Friday, September 30, 2016

Sex robot cafe

See this article on a new cafe opening in London that will have sex robots to give you a blow job with your morning coffee. Adds new meaning to "would you like cream in your coffee?" The Donald Trump's of the world should love this place, as you don't have to talk to the robot or buy her dinner etc. for the service. I'm guessing you will have to pay for it though, but Donald is used to that.

Trump does indeed hire women

But only the pretty ones according to this article. He's such a conscientious, equal opportunity employer. See the article for the facts and the details.

Add eugenics to Trump's resume

Now when have we heard this type of thing before? And to what effect?

Imagine a female candidate like Trump

Something tells me the regressives would have a field day denigrating such a candidate.

Regina Spektor

She performed Small Bills on The Late Late Show last night. It's my first exposure to this band. I like the innovative and haunting sound. And the lyrics are deep, about the poets waking up to financial fraud, and then waking up the rest of us to challenge that system. It's good to see art returning to this necessary social commentary.

Banking fraud, I mean social welfare

See this article. Banks continue to commit fraud, to wit the recent Wells Fargo scandal. But our government continually fails to prosecute those in charge, including WF, instead offering up lower level employee scapegoats. And how does this happen? Because representatives are bribed. I mean given legal contributions through dark money laundering organizations courtesy of the Supreme Corp. I mean through 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations. See how easy it is to turn dark money bribery into legal social welfare?

The scientific polls on the debate

See this article, where in scientific polls Clinton won the debate by large margins. Right after the debate Trump touted winning in online polls, which are far from the standards used in the scientific polls and hence inaccurate. But hey, these are the facts which we know Trump and his supporters don't accept. It must be some kind of media conspiracy to these paranoid lunatics.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why the President doesn't say "Islamic terrorism"

Obama was asked this last night at a town hall meeting. His response is perfect for those right-wingnuts who froth because he won't legitimize their xenophobia and thereby play into the terrorists' hands.


Randy Rainbow makes fun of Trump using this made up word. I'll grant that Trump is good at making things up. Problem is, he thinks they're reality.

Senators write to the President on the TPP

Senators write to the President on the TPP. Their letter is in this article (at the end). Of foremost concern is the clause on Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), which gives corporations the power to sue governments if the latter have laws interfering with their profits AND it's adjudicated by their corporate peers. Yes, that includes health and safety laws. So the Senators, including Sanders and Warren, want that provision struck from the TPP. The Senators had other complaints with the TPP, also listed in their letter.

Robert Reich on a universal basic income

As technology advances it will do more and more of the labor previously provided by people. So how do we equitably help those people who lose their jobs with no hope of those jobs every returning? The universal basic income (UBI) is one way to address the problem and it's been around for a while. President Nixon proposed it and it passed the House of Representatives. And experimental studies of UBI shows that it can be quite successful. And contrary to the false argument that it would reduce  incentive to work, instead it motivates working at what one is passionate about, thereby producing a healthy, happen citizen who also contributes to the public good. Of course such happy people are a threat to the 1%'s greedy dominance, hence they don't much appreciate this idea. Though Milton Friedman, their God, did support it.

Frank Luntz on the debate

Luntz is the conservative spin master that tells the regressives how to frame the issues to manipulate voters. In this clip (1:30) he did a focus group of undecided voters who watched the debate and the majority felt Clinton won. Specifically, when Trump was attacking the system he did well, but when defending himself it was a disaster. Clinton was successful at repeatedly baiting Trump into incoherent rants. Trump was rude to interrupt the moderator. Trump effectively described the problems but didn't have solutions, whereas for Clinton it was the reverse.

Kelly challenges Conway on Trump's misogyny

Fox's Megyn Kelly challenges Conway's typical spin on Trump's misogyny in this clip. Conway tries to say it's just a few comments over 25 years and Kelly goes on to correct that it is frequent and repeated comments over that period. The sections of the following clip start around 2:00 and 4:00. In both cases Conway never addresses the issue but in her typical style immediately changes the subject. Kudos to Kelly for holding this spin doctor to the facts.

Biden on Trump and 'smart business'

He's right. The worldview that sees not contributing to society by paying one's fair share of taxes, and taking full advantage of the suffering of others for personal gain, is not smart but sick.

Why to vote FOR Clinton

This is an interesting article by a former Clinton hater and Sanders supporter. I, like the author and so many others, in my Sanders support only focused on Clinton's negatives. And yet since Sanders lost the nomination, while still acknowledging the real negatives, have come to recognize that there are a lot of positives too. The article highlights a few of them, like her qualifications: Secretary of State for 4 years, Senator for 8 years, and politically active throughout her adult life. She fought for the health bill for 9/11 first responders. She proposed a universal healthcare bill in the early 90s. She promoted the children's health insurance program. There is much more in the article so see it for the details. There are many reasons to vote for her, not just to vote against Trump. And rest assured, you won't see any of these kinds of policies from Trump or the Republicans.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Debate fallout

Meyers takes a closer look at Trump's performance. Even before the debate the expectation for Trump so low all he had to do was  be an average WalMart greeter. He couldn't even meet that standard. Trump made up winning a post-debate CBS poll when CBS did not do one. He raved and rambled incoherently, obviously unprepared for substantive issues. He tried to rely on bluster and intimidation and it didn't work on Clinton, who remained composed and gave it right back to him in far better measure. Trump didn't even know when ISIS was created, claiming Clinton has been fighting it for 30 years.

Meyers correctly noted that Trump still hasn't reached adulthood, nor have his followers. He behaved like a child which is why all his childish followers like him. The Presidency is no place for children, and hence no place for Trump. And he and his followers need to grow up. Thing is, that is going to require a good education and good mental health programs, things the Republicans refuse to fund because children as so easily manipulated.

Senator Warren on the government shutdown threat

In the video below she noted that the reason Republicans are willing to shut down the government yet again is because the SEC is considering rules to make political contributions public. Needless to say, Republican lawmakers don't want people to know where their money comes from. Hence they'd rather put thousands out of work and create havoc in our economy than be exposed for the paid lapdogs they are. Yes, these are most assuredly a big basket of deplorables. Thank you Senator for exposing this corrupt bunch of criminals.

Why markets are like gardens, not machines

In this article Nick Hanauer and Eric Liu discuss this metaphorical shift in how we conceive of markets. The implications in this shift are significant and certainly necessary, since the current system are not working for  most people or the planet. An excerpt:

Machine view: Markets are efficient, thus sacrosanct
Garden view: Markets are effective, if well tended

In the traditional view, markets are sacred because they are said to be the most efficient allocators of resources and wealth. Complexity science shows that markets are often quite inefficient—and that there is nothing sacred about today’s man-made economic arrangements. But complexity science also shows that markets are the most effective force for producing innovation, the source of all wealth creation. The question, then, is how to deploy that force to benefit the greatest number.

Machine view: Regulation destroys markets
Garden view: Markets need fertilizing and weeding, or else are destroyed

Traditionalists say any government interference distorts the “natural” and efficient allocation that markets want to achieve. Complexity economists show that markets, like gardens, get overrun by weeds or exhaust their nutrients (education, infrastructure, etc.) if left alone, and then die—and that the only way for markets to deliver broadbased wealth is for government to tend them: enforcing rules that curb anti-social behavior, promote pro-social behavior, and thus keep markets functioning.

Why capitalism creates pointless jobs

Good article here. Bottom line: keep us so busy trying to eat and pay the rent that we just don't have the time or motivation to challenge the corrupt system.  A brief excerpt follows. See the article for much more.

"The answer clearly isn’t economic: it’s moral and political. The ruling class has figured out that a happy and productive population with free time on their hands is a mortal danger (think of what started to happen when this even began to be approximated in the ‘60s). And, on the other hand, the feeling that work is a moral value in itself, and that anyone not willing to submit themselves to some kind of intense work discipline for most of their waking hours deserves nothing, is extraordinarily convenient for them."

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Meyers' closer look at the debate

As usual, accurate yet funny.

Colbert on the debate

He compares the stark differences between the expectations and preparation of the candidates. Given that he has a new nickname for Clinton. He goes on to joke about the rest of the debate in this clip.

Clinton denounces trickle-down economics

And nary a word on that from corporate media. Hartmann explores why this is so. (Recall the Pope's critique of it here.)

Duterte & Trump

From the clip below: "Glorious promises, delivered with supreme confidence, will always be attractive to a huge number of people and will trump logic and rationality" (4:00). They are discussing the similarities between Trump and the new Philippine President Duterte.

Laurie & Val's tango

On DWTS last night. Tango is a fiery dance of the bullfight, and metaphorically of the passionate battle between a man and woman. Since Laurie in her youth has yet to have a boyfriend, she had no personal experience of this sort of passion. So she said she imagined her favorite Mexican food to generate that look of hunger and longing. As usual, beautiful lines and technique, improving with each performance.

Borowitz on the debate

His funny yet accurate take:

Trump Threatens to Skip Remaining Debates If Hillary Is There

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (The Borowitz Report)—Plunging the future of the 2016 Presidential debates into doubt, Donald J. Trump said on Tuesday morning that he would not participate in the remaining two debates if Hillary Clinton is there.

Trump blasted the format of Monday night’s debate by claiming that the presence of Clinton was “specifically designed” to distract him from delivering his message to the American people.

“Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said. “It was rigged.”

He also lambasted the “underhanded tactics” his opponent used during the debate. “She kept on bringing up things I said or did,” he added. “She is a very nasty person.”

Trump's authenticity

Yes, he's authentic, which his followers think is important. But if they actually listened to what he says, he is going to eat them by paying low wages or not paying them at all for work done, shipping jobs overseas, not paying any taxes into the system to provide the infrastructure the people need to live and do business, and taking advantage of them when they are down and out. Yeah, he's authentic all right, an authentic asshole. It's not by accident that those people are depicted as sheep in the cartoon below.

The Clinton/Trump debate

Trump started strong with his bluster and bullying, commanding the stage for about 15 minutes. But thereafter he lost any semblance of focus and rambled, snorted and interrupted Clinton several times when she made factual statements about him. And Clinton, after the initial set back, came on strong with fact after fact about Trump's history in business, as well his many statements of racism, sexism etc. Trump meanwhile melted down on questions about his taxes, saying that not paying any taxes makes him smart. When asked about his taking advantage of the financial crisis to the detriment of millions of people, he said it was good business. Clinton meanwhile had well prepared answers on most issues and remained poised and confident. I doubt the debate will sway fanatics on either side, but it just might sway some undecideds who still have half a brain toward Clinton.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Blog name change

This is the 4th name change for this blog since its inception. I keep changing it as my interests and focus evolve. Originally it was named Integral Postmetaphysical Nonduality, which was for a very narrow and esoteric audience. When I wanted to expand my focus and audience I changed it to Integral Postmetaphyical Enaction, which was broader than the topic of nonduality. When I got tired of the 'integral' focus typical of the movement by that name, and also my increasing interest in more political topics, I changed it once again to Progressive Participatory Enaction. Now I tire of using terms that are still too elitist and with which many folks may be unfamiliar and thereby not attracted. The current name gets the focus across in terms well understood by most in the hope of attracting a wider audience. I also like the alliteration, hence at least somewhat maintaining my snobby, elitist articulation.

The new confessions of an economic hitman

Things weren't always the way they are now. But greed and power changed us from having a social contract where all benefited to a corporate contract where only the rich and powerful benefit. And they do it all with lying, cheating spin doctors that talk a good game of social benefit, but which hides the real motives in the results. This is exactly how they get hard-working yet ignorant Americans to vote against their own best interests, thinking they too can achieve fame and fortune if they just work hard enough. It's a story created by the oligarchs to keep us enslaved, and to blame ourselves or others even worse off, if we don't achieve that manufactured dream.

However the linked article is hopeful things can get better again if we but frame things in a different way. But that's going to take we the people to get involved and educated so that we can change our leaders into those that promote such beneficial visions. Until then the greedy bastards will keep spinning the current nightmare.

GOP cuts to food stamps

See this article. What the fuck is wrong with these cretins? The GOP plans to cut $23 billion to the food stamp program from those who take time off working to either go back to school or engage in training programs. It's as if they don't actually want people to better their lives so that they can get better paying jobs. Instead they want to keep them trapped in the poverty cycle of low-paying jobs with little to no benefits to maintain  rampant income inequality so that their oligarchic masters reap all the benefits. If only their base could find out the truth of their policies that contradict their spin. But the media isn't going to help either.


I saw Snowden yesterday. It presents a story contradictory to that of the official US propaganda laid out by the Obama administration and its lackeys, and likely far more accurate. Like recent posts, it took the will and courage of Snowden and the reporters involved to take on the most powerful deep state of OZ. Yes, the repercussions were horrific, Snowden being charged with espionage and banned to live out his remaining years in Russia. And yet mass surveillance has been curbed with the the USA Freedom Act, which likely would never have even been considered, let alone passed, were in not for the Snowden leaks. It takes brave people of strong conviction and character to fight back and make the lives of others better at their own personal expense. But it is still the case that whistle blowers, contrary to stated policy, are reviled, ostracized and denounced because they reveal the much more heinous crimes of the perpetrators who wish to remain in the shadows. There is still a lot of work to do to bring these filthy cockroaches into the light.

North Country

Following up on this post, I re-watched the movie North Country last night. I re-watched the movie North Country last night. It's based on the true story of Lois Jenson, who worked in a northern Minnesota iron mine. Sexual harassment, including rape and assault, was accepted, rampant and yes, deplorable not only in the mine but in the time period of the movie, the mid-70s. So the main character played by Charlize Theron fights back with complaints to management that were not only not addressed but received only further harassment. When that fails she quits and hires a lawyer. She tried to get her female co-workers to join in the lawsuit but they were afraid to lose the only good-paying job* in town. After Jenson is further harassed, belittled and brow beaten by the company lawyer during trial, her co-workers too have finally had enough and join the suit, which becomes the first class-action sexual harassment in our history.

So in reference to the last linked post, we the people can fight back and defeat the onerous company overlords if we but stick together and organize.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why millennials hate Clinton

The corrupt media via the corrupt Democratic Party is blaming the millennials for rejecting Clinton's candidacy. They say the reason is that they are too young, naive, idealistic and uninformed on the issues. There is ample evidence to the contrary of course, but you won't hear it from the above mentioned corrupt sources. See this article, why one bright, pragmatic and well informed millennial  hates Clinton. Her reasons are based in fact. An excerpt below. Keep in mind that not one of those reasons apply to Sanders.

"She voted for the illegal war in Iraq that killed a minimum of 100,000 civilians. By 2053, the Iraq would cost the US taxpayers $7 trillion dollars. She was in favor of killing hundreds of thousands to millions of innocent civilians but she claims we will never have universal healthcare which is much cheaper. She said the Iraq war should be viewed as a “business opportunity.” She was in favor of a war on terror that costs trillions of dollars that has made us less safe and that has created more jihadist and terrorist. That’s what democrats, progressives, and millennials are supposed to support?

"She is in favor of more intervention and is extremely hawkish. She said that she learned from her errors in voting for the Iraq War yet she wants to create a No Fly Zone in Syria. If Russian planes fly over Syria, they will be shot which could potentially lead to a Third World War. Only 17% of the country still want to be involved in the wars that we are involved in now. Hillary wants to get involved in more war.

"She voted for the Patriot act. The Patriot Act essentially says “ the Fourth Amendment? LOL, what’s a fourth amendment? Constitution? Pleeeeease. You have no protection from unreasonable search and seizures. The government is allowed to collect your metadata and watch everything you do.”

Capitalism's cancerous growth obsession

Maher's new rule on our economic growth obsession at any cost hits the mark. And we wonder why there's rampant climate change. Well, at least those of us with half a brain wonder.

And what about these emails?

Funny how the Republicans didn't even notice this one.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Presidential debate rigged by facts

Another Borowitz classic:

TOLEDO (The Borowitz Report)—At a campaign rally on Friday, Donald Trump warned that Hillary Clinton is scheming to “rig the debate by using facts” in their first televised face-off, on Monday.

“You just watch, folks,” Trump told supporters in Toledo, Ohio. “Crooked Hillary is going to slip in little facts all night long, and that’s how she’s going to try to rig the thing.”

“It’s a disgrace,” he added.

The billionaire drew a sharp contrast between himself and the former Secretary of State by claiming that his debate prep “involved no facts whatsoever.”

“I am taking a pledge not to use facts at the debate,” he said, raising his right hand. “I challenge Crooked Hillary to take that pledge.”

He also warned that unless CNN, which is hosting the debate, promises to forbid the use of facts, he might pull out of Monday’s contest. “I’m only going to debate if I’m treated fairly, and facts don’t treat me fairly,” he said.

At CNN, a spokesperson assured Trump that the network would do everything in its power to keep the debate “as free of facts as possible.”

“We have a well-established practice at CNN,” the spokesperson said. “If the candidates start straying into facts, data, or other verifiable information, we have instructed the moderators to cut them off.”

Ning Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality forum closing & archive

I'm in the process of saving the threads to this  viewable Google documents folder.

Addicted to lies

PsychoSuperMom does a parody of Addicted to Love:

Why Clinton is plummeting

Hartmann discusses why this is now a close race for the Presidency. First, corporate media is focusing on many of Clinton's faux scandals while ignoring Trump's real ones. They intentionally created a horse race because they get higher ratings and sell more ads. Money is their God and damn the consequences on America.

But Clinton's campaign is also to blame. It's ignoring its progressive base as if they're a given and going after Republicans disillusioned with Trump. In the process it is using some rather heinous neo-con spokespersons that progressives rightly disdain. Hence the loss of the millennial vote to 3rd party candidates, a voting block absolutely necessary to winning. It must return to promoting the issues in the Party Platform, which is what galvanized the millennials to support Sanders. In its ads they must focus on the reasons why we want to vote for Clinton instead of just against Trump.

Even some older Democrats are racist

And politically stupid, and hence supporting Trump. In this clip Seder discusses the former local OH Trump campaign chair who nails why this contingent of working class whites will vote for Trump: They live is a white world with a racist view of blacks accurately depicted in the statements of the former OH chair. She was fired, but only because she made explicit the truth of the Trump candidacy and his followers.

Ralph Nader: Breaking Through Power

Hartmann interviews Nader in this clip. Things we now take for granted, like equal rights, social security and the end of child labor, only happened because enough people rose up and got active. This is the only way to defeat the power of the oligarchy, which is constantly vigilant to overturn such progress and return all the power to themselves. The only way the people can take back that power is to get motivated, get active and get organized. It's up to we the people. And yes, it is a hard, hard road when the power brokers have us working several jobs to make ends meet. But we have to do it despite the hand they have dealt us.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cyborg v. Baars

This is a fight from 2 years ago in Muay Thai. It's one of the best fights I've seen, including the men. If it was UFC rules it would have been a different fight. Nonetheless it is a great fight.

Drew Magary letter to Trump voters

I love his no holds barred letter to Trump voters, "if you vote for Trump then screw you." There ain't no politically correct being nice therein, just what most of us with half a brain wish we had the guts to say. I'll provide a few excerpts below but see the link for the whole, glorious thing.

"Trump is a liar and a crook, and he commits abominable acts at such a frenetic pace that they get lost in the fury surrounding whatever horrible thing he does next. [...] Regardless, in the end, people are still gonna vote for this man. [...] Nothing that Trump says, no damning piece of Trump reportage, and certainly no opinion piece like this one will stop his voters from pulling the lever. [...] And so I’d just like to say to that portion of the electorate: Fuck you."

Who is stealing the cookies?

Good meme depicting the absurd spin of the 1%. They take almost all the cookies and then convince the hard-working yet ignorant worker that the crumbs they leave are being stolen by immigrants.

Borowitz on explaining things to idiots

Following up on recent posts, why keep beating your head against the wall trying to explain rational or scientific things to idiots? It's a fool's errand. From Borowitz:

MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—Many Americans are tired of explaining things to idiots, particularly when the things in question are so painfully obvious, a new poll indicates. According to the poll, conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Opinion Research Institute, while millions have been vexed for some time by their failure to explain incredibly basic information to dolts, that frustration has now reached a breaking point.

Of the many obvious things that people are sick and tired of trying to get through the skulls of stupid people, the fact that climate change will cause catastrophic habitat destruction and devastating extinctions tops the list, with a majority saying that they will no longer bother trying to explain this to cretins.

Kimmel punks Trump supporters

He goes on the street with a fake Trump tax return and makes up outlandish things about the return. Trump supporters accept the premise and find twisted ways to support the outlandish claims. I'm embarrassed at the outright ignorant and idiotic state of a significant segment of the US populace.

Nazi propaganda tool

As used by Trump Jr. Fascism runs in the family.

Wells Fargo fired whistleblowers

Following up on this post, in this story Wells Fargo workers who blew the whistle on the fraudulent scheme were fired, which was apparently unspoken company policy. There's your so-called free enterprise capitalism in a nutshell. True, it works quite well for the 1%. The rest of us can either commit fraud as ordered or get fired and blackballed from ever working again. It's your American freedom of choice...

Some typical Trump supporters

The Daily Show goes to a Trump rally and as expected, the collective IQ was minus zero. God help America.

NFL got paid for patriotism

Some facts about NFL athletes and the national anthem. Prior to 2009 the athletes stayed in the locker rooms while it was played. Thereafter the Dept. of Defense paid the NFL for the athletes to be present and standing during it as a patriotic marketing strategy. Enforced patriotism is more like totalitarianism than free choice in a democracy. God bless America.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Socialized vs. capitalized medicine at work

Laurie & Val

Once again she had the highest score and deservedly so. Unfortunately the worst dancer, former TX governor Perry, did not get voted off. That has always been my main complaint with the show: letting people decide who have little to no experience with dance or what quality dance looks like.

Colbert: Trump is a liar

Granted, that is a statement of the obvious. Colbert goes on to provide video evidence of Trump being the leader of the birther movement for years. Of course, we know evidence is moot for Trump voters, so hopefully this sort of thing reaches the remaining voters with at least half a brain.

The ever tightening Presidential race

According to 538 today Clinton's chances of winning are now down to 57%. In FL her chance is down to 45%, and FL is the most significant tipping point in the US. In the polling aggregate she is now leading by a mere 1.5% nationally. And this against a fucking fascist! That's how bad of a candidate Clinton is, to be virtually tied with this monster. Great job DNC and Democratic Party.

A large part of this is Clinton's abysmal approval among Millennials, the largest voting block. She is not addressing their issues like Sanders did and it could very well cost her the election. Instead of courting them Clinton denigrates them as callow, idealistic and naive when in fact they are mostly educated and more well-informed that Clinton's older constituency. They are well aware of Clinton's history and that is why they don't care for her.

Olbermann on Trump's assassination dog whistle

I'm so glad Olbermann is back in the media with his no-holds barred commentary. This is exactly what progressive candidates need. Trump proves that this sort of authentic emotionally impactful rhetoric is what gets through to people. Only in Trump's case it's based on lies, hate and bigotry. Progressives need to keep their integrity to truth and authenticity while using the sort of emotionally charged rhetoric of an Olbermann to win over we the people. Sanders has it. Warren has it. And Clinton needs to get it pronto. Just having them as surrogates is not enough Clinton; you must do it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Warren questions Wells Fargo CEO

Too bad Warren is not the Democratic nominee for President. She wants to rightly know why he is not taking any responsibility for how his workers created false accounts and moved around client money into them without client knowledge. The workers claimed they had outrageous quotas to meet or lose their jobs. And yet the CEO claims no responsibility for the corporate culture that creates such quotas under pressure of unemployment. That's exactly where corporate culture comes from, the CEO and Board, making impossible quotas to further enrich themselves while putting the fear of starvation into their workers.

This is exactly why I retired early from my insurance underwriting job. The owners of the company, a hedge fund subsidiary, wanted rapid growth at any cost so that they could sell off the company while its numbers still looked good. As a senior underwriter I was pressured time and again to write business I knew was bad and would cost claim losses down the line. The heads of underwriting and claims both left the company before me because of this. Things then only progressed for the worse so I left shortly afterward.

Clinton on the issues

For those who can't see past their Bernie or bust fixation, there are significant differences between her and Trump. See her statements on the issues. She supports an increased minimum wage, free college education, a tax system where the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share, equal rights for LBGT, expanded social security, labor rights and unions, rebuilding infrastructure, universal and affordable healthcare, voting rights for all, Wall Street reform, climate change action, and much more. You won't get anything like this from Trump and certainly not from the Republicons.

Meyers provides ample evidence of Trump's birtherism

In this Closer Look Meyers provides numerous Trump clips and tweets that he was perpetuating the birther nonsense all along, contrary to Trump and his lying spokespeople. I guess the Trumpeters realize that his followers don't read tweets or watch YouTube or keep informed generally, so they can get away with the plethora of evidence that contradict all the lies. And those few that actually do keep up with media in their paranoia think it's all fabricated by the opposition.

Banana Brain

Die Antwoord on Kimmel last night.

What's actually draining our budget

And it ain't food stamps. So next time regressives complain about those lazy welfare recipients show them this graph of the facts. Not that it will register in their pea brains.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Why Kaepernick is protesting

See this story and video below of yet another unarmed black man shot dead for no reason. I've lost count how many similar stories we've witnessed in the past few years. This is typical in America these days and there's no legitimate reason for it. So as long as this continues, with the usually white police officers getting off with no charges, it is ample reason for Kaerpernick and a growing contingent to protest the national anthem, as it represents exactly this sort of injustice for blacks.

Jesse Ventura salutes Kaepernick

Ventura gets it right about what does and does not constitute patriotism.

Borowitz on Trump's economic 'plan'

I realize that calling it a plan is ludicrous. Borowitz nails it again by noting if you're rich to begin with then no worries. But that's the only way Trump's 'plan' works and for whom. Borowitz:

DETROIT (The Borowitz Report)—At a speech in Detroit on Monday, the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, spelled out the details of his economic plan, which calls for every American to inherit millions of dollars from his or her father.

“There are people at my rallies, desperate people, desperate because they want jobs,” he told his luncheon audience at the Detroit Economic Club. “Once they inherit millions from their father, they will never want a job again.”

Using an anecdote to show how his economic plan would work, Trump explained, “A man with zero dollars who inherited forty million dollars from his father would become forty million dollars wealthier.”

“We are going to make America rich again,” he said.

Network the movie becomes reality

Thirty years ago it was a satire, now it's a reality. In order to boost flagging ratings a news network decides to encourage the newly insane ravings of its disturbed news anchor when it discovers its ratings shooting up. They then intentionally plan to create an entire news program based on extremely questionable segments because they will appeal to their audience who has been inculcated with sensational entertainment. It's a harbinger of what the media has now become, not covering boring news or political issues but just latching on to Trump because his daily sensational and lunatic ravings get people to watch for pure entertainment.

Robert Reich's mesage on this election

This is a very important message, especially for you Bernie or busters who would rather elect Donald Trump by voting third party than for Clinton. His message from this FB post:

Can we have a word? I continue to hear from many of you who say you won’t vote for Hillary Clinton because, you claim, (1) she’s no better than Donald Trump, or (2) even if she’s better, she’s still corrupt, and you refuse to vote for the “lesser of two evils,” or (3) you don’t want to reward the Democratic Party for corrupt primaries that gave the nomination to Hillary instead of Bernie Sanders.
Please allow me to respond.

(1) Anyone who equates Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton hasn’t been paying attention. Trump is a dangerous, bigoted, narcissistic megalomaniac with fascist tendencies who could wreak huge damage on America and the world. Hillary isn’t perfect but she’s able and experienced. There is simply no comparison.

(2) Even if you see Hillary Clinton as the “lesser of two evils,” the greater of two evils in this case (if you see the choice in these terms) is seriously evil. You've probably had occasion in the past to vote for someone who doesn’t meet your ideals, when the alternative is someone who falls much further from those ideals. This doesn’t mean you've sold out or compromised your principles. You've just been realistic and practical. Realism and practicality are critically important now.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trump the simian chest thumper

Jane Goodall, simian anthropologist, says Trump behaves like a dominant chimp with all his bluster. And of course his followers, impressed by these displays, cower under his authoritarian chest pounding. It really isn't hard to see Trump and his followers as devolved from the human race back down to simians.

Shepard Smith of Fox News speaks truth to Trump

I know, hard to believe coming from this source. One wonders how much longer Fox will tolerate such factual truth on their network. Smith is to be lauded for noting that Trump's revelation about Obama's legitimate citizenship was couched in an 8-minute long free commercial for his new DC hotel. And that Trump's claim Clinton started the birther conspiracy has no basis in fact. And that Trump ignored his lengthy birther conspiracy to begin with. It's just one more instance of Trump playing the media for his own purposes with the media eating it up for ratings. You know the circus is getting old when even someone on Fox admits it.

How Trump's followers also influence him

Yes, Trump is a wholehearted bigot, racist and on and on. But he not only incites this in his followers but they influence him as well according to this article. There is no doubt that many of his followers (half, more or less) are the self same bigots and racists (and on and on). And Trump even admitted that when his rallies get boring, likely when he rarely talks policy which is over his dim-witted audience, he responds by ratcheting up the racist talk again. His audience influence him as much as he attracts them in a deplorable feedback loop of hate.

Make (everywhere else but) America great again

So he opens a new luxury hotel in DC. This article points out that most of the stuff therein was made in China or other countries, not the US. So this is how you make America great again? By not buying American products make by Americans so as to stimulate our economy? Trump will make something great again, but it won't be America.

Lunatic Trump strikes again

So he finally admitted President Obama was born in the US. This after years of claiming just the opposite with absolutely no proof. But wait. Of course he couldn't make this admission without some more of his insane paranoia. He also claimed that it was Hillary Clinton that started the birther nonsense in the first place. You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe anything that comes out of this man's mouth, or more likely his 'wherever.'

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trump jokes about Clinton assassination yet again

Yep, he did it again in this story. He maintains the fantastic, deranged lie that Clinton wants to do away with the Second Amendment just because she recommends a few reasonable reforms. And in that frenzied, paranoid state devoid of reality he then suggests that Clinton's secret service disarm so that we can see what happens. The man is an outright lunatic, but then again, so are his deplorable followers. Even the many Republican leaders who support him know what he says is deplorable, but for them it's Party above people so they not only keep their mouths shut but find ways to rationalize this sort of paranoid delusions.

Will Clinton be any different on DOJ corruption?

Following up on this post, Hartmann and Papantonio discuss Warren's letter to the DOJ on lack of prosecution for Wall Street criminals. Do they really think if Clinton is President her Attorney General will go after them? Does Warren really believe that? I can't believe any of them are that naive, so why are they not also exploring Clinton on this?

Kerry Washington on the issues & the media

Washington hits the nail on the head when she talks about the media being corrupted. Their only interest is in following the bully shouting louder than everyone else rather than focusing on the issues, which used to be their job. She rebuts Conway who said Clinton doesn't talk about the issues. But Washington said she knows spin when she hears it. It's not that Clinton doesn't discuss the issues but the media just won't cover it when she does because they're all about following the sensational bully who makes headlines. If they actually covered the issues Clinton clearly wins the votes. Since they don't that's exactly why Trump is surging in the polls.

Maher interviews Conway

Conway is Trump's spokesperson. Every time Maher confronted her with Trump's lies she redirects attention away from answering to attacks on Clinton. She is good at what she does, but as Maher noted, she is enabling a lying, racist, misogynist, xeneophobe (and on and on) deplorable who has no grasp of reality. She has sold her soul to the devil for a YUUUUGE piece of the pie.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fun and games with fascism

See this article on Trump's appearance on the Tonight Show last night. Fallon could have at least asked some political questions and raised some of Trump's statements and issues. Instead it was all fun and games with fascism, thereby inoculating it. Good job Jimmy.

Trump and the media circus

It's almost as if major media wants Trump to win. They continue to provide free coverage for him just because he's always controversial, it draws viewers and sells ads. It's good for their pocket book but horrific for the country. If Trump were President then the reality show would continue to generate even more profits for the media moguls. It's obvious where their priorities lie, and it's not with we the people.

Hartmann on Trump's tax plan

Which will eliminate the FDA so no more safe or affordable drugs. He'd eliminate the EPA, so pollution and climate change accelerate at unprecedented rates. He'd eliminate the USDA so there goes food safety. Sure, private industry can police itself? Great plan Trump.

The Guardian exposes Governor Walker & the WI Supreme Court

In the clip below a reporter from The Guardian discusses how leaked documents prove that Walker indeed obtained illegal donations laundered through third party dark money groups. Wisconsin (WI) prosecutors uncovered the emails and wanted to move forward with legal action but the WI Supreme Court not only said that there was no case but ordered the documents to be destroyed. The Guardian received a copy of the documents that not only show Walker's corruption but that of at least one of the Supreme Court justices, who himself also received the same dark money and wanted to destroy the evidence. When will voters learn that this is what you will always get with Republicans (and corporate Democrats too).

Sanders on Morning Joe

He reiterates that we need to focus on the issues. He recognizes that people are hurting in this country and Trump at least superficially appeals to them because of his bombastic rhetoric. But when we look behind Oz's curtain we see a man who doesn't acknowledge climate change. In terms of jobs, he either sends his work overseas of for job in the US he uses foreign workers with low pay and no benefits. In terms of causes for our economic situation, it's those foreigners who are the problem. On tax policy he wants to give further tax breaks to the rich and corporations, a proven failed policy. He wants to eliminate Obamacare, throwing millions off insurance again and letting the insurance companies return to their greedy ways.

When compared with Clinton's proposals, which will actually address people's pain like: raising the minimum wage, debt-free college, creating a more equitable tax code that makes everyone pay their fair share, expanding on Obamacare and social security, and putting reasonable regulations on the big banks and corporations, there really is no comparison.

Sanders on the race and the issues

He's right that the media has long given up on discussing the issues, instead focusing on personalities and scandals in an Idiocracy infotainment complex. But Sanders encourages us to look at the issues that affect our lives instead of why you might dislike Clinton. And on the issues she beats Trump hands down by any reasonable standard. I know, reasonable standard is a high bar that the deplorables just can't reach. But for us progressives we should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Olbermann: they're all deplorable

It seems that even Republicans with any brains cannot deny that indeed some of Trump's supporters are deplorable. The ruckus is about just how many are, not that they are. Olbermann disagrees with Clinton that it's just half; they're all deplorable.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Warren: Trump runs Airbnb for dictators

In light of the Newsweek expose on Trump's foreign dealings, the good Senator wonders if his tax return wouldn't reveal all of the issues raised in the expose. It seems so, which is why Trump won't release them claiming he's under audit. Yet recently a reporter asked a Trump advocate to provide proof that he's under audit. The advocate was flabbergasted and attacked the questioner instead of answering the question.

Warren proposed the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, which would require candidates to release their tax returns. Every candidate in the past 9 elections has done it and it is necessary to see exactly the kinds of national security conflicts of interest that might arise from the very kind of foreign dealings in which Trump is engaged. Somehow I'm guessing the regressive oligarchic representatives (whores) will not approve.

Higher minimum wages create jobs

Inconvenient facts for regressive representatives (whores) and their oligarchic (whore) masters.

10 Ways to Accelerate the Peer-to-Peer and Commons Economy

This is an article by Michel Bauwens on the topic. I've included the bullet points below. See the article for the details.

1. Practice open business models based on shared knowledge

2. Practice Open Cooperativism

3. Practice open value or contributory accounting

4. Insure fair distribution and benefit-sharing through CopyFair licensing

5. Practice solidarity and mitigate the risks of work and life through “commonfare” practices

Reich on Trump's economic plan

From his FB post, commenting on the Wall Street Journal report. It would explode the deficit because it would continue to give tax breaks to the rich and corporations. Meanwhile it would expand spending on the military. He cut off trade agreements to isolate the US. He's scrap environmental and safety regulations. And he couldn't bring manufacturing back to the US as promised. To use one of the Stump's own best words, it would be a disaster.

Grace VanderWaal wins AGT

Here's the song that made her famous on YouTube. Yes, she's talented but a Las Vegas show and $1 million at 12? I don't see how this sort of fame and fortune isn't going to corrupt this girl. Of course, dimwit American fans don't consider such things when they vote on the show. And quite frankly, she was far from the best act this season. Maybe in 4 or 5 years if she gets a lot of polish and training. As it is now, she'll get that polish all right but also a lot of media and recording execs taking advantage of her and ruining her life for their own profit.

Clinton continues to plummet in the polls

See 538's data today. Clinton is down to just a 63% chance of winning. Florida has the highest chance of tipping the election and it's a dead heat. Ohio is another key state and Trump has a 55% chance of taking it. Trump also has a 53% chance of taking North Carolina. This is astounding, that the race is now this close with a deplorable reality tv star. It says a lot about how bad a candidate Clinton is, but that's what the DNC wanted regardless of the people's wishes. I know, the majority of Dems voted for Clinton, but mostly due to DNC and media interference most that ignorant Dem voters didn't even know who Sanders was.

Warren on the wake of the financial crisis

Here's Senator Warren's FB post. She notes therein that after the crisis the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) was formed to determine the causes of the crash. The FCIC recommended to the Department of Justice (DOJ) that 9 individuals and 14 corporations be criminally prosecuted, but not one of them were. So she sent a letter to the DOJ inspector general to investigate why no one was criminally prosecuted. She also asked the FBI Director to investigate the DOJ on this. And she's right, we should know the real reasons behind this travesty of justice.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trump must answer these questions on foreign ties

See the Newsweek story on Trump's business ties to foreign governments that could be serious national security conflicts of interest were he President. So Clinton took to Twitter to ask Trump 20 questions related to the story, below. These are questions that must be asked in the debates, but somehow I'm guessing the moderators won't. Therefore Clinton herself will have to go on the attack with them. I've included the first 10 questions below; see this article for the rest.

1. Will you sever ties with your company linked to foreign leaders, questionable organizations, and criminals if you become president?— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 14, 2016 

2. How will you handle non-cancelable contractual obligations with parties whose interests conflict with those of the United States?— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 14, 2016 

3. While refusing to release your tax returns, how will you confirm that you do not have dangerous financial ties to bad actors abroad?— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 14, 2016

4. If you were willing to work with Qaddafi—a known terrorist and dictator—is there anyone you aren't willing to make a deal with? Who?— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 14, 2016

5. How can you be tough on Iran, given your business partnership with someone connected to Iranian money laundering?— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 14, 2016

Olbermann on Trump

In this clip he provides 176 reasons to not vote for Trump. Yes, reasons. The deplorables obviously don't qualify. While most media outlets can't keep up with Trumps numerous lies and faults because there are so many on a daily basis, Olbermann runs though the gamut.

Armed patriot 'logic'

Trump's white supremacist support

In this video Maddow reports on the white supremacists who recently had a meeting in support of Trump. So let's hear the outrage about that lamestream media.

Corporate tax deserters

Reich's quick video below explains why US corporations that move overseas to avoid paying taxes should be denied the benefits of US citizenship. Agreed. If they don't want to contribute to all the benefits that tax dollars provide then they shouldn't get those benefits. A no brainer, really. Oh, I forgot for a second that Trump and his deplorables don't have brains...

Trump is the leader of the deplorables

Trump responded to Clinton's remark about half of his followers being deplorables. Polls of course showed that it was a factual statement. So Trump came out with an ad that said "You can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion of its citizens." Clinton responds with the following ad, showing Trump's low opinion of its citizens. Funny though how the media relatively neglects the several  bigoted statements he made while blowing up Clinton's accurate statement. What is frightening is that this race is getting tighter exactly because there are so many deplorables in the US that Trump is inciting to action.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Whose revolution?

Here's Humanist Report on's admission that they will indeed take billionaire money. And that they will disclose those donations. This after Mrs. Sanders originally said that it will only take small donations like Sanders' Presidential campaign. So Sanders' campaign prided itself on not taking billionaire money specifically because it would corrupt the campaign. And now we're to believe that even if disclosed, billionaire contributions will not compromise the organization? Sorry, not buying it.

Bhaskar's and Wilber's metaphysical nonduality

Continuing from this post, to further comment on the Bhaskar quote on p. 212 of Meta-Reality, he goes further and equates this state of consciousness not only as the non-dual ground of all other states but is "derived from the cosmic envelope, the ground state of the universe." Yes, this is in keeping with Wilber and the shentong Buddhists, but it certainly does fall prey to the metaphysics of presence and conflating epistemology with ontology, the epistemic fallacy by another name. Interestingly, in the footnote he equates this non-dual state with akasha, a Hindu holdover carried into shentog Tibetan notions of alayavijnana with the same implications (The Two Truths Debate, p. 118).

Laurie & Val

Fresh off the summer Olympics Laurie Hernandez is paired with Val on DWTS. And her first performance got the highest score of the evening. Yes, she was a bit green and made some minor mistakes, but her talent is translating well to the dance floor. When she gets more polished throughout the season she is going to be certainly in contention for the mirror ball.

Expand, not cut, social security

This clip lays bare the conservative lies about social security as being a mismanaged government program that is running out of money and therefore needs to be privatized. To the contrary, just as it is the program can pay full benefits to 2034. And if those making over $118,500 we required to pay into social security at the same rate as the first $118,500 of their income there would be enough to fund the program indefinitely. As it is there are no further contributions after the first $118,500.

With everyone paying their fair share we could well afford to expand the benefits so that our hard-working retirees could actually have a comfortable living rather than having to struggle to make ends meet. But therein lies the rub, for struggling people don't have the time or energy to fight a inequitable system that funnels most of the wealth to the few and fucks the rest of us. The 1% are just fine with hard-working retirees starving to death. It's up to we the people to vote out the l%'s government lackeys if we want to retire in our well-deserved dignity.

Edwards makes some questionable connections and erroneous assumptions

Continuing from this post, Edwards makes some questionable connections and some erroneous assumptions. He equates the three forms of theory—empirical, mid-range and the meta-level—with Bhaskar's tripartite model of the empirical, the actual and the real. However the connection of false demi-reality with the empirical realm is questionable, as if the empirical is itself false. Granted it can be false if it is approached with a reductionistic ideology like scientific materialism, but that isn't the material world's fault. The ideology is what reduces it to an either/or dualistic conception, and in that sense it is indeed a meta-theory's investigation into those mistaken theoretical assumptions of a demi-reality. As it is though, it makes the material world out to be demi-reality and that is itself an prime example of the sort of demi-real dualism it purports to address.

Monday, September 12, 2016

The I and the me of meta-awareness

Following up on this post and video, Thompson said around 17:00:

"The apparently inward-looking mental capacities of metacognition and meta-awareness (both cognitive constituents of mindfulness) are internalized forms of social cognition, dependent on being able to share intentions, imitate others and share attention."

Habermas said  in the Mead chapter of Postmetaphysical Thinking:

 "[I]ndividuation is pictured not as the self realization of an independently acting subject carried out in isolation and freedom but as a linguistically mediated process of socialization and the simultaneous constitution of a life history that is conscious of itself" (152-3).

In my words, even the process of meta-awareness that we suppose is an individual achievement of meditation was preceded by how individuality is first enacted via socialization and language. That social process of self-reflective ego formation is indeed this meta-aware watcher (I) watching itself (me).

Jamelle Bouie calls out media framing of Clinton's gaff

Specifically on Clinton's statement that nearly half of Trump's supporters are racist. The media tries to spin it that Clinton made a gaff and that it's poor strategy, but they don't ask the one question the media is supposed to ask: Is it true? And yes, it is true, and the media is no longer a reporter of facts.

Calls for Cthulhu

And oldie but goodie from one of my favorite archetypes.

Warren on investor state dispute settlement

Aka ISDS. In this video she discusses how it is in all our trade agreements, including the upcoming TPP. Basically it allows corporations to sue countries if any of their laws interfere with their projected future profits. And it is adjudicated not by a court in the defendant country but by a tribunal of corporate lackeys with vested interests. And that's free trade? WTF.

So when Clinton is politically incorrect that's not ok?

All of Trump's bluster about claiming liberals are being politically correct if they accuse him of racism and bigotry doesn't hold water if those charges are actually true. And there's plenty of evidence to that fact, most recently in Clinton being criticized for saying nearly half of his followers are also racist and bigoted. First off, it's a politically incorrect thing to say by Trump's own standards, so you'd think that would count for points. But secondly, what she said turns out to be true from polls. So this is exactly the kind of debate we should be having, that it's proper to call out facts about Trump and his followers displaying these odious qualities. Whereas Trump's claims are so full of lies the media can't keep up with them. His followers like it when he is 'authentic' despite no facts to back it up but they cringe when Clinton does it with the truth.

So black protesters are not patriotic?

Maybe if you're so ignorant and privileged you can't see the forest for the trees.

Sanders chooses Clinton over Canova

In the clip below The Humanist Report (HR) criticized Sanders for abandoning Canova's bid to usurp the Democratic nomination from Wasserman-Schultz (WS) in FL. Sanders was asked about it on Meet the Press and dodged the question completely. HR wonders why Sanders chose instead to campaign for the establishment Dem Clinton and abandon the Canova challenge, since the latter was a key race that represented the exact values and policies Sanders espoused. And WS was exactly the type of corporate Dem that Sanders campaign has been fighting against all along. So WTF gives Sanders?

Hartmann pulls a Matt Lauer on Our Revolution

In this clip Hartmann interviews Shannon Jackson, the executive director of Our Revolution. No questions about the big shake up of employees who left over keeping Weaver to run the show. Or about the status of a 401(c)(4) organization, the type typically used by the Kochs etc. to funnel dark money. Thom pulled a Matt Lauer on this one.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Court blocks voter ID laws

It's about time courts are doing this. See this story. The DC Court of Appeals blocked voter ID laws in AL, GA and KS because such laws are unduly discriminatory against minorities. Voter fraud is the fraud and the real intent of such laws is being recognized by the courts.

Other NFL players joining Kaepernick

See this story. Other players are kneeling during the national anthem, as some teams are joining arms to show support for the sentiment. I'm glad this is catching on to protest not only the abuse of black people in America but also to protest the conservative political correctness that demands one stand for the anthem or they are not a patriot.

Healing the Half World by Mark Edwards

It is his contributing chapter in Metatheory for the 21st Century.

Bhaskar's distinction between dualistic demi-reality and realistic duality reminds me quite a bit of the real/false reason distinction in that IPS thread. The exploration of which is indeed a metatheoretical endeavor.

Also of note in the article is how Bhaskar's tripartite description of absolute/relative relations is better than Wilber's bipartite model. Metatheoretical social science would work through Bhaskar's middle layer of realistic duality to achieve emancipations, whereas Wilber's bipartite descriptions only sees how the relative is illusion and hence misses out on effective, relative practices of emancipation (92), instead focusing on individual, internal consciousness practices (94).

A complete fantasy

Never to be seen in practice.

Why Trump admires Putin

See this Reich FB post. Trump admires Putin because both are authoritarian dictators. And that has nothing to do with the kind of leadership necessary to running a democracy. The latter requires the sharing of power cooperatively with others and being a servant of the people. Putin and Trump both shun such pansy-ass qualities and are sure they know what is right for everyone. So do we want Trump to run our government and turn it into a Reich of another kind?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Reich on corporate tax dodgers

He makes a great case that if corporations want to desert America to avoid taxes then they should no longer be considered American, without those rights inherent to such a status. If they don't want to pay into the system then they should not get the benefits of it. If we had the guts to enact these policies you'd see them come screaming back to mama with the tax money.

Steps to an Embodied Cognitive Science of Mindfulness

In this talk Thompson criticizes reducing mindfulness to the brain, even though the latter is involved. He frames mindfulness in the 4E construct: embodied, embedded, extended, enactive.

Jordan & Kellese

Here's their performance at Desert City Swing. Nice musicality.

Colbert on Trump's FL scandal

Funny how the lamestream media won't come close to this story. Unlike many others, the FL Attorney General refused to investigate Trump University after she received a $25,000 donation from Trump. As a reward Trump held a fundraiser for her as well. Trump replied that he would never engage in such corruption, upon which Colbert provided video of Trump boldly admitting to a pattern of just such behavior.

Some things have evolved, others not so much

A closer look at Trump's ISIS plan

People of any intelligence can't help but mock Trump on his idiocy, so Meyers piles on too with his inimitable style and wit. That Trump is getting so much support just reinforces that the movie Idiocracy has become reality.

Polls on Trump voters

Them's the facts. It's not just innuendo and hyperbole that a good deal of Trump's supporters are racist, bigoted and xenophobic. This article shows the polls on several of these issues. I know, facts don't matter to Trump voters, but they might to the rest of us. And hopefully there's more people that appreciate facts to defeat this megalomaniac disaster.

Another indication Clinton isn't progressive

She talked progressive to win the nomination, but since then she's all about winning over Republicans that hate Trump. Now she ignores the progressive wing of her Party and we don't hear that kind of rhetoric anymore because, as we all knew, it was just talk. She is Republican lite and even if she wins this election she and the Dem Party has lost the progressive wing and they'll never get us back.

Dealing with Trump

In this Reich FB post he explains Trump's appeal as being a strong man in control. But underneath this is really a weak little boy seeking the approval of his daddy and other authority figures. And this is the key to exposing him in the debates. I hope Clinton is listening.

Friday, September 9, 2016

The purposes of metatheory

Following up on this post, and the previous post linked therein, in that light I provide Stein's reflection on the purposes of metatheory in Metatheory for the 21st Century, wherein he sees metatheory as indicative of postformal operations that

"traffic in constructs that lead beyond both nature and humanity; they provide languages designed to recreate humanity’s understanding of itself. This is discussed below as the normative function of meta-theoretical endeavors. Meta-theory has inherited from philosophy the function of providing for humanity’s languages of self-transformation—which is the task of leading humanity beyond itself by re-articulating a shared vision of human nature and the nature of the universe" (7).

Obama thinks climate change is terrifying so what about the TPP?

See the NY Times interview excerpt below. If true then why Mr. President are you pushing the TPP, which gives corporations the right to sue the US for climate change legislation if it interferes with their profits? And the matter is decided by a corporate panel of people engaged in contributing to climate change outside of US laws? I'd really like an answer Mr. President.

Clinton dropping in the polls

And not just nationally but in swing states too.  See this 538 article. Granted Clinton is a lousy candidate, but Trump is a disaster, to use one of his best words. So what the fuck are people thinking?

Gluten intolerance

See this article, which shows that the number of people with actual celiac disease is dwarfed by the number of people who prescribe to gluten-free hysteria. Which of course reminds me of this video on gluten intolerance.

Colbert on Trump's imaginary ISIS plan

If anyone believes Trump on this, or on anything really, they seriously need to seek professional help. The issue of Trump's imaginary plan is around 1:50 in this video. The rest of the clip is on Lauer's disgraceful moderation for not calling Trump on his absurdities. Yes, that is the job of journalists.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Seattle Seahawks join Kaepernick

Following up on this post, the entire Seattle Seahawks team will join Kaepernick in protest by sitting out the national anthem in their season opener on Sunday. This is good, patriotic Americans exercising their right to free expression. God bless them and God bless America.

President Obama on Trump last night

The President still rightly thinks Trump is just not qualified for the job. He criticizes how the media is grading Trump on a curve when it's obvious he is not prepared whatsoever. This should be obvious based on what Trump says but he is just not held to the high standard required of this office.

Trump held to a lower standard

Morning Joe comments on last night's Commander in Chief forum. Trump speaks in generalities and is not pressed on specifics. Whereas Clinton is grilled on specifics and like her or not, she holds her own and provides those specifics. How anyone in their right mind can think Trump is prepared for this job requires that said persons are not in their right mind.

Jayna Brown

My second favorite act Tuesday night on AGT and surprisingly she did not make it into the finals.

Sofie Dossi

She was my favorite performance on the Tuesday night semi-finals on AGT and she made it to the finals last night. Extraordinary skills, breathtaking.

Reich on Trump's performance @ Commander in Chief forum

How Trump is leading in polls among the military is mind-boggling given his complete ignorance on the topic. While Clinton, like her or not, has extensive experience on the topic. Quoting Reich's FB post below:

Of many oddities last night in Donald Trump’s handling of questions over how he’d function as commander-in-chief, during NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief Forum” last night, 4 stand out:

1. Instead of explaining his previous comment that he knew more about the Islamic State than America's generals, he instead disparaged those generals by saying they'd been "reduced to rubble." Then he suggested his plan to defeat the Islamic State — long something he said was a secret — would instead be formulated with help from top generals. Then he casually indicated he might just fire most of the generals anyway.

2. Trump returned to the old idea that America should have taken Iraq's oil after ousting Saddam Hussein, in violation of international law. He once suggested this should have happened to provide revenue to wounded soldiers; now he argues it would have blocked the rise of the Islamic State (or ISIS, as he calls the group). He also said he had always been against the Iraq War, when in fact he’s on record in the past as supporting it.

Scant coverage of Trump's transgressions

Clinton's emails are daily coverage. She was grilled about them in last nights Commander in Chief forum. Yet not one question about any of Trump's scandals, of which there are several. See this article for a partial list, some copied below.

  • Trump’s casino bankruptcies, which left investors holding the bag while he skedaddled with their money
  • Trump’s habit of refusing to pay contractors who had done work for him, many of whom are struggling small businesses
  • Trump University, which includes not only the people who got scammed and the Florida investigation, but also a similar story from Texas where the investigation into Trump U was quashed.
  • The Trump Institute, another get-rich-quick scheme in which Trump allowed a couple of grifters to use his name to bilk people out of their money

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hartmann on Gary Johnsonm, who ain't no how no way Sanders

Following up on this post, Hartmann rips Johnson, who wants no minimum wage, no federal healthcare, no gun control, no corporate taxes, no public schools, no net neutrality, but he loves Citizens United. This is basically the Koch brothers agenda. So how on earth can former Sanders supporters go for Johnson unless they are un- or misinformed?

Bonnie on maps and methods

Following up on this post, I really appreciate Bonnitta's comments in this FB thread, highly relevant to to my previous post. I'm going to copy and paste them below. I say amen sister.

 "I like it [the map] if it is used as a tool to shift the conversation from 'here is what your organization looks like from this narrative' -- the assessment part, to 'what's actually going on in the lived experience of people in their everyday ordinary interactions.' I like the chart if it is employed as an aspirational tool -- look we can move in different directions-- but it is problematic if we try to use it as a transformational tool. Here is why.

"When we create maps that become conceptual objects for mind, people automatically latch onto the map instead of the territory. We displace people's attention from their actual experiences, to a generalized formulation. This means we push the responsibility up to a level of abstraction that enables us to avoid the hard work in real life. In other words, a map like this inevitably sets up an alternative game in organizations -- that game is moving your assessment up the map.

"This is the same problem we see in developmental studies from which the colors are borrowed. People have an innate genius for prioritizing the games that matter. In developmental studies we find that a kind of languge-game instinct allows people to game the signifiers such that it gets harder and harder to distinguish authentic results from pretended results.