Sunday, October 4, 2020

Twit's covid update

I was watching Meet the Press where they were discussing the conflicting reports about Twit's health. Dr. Conley, Twit's personal physician, presented a rosy picture yet the Chief of Staph (infection) reported otherwise. They were just commenting whether the Conley could be believed when the program was interrupted by him with an update, who again painted a rosy picture. 

However after that update NBC interviewed their medical contributor, Dr. John Torres. He said he was concerned because Twit is taking dexamethasone, which is indicated for severe symptoms for those who are mechanically ventilated or requiring supplemental oxygen. It is strongly contraindicated for mild to moderate symptoms. He further commented that to him it indicates more is going on that Twit's doctor is reporting. Given how Meet the Press started with questions about that doctor's credibility, along with Twit's long history of lying about every thing, we have good reason to doubt their reports.

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