Biden dirt, when in fact Ukraine indeed knew it before the phone call. Humpty DUMPty and all of his Dumpsters are taking a fall and cannot be put back together again.

Colbert on more Dump idiocy

It is a true societal illness that some people refuse to see the obvious. It is even sicker that some see the idiocy and continue to support Dump anyway for their own corrupt agendas.

Bernie in statistical tie with Biden

Contrary to what the corporate media keeps ignoring while trying to sabotage Bernie's campaign, here's the latest Emerson poll. We the people will beat the corporate media and every other corporate entity including Repugnantans at the ballot box.

Democratizing America through rural electric co-ops

Here's the blurb and you can also see the transcript here.

"In this episode, we’re discussing how to further democratize rural electric cooperatives and what that means for the communities that these institutions serve. In this podcast, we’re joined by The Democracy Collaborative’s Johanna Bozuwa, Nikita Perumal from Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, and Chris Woolery from the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development. We’re talking about their recent collaboration on the New Economy Coalition’s latest toolkit on rural electric cooperatives."

Dump supporter relations

Good one.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

AOC grills Zuckerberg about lies in FB ads

She got him to admit that yes, that's exactly what he'll do.

Sanders responds to criticisms of MFA

On PBS. The main criticism is that Sanders' plan will cost $32 trillion over a decade. He admits it but notes that the current system will cost over $50 trillion in that time frame. So MFA is saving at least $18 trillion. Plus it lowers overall costs dramatically for just about everyone by eliminating insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles. And it insures everyone.

Colbert on Taylor's testimony

Which affirms what Dump and the Dumpsters have already admitted. Time to send all of that stinking swamp packing.

Dump's base

And how he maintains them.

Clippers beat Lakers in season opener

Highlights below. While James and Davis are awesome, Leonard and the Clippers had better team play, a better bench and more fast breaks to win the game.

Dancing up a storm

Continuing this post, the quoted article mentioned "certain intense states of absorption" like dance as a means to take a break from our isolated head trips. As a dancer myself it is no accident that it is mentioned both literally and metaphorically as one of those embodied methods into another form of knowing and allowing. It is not that the head is ignored in dance but rather that it is syntegrated with the heart, body, a partner and the environment. But also as an intellectual I know that dancing with each other around ideas can also be one of those embodied practices, as long as we keep in mind/body that as dance we respond to each other openly instead of imposing our own fixed notions and models to subsume each other. I've seen male dancers do the latter to their partners and they don't like it, and it doesn't make for much of an aesthetic experience for an observer.

In dance the means of establishing rapport is through physical connection, where our bodily boundaries touch. At those connection points we relax enough to feel into each other and yet simultaneously add just a tad of resistance against each other. It is through that slight resistance that we can both tell the difference from each other and at the same time feel the connection with each other so that we can communicate and work together to produce a performance as a team that is more than each of us separately. We can use that method as a metaphorical means for doing the same in our intellectual communications. The new book Dancing With Sophia is but one such example.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Taylor testifies there was quid pro quo with Ukraine

Ambassador Taylor testified today and reportedly said that "the president held up military aid to Ukraine until it agreed to investigate Joe Biden." See the link for details and a copy of his opening statement. It's amazing that there are still Repugnantans that think this is ok. It ain't, and the Presidunce is getting impeached over it.

The blind spot of science

Good essay by an astrophysicist, theoretical physicist and philosopher on the nature of human experience and its relationship to science. Also see this SFI Complexity Explorers FB discussion of it. Some excerpts:

"This brings us back to the Blind Spot. When we look at the objects of scientific knowledge, we don’t tend to see the experiences that underpin them. We do not see how experience makes their presence to us possible. Because we lose sight of the necessity of experience, we erect a false idol of science as something that bestows absolute knowledge of reality, independent of how it shows up and how we interact with it."

"To bring the point home, consider that in certain intense states of absorption – during meditation, dance or highly skilled performances – the subject-object structure can drop away, and we are left with a sense of sheer felt presence. How is such phenomenal presence possible in a physical world? Science is silent on this question. And yet, without such phenomenal presence, science is impossible, for presence is a precondition for any observation or measurement to be possible."

"Scientific materialists will argue that the scientific method enables us to get outside of experience and grasp the world as it is in itself. As will be clear by now, we disagree; indeed, we believe that this way of thinking misrepresents the very method and practice of science."

Colbert makes fun of our idiot Presidunce

Even though it is not funny that we have an idiot Presidunce.

CA Progressive Alliance endorses Sanders

Funny how the real progressives are all endorsing a real progressive, meaning a real representative of we the people.

Jen Houston - Crime After Crime

Parody of Time After Time about Dump.

The Drifters - This Magic Moment

I was reminded today of this classic from my youth.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Cooper mocks Dump's press secretary

Wow, scathing satire on this new press secretary's appearance on Pox and Fiends.

Giuliana paid $500k from arrested Ukranian partner

The walls are closing in quickly. Even though Giuliani won't cooperate with Congress, he will have to submit to criminal prosecution from the SDNY federal court.

Private insurance healthcare choices

This is the freedom of choice you have with these vampires. Want real freedom? Choose Medicare For All, which states under Section 103, Freedom of Choice: "Any individual entitled to benefits under this Act may obtain health services from any institution, agency, or individual qualified to participate under this Act."

Rev3 financing

Continuing the last post, the following is from the European Commission's "Clean Energy for All Europeans":

"Several examples of a risk-sharing instruments have been created under the ‘Third industrial revolution’ (rev3), which is a master plan launched in partnership with the private sector, local authorities, schools, universities and the citizens of the Hauts-de-France region. With all the possibilities offered by digital technologies, the energy transition and a new mobility, the region wanted to move towards a society and economy that are more responsible, sustainable, collaborative and better connected. Among the financial tools specific to rev3, the most important is the CAP 3RI fund, intended to finance business investment. CAP 3RI is a 'layered' fund which invests risk capital in enterprises developing 3RI projects: the region participates, using the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), providing equity financing alongside public and private investors. The EIB, supported by the EFSI, provides mezzanine debt to the fund and commercial banks provide senior debt at project level. In addition to financing, the region also offers technical assistance thanks to a grant of up to EUR 2.5 million drawn from ERDF resources. The investment projects eligible to CAP 3RI financing are in the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy management and smart grids, smart transport and the circular economy (Figure 20)."

Hauts-de-France and the Green New Deal

Rifkin worked with this region in setting up the GND which they call Rev3 (after the Third Industrial Revolution). You can see the progress they've made at their website. One of the means of financing Rev3 projects is the Crédit Coopératif.

"Crédit Coopératifis a cooperative bank. If he practices all banking professions and expertise, his vocation is to put his skills at the service of the actors of a responsible economy, respectful of people and their environment. Historically cooperative bank of legal persons, its capital is brought by its customers who thus accumulate the double quality of client and member. They hold all the voting rights they exercise according to the principle of one person = one vote. Companies and their groupings, cooperatives, SME-SMIs, mutuals, associations and organizations of general interest thus constitute the base of its membership, as well as the individuals who, thanks to the numerous solidarity innovations of the Agir range, more and more people are choosing to become members of Crédit Coopératif."

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Europe's Green New Deal

The new President of the European Commission has made it a key plank in her platform. But some wonder if it is just greenwashing without a commitment to the values inherent to its goals and aspirations.

"The incoming Commission president proposes a Just Transition Fund to bolster the existing Cohesion Funds for regions and rural areas, and a Farm-to-Fork sustainable food strategy to support the 'vital work' of farmers. Under von der Leyen’s presidency, protecting the ecosystem is to become a cornerstone of all policy decisions: she promises a cross-cutting Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 that will reconcile the concerns of trade, industry, agriculture and economic policy."

However the Green New Deal for Europe said it is not enough. They call "for massive investment in sustainable infrastructure and jobs – to be financed entirely by Europe‘s public banks. Where von der Leyen proposes €1 trillion of investment in a sustainable Europe over the next decade, turning parts of the European Investment Bank into Europe’s climate bank, the Green New Deal for Europe (GNDE) goes even further. To meet the scale of the twin crises faced by Europe – economic and environmental – GNDE will mobilise public banks to issue green bonds to raise at least 5% of Europe’s GDP in funding to bankroll the green transition."

Their 68-page report is here. They're hoping to get it on the EU agenda. Note that some of the funding for the public works section will be given to private companies that "advance Europe’s economic, social and environmental goals. Firms that reorient manufacturing towards recycling and repair, extend product life-cycles and shorten the working week will be given funding to support the transition. As will firms that put workers on boards and shift a portion of their profits towards a fund that pays workers a dividend and generates additional resources for the just transition" (p. 5).

Note: Rifkin supports public green banks providing funding for the infrastructure build up as long as those loans are conditioned on providers having 50% renewable energy by 2030 and all of it by 2040 (51:50).

Building out the Green New Deal

Continuing this post:

I just finished reading Rifkin's Green New Deal. He talks about the success of public-private partnerships in building out its infrastructure. It is based on performance contracts by the private energy service company (ESCO). They make the start-up investments and get ROI based on their performance. However the infrastructure is owned, operated and maintained by the public (local and/or state government) with the benefits going to citizen users.

Rifkin has seen this sort of partnership work in the EU, which can be verified by going to Smart Europe. He claims it changes the capitalistic dynamic of buyer-seller to one of provider-user.
And the end result is we the people through our government own the infrastructure, not a private company. And we generate our own energy and share with each other within this energy commons.

AOC endorses Bernie at big NY rally

Bernie's back and AOC has his back. Very powerful, inspiring speech. Bernie is the one we need steering the ship, with us filling his sails with votes and the likes of AOC backing him up on the deck. Let's fight fiercely yet peaceably for this kind of humane American future. All aboard!

"We need a society that is rooted in principles of cooperation, that is participatory. [...] Our future is in public systems as publicly owned systems, because we need to take power over our lives again. I don't know about you, but I don't want Mark Zuckerberg making decisions over my life."

Roadrunner gives Dump a taste of his own bad medicine

We should learn to do the same.

Amazon is lying too

No surprise. Amazon makes a climate pledge to reduce carbon emissions and then two weeks later joins a giant fossil fuel service provider to help with developing tech "explicitly intended to accelerate and improve oil production." Amazon is part of the Orwellian nightmare that lies about protecting the environment while continuing to feed its destruction. Don't believe their lying hype.

"Boosting production will also boost the amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere at a time that scientists say that most fossil fuels must be left in the ground if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. In no uncertain terms, accelerating oil production will accelerate the advance of the climate crisis."

Dump's war on truth

Orwell was right in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

TYT: Zuckerberg lies about free speech

Prior to the bookmark in the video below they showed Zuck giving a presentation defending lies as free speech. I started the video at Cenk discussing how the Supreme Corp ruled that even though lying in other ads is illegal, it's ok for politicians to do it.

So Dump ads as usual are full of lies which is technically legal. Yet some media outlets refuse to air them because of the lies. The discussion though points out that Zuck and FB are conservative. So the real motivation behind FB deciding to air lies in political ads has nothing to do with free speech and everything to do with promoting Repugnantan lies and making money. There is a direct relationship between those two things.

Bottom line: FB's defense of free speech is itself a lie, as is every defense of lies under the pretense of free speech. That is the truth.

Maher offers to buy off Dump

Maher is offering the first $1 million for Dump to quit. He's also starting a campaign to get other celebrities to contribute $1 million to get enough to buy off Dump, since money is Dump's only reason for existence.

The bone spurs of a coward

Behind all the bluster is a cowardly little boy.

The key difference between Sanders and Warren

From this piece. Revolution v. reform. It's the same mistake Obama made and lost.

"It is clear that Warren is attempting to please the Democratic base, its leadership, and its corporate donors. Yet this is not the way these radical — albeit common-sense — policies are best achieved. Bernie Sanders has reminded people time and time again that the fossil fuel industry, the pharmaceutical and insurance industry, and the predatory student loan industry are all working tirelessly and funneling millions to prevent these necessary changes in our society. Warren’s belief that she can achieve such goals in boardrooms and through backdoor deals is a clear misunderstanding of power and influence in the United States, and will lead us to failure."

Friday, October 18, 2019

Two effective psychological tricks Dump uses

This article explains the tricks but notes that Dump has likely never heard of or consciously uses these tricks, rather he uses them instinctively. Although it has been reported that Dump read Hitler, so maybe he is more aware of the techniques than supposed.

The tricks are being brazenly open about what is generally considered wrong or illegal as if nothing is wrong. It's similar to Goebbels' note on propaganda, that one must  confidently assert the biggest, most unbelievable lie possible, because it's got to be true being so outlandish. And it works on at least some of the people most of the time.

Dump offers freed ISIS fighters group rate at his resort

Borowitz does it again.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Calling it a “once-in-a-lifetime incredible deal,” Donald Trump on Friday offered recently-escaped ISIS fighters a group rate at the Trump National Doral Miami.

“I am giving ISIS a group rate that entitles them to the full run of the golf course, the spa, you name it,” he said. “This is going to make the ISIS people very, very happy.”

The fighters can qualify for the group rate by presenting proof of ISIS membership and their recently freed status, Trump said.

Trump declined to say whether he would extend the same group rate to Kurdish fighters in Syria. “I’m not a fan of the Kurds,” he said. “Where were the Kurds in 1776 when George Washington took control of the British airports?”

Shortly after Trump made the offer to ISIS, however, the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, issued a lukewarm response.

“We’ve read some not-so-great things about the Doral on TripAdvisor,” Baghdadi said. “If we wanted to go to a golf resort, we’d pick one that doesn’t have bedbugs.”

Maddow: Why Russia chose Dump

I know, Rachel drones on endlessly with the minutia of politics. But she does lay out a good case for why the Russians did it if you can bear with her. Bottom line: Oil and gas, and how these industries support despotism and destroy democracy.

Republicans for the Rule of Law ad against Dump

I'm glad there are some Republicans left who still value the law.

Mulvaney: Yes, quid pro quo

Funny meme of Mulvaney actually admitting it, but then having to walk it back later.

Know anyone like this in government?

I don't think I even need to give you any hints.

Different theories of complexity

In Jim's discussion with Bonnie he mentioned Prigogine, and that his type of complexity is different than that of the Santa Fe Institute to the point where SFI denounces him. So which theories of complexity, or at least which parts of these different theories, are applicable to postmetaphysics (or Game B or metamodernism) and which are not?

In Cilliars' book Complexity and Postmodernism he said:

"In the first place one has to acknowledge that the 'discipline' of Complexity is a house divided. There are serious differences between different approaches to complexity. After about two or three decades of work explicitly dedicated to the understanding of complex systems, it has become crucial to reflect critically on the value of these different approaches. One way of distinguishing between these approaches is provided by Edgar Morin (2007) who distinguishes between 'general' and 'restricted' complexity. Restricted complexity refers mainly to the mathematical and computational approaches to complexity, often strongly informed by chaos theory. This approach, Morin argues, acknowledges the non-linear, relational nature of complex systems, but seeks to tame it in ways which reintroduces positivism and reductionism. General complexity on the other hand, argues for the limits of all approaches to complex systems and urges that we acknowledge these limits and recognise that we need a new language in which to do this, a language which moves beyond Enlightenment ideals of neutrality and objectivity."

Also recall the "science wars" between the feuding factions of chaos theory, between Prigogine's philosophical approach, which sees correlations with postmodern cultural theory, and the more objectivist and applied approach of Mandelbrot et al. Interestingly, Prigogine is comfortable with and acknowledges that metaphor is essential to not only scientific theory but all theory, given theory's embodied root in it. Whereas the idealistic (and perhaps Platonist?) objectivists abhor such metaphoric contamination among its ranks, so much so that Prigogine has become persona non grata. Which is all the more interesting since "Prigogine is the only man to have to have thus far won the Nobel Prize for work related to non-linear dynamics" as of the writing of this article.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Warren keeps refusing Repugnantan framing

She was asked again in the recent debate if Medicare For All would raise taxes. And again she instead framed it as costs would be lowered for all but the richest Americans, which is true. Yes, MFA will incur a slight increase in personal taxes for the working class, but overall worker costs will go down without insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles etc. The Repugs just want the frame that those evil taxes will go up while completely ignoring that overall costs will go down. And Warren wisely refuses to play their game and sticks to effective progressive framing.

Take my private healthcare insurance, please

Hartmann and Rep. Pocan discuss the false choice that proponents of private insurance claim. Yes, people want to choose their doctors, but given a real choice they don't want high premiums, co-pays, deductibles etc. And Medicare For All lets you choose your own doctors etc. and let's you choose not to pay all that BS involved in private insurance. The choice really is yours when you vote. If you like being abused by an insurance company, then by all means.

Dump sends new threatening letter to Erdogan

From Borowitz:

The real pro-life movement

Bernie wants to feed kids, Dump and the Repugs want to take food out of their mouths. It really is that simple: Care v. cruelty.

Ilhan Omar endorses Sanders

Another one of The Squad endorses. Given Bernie's authentic and long-time progressive bona fides it only makes sense that The Squad would join the team.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sheryl Crow and Emmylou Harris - Nobody's Perfect


Dump melts down in meeting

Leaders from both Parties were called to the Blight House after the House voted 354 - 60 to condemn the Presidunce's withdrawal from Syria. From the start Dump behaved like an mentally ill child, throwing a tantrum and name calling. When asked for his Kurd and ISIS strategy he had none, just ranting some more. How can Repugnantans knowingly deny Dump's severe mental illness and make excuses for him? WTF is wrong with them?

Rifkin interview on the Green New Deal

Can be found here. It starts at 5:55. The blurb:

"Guest: Jeremy Rifkin, economic advisor to China, Germany and the European Union and author of the book The Green New Deal: Why The Fossil Fuel Civilization Will Collapse, and The Bold Economic Plan to Save Life on Earth."

A key point Rifkin highlights is that the old energy infrastructure of fossil fuels is not only destroying the planet but it is no longer efficient. And it is necessary to move quickly into a renewable energy infrastructure in order to avert complete disaster, which will require a revolutionary paradigm shift. Sanders is the only one willing to get revolutionary about this urgent transition, to wit, his own Green New Deal plan. Just modifying around the edges of the old paradigm is going to be far too little and too late.

He discusses how some local communities in the EU have been implementing the GND. For example: Smart Europe.

Bull(shit) in a china shop

Nothing more.

AOC on the global Green New Deal

Great speech. She addresses the bogus notion that somehow stating the scientific facts is alarmist, that there is somehow a middle ground that doesn't require the bold action necessary to avert real disaster. She also throws in an accurate dig on capitalism and how its greed has created this crisis. And that we must move toward a "cooperative, collaborative world" that operates on a different paradigm and value structure. The Green New Deal is a step in that direction.

However she is wrong that all governments are not on track to meet the Paris agreement goals. Keep in mind that in Jeremy Rifkin's new book The Green New Deal the EU has been working on it for over a decade now and it's making great progress toward meeting those goals.


Sanders' answer on Medicare For All

Good job Bernie.

TYT: Sanders wins debate, gets AOC's endorsement

Bernie proved he is healthy, challenged Biden effectively, and staked out his unique ground in arguing for a wholesale revolution. Now AOC is endorsing Sanders. All because Bernie is the one who started this people's revolution and the others are trying to ride his coattails. He's the real deal in the Green New Deal.

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

This one came to mind today, so appropriate for these times. Now it's democracy that is going by the wayside. "You don't know what you got till it's gone."

Jim Rutt discussion with Bonnitta Roy

The transcript is here. I appreciated the discussion of soil experiments in different environments, that each niche has its own requirements, that there is no one soil solution for all of them.

This though extends to our modeling, in that when we draw a boundary something gets left out. Hence there is no one model that covers all the bases. It behooves us to do meta-analyses of which models fit best under which conditions, how each fills in some the gaps of the others.

Which of course relates to the discussion about boundaries, how they are semi-permeable, allowing for both an cohesive entity yet how it communicates and shares with its environment and other entities. Investigating those spaces between is a study in itself.

One question I have though is when Bonnie talks about the whole and no boundary, the entire developmental field. How could we possibly ever know (or feel, whatever) such a whole? The very notion of a field implies it too has boundaries. The discussion of the computronium made it clear that we cannot fathom its entirety, that we have to limit our knowledge to models that focus on bits and pieces.

Which of course related to the discussion of the universe, noting there were a multitude of them, each with their own laws of physics, etc. Again, fields with boundaries that perhaps we can come to know at least some of its attributes and laws. But what of those semi-permeable boundaries, those spaces between universes, do they interact?
It does make for interesting sci-fi, but what about the science of that?

In line with my comments above I'm reminded of Bruce Alderman's paper on generative enclosures in Integral Review. And as to the generative space between that allows a meta-analysis/synthesis of models, see this Edwards et al piece. 

The truth about their brazen lies

As if being brazen somehow makes them true. It doesn't.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Speaking about a transformation

Sanders wants to give workers an ownership stake in big companies.

"Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday introduced a series of proposals designed to radically realign the balance of power in the American economy. The Vermont independent's agenda would guarantee workers eventually take control, through the issuance of new stock, of 20% stakes in the country's largest companies, while mandating that employees elect 45% of corporate boards of directors. The Sanders plan would also impose strict new guidelines on mega-mergers, while asking a revamped Federal Trade Commission to review deals pushed through during the Trump administration."

Sanders on a difference with Warren

In this clip he quotes Warren as being a "capitalist in her bones." Bernie thinks that capitalism is part of the problem and that we need a total transformation of the system away from capitalism. Warren instead wants to work within that system. It's really a difference between transformation and reform. The capitalistic system at this point is so grievously unequal and unfair that we really need to go beyond it. Sanders takes steps in the direction. Warren, while her reforms are good, doesn't go all the way to the root of capitalism itself.

Reich: 5 ways to reform the Supreme Corp

Given how it has become a completely partisan organ of the Repugnantan Party, how do we reform it? Reich offers 5 ways, bullet points below. Watch the video for the details.

1. Impose term limits.
2. Reinforce ethics standards.
3. Disclose finances online.
4. Add more seats.
5. Rotating panel.

Compare and contrast who gets what welfare

There really is no comparison.

The collective computation of reality in nature and society

At the Santa Fe Institute. As always, after the presentation it will be available at their YouTube page (also live streaming). Another example of how semi-autonomous parts operate interdependently and synchronously with others in relation.

"The first computers were not invented by humans but by nature. The mantra of complexity science—that complexity arises from interactions among simple components—is wrong. The parts—whether cells, neurons, bees, or humans—are often wonderfully complex themselves but operate under many constraints and are prone to failure and myopia and, consequently, errors in information processing that can lead to a profound misunderstanding of the nature of reality. In this public lecture, Jessica Flack will discuss how nature computes. She will build on the above points to argue collective computation—computation by the parts together—evolved as a solution to imperfect information processing, sometimes resulting in recovery of the 'ground truth out there in the world' and sometimes resulting in a collectively constructed reality that takes on a life and meaning of its own. Flack will also discuss how an understanding of computation in nature challenges us to broaden our understanding of computation’s theoretical foundations."

Interpersonal synchrony feels good but impedes self-regulation of affect

The abstract of the above article:

"The social benefits of interpersonal synchrony are widely recognized. Yet, little is known about its impact on the self. According to enactive cognitive science, the human self for its stability and regulation needs to balance social attunement with disengagement from others. Too much interpersonal synchrony is considered detrimental for a person’s ability to self-regulate. In this study, 66 adults took part in the Body-Conversation Task (BCT), a dyadic movement task promoting spontaneous social interaction. Using whole-body behavioural imaging, we investigated the simultaneous impact of interpersonal synchrony (between persons) and intrapersonal synchrony (within a person) on positive affect and self-regulation of affect. We hypothesized that interpersonal synchrony’s known tendency to increase positive affect would have a trade-off, decreasing a person’s ability to self-regulate affect. Interpersonal synchrony predicted an increase in positive affect. Consistent with our hypothesis, it simultaneously predicted a weakening in self-regulation of affect. Intrapersonal synchrony, however, tended to oppose these effects. Our findings challenge the widespread belief that harmony with others has only beneficial effects, pointing to the need to better understand the impact of interaction dynamics on the stability and regulation of the human self."

The conclusion:

Monday, October 14, 2019

Whitney Cummings on love and sex

From a recent stand up routine.

Hen National Convention

Good one depicting the fake argument against legitimate criticism of candidates, even our own.

SNL: Giuliani and Associates

If you want to make your case worse, call today!

Fake video of Dump shooting and stabbing media and opponents

Dump did not put this out according to the Blight House. Apparently it was put out by a disturbed Dumpster (is there any other kind?) depicting violence against those who criticize the Presidunce. Which of course is incited by Dump's own hate speech at every one of his rallies. I choose not to show the video but just the report on it below.

SNL: CNN Equality Town Hall

Their cold open last Saturday night. A funny cavalcade of candidates on gay rights.

Indigenous People's Day

Forget that white guy's story; honor the original Americans.

World Freedom Rankings

You can explore more here. It's ironic for a country that is so hung up on the notion of freedom.

Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory

I'm was reminded this morning of this liberating classic, another iteration of pushing the boundaries of liberation art, philosophy and theology. Sophia incarnate.

Dump's Executive Executions

Impeachment is the proper procedure for one who has executed our entire cultural and legal heritage. Followed of course by criminal prosecution after he's removed from office.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Where are the jobs?

And this according to Dump's own Department of Energy.

Kasparian nails it on Millennials

She's responding to a report that blames Millennials for saving money instead of spending it as the cause of a financial crisis. Ana as usual flips the script on the real cause: People aren't getting a fair wage to have spending money in the first place.

AOC's haircut response

As usual, she wins the Twitter war.