Monday, September 21, 2020

Hartmann discusses what happens with another CON SC (In)Justice

Continuing this post, here's Thom video on the topic.

Uygur: 5 ways Dems can thwart Supreme Court nominee

Continuing this post, Cenk describes these 5 tactics. Watch the video below for details. Of course it will take guts for the Dems to do these things so we the people need to harass them continually to take action. Don't let them get away with claiming there's nothing they can do.

1. Ask for unanimous consent of every vote in the Senate from now until Nov. 30.

2. Don't raise the debt ceiling.

3. Block the resolution to fund the budget. 

4. Start another impeachment hearing.

5. Threaten to expand the Supreme Court with more Justices after the election, the first of which will be Hillary Clinton.

Repugnantan motto

And they don't even try to hide it anymore.

Barr declares NYC, Portland and Seattle 'anarchist jurisdictions'

The accelerating steps toward full fascism in plain view. Can't wait to see what he and Twit do now.
Especially since it was they who sent in violent agitators to justify their fascist play.

"The Department of Justice on Monday released a list of cities it has deemed 'anarchist jurisdictions' under President Donald Trump's instructions earlier this month to review federal funding to local governments in places where violence or vandalism has occurred during protests."

Ball: Dems need to break norms too to win

Krystal makes a good case that the Repugs breaking their own rule to not approve another Supreme Corp nominee in an election year is the rule rather than the exception. They no longer have any principles, instead constantly and consistently violating them to what's most expedient at hand to win. She further makes the point that Dems must be willing to do the same or they will continue to lose these battles and the long-term war for power. You cannot win by always playing by the rules when the opposition has no regard for them whatsoever. So will the Dems make good on their threat of eliminating the filibuster and court packing if they win the Senate?

Hartmann: The consequences of the Supreme Court

In his FB post copied below these are the results of Presidential elections. Not only must we stop Twit and the Repugs from nominating and approving another of their ilk, it's why Dems must win the Presidency in November. THIS is what we're voting for.

"A Hard-right Supreme Court Nominee Could Completely Alter Life As We Know It
Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died, and while everybody is focusing on abortion, the Supreme Court, if it falls into hard-core conservative hands, could do massive damage to the entire spectrum of life in America.
Ever since the 1930s, Republicans have been trying to either destroy or privatize Social Security, and a hard right conservative majority on the Court could make that happen.
Since the 1960s, Republicans have been yelling that Medicare and Medicaid are actually forms of socialism. While a conservative Court will almost certainly destroy Obamacare, it’s also likely to end Medicare and Medicaid.
In the early 1930s, the Supreme Court ruled that both minimum-wage laws and child labor laws were unconstitutional. Expect these to once again become issues.
Since the Reagan revolution, Republicans systematically torn apart our nation’s public schools, with the state of Michigan, where Betsy DeVos has been focusing her efforts, now about half privatized. With a conservative Court, we could even see the end of a functional public school system nationwide.
Are you concerned about how climate change is driving wildfires, massive flooding storms, and hurricanes? A conservative Supreme Court could rule that laws or policies to reduce carbon emissions are an unlawful violation of refiners and other fossil fuel companies rights to do business.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

AOC: We are up against a profoundly corrupt, establishment network

She comments on McConnell's pledge to replace RBG as soon as possible. And the corrupt Repugnantan machine that enables Twit. We must fiercely fight back with everything we have. "Now is not the moment for cynicism" (4:45).

AOC: November is about survival

She brings home the stark differences in this election and as usual hits the nail on the head.

"November is about survival. Voting for Joe Biden is no longer about whether you agree with him. It's a vote to let our democracy live another day. [...] On the left, there's a lot of—there's a huge diversity, right? And we get mad at each other. That's the way it is because it's incredibly frustrating. I get incredibly frustrated. You all know I get incredibly frustrated with my own party, too. We all have our disagreements. And that's fine because we all recognize that November—frankly I wish it wasn't like this; it only serves to highlight the brokenness of our entire system—but whether we like it or not, November's about survival. November's about survival."

Bernie on the climate crisis

And the absolute necessity for the Green New Deal. From his FB post:

"What does the future look like if we do not get our act together? Look at the unprecedented wildfires on the West Coast. Look at the increasing number of climate refugees. A Green New Deal is our moral responsibility."


Repugnantan Biden ad

Of course we progressives only wish this was true. But the fact that Repugs are using it as a scare tactic indicates to me that the reality lies somewhere in between, leaning more on the progressive side.

Repugnantan lies on Supreme Corp nominee

Continuing this post, this morning on Meet the Press they had a Repug Senator rationalizing their hypocrisy noting that their previous statements only applied if the President and the Senate were from different Parties. Todd rightly noted that they made no such distinction when they argued against it previously. They are unprincipled liars that only do what's politically expedient to maintain power. 

Lots of climate-related jobs await us

According to this article:

"Remediating climate change will involve unimaginably labour-intensive tasks, like relocating every coastal city in the world kilometres inland, building high-speed rail links to replace aviation links, caring for hundreds of millions of traumatized, displaced people, and treating runaway zoonotic and insect-borne pandemics. These tasks will absorb more than 100% of any labour freed up by automation. Every person whose job is obsolete because of automation will have ten jobs waiting for them, for the entire foreseeable future."

If, and only if, governments take up ecological laws that recognize the crisis and commit to addressing it via the green jobs necessary to get it done. And that ain't the US under the current admin. Our Green New Deal would create those jobs but we need a different admin to get to work. And yes, Biden's climate proposals go a long way toward that aim. Hence the very real difference and necessity to vote for him.

Given the establishment Dem Party I understand the cynicism. But Bernie and our progressive movement have moved both Biden and the Party left because they know they need us to win the election. It is reasonable to assume they will both drag their feet on implementing what they proposed, but that's up to us and Bernie to hold their feet to the climate fire after the election. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

We should but

Will we? Will enough Dems have the will and courage to do what's necessary? Given their spineless history I have my doubts.


You won't get it but we'll give it anyway

You think people helping other people is monstrous so it figures you won't get it. Good thing the help you will get will address that mental illness.

List of Senate Repugnantan hypocrite liars on Supreme Court

I know this will be no surprise to anyone. But here's the list of 13 Repugnantan Senators who previously argued that we cannot nominate a new SC Justice in an election year. How many do you think will follow through on that now that RBG is gone? If you guessed zero you have a solid grasp of reality. Click the link to read their previous statements of fake principle.

Cory Gardner. John Cornyn. Ted Cruz. Lindsey Graham. Marco Rubio. Jim Inhofe. Chuck Grassley. Joni Ernst. Thom Tillis. David Perdue. Tim Scott. Ron Johnson. Pat Toomey.

Twit plans to use the 12th Amendment if he loses

Here's the report from Greg Palast. Twit even admitted as much. Now with RBG gone to be replaced by another lackey, even if this is challenged to the Supreme Corp, much like they stopped the Florida recount in 2000 they will likely let it slide. We're in the midst of a fascist coup and there's apparently not much we can do about it. Even Thom Hartmann has discussed this very real and horrifying likelihood.

Friday, September 18, 2020

RBG dies!

Oh no, Twit gets to replace her and it will be 6 - 3. And we know that replacement will be horrible. From this story:

"And yet her death means that the age of Trump will almost certainly be our new normal. With Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, the power to shape our Constitution was split between four liberals, four archconservatives, and Chief Justice John Roberts — a conservative whose respect for institutions and for procedural regularity sometimes tempered his fellow conservatives’ tendencies. Justice Ginsburg’s death means a sixth Republican appointee and Trump’s third. On issues ranging from abortion to elections to health care, the Supreme Court will now be entirely dominated by conservatives."

Duh, yeah

It's been proven that most of the protesters are not the ones rioting. It's also been proven that some of the police arresting unarmed black men are the ones murdering them.

Let's hope this is a trend in every State

That we have massive turnout to defeat Twit's fascism. And remember, if you don't want to brave in-person voting and you don't trust the corrupted mail, you can request a mail-in ballot and hand deliver it to the county clerk's drop box.

Same idiotic justification as no masking

Twit's achievements

Give credit where it's due.

Twit's EO to push white supremacist history

In the next step on the road to fascism, Twitler's Executive Order denounces the 1619 project teaching the real history of slavery as "toxic propaganda." Instead he describes white supremacy as "patriotic education." The Fourth Reich marches on.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Top Pence staffer on Covid-19 speaks out against Trump

"Olivia Troye was Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor to Vice President Pence, and served as Vice President Pence's lead staff member on the COVID-19 response." She explains why she is voting for Biden.

50 ways Twit has screwed workers

Ok, that's my title for a recent Economic Policy Institute study. Workers know they are continuing to get screwed big time under this Presidunce. Remember that when you vote. I've copied just a few of the headlines below. See the details at the link. Note when they say 'it' they mean Twit's Disadministration. Although 'it' is the proper pronoun when referring to Twit.

1. It has failed to support adequate fiscal stimulus during the coronavirus pandemic.

2. It has diminished the integrity and accuracy of the 2020 U.S. Census.

3. It stopped funding for Social Security.

5. It has engaged in persistent efforts to take away workers’ health care.

9. It has failed to act to protect the health of workers during the pandemic.

10. It issued guidance that allows states to deny unemployment insurance (UI) benefits to workers who refuse to return to unsafe jobs.

14. It allowed poultry plants to increase line speeds during the coronavirus pandemic.

25. It has decreased workplace safety inspections.

34. It denied workers a minimum wage increase.

45. It passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—which benefits the wealthy at others’ expense. 

Borowitz: Repugnantans develop herd mentality

He spoofs Twit's idiocy.

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Researchers at the University of Minnesota believe that Republican members of Congress have obtained “extremely high” levels of herd mentality, a new study shows.

According to the study, the researchers found that, in obtaining herd mentality, the G.O.P. lawmakers have developed “near-total immunity” to damning books, news reports, and audio tapes.

Herd mentality was observed in congressional Republicans from every region of the country, with the exception of one senator from Utah, Mitt Romney, who was deemed an outlier and therefore statistically insignificant.

Davis Logsdon, the scientist who supervised the study, said that Republicans were exhibiting herd mentality to a degree never before observed in humans.

“Herd mentality at these levels historically has appeared only in other mammal species, like lemmings,” the researcher said.


AOC: Fair distribution of wealth

Not what we got now by a long shot.

What a Twitiot

From his recent ABC town hall.

Good slogan

And we know exactly who that is.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fact checking Twit's town hall last night

As usual he lied through his false teeth. Some fact checks: CNN had 20 lies; ABC's fact check, who hosted the event; WaPo gave Twit 4 Pinocchios. Twit can't help but lie with every foul breath.

Thomas Frank: What does progressive mean in 2020?

A virtual town hall meeting sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America. The blurb:

"Thomas Frank, author of many bestsellers including What’s the Matter with Kansas and Listen, Liberal, is one of the great social commentators and analysts of our time. His new book, The People, No is another instant classic that pinpoints how American elites have consistently fought against popular democratic movements – from the late 19th century through to the 2016 and 2020 Bernie Sanders campaigns.

"This is no small matter for our time, in which left progressive politics are more popular and more empowered than any time in recent memory. Yet, we remain the minority faction within the Democratic Party. The dominant neo-liberal faction, by all appearances, is ready to deploy every trick in Thomas’ book against our movement.

"Suffice to say – we have a lot to learn from Thomas. So, make sure to join us for what promises to be a truly illuminating and hyper-relevant conversation between Thomas and Alan – followed by your questions.

"It’s happening this Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 8pm ET / 5pm PT via Zoom. RSVP to Mike Fox."

Colbert: Zombies avoid Twit

For the obvious reason.

Those damned facts again

Destroying a fake Repugnantan talking point.

Brave New World

When real knowledge is considered propaganda while propaganda is considered fact.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Why we call him Twitler

As he adds Tweets to his fascism.

The Social Dilemma

The title of a new documentary showing how the big social media companies use psychology for surveillance to manipulate users to unconsciously accept programming and buy products. It's an important topic but fails in that the makers did not use any of the persuasive techniques the social media companies use to get their own points across. It's just dry, boring fact after fact that lost my interest a third of the way through. At one point they did try a family reenactment scenario to show how addictive we are to our devices, but it too fell flat because the actors and script lacked an emotional, human touch. All in all, it's an ironic flop because it won't have the necessary emotional impact to motive we users much to change our behavior.

Twit lied and Americans died

Stop the genocide and vote.

Remember, remember the 3rd of November

And vote.


Union healthcare workers have lower covid patient death rates

Makes sense. Abuse workers and they don't give a shit about their job. Pay and treat them well and they do a better job, in this case saving lives. Of course we long knew that corporations don't give a shit about their workers or human lives, just making a profit. Hence their decades-long corruption with Repugnantans to destroy unions, screw labor and sacrifice human lives. From this article:

"A study led by George Washington University professor Adam Dean published findings in Health Affairs on Sept. 10. In it, they found that even though nursing homes were hit hard by the 2019 novel coronavirus, facilities with unionized healthcare workers saw a '30% relative decrease in the COVID-19 mortality rate compared to facilities without health care worker unions.' The team also found that there was 'a 42% relative decrease in COVID-19 infection rates.'"

Compare/contrast Dem and Repug pandemic relief Bills

Pretty stark difference between what's best for everyone and what's best for corporations and the wealthy. Vote accordingly.


Monday, September 14, 2020

AOC: Electoral College favors the minority

Whereas a purely federal popular vote favors the majority. If we want a fair vote we need to eliminate the Electoral College and implement a popular vote for President.


PostBastard is a criminal

Just another crime DeJoyless has committed has been uncovered. This will be far from the last of those crimes exposed. See the IG report here.

Hartmann: Twit is guilty of negligent homicide

His FB post is below. I'd correct that statement to say that what Twit had done and not done about the pandemic is genocide. Thom:

"How should America respond when its president commits negligent homicide?

"Bob Woodward interviewed Donald Trump back in January and February and now tells us that, way back then, Trump realized that the coronavirus was not only quite deadly and would infect even children, but also was airborne and highly contagious. Right now it’s fashionable to attack Bob Woodward for having sat on all that information, and debate whether he had a 'duty to warn.' It’s a reasonable discussion, but it misses the larger picture.
"If Donald Trump knew how deadly Covid was, Bob Woodward could not have been the only person he told. Everybody in the Cabinet, the Vice President, the Health and Human Services Secretary, and pretty much everybody working around him in the White House had to have known. He even put Mike Pence in charge of the coronavirus task force back then. They all knew. So rather than asking why Woodward didn’t tell us, shouldn’t we be asking why our government officials, who are paid to keep America safe, also didn’t tell us or do anything about it?
"We talk a lot about the “Trump Crime Family“ but his entire Cabinet knew how bad this was last winter, too. Not only are Trump and his kids grifters and liars, but he put together an entire cabinet of grifters and liars. In fact, it went beyond that. Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and Richard Burr, both Republicans, dumped stock after getting briefed about this knowledge.

We need a new normal

The old normal just won't do anymore.


Biden commits to ban fossil fuel subsidies

After the DNC dropped it from the platform. See this story from EcoWatch, an environmental news org praising the move.

"The Democratic party made the curious move of removing a ban on fossil fuel subsidies from its platform earlier this week as its convention kicked off. The move, which also backtracked from a clean energy commitment, raised the ire of environmental activists. However, presidential nominee Joe Biden, who will steer the party's agenda if elected, has recommitted to a ban on fossil fuel subsidies, as The Verge reported."

It's right there in his climate plan.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Pathetic cowards for Twit

And that's exactly what they are.

O'Malley: Biden's radical climate plan

Writing for the Sydney Morning Herald he reports:

"Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s adoption of what some consider to be the most ambitious climate change action plan ever put forward by a major party of a major nation has attracted far less attention than it probably deserves. Washington Governor Jay Inslee, one of many on the party's left who had opposed Biden on environmental grounds and who have now embraced his candidacy, described Biden’s plan as visionary."

"At the heart of Biden’s climate change package is a determination to decarbonise the nation’s electricity system by 2035 before reaching net-zero carbon emissions for the entire economy by 2050. To achieve this Biden would spend US$2 trillion on research for new green technology, new clean infrastructure and retrofitting existing buildings across the nation for energy efficiency. He would direct all government procurement towards green technology, including electronic vehicles, and fund a Civilian Climate Corp similar to the Works Progress Administration established as part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 'New Deal,' established to help the nation lift itself out of the Great Depression."

Social democracy v. US corporate capitalism

We have a reliable roadmap to a better US. All we need to is make everyone including corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Let's vote in those who will take that road.

A rhetorical question

Since the answer is obvious.

Genocide, plain and simple

There's no other way to see this if you have any sense of humanity and decency. Those creating the situation obviously don't have any sense of that.

Just ignore the sports kneeling

Like you ignore the reasons they're doing it. Maybe that's why you hate it, because it exposes your own racism and brutality hiding behind the flag.

Roger Stone wants Twitler to declare martial law

If Twit loses the election so that he can "arrest Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Clintons and anybody else who can be proven to be involved in illegal activity." No wonder Twit pardoned him, as they both are fascists that want to destroy democracy. Can anyone still seriously doubt this real possibility? It seems Twit will do this anyway whether he wins or loses.

"Long-time Donald Trump confidant, and convicted felon, Roger Stone said that the president should declare 'martial law' to seize power if he loses what Stone characterized as an already corrupt election. The results will only be legitimate if the 'real winner' — Trump — takes office, regardless of what the votes say, Stone declared. A loss would apparently be justification for Trump to use force to take over the nation."


HHS Twiots interfere with CDC reporting

We knew this was going to happen when Twit put one of his Twitiots in charge of Health and Human Services. Paranoid Twit thinks the CDC is intentionally trying to hurt him when all they do is release medical facts about the pandemic. Hence his insane need to thwart the facts.

"The health department’s politically appointed communications aides have demanded the right to review and seek changes to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly scientific reports charting the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, in what officials characterized as an attempt to intimidate the reports’ authors and water down their communications to health professionals."

Saturday, September 12, 2020

We need a paradigm shift, not just green tech

That's exactly why corporate capitalism must be replaced with some form of eco-socialism.

Hartmann: Twilter loves panic

Thom shows that's exactly what the Twit is ALL about.

Noah: Twitler loves panic

It's his entire campaign strategy. Who does he think he's kidding with his no panic BS. Oh yeah, the Twitiots.


On a related theme, apophenia has come up in recent discussions. One of my favorite novels, William Gibson's Pattern Recognition, addresses this quite well in story format. From the wiki:
"The novel's central theme involves the examination of the human desire to detect patterns or meaning and the risks of finding patterns in meaningless data. Other themes include methods of interpretation of history, cultural familiarity with brand names, and tensions between art and commercialization. The September 11, 2001 attacks are used as a motif representing the transition to the new century. Critics identify influences in Pattern Recognition from Thomas Pynchon's postmodern detective story The Crying of Lot 49."

The Glass Bead Game

Some at the Metamodern Forum are working on creating the Glass Bead Game, a game of learning psycho-social development. I found this interesting from the wiki on Hesse's book The Glass Bead Game , something with which I’ve been relating as of late.
“Knecht begins to question his loyalty to the order, gradually coming to doubt that the intellectually gifted have a right to withdraw from life’s big problems. Knecht, too, comes to see Castalia as a kind of ivory tower, an ethereal and protected community, devoted to pure intellectual pursuits but oblivious to the problems posed by life outside its borders. This conclusion precipitates a personal crisis, and, according to his personal views regarding spiritual awakening, Knecht does the unthinkable: he resigns as Magister Ludi and asks to leave the order, ostensibly to become of value and service to the larger culture. The heads of the order deny his request to leave, but Knecht departs Castalia anyway, initially taking a job as a tutor to his childhood friend Designori’s energetic and strong-willed son, Tito. Only a few days later, the story ends abruptly with Knecht drowning in a mountain lake while attempting to follow Tito on a swim for which Knecht was unfit.”

Friday, September 11, 2020

Cornell West agrees with Chomsky on Biden

Cornell West agrees with Chomsky about Biden. I doubt this will convince those infantile Dembeciles still whining about voting for Biden, but it works for us adults. From his Twitter feed.


Twit's priorities

And it ain't human (or any) life.


Proving it has nothing to do with the Green New Deal's cost

And everything to do with fossil fuel companies buying Congress. And this is what we get for that corruption.

Bernie said: "

The fossil fuel lobby wants you to believe a Green New Deal is too expensive. But what we are seeing now, clearer than ever in the form of unprecedented wildfires, record-breaking hurricanes and other climate-related disasters, is that the cost of doing nothing is far, far more expensive."


DHS whistleblower: Downplay risks of white supremacists

Makes sense for a fascist regime. From this article.

"A Department of Homeland Security whistleblower has accused the agency’s leadership of instructing analysts to downplay the violent threat posed by white supremacists and Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2020 election. The explosive allegation comes in a whistleblower complaint filed by Brian Murphy, the former head of the Homeland Security Department’s intelligence branch. Murphy says acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf personally instructed him to stop providing intelligence assessments on the threat of Russian interference and instead to focus on actions by China and Iran. Murphy claims the request originated from Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien. In July, Murphy said one of his intelligence reports on Russia was held because it “made the president look bad."

We'll willingly pay for universal healthcare through taxes

What's free is our tax dollars going to corporations and getting nothing in return. You know, corporate welfare. Those welfare kings and queens driving around in Cadillacs or Porsches we paid for while their stinking piss rains down on us.


Remember this when it's time to vote

You're loved ones suffered horribly and died needlessly at Twitler's hands.


Thursday, September 10, 2020

You know, when Republicans used to believe in duty to country

Here's your chance to prove it.

How Twitiots misinterpret reality

Through a Pox Views lens.

His musk smells like shit

Robert Reich's FB comments about Elon Musk. 

"Elon Musk thinks I’m a 'moron' because I called out his exploitative labor practices. He neglected to mention that he:

— Illegally threatened to take away stock options if employees unionized (the judge in this case found Musk and Tesla violated labor laws in 11 additional ways)
— Fired an employee one day before his stock options vested
— Fired staff after promising them they could take unpaid time off if they didn’t feel comfortable returning to work during COVID
— Has had 43 workers’ rights violations filed against his company since 2010
— Has had 145 complaints filed with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing since 2014
"He can call me every name in the book — it won’t change the fact that he’s a modern-day robber baron, through and through."

Good bumper sticker

Only problem is we'll have to keep re-making it as the death toll rises by the day.

A bit of a stretch but not my much

Remember Bernie's slogan? Not me, us. 


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Lady Gaga - VMA Performance 2020

And what a performance.

Some of Woodward's tape with Twit on covid-19

Here it is in Twitler's own words. Can't wait to see him deny his own words like he's done so many times before.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Electric Soul (Live)



Biden: Twit knew the severity of covid-19 in February

And admitted to Woodward that it was deadly, much worse than the flu. And yet he lied to the American people about it for months. That's genocide in my book.

Yeah, some liberals are spoiled brats

And have no conception of anything outside their little worlds.



Why I call them Repugnantans

For they are truly repugnant. From Thom Hartmann's FB post today. Are you listening?

"Republicans Are Loudly Telling Americans Who They Are – Is Anybody Listening?
"Big business in America has informed the Republican party that their top priority is making sure that if they essentially force people back to work, provide them with a workplace lacking protections against the coronavirus, or negligently expose their customers to coronavirus, there will be no way to hold them legally responsible.
"Mitch McConnell and the Republican senators are willing, on behalf of America’s largest corporations and monopolies, to pass out a trillion taxpayerdollars to unemployed people in exchange for making their donor corporations exempt from very clear laws governing workplace and consumer safety.
"McConnell has gone so far as to say that without this multi-trillion dollar big wet kiss to his largest corporate donors, there’s no way even a penny is going to get through him to unemployed Americans.
"Every day we get another example of how corrupt, sold-out, and complicit elected Republicans have become. From their fear and trembling before the throne of Trump, to their enthusiasm for taking corporate and billionaire money while passing out tax cuts and legal loopholes, to their enthusiasm for gutting Social Security and any other government programs that only help average people instead of the billionaire class, the GOP tells us every day who they are.
"The question is, how many Americans are listening?"

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Republican voters against Twit: The Choice

Here's their recent ad about veterans.

Veterans speak up about Twitler

As a military vet myself I join my voice with theirs.

Sturgis motorcycle rally tied to >250,000 pandemic cases

Of course this is no surprise to anyone with even half a functioning brain. But we must face the fact that these Twitiots do not have as much. It's obvious that they also have no regard for not only their own lives but anyone else's.

"According to a new study, which tracked anonymized cellphone data from the rally, over 250,000 coronavirus cases have now been tied to the 10-day event, one of the largest to be held since the start of the pandemic. It drew motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country, many of whom were seen without face coverings inside crowded bars, restaurants, and other indoor establishments. The explosion in cases, the study from the Germany-based IZA Institute of Labor Economics finds, is expected to reach $12 billion in public health costs."

Not just correlation but causation

The intentional decimation of unions by giant corporations and their paid lackeys is directly responsible for the income inequality and other social ills we see today. They are greedy bastards that don't give a shit that their sickness causes our suffering and deaths. Note that Biden will support strong unions.

Twitler follows Stalin's playbook

And the abused chickens follow after getting their favorite treat: Hatred.

Everyone's healthcare covered

At less cost. What a monstrous idea! Bernie said about this Mother Jones article:

"Here’s what the insurance industry, the corporate media and many people in Congress don’t want you to know: Medicare for All will save the American people money. It’s time to stop putting our health care dollars toward administrative waste and bloated insurance CEO salaries, and instead use our health care dollars to guarantee quality care for all."

These boys have formed a band

With an appropriate name.

Monday, September 7, 2020

These are our demands

And we won't quit until we get them.

At least AOC appreciates us


Revile the Repugnantans on Labor Day

Who not only fought all of this every step of the way but are responsible for the decimation of unions and all of these hard-earned benefits.


Not so happy Labor Day

Twitler's pandemic mismanagement left 27 million more unemployed along with 189,000 dead. Let's remember his evil today along with our fallen heroes.

"The bulk of the crisis is owing to the Trump administration’s refusal to implement a national testing and tracing program or to encourage mask wearing, and its policy of closing down the economy too late and opening too soon, have all deepened and prolonged the crisis in a way that is not paralleled in other industrialized democracies such as South Korea and Germany."

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Let ByeDons be bygones

 Adios, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, see ya.

Twit is inciting terrorists

Plain and simple.

Pox's Baier defends Griffin

In this interview with Mnuchin this morning. This is great, when even Pox does against the giant Twit propaganda machine.

Pox's Griffin confirms story of Twit calling soldiers suckers and losers

Several other sources have since confirmed the original Atlantic article. Now even Pox Views joins the choir on what Twit has said. So of course now Twit wants Pox to fire her.

Want to call yourself a Christian

But in no way act like one?

Greed for money and power is a sickness

That needs to be treated with progressive tax policy. It still leaves them rich, just not getting most all of the pie. You know, democracy, where we all get to eat.


Saturday, September 5, 2020

40 ways to fight fascists

The above is the title of this book subtitled: "Street-legal tactics for community activist. There are a few ways to read the book at the link. I've copied the table of contents below.

1. Learn about Far Right movements
2. Find collaborators
3. Keep an eye on the local Far Right

4. Release your research
5. Remove and replace Far Right propaganda
6. Push public groups to oppose fascism
7. Make it difficult for Far Right groups to meet
8. Refute their lies
9. Use the court system
10. Expose fascists at home and work
11. Deplatform fascism online
12. Prevent the Far Right from crashing progressive events
13. Drive wedges between individuals and groups
14. Find new collaborators
15. Organize anti-racist bar crawls
16. Help fascists become formers

Compare and contrast

These accurate acronyms.