Thursday, June 30, 2016

Senator Warren on market competition

The Republicans effuse about the free market, meaning a market where competition incentivizes producers to make better products for less consumer cost. While that's the spin they sell what they really mean is where companies can have near monopoly power to do whatever they want, including higher prices for higher profits at social expense. That of course is not free markets at all. In this speech Warren, a lover of competitive markets, lays out the reality behind consolidated monopolistic markets and how they destroy the very ideas they say the believe in.

Kawehi covers Heart-Shaped Box

Nice creative touches.

The struggle for a more democratized energy system

Senator Warren's derivatives proposal

Following are her FB comments on making banks responsible for their speculative derivatives via a new Bill, the Derivatives Oversight and Taxpayer Protection Act. Of course the Republicans and the corporate Democrats will vote it down. I'll provide the actual vote when it comes out so you can see exactly which representatives side with the crooks or with the people. Warren:

"Remember AIG? The big insurance company that sucked down billions in taxpayer bailouts during the 2008 financial crisis? AIG got in trouble thanks to derivatives – complicated products that allowed it take massive risks and spread that risk across the financial system. And AIG wasn’t alone – the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission found that derivatives losses at big banks and other financial firms were at the heart of the crisis. It’s no wonder Warren Buffett called derivatives 'financial weapons of mass destruction.'

Sanders is one of the few exceptions

Following up on this post, Sanders is one of the few Democratic exceptions to the establishment rule. His entire career has been spent defending the working class and asking that the elite pay their fair share and treat their workers with dignity, fair pay and benefits. Here are a few excerpts from his latest diatribe, examples of what Thomas Frank said the Democratic Party has long forgotten.

"That increasingly globalized economy, established and maintained by the world’s economic elite, is failing people everywhere. [...] During my campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, I’ve visited 46 states. What I saw and heard on too many occasions were painful realities that the political and media establishment fail even to recognize."

Human potential satire

I attended a massage therapy school in San Diego from the summer of '84 to summer of '85. It was called IPSB, which at the time stood for the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing. It later changed its name to the International Professional School of Bodywork. Apparently it sold the earlier name to another school which still has that name in LA, but it's a different school. The link above is to the same school I attended, whose history is in this page.

While I was a serious student and absorbed all the various teachings with enthusiasm, I was always a bit skeptical of some of the more grandiose claims made by the various disciplines. And as is typical of my life-long sardonic and sarcastic sense of humor, I put such skepticism into a series of satire flyers to mock the sort of advertising that was commonly used at the time. It was well and ill received, depending on the audience.

I just scanned many of them into the attached document for your enjoyment. Note that during this time PCs were still pretty primitive. I was using someone's MAC and the fonts had poor resolution with jagged lines. This link has a pdf of the above satires.

Liberal class warfare

This meme is exactly right. I'm reading Listen, Liberal by Thomas Frank. Establishment liberals became the Party of the professional class and no longer represent the working class. They adopted the Republican notion that the best and brightest, at least according to their own standards, deserve what they get and those that don't achieve on those standards also get what they deserve in poverty etc. Hence it is all about the upper class, the top 10%. The rest can go to hell. Of course they won't say this outright but spin that they are still on your side to get your vote. Look not at what they say but what they do, like the TPP, Wall Street bailouts, tax breaks for the rich and so on.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Brian Justin Crum

Excellent performance on AGT:

Good things in the Democratic Platform

I've bitched about what they didn't do, so here's Hartmann on what they do agree on.

Evan Thompson talk at Google

Reich on why we need a Third Party

After this election, of course. The threat of a Trump Presidency is too great in his mind to take that chance with this election. But afterward, yes. And getting big money out of politics should be its central message, since the establishment Dems will never do it. It's the key to every other issue.

"I am in favor of a third party after November. I think that what Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders supporters ought to be considering very seriously is a kind of new progressive party — post-November — that fields candidates, that supports progressives for House and Senate races, even considers putting up somebody for the 2020 presidential race. A party that dedicates the next four or eight or 20 years to building a progressive movement politically and focussing on the politics of a progressive movement. It hasn't been done, and it needs to be done, and I think that the movement that Bernie Sanders began is the logical starting point."

Let's be honest Barack

Since it's obviously terrible for US workers and allows the US to be sued for loss of anticipated profits before a corporate tribunal,* and we know this is the real reason, just admit it.
* This is happening right now under NAFTA with a Canadian corp suing the US over not doing the Keystone pipeline.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cornell West doesn't support the DNC platform

Jill Stein weighs in on the corrupt DNC

Bill McKibben on Democratic platform obstruction

See his article here. A sample excerpt follows. Anyone surprised on the Clinton delegate votes? If so you've been fooled again. It's all spin and no substance.

"We all agreed that America should be operating on 100 percent clean energy by 2050, but then I proposed, in one amendment after another, a series of ways we might actually get there. A carbon tax? Voted down 7-6 (one of the DNC delegates voted with each side). A ban on fracking? Voted down 7-6. An effort to keep fossils in the ground, at least on federal land? Voted down 7-6. A measure to mandate that federal agencies weigh the climate impact of their decisions? Voted down 7-6. Even a plan to keep fossil fuel companies from taking private land by eminent domain, voted down 7-6. (We did, however, reach unanimous consent on more bike paths!)"

Tulsi Gabbard interview

She starts with why she resigned as vice-chair of the DNC, its warmongering. She goes on to discuss the DNC supporting Clinton when they're supposed to be neutral, as well as eliminating the superdelegate system and opening the primaries. Of course it all depends on campaign finance reform and getting private money out of it. Good luck with that and the Dem Party.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Supreme Corp rules that corruption is legal

See this article. The Supreme Corp took an appeal on the corruption conviction of former VA Governor McDonnell. McDonnell was guilty of trading money and gifts for political favors. But according to the SC that's perfectly legal and overturned the conviction. This is what we've come to, when pay-to-play corruption is legal in the US.

More math on Uber

This is what you support if you use Uber. Even more dire than the last post.

The facts about Uber

See this article.

"Internal Uber calculations, provided to BuzzFeed News by Uber, based on data spanning more than a million rides and covering thousands of drivers in three major U.S. markets — Denver, Detroit, and Houston — suggest that drivers in each of the three markets overall earned less than an average of $13.25 an hour after expenses."

Framing to one's moral values

Following up on this post, from this article:

"Feinberg and Willer drew upon past research showing that American liberals and conservatives tend to endorse different moral values to different extents. For example, liberals tend to be more concerned with care and equality where conservatives are more concerned with values like group loyalty, respect for authority and purity.

"They then conducted four studies testing the idea that moral arguments reframed to fit a target audience’s moral values could be persuasive on even deeply entrenched political issues. In one study, conservative participants recruited via the Internet were presented with passages that supported legalizing same-sex marriage.

Rank choice voting

In this video Jill Stein talks about this subject around 2:50. That is, having ballots allow for one's first and second choice. If their first choice loses then it shifts to their second choice. That way people can actually vote for who they really want, like Sanders or Stein over Clinton. Needless to say, the Democratic Party won't allow such a suggestion because their corrupt process is based on corporate money and they don't care who you really want. "Forget the lesser evil, fight for the greater good."

Systemic corruption versus Armageddon

In this clip Uygur is asked if he could in good conscience vote for the Queen of Corruption Clinton. Uygur first establishes the loaded nature of the question, as if to vote for Clinton instead of Trump is to betray ones progressive credentials. He then notes that yes, Clinton is indeed systemically corrupt, but the alternative in Trump is a monster that will literally take down the economy and institute systemic racism, etc. Given that choice one can still acknowledge Clinton's corruption and the worst case scenario in Trump.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just the facts ma'am?

A few points on the Hoggan piece. Yes, frames matter but so do facts. Recall Ambo's thread on the facts. Granted just the facts ma'am isn't enough, but when framing it also helps to be factual. E.g., Lakoff said when it comes to cutting corporate tax rates = creating jobs it's patently false. Yet if repeated enough within a certain frame the facts don't matter. Hence Trump getting poor fact ratings at Politifact. So progressives need to frame the truth not by repeating the lie but by spinning the values of what actually creates jobs, like people having a good enough paycheck to buy goods and services which stimulate the economy and create jobs. Sanders has done an excellent job of that.

But then there's also the truth factor of that spinning. When Sanders says it we believe him because he has a long record of supporting these policies. When Clinton say it she not only doesn't have that record but the opposite so we don't believer her. That is, if we're not so gullible to spin without those facts. Hence this thread is trying to frame the Democratic Party and its candidates with as much factual information as possible tied to the moral framing of authentic versus pandering we the people rhetoric.

Chamber of corporate cronies

Let's be honest and call Congress what it really is.

Coalition instead of unity

This video shows the corruption of the two party system and how a Parliamentary system works to build coalitions instead of Party unity. We might even say it's the difference between metaphysical monism with politic dualism versus an integrated methodological pluralism. And no, the former is not transcended and included in the latter. (Try the FB link if the first one is still not working.)

Private equity takeover

The following is from Robert Reich's FB post where he comments on this article. So if public services are privatized then who do they serve, themselves for profit or the public? The answer seems obvious.

"The private equity takeover of the U.S. economy has gone largely unnoticed. Since the 2008 financial crisis, private equity firms have gone from managing $1 trillion to managing $4.3 trillion — more than the value of Germany’s gross domestic product. And private equity is now in every corner of the economy: Blackstone is America’s largest landlord of rental houses. Fortress Investment Group is the nation’s largest bill collector. And private equity now runs all sorts of services that used to be under public control – including emergency services we all depend on. But private equity isn’t accountable – not to the public, not even to public shareholders. It’s run by a handful of extraordinarily wealthy people who are getting richer and more powerful all the time. Today’s New York Times provides an important look."

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chris Hedges on the establishment Dem Party

From this article:

"During the presidential election cycle, liberals display their gutlessness. Liberal organizations, such as, become cloyingly subservient to the Democratic Party. Liberal media, epitomized by MSNBC, ruthlessly purge those who challenge the Democratic Party establishment. Liberal pundits, such as Paul Krugman, lambaste critics of the political theater, charging them with enabling the Republican nominee. Liberals chant, in a disregard for the facts, not to be like Ralph Nader, the 'spoiler' who gave us George W. Bush.

"The liberal class refuses to fight for the values it purports to care about. It is paralyzed and trapped by the induced panic manufactured by the systems of corporate propaganda. The only pressure within the political system comes from corporate power. With no counterweight, with no will on the part of the liberal class to defy the status quo, we slide deeper and deeper into corporate despotism. The repeated argument of the necessity of supporting the 'least worse' makes things worse.

Basic income reconsidered

Following up on this post, these authors don't like the basic income.  Therein they don't find it a useful idea. They say that capitalists like the idea because then they can eliminate other social programs and privatize what they used to cover. What good is free money if we have to use it to buy back needed services and still maintain capitalism?

No surprise about the DNC platform

See this story. Recall that in order to placate Sanders and his followers the DNC gave him 5 seats on the Party platform committee, which is of course only one-third of it. One Sanders rep wanted a commitment to withhold a vote on the TPP but was voted down by the corporate Dems. Another wanted a carbon tax and moratorium on fracking, also voted down. Single-payer was also rejected. 90% of what was agreed upon were neoliberal policies. Cornell West refused to vote for the final platform in protest. There were a few positive planks, like an upgraded version of Glass-Steagall and strengthening social security, but my guess is that these will be quickly forgotten when the corporate money rolls in.

Christian Arnsperger's blog

He's come a long way from his days of trying to fit economics into the AQAL framework (Full Spectrum Economics and his subsequent JITP article thereon). See his blog Perma-Circular Horizons here. For example the following from his 6/22/16 entry:

Progressive Teddy Roosevelt

I'm learning a lot about US political history from reading People Get Ready. Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican President (1901-09), initiated the Progressive Era and much of the infrastructure necessary for an effective democracy. After his successor (Taft) made a mess of things Teddy once again competed in the 1912 Republican primary as a challenge to Taft. But like today, "the final credentials of the state delegates at the national convention were determined by the national committee, which was controlled by the party leaders, headed by the incumbent president" (Wikipedia).

We the people have to get busy

Continuing from this post, more from People Get Ready. If we don't get off our asses and get involved it won't get done:

"The people who dominate the political economy at present are determined to use their considerable resources and influence to prevent the development and expansion of democratic infrastructure. Indeed, at many turns they consciously seek the actual destruction of that infrastructure. [...] Furthermore, the present rulers have spent the last forty years trying to convince everyone the becoming part of an aroused and engaged and organized citizenry is unnecessary and a waste of time. [...] The humane and effective solution to the economic crisis requires that (1) the political system be rejuvenated into a powerful democratic infrastructure and (2) draws people into public policy debates as effective participants" (206-07).

Friday, June 24, 2016

Defecting progressives

See this Salon article, noting that many of us progressives have given up on the corrupt Democratic Party and may vote Green instead. He argues that the corrupt two-party system has really become just one party of money, and Clinton represents it. More and more Republicans are deciding to vote from Clinton daily."

As the joke goes, her platform may match Bernie Sanders’s on 95% of the issues, but her record matches Trump’s platform on 95% of the issues, and her issues match Richard Nixon on 95% of the record." The Party talks progressive to get votes but never follows through on those promises. And their main rallying cry, "but not Trump!," just isn't a reason to vote for someone, especially when that someone is part of the one big money party problem.

Lawsuit against the DNC

See this article that details a lawsuit to be filed against the Democratic National Committee "alleging fraud and collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign." Some of the evidence comes from DNC internal communications revealed by hacker Guccifer 2.0. I hope the suit gains traction and goes to court. Hitting the DNC's bottom line might be the only way to get it to actually obey its own charter and bylaws that forbid such behavior. The DNC, like Clinton herself, have always felt they were above and beyond the rules for everyone else.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Colbert on a hopeless Senate

4 gun control measures, none pass. Lots of prayers but yet again zero action. Colbert does a rap battle at the Senate.

Calysta Bevier

She earned Simon's golden buzzer this week.

Some of Obama's work

I guarantee you that the Republicans had nothing to do with this.

It's barbaric today

Thomas Frank interview

In this video he reiterates points in his new book, Listen Liberal! Bottom line, the Democratic Party abandoned the unions and the working class to support the professional class because they had the money to support their campaigns. Yes, the current Party is all about money and money only. Party members still talk a progressive game but it's all spin designed to get votes and do nothing about progressive policies. Remember Obama while campaigning said that NAFTA was a disaster and that he'd change it. In office, quite the opposite with his adamant support of the TPP. Plus his Justice Department failed in criminally prosecute even one Wall Street Banker for crimes they admitted to. And it's still ongoing and even encouraged through revolving doors of the professional elite. It will be the same with Clinton and things will continue to deteriorate.

Sanders of course represents a throw back in their minds to the New Deal that cared for the working class. The corporate Democrats find that revolting and did their best to thwart the People's candidate and hence in their minds the crass, unwashed masses. As my mother used to say, watch not what they say but what they do.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

David Korten on Clinton and Sanders

Here he said: "I'm sticking with Sanders and voting for Clinton." He's right that Clinton is far better than Trump, given her political experience. But he's mistaken that Sanders has actually moved her to the left, or that the progressive movement can hold her to implementing her progressive spin. I agree that we must support progressive candidates that are not beholden to any Party but instead are committed to progressive policies. But this election has proven that the Dem Party is not in the least committed to those ideals and is just as corrupt and undemocratic as its nemesis, the GOP.

Response to Norman Goldman about the Dem Party

I heard a bit of the show about an hour ago. He admitted that both the electoral college and the Democratic superdelegates are specifically designed because they don't trust we the people. And that the Dem Party is further designed to support itself over we the people. That it no longer represents we the people, and does represent their moneyed backers, is indisputable. And we're supposed to become a part of that?

Sanders only ran as a Democrat because if you're not in one or the other of the two major parties you have no chance. Since you like to get at the core issue, that's it: the two-party system itself is corrupt. To have a vibrant democracy of the people requires a multi-party system that allows for those other Parties to actually have a chance to compete in the system.

House Democrats stage a sit in

Protesting the lack of a House vote on recent gun control Bills. The coward Speaker Ryan is trying to avoid a vote before they go on vacation and the Democrats are chanting, "no Bill, no break." Recall the Senate Democrats had a filibuster over the same issue that finally forced a vote and the Republicons voted down the gun control Bills. The House is trying to avoid a vote because it would be the same result, the Republicons continuing to suck NRA cock. The House speaker even cut off the cameras to prevent the world from knowing about the sit in but fortunately we have other media that is sharing what's going on. Please share.

Warren on the Republican Wall Street agenda

From her FB post:

"House Republicans continue their tireless effort to enact Wall Street’s agenda. Next up – a vote this week on a government funding bill that is chock full of items off the Wall Street wish list: weakening the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by changing its structure and funding model; delaying critical CFPB rules on payday lending and forced arbitration clauses in contracts for checking accounts and credit cards; undermining the financial regulators who are supposed to be looking out for the next crisis; and cutting funding for the SEC. It’s all part of the Republican playbook to use every tool available to make life easier for the poor big banks who have suffered too much under our post-crisis rules. Democrats must continue to stand strong against these efforts to benefit Wall Street at the expense of working families."

Naomi Klein and John Nichols on what's next

At the People's Summit. This is a long war against neoliberalism and we must win. It requires a fundamental shift from endless taking to compassionate giving. And we must keep up the good fight, for it will be long and hard.

Warren on Trump's taxes

In this video we know that the last time Trump's tax returns were public he paid zero and was proud of it. So we want to put this guy in charge of a government that he doesn't want to contribute to while the rest of us pay our fair share?

Republicans support terrorists

And that's not hyperbole. They voted down a Bill that would not allow anyone on a terrorist watch list in the last 5 years to buy a gun. That's just a fact.

Taibbi on the Democratic Party

In this article he rails against the corrupt Dem Party that expects our vote or we must be supporting the evil Republicans. They set up this false dichotomy and expect us to accept that taking dirty money that buys favors as just the way it is. Get real already! Taibbi is right, that it's the Dem Party that is wrong here. And the likes of Sanders is right that we need a fundamental change to our system of government. We the people demand it, and we are ignored. It's time for us to organize and fight back.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How does the Commons work?

See this short video. If you want more, read the in-depth article here.

California is going nuclear free

See this story from Friends of the Earth. CA has always been the US leader on progressive change for the better. A brief excerpt follows. See the article for details.

"An historic agreement has been reached between Pacific Gas and Electric, Friends of the Earth, and other environmental and labor organizations to replace the Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors with greenhouse-gas-free renewable energy, efficiency and energy storage resources. Friends of the Earth says the agreement provides a clear blueprint for fighting climate change by replacing nuclear and fossil fuel energy with safe, clean, cost-competitive renewable energy. "

Republicans prove once again the NRA controls them

See Reich's FB post here, noting that the Republicans were near unanimous in voting down two Senate gun control bills, while the Democrats were near unanimous for them. One would have closed the gun show loophole and expanded the federal background check database. The other would have prevented anyone who has been on the terrorist watch list in the last 5 years from buying a gun. These are sensible reforms to any sensible person, but not to the NRA and their paid Republican lackeys.

The truth about pornography

You've heard them. Porn degrades woman, creates unrealistic expectations, degrades one's self image, destroys relationships, promotes violence etc. Some excerpts follow from this article debunking these myths. Warning: facts are involved. If you're basing your views on porn from prudish or religious ideology this is not for you.

"In 1969, Denmark became the first country to legalise pornography. In the years that followed, onlookers watched with interest and trepidation: what would happen to Danish society? As it turns out, nothing – or rather, nothing negative. When in 1991 Berl Kutchinsky, a criminologist at the University of Copenhagen who spent his career studying the public effects of pornography, analysed the data for more than 20 years following legalisation, he found that rates of sexual aggression had actually fallen. Pornography was proliferating, but the sexual climate seemed to be improving. The same thing happened, he found, in Sweden and West Germany, which followed Denmark’s legalisation campaign."

A big clue to Clinton's real agenda

See this article that reports if Clinton chooses Warren as her running mate then Wall Street cuts off their campaign contributions. Wall Street obviously doesn't want Warren because she has the unmitigated gall to expect them to behave like responsible citizens. And of course this tests Clinton's lip service to financial reform, since she needs all that Wall Street money in trade for favors. Clinton knows full well she couldn't do what Sanders did, get that kind of money from small donors, because we the people don't believe or trust her when she panders progressive talking points. This should be just one more piece of evidence that Clinton is a Wall Street shill but evidence can't beat the inauthentic yet effective progressive spin she's feeding ill-informed supporters and acolytes.

California's uncounted votes

So Clinton is declared the winner of the CA primary when there were still 2-3 million uncounted votes. This short documentary explores this issue.

Citizenless democracy

Following up on the last post, from this McChesney interview. Sanders and Stein are the only US candidates that are promoting what he's talking about. Clinton is just more of the same.

"Our argument is that we currently have a citizenless democracy. By that we mean a governing system where all the important decisions of government are made to suit the interests and values of the wealthiest and most powerful Americans, and the corporations they own.This is not a controversial point, as several prominent political science studies have reached that exact conclusion in recent years. In short, if the vast majority of Americans want something from government and a small number of very wealthy Americans want something else, the rich guys always win."

Capitalism needs to be fundamentally reformed or replaced

Following up on this post, I'm now reading the book People Get Ready. A brief, edited excerpt follows:

"In our view, the evidence points in one direction: the economy needs to be fundamentally reformed, if not replaced. Capitalism as we know it is the wrong economic system for the material world that is emerging. [...] But researching this book, what is striking to us is that many, perhaps most, of the people who have studied these matters [...] recognize that if the system is left alone, it will not right itself. Instead, structural changes are needed, and government will have to play the central role in determining and instituting these changes" (113-14).

Colbert on the Cavs victory

Carpool karaoke with Selena Gomez

Monday, June 20, 2016

Congressional Black Caucus defends super delegates

See this article. They wrote a letter that says the super delegate system is just fine and don't change it. Recall this same organization endorsed Clinton a while ago while many of its members did not. And recall that ColorOfChange thinks the CBC, like the establishment Democratic Party, has sold out to big business and could give one shit about the common black person. Supporting the super delegate system is just more proof of this very fact.

The Cavs make history

Game 7 was the best of the series, and one of the best game sevens ever. Several ties and lead changes, and the result was not predictable until the very last minute. And history-making, as the only team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals. Bravo for King James and his supporting cast.

How to be a life coach

Much like Trump explicitly exposes the implicit underbelly of the Republican Party's agenda, JP in this video makes explicit the BS sales techniques of New Age prosperity programming.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Anti-Trump ad

Good commercial showing that Trump's developmental level is below that of sensible children. That's his appeal though, to those with the same stunted development.

The best west coast swing dance improvisation

Here's a video of the very best wcs dancers playing around, having fun, and spontaneously creating new moves.

Sanders still naive about the Democratic Party

See Sanders' latest speech below. Therein he says that he'll work with Clinton to defeat Trump. But he'll also not concede until the convention because he wants to reform the Democratic Party platform to include our progressive agenda. It's time the Party worked for we the people again instead of its wealthiest constituents. I admire that Sanders is trying to reform a corrupt Party. And they will undoubtedly make progressive concessions at the convention. But he will learn that it's only for show to get the progressive vote, and they'll ignore those concessions going forward. And apparently that's what it's going to take for him to finally give up on the Party and direct his movement toward an alternative progressive Party and/or join the Green Party.

Trump: new heights in lowering the bar

Maher wants to know why this idiot has been given a pass no other President has received.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Amy's gyno exam

California primary election secret code

Redacted Tonight shows how an independent in the CA primary did not get to vote for Sanders unless they uttered the secret code phrase "I want a Democratic crossover ballot." And they had to magically know this phrase to get a vote because there were no instructions to do so. If you didn't then you were not eligible to vote for Sanders in the Democratic primary. Hence how many millions of independent Sanders supporters did not get to vote? Rigged?

Don't do it Senator Warren

She is being floated as a possible VP candidate for Clinton. It is only a political ploy to win over the progressive wing. Please, please Senator Warren, do not accept it if offered. Your passionate defense of we the people will by muzzled under Clinton and lose its effectiveness. Removing Warren from the Senate would neutralize the progressive agenda. And that's exactly Clinton's intention.

Na'vi Dreamtime

By Bruce Alderman (aka Balder). I especially liked the Irish lyrical quality 2:50 to 4:40.

Carpool Karaoke

With the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Cavs win game 6

I don't have a horse in this race. I don't even care who wins game 7, just happy it went there. I just want a close and exciting series. There might have been 1 or 2 bad calls on both sides but none that would effect the outcome of the beating the Cavs gave them last night. I saw a number of signs in GS for game 5 that called James a crybaby. Now they are the ones being babies.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bigotry in government law-making

End the ban on government gun violence research

See this article. You read that correctly. Since 1996 there has been an NRA sponsored law, and supported by corporate cronies, that bans any federal research on gun violence. There is once again momentum to repeal this law so that we can ascertain the causes and solutions to gun violence. Even the Congressperson who sponsored the original law, Jay Dickey, is now supporting its repeal. That such a law could even pass in the first place, and remain for 20 years, is testament to the obvious fact that Congress could give a shit about all the gun deaths.

They won't clean up their own mess

Or even acknowledge they made it, like the guy who obviously farted but adamantly denies it. And we have to live in their disgusting shit pit.

CEO letter to KS Governor Brownback

See this article for a copy of the letter. Basically this healthcare company CEO is pulling out of Kansas because of the State's anti-poor trickle down nonsense that redistributes money up to the rich and treats the poor like shit. There have been numerous previous reports on how the KS economy is one of the worst in the nation due to implementing their regressive and repressive ideology. Please read the letter for the scathing details.

Colbert diagrams Trump's response to Orlando

And draws some accurate conclusions.

Meditative depersonalization

See this article. Some edited excerpts follow. See the article for much more detail.

"But once in a while, something goes wrong. In Buddhism this is known as falling into 'the pit of the void.' Young is more modern: 'Psychiatrists call it Depersonalization and De-realization Disorder, or DP/DR. I call it Enlightenment’s evil twin. [...] If the very real benefits of mindfulness add up to the good-news mental health story of our time, then, like so many good things, there is also a shadowy seam, an experience known popularly as the Dark Night, after the writings of the famous Carmelite mystic St. John of the Cross. [...] The full range of symptoms, from mild to intense, include headaches, panic, mania, confusion, hallucinations, body pain and pressure, involuntary movements, the de-repression of emotionally-charged psychological material, extreme fear and – perhaps the central feature – the dissolution of the sense of self."

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lake Street Dive

From their new album:

Senator Warren reams SEC chair

The SEC has the authority to require financial companies to provide information that clients need in order to make informed investment decisions. But the SEC continues to drag its feet in implementing this power granted to it by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Bill. In fact, the SEC has done the opposite, allowing said companies to withhold such needed information under the rationalization that clients can have 'information overload.' WTF?

Chris Hedges on the revolution

See this Salon interview. It's already started and there's no telling whether it will be a progressive or regressive populist revolt. Sanders and Trump are at the forefront of both of those options. It's obvious the old system has broken for all but a very few and we're just not going to take it anymore. Hedges says that the revolution needs a narrative to ground and guide it if it is to garner any motive power. Again, the Sanders camp is elucidating one as is the Trump camp. As to which will ultimately triumph is debatable.

Clinton is lead agent in every war we're in

According to Jeffrey Sachs:

Major net neutrality victory

In this video Seder explains the 3-member panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals decision on net neutrality. They vote 2-1 to uphold the FCC rules put in place previously that says broadband is a public utility. The ISPs of course don't want fair and equal access to the internet because they can't make a killing. Never mind that they are already charging outrageously for their services. Net neutrality is central to the internet of things being a vehicle for developing the collaborative commons, the emerging and better socio-economic system. Btw, this victory was achieved by we the people responding in the millions to the FCC and our representatives, a huge accomplishment considering the money and power of the corporate ISPs.

Trump is not the America we want

The President rightly reams Republican gun policy and their Presidential nominee's hateful rhetoric that plays directly into the terrorists' agenda. This is why we must vote down in a landslide Trump and Republicans in the next election.

Viktor Kee

Another great act from AGT last night. Very innovative juggling act and costuming.

Sal Valentinetti

He got Heidi's golden buzzer last night. I didn't expect that very smooth and controlled voice to come out of him, given his intro as a blue collar New York guy. I love that this show highlights all the talent out there in America that otherwise would have gone unrecognized.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kluge: the haphazard construction of the human mind

Interesting talk.

Samantha Bee on Orlando

We need a lot more than prayer; we have to do something about guns. And that ain't going to ever happen with Republicans sucking NRA cock in charge of gun laws.

FBI creates terrorists

Good video on how the FBI, given terrorists quotas after 9/11, actually creates terrorists from mentally disturbed people.

Drone war protest

See this story where thousands surrounded a US drone base in Germany. And some still deny that this has anything to do with creating terrorists? Btw, finally getting around to seeing Eye in the Sky today.

Election fraud?

Also see this story.

Monday, June 13, 2016

There was a good guy with a gun in Orlando

Following up on this post, see this story which notes that there was armed security in that nightclub. And that an off-duty policeman was there packing as well. And they didn't prevent the gunman with his semi-automatic rifle from killing 49 people and wounding another 50. The link also notes the following: "In fact, an FBI analysis of 185 mass shootings over the past thirteen years found that a grand total of one was stopped by an armed civilian." So much for that NRA talking point, one that Trump is using right now about this massacre.

What lawsuit?

I certainly didn't hear about this from any corporate media.

Thanks NRA

No armed civilian has stopped a mass shooting

Following up on this post:

Why the P2P and Commons Movement Must Act Trans-Locally and Trans-Nationally

Article by Michel Bauwens here. Some edited excerpts follow:

"When capital becomes too dominant in the Capital-State-Nation system, the nation, the locus of community and reciprocity dynamics, revolts and mobilizes, and forces the state to discipline Capital. [...] The bug is that ‘Capital’ has developed a trans-national logic and capacity. Globalized and financial neoliberalism has fundamentally weakened the capacity of the nation-state to discipline its activities."

"Our own recommendations in the P2P Foundation, following our work on Commons Transitions, is that progressive coalitions at the city and nation-state level should first of all develop policies that increase the capacity for autonomy of citizens and the new economic forces aligned around the commons.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Robert Reich on a Third Party

From this FB post:

"Regardless of what Bernie decides to do over the next month, several of you have suggested that he establish a third party -- the New Progressive Party -- that would continue to build the movement to reclaim our democracy and economy from the moneyed interests. It would recruit and support Senate and House candidates for the 2018 midterms, and run a presidential candidate in 2020. It would be a membership organization based on small contributions -- and would continue to mobilize, organize, and energize the political revolution Bernie began."

Yet another US mass shooting

This time in Orland, where 50 were killed and another 50 wounded. Where are all these good guys with guns when mass shootings arise? That's always the NRA talking point, why the good guys should have guns. But they never show up at these shootings. 

Forget the lesser evil; fight for the greater good

Jill Stein of the Green Party lays it out. The two-party system is broken beyond repair. We need a multi-party democracy. In fact, democracy demands it. That is, if you want democracy?

It's still evil

Taibbi on the establishment Dems

See his article here. Many in the establishment are thinking they don't need the Berners because they have all the other Dems sewn up. They think of the Berners as far outside the mainstream to affect much. Consequently, they can dispense with the Bern's agenda, it too being unsupported by the majority. This is in part due to the fact that they live in a bubble and hate their constituents, because the former are enlightened and know how the game is played and the latter are ignorant rubes to be manipulated instead of listened to.

Trump's America

The regressive implications of his tirade against an American judge of Mexican descent.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Democratic Party is the problem, not Sanders

Capitalism is not the enemy?

They discussed this on Real Time last night, starting at 3:35 in this video. Musician and social activist Tom Morello criticizes capitalism while the rest of the panel sing its praises. Maher thinks it's fine as long as it's kept in check.

Independents are in the majority

Just imagine if they had a candidate independent of the corrupt two-party system. Oh, that's right, they do, Jill Stein.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Trump doesn't pay his bills

See this article. These are simply the facts. Rather than pay bills for work done by the small contractor Trump sues them to avoid payment for work done. How's that for bad business practices? And some idiots want him to be President? He'd refuse to pay the US bills, thereby defaulting and causing yet another financial crisis. And that's just the beginning of his lack of qualifications.

The Democratic Party is part of the problem

There's a number of progressives like Hartmann and Goldman that say it we're unhappy with the Democratic Party then we should join it and change it. Let's face the facts. The Democratic Party is controlled by corporatists and beyond repair. If you're a progressive it's time to support the Green Party and/or form alternative progressive parties. To still think we can make the Democratic Party progressive is naive and futile. That was well proven with Sanders campaign.

Which is not to say don't vote for Clinton. Given our choices we must defeat Trump and vote for Clinton. But after that we need to organize independent progressives to challenge and defeat the corporate Dems in future races, including Clinton in 2020.

Warren on the Wall Street wet kiss

Actually it's more like a prolonged and sloppy blow job. As a follow up to this post, the good Senator discusses the same Republican bill to take away Dodd-Frank consumer protections and negligently reduce regulation on Wall Street banks.

Obama on the state of the Republican Party

On the Tonight Show last night. The GOP wasn't always like this. There was a time when they could stick with their principles and stick compromise with the Democrats. But that time is long gone and they've moved into fanaticism which led to complete obstructionism. That is, they are a sick, sick bunch and democracy suffers.

Republicans want to rip you off

And that's not an exaggeration or hyperbole. In this clip Hartmann reports that there are rules based on Dodd-Frank that require an investment broker to tell a client if their retirement investment is in their best interest. And the Republicans want to change that so that it is not required. In effect, Republicans want these investment advisers to be able to take your retirement money and invest so that they make money and you could lose it all. Which, by the way, is exactly what happened in the '08 crash. They used client's retirement money and knowingly invested it in fraudulent mortgage-backed securities to make money for themselves, knowing these accounts would crash. That is exactly what Republicans still want and why they want to change the Dodd-Frank rules.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Clinton critics are sexist for criticizing her wardrobe?

See this story. The Clinton spin is that we must be sexist to criticize her clothing choices. It's obvious we are not commenting on that but the fact that she wore a $12,000 jacket while railing about income inequality. It's just another example of many that her spin on inequality is just that, and that she's one of the very rich and privileged class she pretends to be against for votes.

I feel this sentiment

Warren responds to Republican agenda

In this FB post the good Senator said it's the same old Republican story: lower taxes on the rich, no rules for Wall Street, and gut social programs. All programs, btw, that they've implemented all along, which has only created great wealth for their already rich masters and great suffering for everyone else.

Broadway carpool karaoke

Another YouTube hit. It was especially touching when they sang "Seasons of Love," a key ingredient in this prior post.

Warren to endorse Clinton

See this article. I can see her point in that Trump would be an even worse disaster for the US. But surely Warren must know that her own agenda will be thwarted by Clinton? That's why Warren must stay out of a Clinton Administration if she ever wants her agenda to be implemented. Her best bet is to fight Clinton from her Senatorial post on financial issues with which she will certainly disagree with the Big Shill.

Jessie Graff

Wonder Woman qualifies in the first round of American Ninja Warrior.

My recent email to Sanders

I realize our present danger is Trump and that you will support Clinton after she gets the nomination. But please consider leaving the Democratic Party thereafter. It is entirely bought by Wall Street and cannot be rehabilitated. Please consider using your massive campaign machine to promote progressive independents against both the Republican and Democratic candidates in the next mid-terms and Presidential election. The only way your revolution will take hold and represent we the people is if we do it outside the corrupt two-party system. Thank you.

People Get Ready

From this interview:

"In this interview, Robert McChesney, author with John Nichols of People Get Ready, discusses their new book, its challenge to the idea that technological advances always benefit humans and a framework to envision a digital age that will benefit workers over the super-rich."


"We desperately need a new economy, one that is not capitalistic -- based on the mindless and endless pursuit of maximum profit -- or one where capitalism has been radically reformed, more than ever before in its history. It is the central political challenge of our times."

"Our argument is that we currently have a citizenless democracy. By that we mean a governing system where all the important decisions of government are made to suit the interests and values of the wealthiest and most powerful Americans, and the corporations they own.This is not a controversial point, as several prominent political science studies have reached that exact conclusion in recent years. In short, if the vast majority of Americans want something from government and a small number of very wealthy Americans want something else, the rich guys always win."

Spinning Clinton

At first the spin was the Clinton was the first ever female Presidential nominee. Apparently the spinsters got win of the actual facts. Now the spin is that Clinton is the first female Presidential nominee of a major party. What they don't tell you is that the two-party system is corrupt and no longer listens at all to we the people. So their spin only reinforces the corrupt system to which the media is complicit, and to which we the people continue to get fucked over.

Why we need more Parties

The corrupt two-party system cannot even register anything outside their bubble. Hence they can't register we the people. Both Parties are so into maintaining their own power and sucking up to big money that they cannot provide any other agenda. And both work to prevent any change of that corrupt system. Hence we the people have to do it and start organizing around third and fourth etc. Parties and generate wins in government within those alternatives.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Grace VanderWall

This 12-year old singer got Howie's golden buzzer.

Edgar family band

The lead singer was a Christian recording artist that got pregnant while a teen and that industry shunned her, destroying her music career. But last night on AGT she proved she's worthy of getting back on top of the recording industry and to hell with those righteous Christians; the whole world is watching now.

Happiness study

In this video a survey showed that 80% of people think that money is what will make them the happiest. And 50% of those thought fame would do the trick. But a long-term Harvard study of human development showed that good relationships were the key to happiness. Those with quality connections with family and friends are happier and healthier. Two groups were in the study, Harvard grads and the poor. This dynamic crossed those educational and economic differences.

Co-op Chamber of Commons

In this clip Hartmann says that while co-ops indeed have an international organization, they also need to use it for politics, supporting specific issues and candidates. I agree wholeheartedly. If they did support Sanders, for example, that might have put him over the top. Sanders was the only candidate that mentioned co-ops are part of a new economy. Maybe such a political lobbying arm might also motivate Hartmann to put his money where his mouth is and quit financially supporting Uber?

Sanders in the Clinton Administration

Sanders for Secretary of Labor, where he can do something about labor inequality. Or even better, Secretary of the Treasury, where he can curtail the gangster banksters?

Clinton pledged delegate count still short

After yesterday's elections Clinton has 2,178 pledged delegates, and 2,382 total delegates are required to clinch the nomination. Even with a win of all pledged delegates in DC next week Clinton will not achieve the 2,382 pledged delegates needed. So basically the election comes down to the corrupt superdelegate system. There are 712 superdelegates. If they were required to vote for the winner of the popular vote in their States Clinton would still win, so I concede she still wins the nomination.

More media bias

So Clinton is now the Democratic nominee for President. And the media is having a field day, saying she is the first female nominee for President. Hello? Jill Stein, the current female Green Party nominee for President, was before her. And then there's Victoria Woodhull, the actual first in this category: In 1872 she was the Equal Rights Party nominee. Corporate media bias is showing again. If they were honest they'd say Clinton is the first female corporate nominee.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hartmann on the coronation

Robert Reich on the superdelegate coronation

His FB post is copied below. Quoting:

Before Californians even woke up this morning, the national media had declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic nominee – based on a so-called “survey” of superdelegates by the Associated Press, that promptly became headline news in the New York Times (see below).
Hello? May I remind the media that:

1. Superdelegates don’t even vote until July 25, so a “survey” of their current intentions, while perhaps interesting, is not any more newsworthy today than it might be tomorrow. Why make this the headline story today -- the same day as the last major primaries?

2. Naming Hillary Clinton the “presumptive” Democratic nominee just before polls open in California, New Mexico, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and New Jersey could very well discourage some people in these states from voting. This is particularly unfortunate given how close Hillary and Bernie are in the polls in California, and also given the size and demographic importance of California.

Greenwald on the superdelegate coronation

Following up on the last post, see Greewald's take here. Note this was a real-life conspiracy between major media and anonymous superdelegates that didn't even have the courage to name themselves. He notes that Clinton would likely have won the pledged delegate count anyway, but by preempting all the voters today it was par for an entire corrupt Party process from the start. He said:

"This is the perfect symbolic ending to the Democratic Party primary: The nomination is consecrated by a media organization, on a day when nobody voted, based on secret discussions with anonymous establishment insiders and donors whose identities the media organization — incredibly — conceals. The decisive edifice of superdelegates is itself anti-democratic and inherently corrupt: designed to prevent actual voters from making choices that the party establishment dislikes. But for a party run by insiders and funded by corporate interests, it’s only fitting that its nomination process ends with such an ignominious, awkward, and undemocratic sputter."

Major media suppress vote today

So even before people went to the polls today news outlets, and before Clinton had actually won the number of pledged delegates to clinch the nomination, they nonetheless included the superdelegates in the delegate count and declared Clinton the winner of the Democratic nomination. Superdelegates don't even vote until the convention. And they can change their votes at the convention. The sole purpose of doing this was to suppress voter turnout today for Sanders and it did. This entire process has been rigged from beginning to end and I'm going to do everything in my power to get a progressive third party movement that leaves the corrupt Democratic Party and its corrupt major media outlets.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Kevin Bull

Had the best finishing time in the prelims on ANW.

The facts on a higher minimum wage


See this article which claims that those of us who criticize Clinton have a psychological problem, namely unconscious misogyny. Seriously WTF? So now her actual record is our problem is we report it accurately and are reasonably concerned? You don't see us saying these sorts of things about Warren, because she doesn't engage in Clinton's nefarious activities. What utter nonsense.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

NYT can't look at itself

In this Robert Reich FB post he mentions a New York Times story about the corrupting influence of money on politics. And yet the NYT has no mention of Sanders raising lots of money without getting it from those corrupting big money backers. Perhaps that's because the NYT is part of the very problem they nominally rail against, as big media refuses to look in their own back yard by getting their money from big money advertisers.

Warped conservative reasoning

MSNBC finally admits it's right-wing

It's something we've all known for a long time. Sure, they put on some progressives in the beginning to make it appear "fair and balanced" (like Fox News), but when those progressives got too progressive they were long gone. In this clip they discuss that MSNBC has finally given up the deception and come right out admitting what they really are.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Swiss basic income

An excerpt below from this article. But the Swiss vote on the referendum will likely not pass. It should be noted that the interview also knows it will likely not pass the first time around but it opens the dialog.

"Switzerland is the first country to vote on unconditional basic income; its national referendum is June 5, 2016. The Swiss initiative proposes an amendment to its constitution that would give all members of the population a more dignified existence and the ability to partake in public life through a guaranteed basic monthly income. Though the amount of that income is not specified in the initiative, the sum being discussed is 2500 Swiss francs for adults and 625 francs for children under 18 (amounts that would be roughly equivalent in U.S. dollars)."

Integral Life Crowdocracy interview

Over at FB IPS Balder linked to a new book on Crowdocracy. Someone else then provided a link to an Integral Life interview with its author by Kennilingam. My response:

I listened to the free first 5 minute clip, since I don't have (or want) a subscription to IL. Therein Wilber acknowledges that there is a shift happening that this thread has voluminously documented. But then he launches into yet another sales pitch claiming that his AQAL model is part of this shift. And of all the various expressions of the collaborative commons above none of them have used the AQAL model, or any model whatsoever. This shift is happening from the outside in, in that the practices of peer production made possible by social media is inculcating a different consciousness. Its more of an organic movement than a top-down model-first imposition that leads the way. That very fact is what is motivating this shift, and to do model first is still part of the old school.

Trickle down clowns

Here's Maher's interview with Nick Hanauer. He debunks the myth that when wages goes up jobs go down. Hanauer explains that when wages go up so does employment and profits. It's a canard not based in fact but in the rich maintaining their stranglehold on their wage slaves, period. Plus per the last video it's a form of socialism for the rich because by keeping wages low people need to rely on public assistance that the rest of us pay for, i.e., subsidized socialism.

Capitalism eats everything

Good new rule from Maher on capitalism run amok, and the need for socialism to keep it in check. Btw, per Rifkin the new socialism, aka the collaborative commons, does exactly that. Capitalism will still exist but in a much smaller and ancillary role that limits its power and destructive inclinations.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The good country index

See this article. What constitutes a good country?  It is one "that contributes to the greater good of humanity, one that "is all about encouraging populations and their governments to be more outward looking, and to consider the international consequences of their national behavior." See the article for how they determine this. The top 10 list is below. Note they are also on the Happiest Country list. Funny how the US never makes either list's top 10.

  1. Sweden
  2. Denmark
  3. Netherlands
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany

The history of MSNBC's faux liberalsm

Hartmann's guest gives a brief history on the so-called liberal station. It has never been so and when their top show hosts get too liberal they are gone. However it's not entirely true that Hartmann's show is independent. His show is syndicated by Cumulus. Hence you get Hartmann plugging companies like Uber, which business model he has highly criticized in the past. Hence to get his show heard he has to hawk corporate products with which he disagrees. Ironically enough, Cumulus has pulled him from a lot of major markets, thereby limiting his audience.

Even MSNBC doubts Clinton on the emails

In the report below you know it's bad when Clinton's own TV mouthpiece admits that she was untruthful about the emails as exposed in the IG report. Mika at Morning Joe asks is Clinton was outright lying but Mitchell just can bring herself to say that word. And even establishment ass-licker Todd admits that what the IG revealed would keep Clinton from ever being confirmed from the Attorney General job. And yet she's still someone qualified to be President? And still no mention from them on Sanders, who has none of these problems?

Trump's paranoia knows no bounds

So the judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuit had Mexican parents so in Trump's warped mind that makes the judge prejudiced. Only in the mind of a paranoid racist could such an idiotic thing be believed. But it makes perfect sense to all those other racists out there that find the entire Mexican race lazy and stupid. Such sweet irony that it is really those very racists who are exactly what they project. But irony is lost on them.

Who will bring the Democratic turnout?

See Marianne Williamson on this. In order to beat Trump the Democrats will need a massive turnout. And to turn some Congressional seats down ticket to the Democratic side same thing. So can you honestly say that Clinton will bring out a bigger turnout than Sanders? If so I'd suggest that you're deluded. A snip:

"Obviously, a right wing Republican Congress will do all it can to obstruct any Democratic president’s agenda - whether it’s Bernie or Hillary — just as they did Obama’s. The only way to counter that is for more Democrats to be elected to Congress, and it is Bernie — not Hillary — who will bring more voters to the polls in November. That alone has the power to change the face of Congress and thereby override a Republican onslaught."

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Borowitz on Trump's pledge

From the Borowitz Report:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In what is being hailed as a productive closed-door meeting between two leaders of the Republican Party, Donald J. Trump promised House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday that he would try to sound slightly less like the former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

Speaking to reporters at the U.S. Capitol after the meeting, the presumptive G.O.P. nominee said that Ryan had expressed concern that so many of the billionaire’s public utterances were reminiscent of the Third Reich.

“Paul basically said, ‘Can you help me out here? Can you not sound like Hitler all the time?’” Trump said. “And I was like, ‘Paul, I can absolutely do that for you.’”

Clinton on Trump's 'qualifications'

I must admit Clinton is right again about this, especially on foreign affairs. Clinton might be a war hawk but she at least has the experience to deal with world leaders and global issues. Trump is a five year old having a tantrum when he doesn't get his way.