Monday, October 31, 2016

Truly horrifying Halloween costumes

Reid's brilliant letter to Comey

Democratic Senate leader Reid sent a letter to FBI Director Comey accusing him of violating The Hatch Act, which prohibits employees of the Executive Branch in the US from engaging in political activities. Reid also said that Comey is privy to information on Trump's ties to Russia but did not issue a public statement on that, supporting his political motivation releasing a statement on new emails. Reid's letter thus forces Comey to either accept he has such knowledge of Trump's Russian associations or admit that if he did so he would be violating The Hatch Act. Rock and a hard place.

Yet another success story contrary to GOP trickle down BS

See this article on the success of the Minnesota economy when it taxed the rich, raised the minimum wage and increased jobs. It now has the 5th lowest unemployment rate and the 5th fastest growing economy in the US. Just one more example of dozens where States choose this course with success, while States that continue the trickle-down canard continue to fail miserably.

Petition Clinton to oppose the Dakota Pipeline

See the petition here. Clinton finally came out with a statement on the controversy which said basically nothing. Not surprisingly, as we knew all along she really supports pipelines such as this. It's up to us to hold her to her so-called progressive promises during this campaign. She needs to hear from us in the millions or her true colors will be implemented. Please send her a message with this petition.

If only we could just get along?

This Time story is correct in its diagnosis but wrong in it's conclusion. It correctly notes that the Republican strategy has been to burn down government completely with obstruction in order to make millions suffer the consequences. That included burning down everything about President Obama. Trump is just the transparent result of all that. Ironically those that voted for Trump, rightfully distrustful of government thanks to Republican strategy, think he'll fix it when he is in fact the result of that system and will maintain it.

Time thinks that if Trump is disgraced in a landslide that this will force the Republicans to come to their seneses and return to a reasonable opposition Party.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dana Perino of Fox cannot tell a lie

Then the logical question is: What the hell is she doing at Fox, known for its lying spin? Nevertheless, she tells O'Reilly that her job is not to be a cheerleader and to face the facts in the polls, which are accurate. I'm enjoying that some of the Fox women, like her and Kelly, are actually reporting on the news instead of slanting it to meet the Fox narrative. Maybe they're auditioning for a real news job after leaving Fox?

FBI Director's revelation politically motivated

See this article. Last Friday the FBI director Comey sent a letter to Congress saying they found more emails "potentially pertinent" to the Clinton email investigation. And yet at that time, and as of Saturday night, the FBI had yet to produce the required search warrant to read any of the mails. So how the fuck could Comey say these emails were "potentially pertinent" when he in fact had zero idea of what was in them? The release of Comey's letter was also in violation of a strict Justice Dept. policy to not release information relevant to an investigation before an election because it gives the strong appearance of interfering with said election. It seems obvious that Comey's sole intent was to do that very thing.

In Waves

Reminds me a bit of Hiroshima. Such harmonious virtuosity.

We are not a Christian nation

So fuck the obsession with wishing everyone a politically correct Merry Christmas. Religious freedom is in the Constitution for all you supposed Constitutional purists. And just because the majority of people in the US might be Christian is no reason to impose their religion on everyone else as if Christmas is the only holiday worthy of respect during the end of the year. This is America, damn it, and by law we honor all religious traditions. And yes, that includes Islam for you Trumpish xenophobes.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Wile E. Coyote gets foiled again

Roadrunner has led him into a pumpkin this time. Happy Halloween.


I may be inexperienced but I've never seen a six-string bass before. And that can be played with not just bass riffs but with guitar-like melodies and chords. Am I naive? From the Wikipedia article on the 6-string bass: 

"The upper strings of an extended-range bass allow bassists to adopt playing styles of the electric guitar. One such style is the practice of 'comping', or playing a rhythmic chordal accompaniment to an improvised lead. The increased polyphony of extended-range basses allows for voicings of five or more notes, as well as wider voicings such as 'drop 3', 'drop 2+4' and 'spreads.' Walking a bassline and comping at the same time is also possible, which is useful in jazz combos lacking a chordal instrument, or in accompaniment of a chordal instrument during their lead portion."

Through the eyes of conservative white guys

Sanders letter to Obama on the Dakota Access Pipeline

Following up on the last post, Sanders is active in support of the protesters. See his news release here on the letter he sent. He calls for the President to intervene by sending Justice Dept. observers, remove the National Guard, and stop construction while completing environmental and cultural impact studies. Just maybe Weiner's dick pics could get the protest some attention.

Media priorities

If this is what we need to get media coverage on this important issue:

Sanders is NOT a Clinton pushover

Unfortunately a few Sanders supporters think he's sold his soul because he's supporting Clinton over Trump. Hence they refuse to support Sanders anymore, including his new group designed to implement the issues he supported during his campaign. He also recently came out saying he will continue to push legislation to enact those issues, as well as challenge if Clinton puts up corporatists for Cabinet or Court positions. He's still the same Sanders and will continue to fight for us. Hopefully some of those former Bernie supporters will join back up with our movement, which is still there, instead of trying to burn down the entire system like Trump and his basketears.

The danger of false equivalency

Maher's new rule elaborates on this typical Republican strategy.

Uber drivers in UK get employee status

See this story. Two Uber drivers claimed they should be seen as employees, not independent contractors. And this UK employment tribunal agreed. They found Uber's case absurd on its face, recognizing it was just twisted logic to get out of treating their workers as the employees they are. Hopefully this case will reverberate throughout the world and companies like Uber will be seen as the greedy and abusive overlords they are.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Michael Moore talks with Megyn Kelly

On his new movie below. They first address an excerpt of Moore's new movie Trumpland, which conservatives are posting all over YouTube. It explains why people are voting for Trump because they feel left out by the current system and Trump represents destroying that system. But what the conservatives left out of the excerpt is the very next sentence which says that Trump is all hot air and won't deliver on any of his promises; it's manipulative spin only. Moore and his movie are as anti-Trump as it gets, contrary to the conservative furor that he is supporting Trump.

Limbaugh derides sexual consent

Following up on this post, Limbaugh speaks for a lot of conservative white men who still live in a Mad Men world. And he detests the progressive advance that women must give consent to a man for anything.

There's no such thing as white privilege

Really? And how about all those times unarmed black men are shot and killed while armed white men are given every consideration?

Theo Horesh on Clinton as the last oligarch

See his article here. A brief excerpt to whet the appetite.

"If candidate Clinton is a product of oligarchy, President Hillary Clinton may nevertheless prove to be the last oligarch—at least for a while. For if Clinton is elected president, Democrats will control the Supreme Court for at least a generation. And while Clinton’s cultivation of ties to the wealthy may be unsettling, Democrat appointed justices overwhelming support campaign finance reform, as evidenced by their unanimous and spirited opposition to the Citizens United decision, which opened the floodgates to campaign cash in 2010."

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Colbert teaches Gringrich the difference between sex and assault

Because Gingrich, like many conservative white men, apparently cannot tell that difference. It starts around 1:50 in this video.

An essay on Spiral Dynamics

See it at Integral World. (This article gives some background.)  I liked his criticism of G-T (yellow) as a ruling elite with giant egos dissociated from the lower memes in need of benevolent control. It sounds like the Integral AQALified. As his descriptions of H-U (turquoise) sound an awful lot like the P2P collaborative commons.

Ten commandments to avoid extinction

Michael Dowd addresses these in the video below (and much more). See this link for the other two video in the series. The ten are:

40:35 Reality’s Rules: Ten Commandments to Avoid Extinction (full version)
41:18 #1 – Reality / God
41:55 #2 – Evidence / Scripture
42:35 #3 – Big History / Shared sacred story/creation myth
43:14 #4 – Ecology / Theology
43:57 #5 – Godde-centered (God’s Nature honoring) measures of progress, success
44:50 #6 – Stop allowing the free or subsidized polluting of the commons
45:36 #7 – Stop using renewable resources faster than they can be replenished
46:32 #8 – Stop using non-renewable resources in ways that harm or rob the future
47:23 #9 – Stop exploring for coal, oil, and natural gas; leave most of it in the ground
48:02 #10 – Stop prioritizing the wants of the wealthy over the needs of the poor

Iceland's Pirate Party gaining traction

See this article. It should be noted that there are different forms of Libertarianism. They seem to espouse libertarian socialism versus the corporate kind found in the US. Hence "We are not here to gain power. We are here to distribute power.”

The strategy of false equivalency

Continuing from this post, here is a good article on how the powerful create ignorance to sell a product, including political candidates and ideas. It is used to counter scientific fact, like climate change. The tobacco companies used it to create doubt about the science that confirmed the link of smoking to cancer. The strategy is based on the narrative that there are two equally valid sides to every story, when in fact their side of the narrative is not in any way equal based on scientific evidence. Mainstream media has bought into this narrative, hence we get them presenting views from the overwhelming scientific evidence paired with climate deniers as being two equal sides to the story. It's been an intentional strategy of misleading the public for decades and in full display with Fox News' so-called "fair and balanced" spin, and especially via Trump surrogates.

Blaming the victim

This is typical of the powerful: blame and defame the victim. They are so privileged that it is impossible for them to accept responsibility for their actions so it has to be the complainant's fault. And even if it is proven to be the powerful person's fault there is no way they are going to be brought to justice given their bribery of public officials.

False equivalencies

I realize Clinton is no angel, but there simple is no reasonable comparison with that bloated asshole.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gingrich freaks out under fire from Kelly

I'm appreciating Meagan Kelly more and more as this election season wears on. Gingrich has a hissy fit over Kelly discussing Trump's sexual escapades and Kelly handles him quite well.

Carpool Karaoke with Lady Gaga

The latest in Corden's popular series. I especially liked when Corden gets fashionable.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DWTS: Team Past

None of the individual routines were of any note last night. This team dance took the best dance prize.

So now the GOP cries foul?

Samantha Bee shows how Trump is only the inevitable outcome of GOP policy. The GOP is only now crying foul not because what Trump says is against their beliefs: it's because he epitomizes them and is honest, or more likely stupid, enough to state them so blatantly. Bee shows several past examples of how the GOP agrees with Trump, so their tears are only of the crocodile variety to hide their true agenda.

Obamacare premiums are going up

See Reich's FB comments. He notes this is largely due to 3 big carriers pulling out of the program because, well, they just can't make the (literal) killing they used to. Remember that the Obamacare model was a Republican model that Obama adopted to try and win over Republicans. Obamacare is only doing what Republicans designed it to do: create health insurance monopolies and fuck the public. That's why it's doubtful that Clinton can fix it. At least she says she'll offer a public option, which might create enough competition for the insurance monopolies to lower their rates. The best option is to fuck the insurance companies altogether and just offer a single payer system that will irreparably damage if not eliminate those blood suckers.

Robert Anton Wilson on Crowley

This is an approved audio clip from RAW's audio book RAW Explains Everything. In the clip RAW says that neither he nor Crowley thinks that performing magical operations contacts anything supernatural; it's just a means of changing one's consciousness. However paranoia is also rampant in magical movements because he thinks that if one activates the forehead chakra before one develops the heart chakra this will ensue.

Trump's closing argument

Meyers takes a closer look at Trump's increasing paranoia. It's always someone else's fault for the shit that comes out of his mouth (and wherever). He's even now blaming dead people for his problems. He just can't accept that he is the problem, something glaringly obvious to most of us. Well,  not to him and his basket of deplorables. Reality never was their strong suit, courtesy of the Republican Party.

Anonymous distances itself from WikiLeaks

See this article. They think WikiLeaks is becoming less and less about providing links and more and more about Assange himself. The recent Podesta email dump was an example, as it wasn't curated at all to only release relevant leaks but irrelevant personal material as well. Assange's personal vendetta against Clinton has clouded what little judgment he has left through is big fat ego.

The President reads mean tweets

About himself.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Very good point Mr. President

Here's Obama on Republicans that cringe every time opens his mouth yet still support him. And also on those Republicans that finally have had enough and now denounce Trump. I agree it's far too little and too late.

Nasty women vote

Senator Warren lays into Trump with the big nasty.

Trump gets FBI voter suppression complaint

See this article. The Democratic Coalition Against Trump filed the complaint with both the FBI and the Justice Dept. claiming that Trump, in encouraging his followers to monitor voting polls, violates the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Act is clear that there is to be no voter intimidation, which is clearly what Trump is suggesting. Let's see if this complaint goes anywhere.

Get in Formation with Schumer & Hawn

Music video featuring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn.

Ben & Joanna

At the Bridgetown Swing 2016 Invitational Jack & Jill. I like Ben's musicality and spontaneous innovations. And Joanna picks up on them quickly and matches or compliments them. 

Big Pharma blocking Arizona pot referendum

In this clip Hartmann discusses an AZ referendum for legalizing pot under certain conditions. Big Pharma is spending millions to scare AZ residents because legal pot will cut in to their profits. So why then doesn't Big Pharma relocate their HQs overseas, then sue under Investor State Dispute Settlement in a free-trade deal for our marijuana laws costing them profits?

True accelerationism

See this link for a series of blog posts on the above, including the following:

How Soil-Based Carbon Capture Can Reverse Climate Change

Abundance is the basis of civilization, on the scale economics of renewable energy

The LM3D, the first system of sustainable distributed manufacturing may be ready by 2017

John D. Liu on Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration Projects

Rehabiliting the importance of change at the local level 

P2P Foundation wiki on accelarationism

Continuing from the last post, see their wiki here. After describing the phenomenon Bauwens replies as follows:

"Regarding the book:
I must confess, I have not read the book yet, but I am familiar with various ‘accelerationist’ manifestos, with reviews and discussions on the book, etc .. There is probably not a single book that has been recommended to me so many times by p2p friends, usually in the context of the book that has to be read in conjunction with Paul Mason’s PostCapitalism, which I am in the process of reading, and appreciating.

Is believe though that it is fair to say that the authors criticise the dominant ‘left’ on two points
  • that the left has become localist , and that his is wrong
  • that the left has become negative in its vision of the future, and must positively re-embrace technology and its emancipatory potential

It proposes that two demands should become a priority for change agents: full automation and the universal basic income. Here then is my commentary on how I believe the p2p/commons movement should position themselves regarding ‘accelerationism’.

A conversation about accelerationism

Joseph Camosy started a FB IPS discussion on the topic here. Our dialog so far. See the thread for more.

JC: My hypothesis is that Integral Theory can also be see as a form of Accellerationism. According to the paper, there are two strands of Accellerationism:

- Right Accellerationism (what Noys calls "Cthulhu Capitalism")
- Left Accellerationism (aiming for a post-capitalist future)

Me:  It seems AQALingus would be more the right version, where Rifkin's work would be more on the left side of accelerationism. One of the criticisms of left accelerationism is that it has a belief that tech can fix everything but lacks a paradigm that includes less use of resources and a focus on ecological balance. But according to Rifkin the emerging collaborative commons indeed is a shift in consciousness that includes such concerns. Tech is not the sole solution, but what kinds of tech and how they are used to support an ecological worldview.

As but one obvious example, platforms like Uber are used to maintain the capitalist paradigm, whereas there are collaborative platforms that promote worker-owned ride sharing companies with the same type of app.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Michelle Obama visits community gardens

It's great to see someone with the Presidential pulpit encouraging both community and small gardens as one means to change not only our eating habits but building a different paradigm of collaboration and good will while supporting our environment. What a role model she's been.

Clinton roasts Trump at Al Smith charity dinner

Some good jokes in this speech. And her closing on religious values hits home on some of the themes in the Presidential campaign. Very good job.

No, what Trump said is not like Al Gore

Olbermann has to lay it out for the deplorable Trump surrogates the distinct differences between what Trump said about not honoring the election results and what happened by law in the Florida recount for Gore. Said surrogates are truly deplorable by continuing to defend Dump no matter how absurd, ridiculous, and yes, anti-democratic he gets. But then again, the Republican Party hates democracy so not that surprising.

The project for democratic reform

I thought we were supposed to be a democracy. And that the foregoing was supposed to already be in effect. But it isn't and we need to implement the following. But how are we going to do that when the fox is already in the hen house?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Clinton might gut social security

This is a frightening article. While Clinton keeps saying in public that she wants to expand social security, a leaked Podesta email from Tony James, Blackstone CEO, proposes getting rid of social security and implementing mandatory retirement accounts. The accounts would be managed by Wall Street banks for their usual usurious fees. And we know what said banks did to retirement accounts like the 401k in the past. And there are currently no laws that require said investment advisors to operate for the benefit of the investor. This is really fucked up.

What the Russians are actually doing

How shit floats

I'm not supporting Clinton with blinders

Even though she gets my vote to dump Trump, I'm well aware of her incredible baggage. In the debate last night she avoided the questions about the emails and the Clinton Foundation. When directly confronted with an email question, she verified its veracity and immediately tried to denounce it all as a Russian plot. The latter may be true, but it doesn't eliminate the factual content of the emails. Trump also scored points when he said the Foundation received large 'donations' from regimes that treat women like shit. Clinton again avoided the issue.

Donna Brazile is no better than Wasserman-Schultz

So the DNC fires Wasserman-Schultz when it's proven that she rigged the nomination process in favor of Clinton. The DNC replaces her with Brazile, who is supposed to be the ethical one. In this interview Kelly repeatedly tries to get Brazile to admit that the DNC did indeed, per a leaked Podesta email, contract with someone who incited violence at a Trump rally. Brazile is disgraceful in how she tries to deflect the issue and keeps trying to change the subject. She did the same thing when Kelly asked her about how she obtained a debate question and forwarded it to the Clinton campaign. This only reinforces how corrupt the DNC is, and how corrupt Brazile is as well. Talk about a basket of deplorables. And then they denounce millennials as whiny idealists for not wanting to participate in their rigged process.

Colbert reams Trump

For Trump not saying he'll honor the election results in last night's debate. Colbert mercilessly lays into the big Dump, for that is what Trump has done to this country: Took a big dump on it. And yes, Trump's shit does stink, and worse than most.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Glenn Greenwald & Naomi Klein on the Podesta emails

See this link that has both their podcast and transcript. Both agree that leaked emails like this are acceptable if they are curated to release only information of relevant public interest. And to do so is in fact incumbent on the journalist. However personal emails about private affairs are an invasion of privacy and to be avoided. WikeLeaks used to have a responsible policy on releasing info but have since given it up and just dumped all of the Podesta emails.  Greenwald & Klein discuss this delicate balance.

Hoffman: entangling conscious agents

Following up on this post, in the below video Hoffman discusses 'entangling conscious agents,' his theory of consciousness using quantum theory. I've yet to watch it so have no comment or opinion as yet. Here's the blurb:

"Scientific investigations of consciousness that seek its biological basis typically assume that objects in space-time—such as neurons—exist even if unperceived, and have causal powers. I evaluate this assumption, using evolutionary games and genetic algorithms that study perceptual evolution, and find that it is almost surely false. Our perceptions of space-time and objects are a species-specific adaptation, not an insight into objective reality. In consequence, I propose a formal theory of consciousness—the theory of “conscious agents”—that takes consciousness to be fundamental, rather than derivative from objects in space-time. I use the theory of conscious agents to solve the combination problem of consciousness, both for the combination of subjects and of experiences. I show that entanglement follows as a consequence of the combination of conscious subjects. I then discuss the relationship of these findings to the account of entanglement given by quantum-Bayesian interpretations of quantum theory."

Colbert interviews Melania Trump

After Melania blamed Billy Bush for egging Trump to say those pussy grabbing things, Trump decided to interview her. Actually it's an actress playing Melania, but accurately so if only slightly exaggerated.

John Boehner now hawks cigarettes

Since leaving Congress Boehner is now on the Board of a tobacco company. We knew he sold his soul to big business as Speaker of the House, so it's not much of a decent into hawking products long established as harmful to health. I mean, what's a few (million) human lives compared to cigarette profits? I know, it's just good old American business values.

Wallace's debate agenda

Not included in Wallace's agenda for the debate are climate change, right to work laws, drug prices, healthcare, fair taxes, student debt. The issues Wallace has chosen are immigration, the economy, the Supreme Corp, foreign affairs, and Presidential fitness.

John Oliver on Stein and Johnson

He takes a closer look and scratches beneath the surface on these two candidates. One show know more about them to vote for them other than as a protest vote. And certainly if one claims to be voting their conscience they should know what exactly they are voting for, don't you think?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


From Gaga's latest CD. I like this different sound for her, a sort of funky rock that still retains a dance vibe.

Chelsea commutes with James Corden

No karaoke in this clip, just talking on the way to work.

Why unemployed West Virginia coal miners support Trump

Here's a good Guardian investigation on the above. Coal mines in the area have closed due to more stringent environmental standards, as well as the shift to fracking. Hence a once thriving coal mining economy has gone bust. These desperate people believe Trump when he says he's going to open the mines again and put them all back to work. But Trump can't deliver on this promise. We really need retraining in the new renewable energy economy.

Colbert prepares Obama for his next job

The President will be out of work soon and it's been 8 years since he's been in the job market. Colbert helps him brush up on his interviewing skills.

Senator Warren on Trump

Some edited comments from her recent Denver rally for Clinton. Trump is right that the system is rigged, but for him and his kind.

Calvin & Lindsay

While not getting the highest scores, they had some of the most amazing lifts ever seen on the show.

Jana & Gleb

Super hot tango that earned them a perfect score last night on DWTS.

Do we see reality as it is?

Interesting TED talk on our perception of reality. Do we see reality as it is? We discussed this topic in various guises throughout the history of IPS forum, the myth of the given as but one example. One expression of the latter is that we indeed do experience reality as it is via satori or other such 'ultimate' states of consciousness. This talk is more grounded using science and evolutionary theory on how our perceptions are based on 'fitness,' which is far from seeing reality as it is.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Richard Wolff on alternatives to capitalism

In this video he suggests that overall, economic democracy is needed in organizing companies along worker-owned and managed cooperative models. Further, said cooperative businesses must organize into a political party with candidates for office so as to implement laws conducive to such organizational structure, since both the Democratic and Republican Parties are bought and paid for by capitalists. He provides as an example the British Labor Party and one of their legislative proposals supporting cooperatives.

5th Circuit Court of Appeals on voter ID law

This court is considered the most conservative in the US, so there is no liberal bias. And yet they ordered changes to the Texas voter ID law because it had a discriminatory effect "by requiring forms of ID that are more difficult to obtain for low-income, African-American and Latino voters." Of course the 'reason' for this law, and others like it, is that it prevents significant voter fraud. But that canard has been disproven time and again, even by conservative administrations. For example, the conservative KS Secretary of State (SoS) "examined 84 million votes cast in 22 states to look for duplicate registrants. In the end 14 cases were referred for prosecution, representing 0.00000017 percent of the votes cast." And yet the same KS SoS is shooting for very restrictive voter ID laws claiming stats disproven in his own above report.

Clinton's new ad on bullies

And the King of all bullies, Donald Dump.

The Onion's funny take on Michelle Obama's message to the DNC

From this post, copied below.

Michelle Obama To DNC: 'After This Election You Dipshits Are On Your Own'

WASHINGTON—Reminding party officials she wasn’t sticking around past November 8 and that they could all “kiss [her] ass” after that, First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly informed the Democratic National Committee today that they would be completely on their own once the election was over. “You dipshits better get someone else lined up to make your little speeches about the power of unity and compassion,because in a couple weeks I’m done with this bullshit,” said Obama, who noted that, come Election Day, the Democratic Party would no longer be able to trot her out whenever they needed an uplifting and intensely personal message that could win over crucial voters. “I can’t keep bailing your asses out every time you fuck this up, so don’t get used to it. I’ve got my own shit to deal with, and I’m not just going to drop everything because one of you dumbfucks screwed the pooch again. You little pricks need to learn to handle this on your own. You got that?” The first lady added that if any of those DNC fuckers ever tried to get Sasha or Malia to be in some bullshit campaign ad, she would slit their throats.

GOP created voter fraud, now change their tune

See this article. Now that Trump is amping up his supporters with constant paranoia about a rigged election due to voter fraud a number of prominent Republicans are speaking out. They complain that Trump is decimating faith in our election process, the latter being necessary to a functioning democracy. And yet it has been a long-standing plank in the GOP playbook that there is indeed rampant voter fraud and hence the necessity to voter ID laws that disenfranchise those who vote Democratic. Never mind that it's a solution to a problem that virtually doesn't exist, proven time and again by several investigations. Or that courts are now overturning such laws because their sole purpose is to disenfranchise certain segments of the population. The GOP intentionally created this fake bogey man for exactly that purpose, and now that Trump is as usual making that policy transparent, those Republicans are having fits.

Schrödinger's smiley

For those familiar with Schrödinger's cat.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trump and his lackeys on voter fraud

See this article where Trump has been constantly complaining about the election being rigged. Some of Trump's surrogates made the rounds on political tv today saying Trump meant that it's the media doing the rigging by covering pussy-gate instead of the Clinton email releases. But when said surrogates were confronted with Trump continually motivating his followers to monitor polling places in 'certain areas' (meaning black areas) because they might be voting 5 times, the surrogates struggled and had to admit it was true. Meaning not only what Trump said but that there is voter fraud, despite virtually no evidence ever found for it.

Schumer: Guys are disgusting

She has a point.

The truth about most politicians

Very true with the exception of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and a few others like Sanders and Warren.

Obama laughs at Alex Jones

And doesn't even mention him by name. We know he refers to Jones because of the latter's absurd statement that 'sources' confirmed that Clinton and Obama are literal demons from hell.

SNL does the 2nd debate

Their greeting, and Trump's stalking, are especially funny.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sanders on Real Time last night

Among other things, he makes the case that if you want progressive policies there's only one candidate that can win and get you there.

GOP stands for Grab Our Pussies

From Maher's monologue.

Maher's new rule on American stupidity

Good points on the degeneration of our civilization. And yes, while Clinton is far from ideal, it's far better than letting the idiots pick one of their own inbreeds.

Truth dog

Matt Taibbi on Trump

And our political system generally. An excerpt:

"Trump's shocking rise and spectacular fall have been a singular disaster for U.S. politics. Built up in the press as the American Hitler, he was unmasked in the end as a pathetic little prankster who ruined himself, his family and half of America's two-party political system for what was probably a half-assed ego trip all along, adventure tourism for the idiot rich."

Friday, October 14, 2016

Inside Trump's locker room

If your gym's locker room isn't like this, then join Trump Gym. Where guys learn to talk, and then commit, sexual assault. Come on, be a man you fucking pussy.

Trump voters on the pussy grab

Just fine with them, even the women.

Robert Reich at the Munk Debate

On Trump's fitness for President. His opening statement follows. The whole debate is here.

Nature should have the rights of personhood

If corporations have this right, and they are an abstract entity, then why not living nature? Hartmann discusses this using as example where some indigenous native land in New Zealand was granted this right and asks why don't we extend this to all of nature? To do so would require a shift from the mechanistic to the ecological paradigm.

Michelle Obama on Trump

Amen sister. That Trump surrogates and supporters, especially the Christian ones, are trying to prevaricate on this is indeed a deplorable basket.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rousey v. Nunes for the belt in UFC 207

In this video UFC President White confirms the big fight is on. I hope Rousey returns to top form and retakes the title. We'll see if she can psychologically handle her devastating loss to Holm and get it done.

Maher on what created Trump

In this New Rule he claims it's not xenophobia or racism that created Trump but the self-esteem movement. It does create spoiled kids that take no account of others, many of which then develop racism and xenophobia from that narcissistic lack of empathy.

Chelsea Clinton on conflicts of interest in the Clinton Foundation

As revealed by the hacked Podesta emails, this video discusses the story of Chelsea Clinton flagging serious concerns about conflicts of interest in the Clinton Foundation. One of those concerns was that Bill Clinton's closest aides were engaged in pay to play, meaning donations bought contributors government access. Chelsea enlisted a law firm to audit the Foundation for conflicts. When they conducted employee interviews many said they were not aware of the conflict policy. (It sounds like a typical Clinton defense, denying knowledge of basic, required policy.) Then a Foundation boss, instead of addressing the actual conflicts, tried to smear Chelsea as a naive, lost, petulant idealist (like Clinton and the DNC did with Sanders). Then a Clinton campaign spokesman, again not refuting the veracity of the story, trotted out the tired spin that it's a Russian plot to interfere in our election.

Students of Liberty University speak out on Trump

Unlike Falwell, the University's leader, who continues to support Trump come hell or high water, several students wrote a letter saying that Trump is the opposite of Jesus' teachings and not deserving of support for the Presidency. Leave it to the students to exemplify the school's moral teachings, not the corrupt leadership.

Obama on the monster the GOP created

He makes some good points. The GOP since Obama's inauguration has done nothing but obstruct his every policy. Even more importantly, they are the one's who have fed the lies about Obama not being an American, or that he is a Muslim, or that he wants to take away everyone's guns, and on and on. So of course good, hard-working Americans see nothing getting done in government and blame everyone therein, including Republicans. So they want an outsider like Trump that feeds the same fears the GOP created, like racism, xenophobia, bigotry etc.

And they also twisted the narrative that since we're all guilty of sin we should not only be forgiven but that the nefarious acts we committed, and continue to commit, should not be taken into account in electing public officials. That is not the Christian doctrine, which indeed forgives the person but not the deplorable action. And if that person continues to commit such acts, while it doesn't prevent them from forgiveness if they sincerely repent, it also doesn't promote them to a high position in the Church, let alone the Presidency. Or that they must answer to the law for their transgressions.

Entropy and complexity

This video means that, contra Wilber (particularly footnote 26), that the universe is NOT on a never-ending quest for increasing complexity, winding back up to ultimate, Spirit.

Working within the system

Akin to working within the Democratic Party if you are working class, as the Party also just sees you as a meal ticket.

Olbermann on Trump's meltdown

He lists several recent examples of Trump's every accelerating descent into madness and encourages Trump to get professional help. Problem is, one must first accept they have a problem and Trump is incapable of admitting that. He's beyond repair and needs to go back to the hole in the ground from whence he came.

Meyers on Clinton's leaked Wall Street speeches

Meyer's Closer Look discusses her campaign chairman's hacked emails. In one Clinton said you need both a public and private position, as if what she tells the public is pure spin intended to sway while what she really believes is the contrary. In another email not intended for the public she supports open trade and borders, not at all what she's now saying on trade. Hence we don't believe her when she says she now opposes the TPP or fracking, which she previously championed and might still unbeknownst to us. To top it off, her campaign strategy has been to suggest that despite no evidence it's the Russians not only doing the hacking but perhaps planting false emails. And yet during the last debate she admitted the email about a public and private position, lending credibility to the veracity of the emails.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Pros on DWTS

This is the show opener last night. The performance starts at 0:50. Absolutely beautiful.

Meyers on the pussy grab and second debate

This clip is where the last meme comes from.

Relative standards

One might think standards would be higher for a US Presidential candidate, but it's no longer the case.

James & Sharna

The best dance last night on DWTS. Plus Sharna is one of my favorite pros. The performance starts at 2:40 if you want to skip the package.

Samantha Bee rightly reams the GOP

She rails on GOP hypocrisy for not criticizing Trump for denigrating Hispanics, Muslims, the disabled and just about anyone else, but don't come around until he finally is proven to be a misogynist. As if there wasn't enough evidence of female abuse before the pussy grabbing. She especially goes after Speaker Ryan, who did criticize Trump on all those counts but refuses to recant on his endorsement. Some good stuff here Samantha.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Colbert on the 2nd debate

As usual, he adds his unique comedic touch to an otherwise dire occasion.

Trump did more than talk about sexual harassment and assault

Including sexual assault. See Salon's story here where there have been at least 20 gender discrimination suits against Trump. Not only that, Trump retaliated against women who filed such suits, blaming the victims as either lying or being disturbed. In another suit he's accused of raping an under aged girl. The recent sex tape expose was a lot more than talk. Trump felt privileged and above the law, and on numerous occasions acted out what he said on that talk. It was a lot more than locker room talk; Trump is and has been a sexual predator. Does that matter in a President? I'd say indeed it does.

That's not locker room talk

Trump claimed his pussy grabbing comments were just locker room talk, and that he never acted on such talk.  A number of professional athletes, who spend considerable time in locker rooms, say they never hear that kind of talk. As for acting out, several women have accused Trump of exactly those actions, so that lie is out the window. This is your candidate GOP.

Why Trump admires Putin

Because if Trump wins he wants a dictatorship just like Russia. Here's Olbermann on Trump wanting to jail Clinton if he becomes President.

The pussy protector

Use this self-defense posture when around Trump, from the people who know best, his family.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

SNL interviews Trump

On his recently revealed grabbing pussy comments.

Clinton's Wall Street speeches

See this article. Wikileaks recently has released them and we can see why she didn't want them made public: They contradict her current statements on a number of issues. In April of '13 she told Morgan Stanley that she supported the Simpson-Bowles austerity program which would have cut social security benefits. Now she champions increases to social security and instead of austerity favors stimulus. In a 2013 speech she was in favor of NAFTA. But she now rejects the TPP.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Condoleezza Rice calls for Trump to withdraw

See this article. She has finally had enough and wants Bozo to go back to the hole he crawled out of. She hopes for "someone who has the dignity and stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth." And that ain't Trump.


This is for anyone afflicted with meta-madness:

"An excellent 2014 review by the Johns Hopkins University Evidence-Based Practice Center examined 17,801 papers on meditation and found 41 relatively high-quality studies involving 2,993 subjects. Of these 41 studies, only 10 had a 'low risk of bias,' according to the Johns Hopkins team. In other words, even the highest-quality studies were, for the most part, carried out and interpreted in a manner that favored positive outcomes."

Trump's new logo

De Niro on Trump

I wish progressive politicians had the nerve and authenticity to say it like this. This is what Trump does and his crowds go wild. Progressives need to grow some balls like De Niro and tell it like it is.

I don't know it for a fact

I just know it's true. This has become one of Maher's favorite bits, playing on the likes of Trump and the GOP who make wild speculations with absolutely no basis in fact. But Maher has turned it into a funny bit. The comments of Kaine and Pence are especially funny.

Maher debunks Trump's dark narrative

We've heard his narrative, that America is going to hell all because of Tupac in the White House and other dark people. Maher sets the record straight with facts, something unknown in Trump land and the GOP more generally.

This is the GOP presidential candidate

Makes you proud, doesn't it? Because you apparently can't feel shame.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget 2017

See it here to compare it with the GOP budget plan, or even the corporate Dem plan. Granted the CPC proposes budgets every year and they get voted down by all the GOP members and all the corporate Dem members. But the CPC is slowly growing in numbers and some day the American public will wake up enough to vote in more progressive members so that they actually get this agenda implemented. That job is up to us, so get busy people. A few examples of how progressive values are represented in their budget. See it for much more.

Progressive, conservative and Trump perspectives

In this clip Meyers shows how Trump is neither progressive nor conservative, just an idiot.

Tax Policy Center analyzes candidates tax plans

See this page for both. See the difference?

"Hillary Clinton proposes raising taxes on high-income taxpayers, modifying taxation of multinational corporations, repealing fossil fuel tax incentives, and increasing estate and gift taxes. Her proposals would increase revenue by $1.1 trillion over the next decade. Nearly all of the tax increases would fall on the top 1 percent; the bottom 95 percent of taxpayers would see little or no change in their taxes. Marginal tax rates would increase, reducing incentives to work, save, and invest, and the tax code would become more complex. The analysis does not address a forthcoming proposal to cut taxes for low- and middle-income families."

And now Trump's: 

Trump and GOP tax plans

And this is going to fix the tax system? For whom? To pay for these tax cuts for the wealthy they gut social programs for the needy. Sick bastards. Their true agenda is out there, if only the ignorant would look at it instead of listening to the lying spin. But that would of course require a brain, and like the straw man in the Wizard of Oz most people just don't have one and need to believe in an Oz to save them. Who, by the way, turns out to be a con man. Sound familiar?

"Trump and House Republicans have proposed different tax plans, but they are largely in sync on major principles. Both would cut the top tax rate for individuals to 33 percent from the current 39.6 percent. The corporate rate would drop to 15 percent under Trump’s plan and 20 percent under the House GOP plan, from 35 percent today. Both plans also would drain federal coffers of several trillion dollars and give the biggest boost to the wealthy. By the end of the decade, the richest 1 percent would have accumulated 99.6 percent of the benefits of the House GOP plan, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center."

Who created this mess?

Funny how the ones complaining the loudest are the ones who created this mess. Then they try to pin it on someone else, like immigrants or blacks or the government. They are the government, so when they say the government has failed us they are talking about themselves.

Party politics is dead

Following up on the last post, it does seem that in the future, not for this election, the likes of a Sanders or a Warren does need to run an independent Presidential campaign. It would seem the majority in the US does support the progressive agenda so something like that will gain steam in the future. But I'm guessing it will be independent of the Green Party as well. Just maybe Party politics of any kind is dead.

Theo Horesh on The Green Party

I wholeheartedly agree with Theo on this one so will re-post his FB post below. (See the post for his ongoing comments).

"The Green Party can accomplish nothing by running a Presidential candidate, who has no conceivable hope of winning in 2016. They cannot generate the mass appeal needed to build the party, because if they are at all successful, they will be hated for a generation by the people they most hope to win over.

"And they cannot influence the Democratic Party in the way Bernie did through his 2016 campaign, because Democratic centrists are more interested in controlling their party than winning elections, as demonstrated by their preference for Hillary in spite of her poor polling among the general electorate. Voting for Stein just demonstrates to the party that left-leaning progressives have no stamina and give up easily.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Amy Schumer on Patrick Stewart

It starts around 4:15 in this speech given at the GQ Men of the Year awards. Very funny bit.

Some more from the basket of deplorables

Yes, there really is a basket and it is really big. Here's Samantha Bee's crew interviewing Trump supporters on why they think the election is rigged.

Rifkin on education

Continuing from the last post, here's what I wrote on Rifkin's chapter on education in The Zero Marginal Cost Society:

Chapter 7 on education is eye-opening. It is being transformed from the authoritarian top-down model where the teacher has all the answers to collaborative learning experiences with teachers as facilitators. Critical and holistic thinking are encouraged over memorization. Previously learning was thought of as a private, autonomous experience where the knowledge was one's exclusive property, and that one had to hoard it to compete with others for grades and jobs, just as in the capitalist paradigm. In the collaborative era knowledge is something to be shared in a community of peers, thereby creating a public good for all.

Stein on reimagining education

Typically academics, imbued in that ivy tower process, tend not to give any consideration to those not in that insular milieu because they don't adhere to their own standards. Zak Stein wrote a recent blog post on how education, like the entire world-system from which it arises, must undergo a transition into the emerging world-system I call the collaborative commons. An excerpt:

"I argue that we should begin to design technologies and direct the resources of our communities toward a radically different set of educational futures, where the categories of schooling—such as GPA, class rank, standards and tests, aged-normed classes, subject majors, etc.—are the meaningless categories of a bygone bureaucracy. Our task as educators today is to evolve the very form of schooling itself, looking beyond the institutional vestiges of a prior era and toward the emergence of educational configurations of almost unimaginable abundance, freedom, and efficiency."

When Conway was for Cruz

Kellyanne Conway, current Trump surrogate, used to represent Ted Cruz. And at that time she said a number of things we all know to be true about Trump that she now either denies or avoids. This link gives several examples with video evidence. In one video she said Trump "says he's for the little guy, but he's actually built a lot of his businesses on the backs of the little guy and he's a lot of little guys through eminent domain, or through not paying contractors after you’ve built something. The little guys have suffered." In another video she agreed that Trump should release his tax returns. In another video she criticized Trump for his vulgar language and for hurling personal insults instead of addressing issues. In another video she criticized Trump for also whining about the elections being rigged when if fact Trump just didn't know election rules. She also said that there "was no place in politics" for Trump accusing Cruz of "Gestapo tactics." In yet another video she said there is a "danger of just saying things that aren't true and getting people to believe it." Funny how Conway, the skanky mercenary, has forgotten all of that now that Trump butters her bread. See the link for the videos and more.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kelly destroys Conway yet again

I guess Conway thinks she'll get a free pass on Fox to just spout her talking points with no push back. That is just not the case with Kelly, who first doesn't let Conway get away with the VP debate where Pence (and Trump) called Putin a better leader than Obama. Kelly asked if killing journalists in the street made Putin such a great leader. Kelly then called her for claiming that Trump is doing better with women than Clinton. Again, when faced with facts Conway's only defense is to change the subject since she can't win on the facts. Once again, kudos to Kelly for being a journalist instead of the typical Fox ass kisser.

Meyers on Trump's continuing implosion

In this segment Meyers address Trump's bed-wetting, his overheated tiny brain (to match his hands), his inability to read a simple statement without rambling off on a tangent, his suggesting Clinton was not faithful given his own infidelities, and much more.

DWTS pro performance

From last night's show. These are some of the best dancers in the world. Much more than half the show for me is watching the pros perform. Absolutely astounding.

Pence: defending the indefensible

Shortly after the Kaine/Pence debate Clinton posted this new ad showing that Pence denied what actually came out of Trump's mouth on a number of issues. You can't deny reality Mr. Pence. Ok, maybe you can for your ill-informed deplorables. Let's just hope that there are more of us that accept reality when it's time to vote.

Carlin on hidden political language

And oldie but goodie on the political spin used to hide the fact that politicians aren't really saying (or doing) anything.

The end of enlightenment

See this article where John Horgen talks about former guru Andrew Cohen. Horgen said:

"I just watched a remarkable short documentary, “How Well-Meaning People End Up in a Cult.” Produced by The Atlantic, the film tells the story of the rise and fall of the guru Andrew Cohen, whose followers believed he had achieved the state of supreme mystical bliss called enlightenment. I interviewed Cohen in 1999, when his following was at its height, while researching my book Rational Mysticism. I didn’t use the Cohen material in my book, but I posted it on my website. I’m publishing an edited version here because many rational people—especially those attracted to Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation and other religions that advocate meditation--still believe in enlightenment. I once did, too, but no longer, in part because of my encounters with Cohen and other spiritual know-it-alls."

I know, one could counter that different lines account for this phenomenon. I still find Heron's old rebuttal applicable, particularly on participatory spirituality. And also this Edwards' post. For some context, back in '08 in the Gaia IPS forum we discussed "the end of enlightenment."


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Colbert: "Trump is a coward"

In the interview below Colbert talks about the one time he had Trump on his show. And how Trump is a coward because he won't come back. Colbert even makes chicken noises to belabor the point.

Sanders to introduce a new bill to cut tax loopholes

See his announcement here. It will be designed to specifically cut the sort of loopholes Trump takes advantage of. Here's a real solution to the rigged tax system that Trump admits but has zero plans to actually fix. Let's see you match that Donnie boy.

International Monetary Fund on income inequality

See their full June 2015 report here. The executive summary notes that income distribution to the top 20% does not trickle down and leads to economic stagnation or recession. Rather a higher income distribution to the bottom 20% will stimulate the economy. Also "better access to education and health care and well-targeted social policies, can help raise the income share for the poor and the middle class." Now whose policies favor the above? It certainly isn't the Republicans or Trump.

Sanders on This Week

The interview is below. He addresses Trump being so-called 'smart' for avoiding taxes, when in fact it only makes him a bad American who doesn't want to contribute to the country that gave him so much. He agreed with Clinton's revealed statements about his young supporters feeling frustrated that there are no jobs because the Trumps of the world shipped them overseas. He says that Clinton is the one that wants to create jobs by rebuilding infrastructure. Sanders encourages his followers to compare Clinton and Trump on the issues, as it's obvious with whom they'd by far agree. And to consider the fact that either Clinton or Trump is going to win the Presidency instead of subjecting Clinton to a purity test.

Biden reponds to Trump's comments on PTSD

The Veep has it right: How can Trump be so ignorant about something so fundamental to leading the troops as commander-in-chief? Listen up veterans. (And I speak as a proud veteran.)

Reich on Trump's taxes

See his FB post here. There is no law that requires a CEO to avoid paying taxes for the benefit of his shareholders. It's not even within any company's corporate charter. It's greed, pure and simple. Trump is not smart for finding tax loopholes; his bevy of lawyers did that. So is he smart for hiring people to do his dirty work? No, again, just greed pure and simple with no sense of duty to his fellow man through taxes. More like narcissistic sociopathy. And a point I've made previously: Trump has taken advantage of the rigged tax system for his own benefit his entire career, so what makes anyone believe he's now going to fix it for society? Especially given the above examples of his sickness?

Laurie & Val

She got the first perfect score last night on DWTS. And it was an awesome performance.

Trump's business 'success' is a fraud

See this article. For all the bluster and braggadocio, Trump's so-called success under performs what he could be worth had he simply invested his inheritance in an S&P index fund or the general real estate market. That's not a successful businessman at all but a fraud.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Jared Bernstein on fair trade

In this clip Bernstein discusses the differences between free trade and fair trade. The heart of free trade is that it benefits multi-national corporations at the expense of everyone else and the environment. Fair trade at heart puts workers, consumers and the environment at the core. Economies grow out of government rules of the road, and those rules at present come from the corporate interests that demand to be favored. It's time for we the people to make the rules and the only way that's possible is if we get involved and take back the government. See the clip for much more.

PS: As much as Trump rails against the free trade agreements, remember that he made his fortune by taking advantage of them. Does anyone really think he'll change them and destroy that fortune?

Candidates on the issues

There's only one candidate in this race that can win and is with progressives on most of the issues.

Bisping v. Cung Le

Another impressive Bisping victory was over Cung Le, a martial arts legend with several titles of his own. Granted Le was 42 at the time and not at the top of his career, but still Bisping's victory added further to debunk the myth of magical powers inherent to Asian martial arts. See the fight at this link.

Bisping v. Rockhold

Bisping will defend his middleweight title this Sat. night against Henderson. See below the fight when he took the title from Rockhold.

The progressive case for Clinton

Hartmann interviews Rep. Raul Grijalva, co-chair of the Progressive Caucus. He said what progressives want in their candidate is balance, steadiness, fortitude, capacity, competence (1:50), things Clinton amply displays. Yes, Clinton has flaws, but what will further progressive values and policies most effectively? Will not Clinton respond much more to our progressive pressure than the alternative? The she already has via the Party Platform due to the Sanders movement is a good indication. That certainly won't be the case with a Trump Presidency, which is what we're going to get with a protest 3rd-party vote. To the contrary, that will without question set back progressive policies for some time to come and millions will suffer the horrific consequences. Is that result worth your smug, privileged protest?

Trump: strong soldiers don't suffer from PTSD

Trump said that in front of a veterans group, that some soldiers are not strong enough to resist suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). And vet groups are supporting this callous clown in droves? WTF is their problem? Perhaps they are not strong enough to resist the PTSD that is Donald Trump.

Part 2 of the Bollier interview

Continuing from the last post.  Contrary to popular (mind controlled) belief, there really is an alternative to capitalism. They start off by debunking the myth of "the tragedy of the commons."

Hartmann interviews David Bollier on the Commons

The first clip is below. It's great that this movement is finally getting some big time media exposure. Granted Hartmann isn't mainstream media but he is a well know progressive with a sizable audience. The Commons was one of the founding principles of the US, a fact long forgotten when corporations took over with their vulture capitalism. This is the new deep story emerging in our society and will eventually replace capitalism as the dominant paradigm. That it is completely ignored by the lamestream media is testament to the power of its threat. But it does dominate social media, where real change is already happening anyway.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

California Clean Money bill

See this article. CA Governor Brown signed SB 1107, which allows local governments and the State to implement public campaign financing. It garnered the necessary bi-partisan supported to pass. Once again CA is leading the way for a system that works for all citizens, not just those that flood campaigns with dark money to reward the wealthiest special interests at the public's expense.

World's most sustainable cities

See this article based on a the Sustainable Cities Index. It ranks cities based on 32 indicators in 3 categories: business conditions and economic health;  the environment; and quality of life. As usual with all other such measures, the US ranks poorly. See the article for details. The following graph shows the top 20 cities.

A sociologist on what drives Trump supporters

In this interview Democracy Now talks with a sociologist that went into the heart of Louisiana to see what motivates Trump supporters. She talks of the deep story they feel, which doesn't account for facts. It feels like the government makes all these rules that favor minorities and immigrants at their expense. What she doesn't say is that this deep narrative has been implanted in them by the 1%, the real cause of their suffering. They are the ones who create this deep story so that these genuinely angry and disenfranchised people direct those feelings away from them and onto the system, minorities and immigrants. And Trump is a master manipulator feeding this story while his actual history shows he couldn't give one shit about any of these people.

Amazing Trump apologetics

It's truly amazing the twisted stories that Trump advocates traverse to explain Trump's blatant insanity. A fine example of obsessed ideology that disables all reasonable thought. "We may be playing under different rules here that none of us understand, with the possible exception of Donald Trump" (4:45). Fucking wow.

SNL: Clinton/Trump debate

A few funny moments satirizing both candidates.

7 sure things about Trump supporters

See this article that reveals 7 sure characteristics about Trump supporters. I'll just post the bullet points. See the article for details.

1.  You want to be ruled, not governed.

2.  You have no class.

3. You are definitely not someone to do business with.