Friday, September 16, 2016

Sanders on Morning Joe

He reiterates that we need to focus on the issues. He recognizes that people are hurting in this country and Trump at least superficially appeals to them because of his bombastic rhetoric. But when we look behind Oz's curtain we see a man who doesn't acknowledge climate change. In terms of jobs, he either sends his work overseas of for job in the US he uses foreign workers with low pay and no benefits. In terms of causes for our economic situation, it's those foreigners who are the problem. On tax policy he wants to give further tax breaks to the rich and corporations, a proven failed policy. He wants to eliminate Obamacare, throwing millions off insurance again and letting the insurance companies return to their greedy ways.

When compared with Clinton's proposals, which will actually address people's pain like: raising the minimum wage, debt-free college, creating a more equitable tax code that makes everyone pay their fair share, expanding on Obamacare and social security, and putting reasonable regulations on the big banks and corporations, there really is no comparison.

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