Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bannon must get Senate approval to join NSC

O'Twampa of course didn't know this when Bannon manipulated him to sign an executive order placing Bannon on the National Security Council. But the law requires Senate approval and can't be done by Presidential fiat. I'm looking forward to this Senate confirmation committee, where all of Bannon's dirty laundry is aired out for all to see. Just one more in a never-ending series of complete incompetence by Biggest Loser, Not My President.

O'Twampa lied about lowering drug prices

Yes, he lied about yet another of his campaign promises, the one to lower drug prices. Senator Sanders comments on this story, which details Twamp's meeting with Big Pharma. The plan is to give them more tax breaks and deregulation and forget the lower drug prices. You've been lied to yet again Twamp dwellers.You'll still be making choices between eating or buying necessary prescriptions.

Solar employs more people than all fossil fuels combined

As reported by Forbes, not some commie socialist org. They uses stats from the Department of Energy to prove this. But as you know the Twamp swamp has already put a gag order on government departments from releasing any more of this kind of information because it is contrary to their fossil fuel and anti-environment agenda. Get it while you can folks.

The cost of doing business v. doing right by the people

This graphic shows how much we spend on public programs and the environment versus tax breaks for corporations and the war machine. So fight back when the propaganda machine tells you we have to cut public programs because they cost too much. No, we need to cut back on the oligarchic machine that is extracting the wealth of our nation for itself, and at our expense. And if you weren't aware of it already, the Twamp dwellers and the GOP are part of that extractive machine bleeding you dry, then dumping you in the garbage heap. So if you believe them there is no sugar coating it; you truly are idiots.

Why resisting O'Twampa is of urgent importance

It goes too for the GOP agenda to enrich their corporate masters and fuck the rest of us. Resist, and as hard as you can. And NOW. Douglass, btw, was the great orator who fought against slavery, having once been one. So if we don't want to end up slaves to fascism we better get busy.

O'Twampa fires Attorney General

Borowitz nails it again:

Trump Fires Attorney General after Copy of Constitution Is Found on Her Computer

The puppet and his master

Monday, January 30, 2017

What Merkel thinks of O'Twampa's Muslim ban

Nothing good from the German Chancellor. She said:

"The necessary and decisive fight against terrorism does not justify a general suspicion against people of a certain belief ― in this case people of Muslim belief or people from a certain country. That way of thinking is against my interpretation of the basic tenets of international refugee support and cooperation."

But hey, O'Twampa doesn't give a shit about international basic tenets on anything.

Former CIA Director on the Muslim ban

We are now less safe, not more. But hey, Twamp listens to Nazi Bannon, not intelligence directors. Thanks O'Twampa.

Democratic votes on Twamp's appointments lack spine

Following up on this post, Slate has documented Democratic votes so far on Twamp's appointments. The author can see some of the appointments as within a reasonable and justifiable Democratic vote, like Mattis for Defense Secretary and Haley for UN ambassador. But on several other appointments too many Dems gave in on despicable appointees, like Kelly for Homeland Security, Pompeo for CIA Director, and Ben Carson for HHS.

Speculation has it that some of these Dems are up for reelection in two years so want to appear to be bi-partisan.

Comment on proposed regulations

This article details how we each can comment on proposed federal regulations, which public comment is required by said regulation formation. A lot of us did this on the net neutrality issue and it had the effect of maintaining it. Net neutrality is under siege again, so on this and many other issues please consult this resource to give your comments on the regulations. Citizen activism will be needed now more than ever under the Twamp regime.

538 tracks Congress' votes on Twamp policies

Interesting site that will track the for and against Twamp votes throughout the President's tenure. So far the Senators who voted least with Twamp are Gillibrand and Udall at 16.7%. Sanders voted with him 33.3%.

ISIS ecstatic about the Muslim ban

Twamp played right into their hands, because they want the world to think that the US is against all Muslims, including our own citizens. ISIS is celebrating how the Biggest Loser did exactly the opposite of keeping our country safe under that guise. The ban will also make it much more difficult for most American Muslims to help us in our fight against terrorism, since we denigrated their entire religion and made them feel like we're after them too. Damn good job DonConnie boy.

A frightening thought

Fake news on the Quebec mosque attack

It was committed by a white nationalist, not a Muslim as reported by the White House and Fox Fake News. And other white nationalists, including Twamp, used this fake news to bolster support for the recent Muslim ban. As of the writing of the article neither the White House or Fox Fake News corrected their stories.

Wilber is more irrelevant than ever

There's a buzz in kennilingus land about Wilber's new book, Trump and a Post-Truth World. I'm really surprised that people still read this crap, given the accurate and voluminous criticism of his work. Even empirical developmental researchers, whose work Wilber twists beyond recognition, challenge how Wilber has done so. So David Lane responds to Wilber's book in a four-part essay at Integral World. I've written reams with similar criticisms, but I no longer have any desire to read or respond to Wilber. No doubt according to the cult because I've regressed to, or never got past, green (and mean to boot). Part One of Lane's critique is here. An excerpt:

"Early in his e-book Wilber reveals what Professor Bennett Berger would call his 'metaphysical pathos', which is that evolution has a purpose and a direction. Wilber also indulges in a very questionable reification when he suggests that 'evolution itself has to adjust course' as if evolution was conscious of its long-term goals."

Sunday, January 29, 2017

More Warren on the Muslim ban

This time at Boston's Copley Square with more than 20,000 in attendance. "This is not about security." And she's right; it's about bigotry and hate. Warren for President in 2020.

Call Twamp what he is

And fuck the newspeak like 'alternative facts.'

US no longer a full democracy

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit democracy index. We've fallen to what they describe as a 'flawed democracy.' That is being generous. Note that this is due to circumstances before Twamp took office, so it's only going to get worse. With the Twamp swamp at the helm we'll likely be classified as authoritarian, the lowest form of government, by the end of their term. Russia is one such authoritarian regime and it's Twamp's shining example. Resist!

PS: Note the top-rated democracies in the world. We really should be looking to them for how to do democracy right.

Twamp's crazy appointment to the National Security Council

It's all we're ever going to get with the Biggest Loser. Now the crazy extends to the NSC, with Twamp appointing white nationalist (aka Nazi) Bannon to it while demoting the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It of course inciting an uproar from both Democrats and Republicans because this really is crazy, Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice calling the move "stone cold crazy." So when are Republicans going to do something about their crazy man at the helm? Hint: never.

Shields & Brooks on Twamp's first week

A typically opposed liberal and conservative duo are unanimous that Twamp is pretty much a disaster. Both agree Twamp is a child obsessed with his own self image. Both see most of the country and the world unnerved by his edicts that reflect incompetence at best and border on insanity. Both agree that Twampland will continue with the lies and deceptions, and the press and both sides in Congress will need to hold him accountable. (I have severe doubts that's going to happen much with Republicans.) And both see Twamp slinging swamp shit around at an alarming rate to see what sticks. I for one am not taking any of that shit.

Democrats still don't have a spine

And to some degree that includes Sanders and Warren. In this clip they discuss how both of them voted for some of Twamp's nominees, like Ben Sleepwalking Carson. What's with maintaining this losing strategy of "let's try to get along." The Republicans held firm to oppose and obstruct everything that Obama did, and they continue to win with the argument that Congress is ineffective. Not what Republicans are in charge of all of Congress as well as the Presidency, now it the perfect time for Democrats to oppose everything they propose, including and especially Twamp's swamp appointments. And yes, all of them. None of them are acceptable. So when Twamp and his cronies fail, and they will most certainly fail bigly, and if Democrats oppose everything, then the public has no one to blame but the Republicans and will remember that the Democrats fought against those failures at every turn. But still Democrats lack spine for an all out war against the real enemies of the people. And make no mistake, this is a war and the enemy must be defeated if we ever want our democracy back. Compromising with evil is complicit in that evil, even if it's a little bit like Sanders or Warren.

Senator Warren on the Muslim ban

Here's our next President of the US at the Boston airport. We will sorely need her by the time the Twamp swamp is done.

Senator Elizabeth Warren joined protesters at Boston Logan Airport on Saturday, January 28 to stand against President Trump's executive order banning Muslims from entering the United States.

Jesus banned from the US

Isn't it ironic that Jesus would never get into the US today. Jesus is also banned in most US Christianity.

Alternative reasoning

Meaning no reasoning whatsoever.

There are two kinds of...

I like the irony in deconstructing the very premise of "there are two kinds of."

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Twamp's 'proof' of voter fraud

Meaning no proof at all, coming from the conspiracy theorist that started this rumor with no supporting evidence whatsoever. And this is Twamp's source for massive voter fraud? That he saw it on the internet? This is a seriously sick (not my) President and needs to be impeached for mental incapacity.

Top psychologist: Twamp has malignant narcissism

And it's far worse than plain old narcissistic personality disorder. For one thing it's incurable. Tell me that Twamp doesn't express the characteristics of this disease and I'll tell you that you are at best in denial. And this is acceptable for the leader of the free world?
  • Narcissistic
  • Entitled
  • No conscience or “Super-ego lacunae” (Holes in conscience)
  • Sadistic
  • Egocentric

White House leaks: Twamp is a clueless child

Did it really take these leaks for all of us, including Twamp supporters, to know this? His first week as (not my) President saw him being childish, frenzied, impulsive, obsessed with legitimacy, petulantly vindictive, ignoring sane advice, narcissistic and so on. Did we really expect him to change in the office, that is would somehow magically transform him into be Presidential? And this is just the first week folks. We're in for one hell of a descent into horror in the weeks and years to come.

Maher: Stop apologizing

Liberals need to quit apologizing and grow a pair. It's one reason they keep losing in elections, by being so over sensitive to people's feelings instead of standing up for what they believe and having the guts to fight for it. It's like what is happening with this whining liberal movement to not call the many Twamp supporters what they are: ignorant racists, xenophobes and homophobes. Sure, we can feel empathy for and want to help them. But not to the point of refusing to call out the above things which plainly exist in the Twamp dwellers.

Maher: WTF is going on?

His monologue from last night, where he discussed the war on facts, the women's march, the resistance, Twamp's ineptness and more. And very funny in his inimitable comedic style.

Metallic hydrogen: the holy grail

This article is in line with my speculations on hydrogen as saectum saectorum:
Pannikar's use of saeculum is interesting referring to mystery. That's why I chose my de-re Latin phrase based on that usage, as intoning resonantly in that language creates a mysterious aura about it (as in Church). It is not just the common usage of common but that which is most common, like the most holy. Hydrogen is the most common and prevalent element in the universe, the very foundation of All but particularly stars. It's the fuel of cosmic combustion and yet the most mysterious phenomenon of All. 

On a practical level, this is why hydrogen fuel-cell tech is on the forefront of clean, efficient energy. And no surprise that Rifkin plans to store energy as hydrogen once generated from his smart buildings. Hydrogen, the saectum saectorum, is the key to our sustainable future. It is quite literally hot stuff.

This is fascist oppression

Let's call it what it really is. Putting books on an approved reading list isn't far off. Even closer is the destruction of net neutrality, which will do the same for websites, banning those that are not State approved. And all under Steve Bannon, the Banner.

Twamp bans refugees from Muslim countries

So the Twamp bans refugees for 120 days coming from Muslim countries purportedly to keep those terrorists out. Thereafter they must be "extremely vetted," but what the hell does that mean exactly? They'll have to take a loyalty pledge to Emperor Twamp, much like our own media? The vetting for immigrants is already quite strict. And keep in mind that "there is no evidence of terrorists among the Syrian refugees who are settling in the United States." But since when do dictators need evidence?

This Pakistani teen who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize appeals to Twamp's sense of humanity. She details that these refugees are women and children who are themselves the victims of the very terrorists Twamp claims to be against. But instead Twamp, with his pea brain (and limp little dick), has to lump all Muslims into the terrorist category. The man has no humanity for anyone other than those that either worship him or at least kowtow to him. And those are all white all the time.

Friday, January 27, 2017

More on Twamp's voter fraud bullshit

Following up on this post, this article has further information on the voter fraud scam. I especially like the first one, where Twamp's own lawyers debunked this shit.
  • Trump's assertion of widespread voter fraud contradicts statements by his campaign's lawyers, who stated unequivocally that “all available evidence suggests that the 2016 general election was not tainted by fraud or mistake.” The statement was made in a filing opposing Green Party candidate Jill Stein's recount efforts in Michigan.
  • In one of the most comprehensive investigations of fraud, Justin Levitt of Loyola Law School, Los Angeles turned up 31 credible instances of voter impersonation out of more than 1 billion votes cast between 2000 and 2014. Some of those cases may have been because of clerical errors. Levitt's investigation suggests that while voter impersonation does indeed happen, it happens so rarely that the rate is approximately one instance out of ever 32 million ballots cast. This is similar to the odds of getting “heads” 25 times in a row on a coin toss.
  • A five-year voter fraud investigation conducted by the George W. Bush administration “turned up virtually no evidence” of organized fraud, in the words of the New York Times. While the investigation did yield 86 criminal convictions as of 2006, many of those appear to have been linked to people misunderstanding eligibility rules or filling out paperwork incorrectly.
  • In 2014, a two-year investigation into voter fraud by Iowa's Republican secretary of state yielded 27 criminal charges, a number of which, again, were apparently related to mistakes or misunderstandings of voting rules.

The truth about Twamp dwellers

This guy doesn't mince words. One attribute of a lot of Twamp supporters is that they don't mind one bit that he's acting like a dictator because he's hurting the people they think should be hurt: gays, minorities, women, immigrants etc. Yes, these are racist, misogynist, xenophobic morons that approve of such tactics by a fascist monster because it builds them up at others' expense, others they have been brainwashed into believing caused their problems. I like it when someone has the guts to speak truth to power without any of that pussy liberal political correctness.

Alternativefacts.com redirects to article on gaslighting

See this story. Someone bought the domain name which when clicked will re-direct to a Psychology Today article on gaslighting. Gaslighting is tactic used by cult leaders, abusers and dictators to get people to question their own reality. The 11 techniques are as follows. Sound familiar?

1. They tell you blatant lies.
2. They deny they ever said something, even though you have proof.
3. They use what is near and dear to you as ammunition.
4. They wear you down over time.
5. Their actions do not match their words.
6. They throw in positive reinforcement to confuse you.

Twamp's voter fraud lies seek to further disenfranchise opponents

It's been a GOP ploy for ages and now the Biggest Loser, because he really lost, is joining the bogus campaign. His investigation into alleged voter fraud by 3 - 5 million people has zero evidence, and will come up with none if it is honestly conducted. But that's a big if. Never mind that all previous government investigations into this claim came up empty. We need a new one to placate this smallest penis, Biggest Loser, not my President.

The real goal? To give further ammo to those Republican states that have already disenfranchised hundreds of thousands with voter ID, cuts to early voting, Interstate Cross-Check, and many more nefarious laws. That ammo doesn't have to be based on facts, just to incite its stupid base to believe it's true. And they've proven that is an easy chore given the last and other recent elections.

Republicans nervous about Obamacare repeal

See this story, which leaked their closed door meeting on the topic. They've been trying to repeal Obamacare since its inception, blithely voting to do so dozens of times knowing Obama would veto it. But now that they have the complete power to do so they are having to face the consequences of that action. Twamp meanwhile is full steam ahead since he hasn't the intelligence to understand those consequences. Hence the GOP doesn't really want his advice on the matter and are trying to work around him.

Senator Warren on her no vote for Secretary of Education

I've copied and pasted below her FB post on the topic. Please contact your Representatives and Senators if you agree. And if you don't, what the hell is wrong with you!

"I will vote against Betsy DeVos's nomination to serve as Secretary of Education because her nomination is not in the best interests of the young people of America. She has repeatedly demonstrated her contempt for public education, she plans to maintain financial ties that could create conflicts of interest, and she is unwilling to commit to be a cop on the beat with for-profit colleges that break the law and cheat students.

"Mrs. DeVos has no record in higher education, but I gave her the opportunity to prove to the American people that she is serious about standing up for students. During her confirmation hearing, I asked Mrs. DeVos basic, straightforward questions about her commitment to protecting students and taxpayers from fraud committed by shady for-profit colleges. But she was unwilling to commit to using the Department's many tools and resources to keep students from getting cheated.

Totalitarianism and alt-reality (outright lies)

Truthful framing

We know how the regressives sanitize and normalize their agenda by reframing using lies and misdirection. Let's reframe what they do in honest, factual terms. I'd add that 'alternative facts' are lies. Even corporate newsboy Chuck Todd called that out when he interviewed Kellyanne Conway.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Factcheck.org checks Twamp on voter fraud

As you no doubt already guessed, the Biggest Loser is the fraud here. In Twamp's NBC interview aired yesterday factcheck.org's facts countered Twamp's lies:

  • Trump falsely claimed that a Pew Charitable Trusts report supports his claim that millions of people voted illegally. The report documented millions of instances of voter registration inaccuracies.
  • Told the Pew report found no evidence of voter fraud, Trump falsely claimed the report “all of a sudden changed” and the author was now “groveling.” It did not, and he did not.
  • Trump claimed that “you have people registered in two states. They’re registered in a New York and a New Jersey. They vote twice.” The 2012 Pew report found that 2.75 million people were registered in more than one state — as apparently are four members of Trump’s cabinet or staff — but there is no evidence that any of them voted twice.
  • Trump claimed “I didn’t say there are millions” of fraudulent votes cast in the 2016 election. But he did — in a tweet in November, and again at a meeting with congressional leaders on Jan. 23.
  • Trump claimed “if you look at it they [fraudulent voters] all voted for Hillary.” Since there are no reports of widespread fraud, we’re not sure what to “look at,” but even the author who penned a disputed report on noncitizens voting found that 80 percent — not all — backed Barack Obama in 2008.
  • Trump said, “if dead people are registered to vote and voting, which they do …” But experts say this is largely urban myth and so-called cases of dead people voting are extremely rare.

Who will pay for the wall?

So the Twamp creatures are moving forward with The Wall. And Twamp is still claiming Mexico will pay for it.Which of course they will not. So now Twamp floats the idea that if they won't pay for then the US will put a 20% tariff on their goods imported into the US. But that still doesn't mean Mexico pays for the wall; it means we, the consumer, pays for in higher prices. Does Twamp think we're that stupid? Unfortunately, some of us--meaning Twamp supporters--are indeed that stupid. And that doesn't mean that such recognition means we are denigrating them or not valuing them; it's just one of those facts.

Chris Hedges on the necessity of revolt

Great essay. We have to terrify the ruling elites just as we did in the 60s. It's the only language they understand. And no, that doesn't mean with violence; it means with mass organization and action. With the current Administration the oligarchic takeover is complete and with it the demise of liberal democracy. The only ones left to redress that are we the people, from the ground up. We've done it before, faced the oligarchs and reinstituted democratic institutions. Yes, it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but remember the past victories and work toward recreating them. It's our success at doing so that makes the elites afraid, and fear is the only language they understand beside money.

Republicans lie about being fiscally conservative

I know, big surprise. They are proceeding to provide funding for Twamp's border wall, which they estimate will cost $12-15 billion. Never mind that more accurate estimates come in around $27-40 billion. Plus the GOP refuses to say what will offset this cost, which has been their standard procedure before when claiming fiscal responsibility. E.g. they refused to fund these projects if there weren't offsets: Hurricane Sandy relief; 9/11 first responders bill; Flint water emergency relief and several others.

So their claim of fiscal responsibility only applies to programs that actually help people but goes out the window when it comes to ideological, corporate cronyism. And rest assured, we will pay for that wall with cuts to social programs while the corporations continue to get welfare subsidies. And if you believe Mexico will pay for it...again, the idiots will believe it. The rest of us can just lube up our assholes and bend over.

State Dept's senior management resigned

This is unprecedented and leaves a yuuuuge void in the State Dept. This is a Dept. that can ill afford such an exodus, and which cannot be replaced with qualified, experienced people from the private sector. Not to worry though, because if Tillerson gets the top job then all those positions will be filled with other oil executives. And we know the chief and his staff, with such experience, will most assuredly table their oil interests to serve the American public. And if you believe that one...what am I saying? Of course he Twamp dwellers will believe it!

Federal agencies fight the gag order

Following up on this post, now NASA, the EPA and the National Park Service have launched unofficial Twitter accounts to get the facts out, since Twamp gagged them from doing so at their official departments. This is delicious irony that the facts will get out using social media, since the Biggest Loser uses social media to propagate propaganda lies. We shall overcome fascism! At least until the FCC kills net neutrality and ISP's start blocking such sites under the Biggest Loser's edicts.

Sanders is President!

I can play the alternative truth game too. And as for a true fact, Twamp is the Biggest Loser President.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Twamp orders EPA to take down climate page

Yep, the Biggest Loser doesn't want the EPA providing valid scientific information on climate change on its website. It just wouldn't work well with his climate change denying, fossil-fuel supporting agenda.

Twamp freaking out over alleged voter fraud

So now the Biggest Loser is going to launch an investigation into 3 - 5 million alleged illegal votes for Clinton. He is basing this on two studies, one that has been thoroughly debunked and the other that says there was not voter fraud. Twamp did claim people were registered and voting in two different States, likely referring to the bogus Interstate Crosscheck program that already disenfranchised about 3 million voters. Which of course is the ultimate goal of all this, to disenfranchise even more people, so that the Biggest Loser won't lose again.

Keep up the good work people in needling this crybaby, for we're pushing his narcissistic responses to get more bizarre by the day. Let's push him so over the edge that even Republicans have no choice but to impeach him.

Twamp is creating jobs for at least one sector

From Borowitz:

Trump Creates Ten Million Jobs for Fact Checkers

Sanders' statement on Twamp's approval of the oil pipelines

From his website:

"Millions of people came together all over this country to stop the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines and say we must transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Today, President Trump ignored the voices of millions and put the short-term profits of the fossil fuel industry ahead of the future of our planet. 

"At a time when the scientific community is virtually unanimous in telling us that climate change is real, it is caused by human activity and it is already causing devastating problems, we cannot afford to build new oil pipelines that lock us into burning fossil fuels for years to come. I will do everything I can to stop these pipelines and protect our planet for future generations."

Christian extremist to head CIA

I mean WTF, really? The Senate confirmed this religious nut who thinks we're in a holy war with Islam to run the CIA? By a guy that thinks Obama was friendly with Islamic terrorists? He's going to see a terrorist in every Muslim who seeks asylum from actual terrorists, and will do so behind cover of Twamp's Muslim registry. This guy is going to start a holy war. Jesus fucking Christ.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bigest Loser Twamp orders media blackout for federal agencies

Yes, his "beachhead" (more like dickhead) teams did this at the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, as well as the National Institutes of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency. The departments and agencies cannot do press releases, provide new website content, or post new social media content informing the public about their findings. It's a clear dictator move to control scientific information because it doesn't meet the Administration's climate change denial narrative in support of increasing fossil fuel production while decimating environmental regulations. Or its draconian labor policies that will cut back or eliminate worker protections and fair wages. Or making the public aware of the consequences of Obamacare repeal, which are severe financially and in terms of human health. The Dark Ages are once again upon us.

Biggest Loser President approves Keystone & Dakota pipelines

He signed executive orders today to proceed with construction of these pipelines, adding further fuel to the fire of climate change and lining the pockets of the oil companies. And the oil from both of these pipelines gets shipped overseas, none of it being used in the US. Yet again proving that the Twamp just lies through his teeth about helping we the people when in fact he just helps his own billionaire buddies, therefore also making him Biggest Liar President.

Biggest Loser President still insists 3-5 million people voted illegally

See this story. Biggest Loser President stated this again when he was in a meeting with Congressional leaders. When the White House press secretary was asked about it (first link) he said  that Twamp proclaims to have evidence that it is so but none has to date been produced. Speaker of the House Ryan said there is no evidence to support this, as well as just about everyone else that cares about facts. But hey, we're in a post truth--meaning lying--administration.

#loserpresident resistance email list

Please consider signing up for Senator Warren's email list here to keep informed of organizing the resistance to the #loserpresident. The text of the list:

Are You Ready To Fight?

We will not let Donald Trump and the Republican leadership tilt the playing field for the rich and powerful. And we will fight back against attacks on women, African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, immigrants, and LGBT Americans. We won't compromise on this.

Let's fight to protect America's working families. Add your name to join this fight.


A closer look at the women's march and alternative facts

Meyers looks at both. The women's march is arguably the largest march in US history against unarguably the worst President in our history. These protests were also conducted around the world. After all, Twamp lost the popular vote by almost 3 million and entered the office with the lowest approval rating in history. (#loserpresident, #notmypresident)  I mean, hardly anyone showed up for the inauguration compared to past Presidents.

Unless of course you believe in 'alternative facts,' meaning lies. Kudos to Conway for unwittingly exposing this. Twamp is such an insecure infant that he had to have his press secretary lie about the crowd size, followed by Conway with alternative facts. And kudos to the press for exposing the lies, and firing back at Twamp when he criticized them for telling the truth. (It's about time.)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Twamp attacks women's health services

In this article we are informed that Twamp signed an executive order reinstating the global gag rule. It "specifically prohibits international charities from promoting abortion as a method of family planning even if that 'promotion' simply entails a physician engaging in a conversation about the option of abortion with a patient."Obama eliminated that rule, as did most Democratic Presidents, while the revers is true of most Republican Presidents. This affects way more than abortion awareness, as many of these clinics also offer many other family planning services. Like with Planned Parenthood these facilities could face budget cuts and be forced to reduce services or close their doors. Twamp made good on his promise to punish women for not only abortions but many other health services.

Propaganda Barbie

Now available everywhere conservatives are opening their mouths.

Harvard doctors on deaths resulting from Obamacare repeal

The real death panels are here thanks to Twamp and the Republicans who want to repeal Obamacare. According to these two doctors, professors in public health and lecturers in medicine, the repeal will kill about 43,956 people per year. See the link for their methodology. This is not hyperbole: the repeal will kill this many people. And the so-called replacement plan doesn't fare much better.

Lawsuit against Twamp on foreign conflicts of interest

Following up on this post, in this clip a watchdog group is suing Twamp to sever his business ties because they are a conflict of interest according to the Constitution's emoluments clause. It lists a few specific examples of how this is happening. This is the sort of fight we need to constantly wage against this illegitimate and popular vote loser President.

Twamp gets one right!

Let's give credit where it's due. In this news clip Twamp signs 3 executive orders. The first withdraws the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership. Ding ding, one right for Twamp! Sanders praised the move. Then he signs one putting a hiring freeze on federal employees (except for the military). Wrong again, so sad. The third relates to Mexico City but they didn't elaborate what that means specifically.

Lakoff on the women's marches

Speak of the devil from this post, Lakoff analyzes Twamp's inauguration speech. Twamp used populist rhetoric more reminiscent of Sanders or Warren. But as we know it is all lies based on Twamp's history and what he's done so far as President-elect and President. So we know that this sort of framing works and it works well.

Twamp not only related to all those poor white folks that are hurting due to a rigged economy, but he also knows that we need to hold someone accountable for it. Those of us with half a brain know that it is in fact the likes of Twamp and his billionaire ilk that caused these conditions. So like Warren and Sanders we not only have to frame the progressive value of care but to direct our anger at the true enemy of the people, the Twamp creatures.

Child George Washington learns from Conway

Following up on this post:

Twamp in violation of the Constitution

See this article. It hopes mainstream media will report on this but we know that they will not. So it's up to us in the social media-sphere to do so and share it widely. The emoluments clause of the Constitution says:

"No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state." [U.S. Constitution via Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute, accessed 1/19/17]

The trouble with liberal framing

See this article, which tells us how to beat the bullies. I find this fault with Lakoff too. They both say don't play their game, but their game is winning the world over. We too have to fight back and hard using their own tools: framing. Yes, we can frame the progressive side with facts and genuine concern, but when it comes to Twamp and the GOP we too need to frame them as the enemy of the people. It works. And in this case, it's actually true. Senators Sanders and Warren understand this and are effective. Btw, Warren for President in 2020.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

SNL on Conway's underlying motivation

How can she do what she does? This clip reveals why. Her and Twamp are birds of a feather in that regard, and both will say anything to achieve it. Enjoy the show as the world burns, literally.

Senator Warren addresses women's march in Boston

Here's our next President of the US, and why she should hold that office. She frames progressive values effectively and the policies that flow from such values. Let's get busy people and make it so.

Conway on "alternative facts"

Aka alt-facts. Chuck Todd interviews her on the White House Press Secretary blatantly lying about the size of the inauguration crowd. Conway says he gave "alternative facts" and Todd explodes, saying "alternative facts are not facts." This is going to be a constant battle between the press and Twamp's swamp, for the latter will continue to utter lies and call them facts when the facts clearly refute the lies they tell. And Conway will continue to stall, prevaricate and misdirect away from answering the facts. It also appears that the White House will limit press attendance to only those who will not challenge their lies.

Twamp kills net neutrality

See this article. Twamp is appointing Ajin Pai to head the Federal Communications Commission. Pai has been a staunch opponent of net neutrality, saying it's unfair to internet service providers (ISP). That Pai used to be an attorney representing one such ISP (Verizon). So this means that soon the ISPs will create fast access to sites that can afford it and slow access speeds to sites that can't. And ultimately this will allow ISPs to block access to sites that are in disagreement with their agenda. Welcome to Amerika folks.

Women's march 3 times larger than inauguration

See this article for the details by crowd scientists. Poor little-penis DonCon Twamp was badly beaten by women. This is a very good sign that the resistance is off to a yuuuuuge start and we're going to browbeat this crass little boy back to where he came from, the swamp.

Women march on Washington

The crowds Saturday for the protest were bigger than the inauguration. Plus cities around the globe also participated, drawing crowds in the several thousands. The resistance is just beginning and we're not going to stop until Twamp is gone and progressives take over Congress.

Obama's accomplishments

I know, there are things with which we vociferously disagreed with Obama. But unlike the alt-left that can only see the negatives, starting around 6:40 of this video it lists all the good things Obama has done for us. And we can rest assured that we'll see none of these sorts of things coming from Twamp or the GOP.

Inauguration attendance

See Politifact on the comparison of attendance between Twamp's inauguration and that of Obama and Bush. Twamp's press secretary said it was the largest attendance in history, but it was peanuts compared to both of Obama's inaugurations. Politifact breaks it down using Twamp's mouthpiece's own metrics. The link also has picture comparisons that so upset the thin-skinned baby Twamp.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Maher: Let's call Twamp supporters what they really are

He suggests we quit calling them idiots or simpletons and call them what they really are. See this new rule to see what that is.

The CBO on repeal of Obamacare

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a non-partisan group that analyzes budget proposals. So here is their analysis on the repeal of Obamacare, which the GOP is suppressing with new rules. We already know Twamp supports and will sign this repeal. Is this what you voted for Twamp dwellers? From the CBO report:

"The number of people who are uninsured would increase by 18 million in the first new plan year following enactment of the bill. Later, after the elimination of the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid eligibility and of subsidies for insurance purchased through the ACA marketplaces, that number would increase to 27 million, and then to 32 million in 2026.

"Premiums in the nongroup market (for individual policies purchased through the marketplaces or directly from insurers) would increase by 20 percent to 25 percent—relative to projections under current law—in the first new plan year following enactment. The increase would reach about 50 percent in the year following the elimination of the Medicaid expansion and the marketplace subsidies, and premiums would about double by 2026."

Naomi Klein on the corporate coup d'etat

She rails against the conservative framing of a "skinny budget" when in fact it's a shock-and-awe budget that cuts social and environmental programs while giving yuuuuge welfare subsidies to the oligarchs. The  only hope is that we the people fight back hard against this coup and perhaps Twamp will fire those corporate cronies in his Administration when Twamp's popularity ratings drop even further. Attack his thin skinned ego is the winning strategy. See the video below for much more.

Twamp cuts funding for National Endowment for the Arts

Yep, his agenda it quickly taking hold. Now it's the NEA, which funds PBS and NPR. The NEA is .012 of the budget, while the military is almost half of it. But no cuts to the latter; in fact increases. And of course no cuts to fossil fuels subsidies; in fact increases. If Twamp supporters didn't already know it, and apparently they didn't, things like this should make clear he favors the oligarchs at the expense of the rest of us.

The Republican coup

In this FB post Reich discusses his conversation with a Republican colleague, a former member of Congress. Basically the GOP hates Twamp but will put up with him for now because he's an idiot who will sign all of their agenda items. And when, not if, Twamp goes way over the line into illegality then they'll impeach him leaving their true candidate Pence in charge.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Climate change page at White House website disappears

Another of Twamp's first acts was the above, as that page was replaced with one that promised to undo environmental regulations and revive coal production. Come hell or high water is no longer just a metaphor. Heaven help us still applies though. See the link for many more details.

Petition White House to release Twamp's tax returns

See the petition here, which I just signed. It has 60,000 signatures so far with a goal of 100,000. It says:

Immediately release Donald Trump's full tax returns, with all information needed to verify emoluments clause compliance.

Created by A.D. on January 20, 2017

The unprecedented economic conflicts of this administration need to be visible to the American people, including any pertinent documentation which can reveal the foreign influences and financial interests which may put Donald Trump in conflict with the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Twamp immediately sticks it to home owners

See this story. Homeowners recently got a cut to their government-backed, annual home mortgage insurance premiums. The cut would have saved them an average of $500 annually, and more depending on the loan. But no more. Twamp immediately suspended that cut indefinitely. According to Senator Warren, it "will cost as many as 40,000 families a shot at a new home." Yeah, he is going to help the little people all right. Good start there Twamp creature. Are there still Twamp supporters that still believe?

Alabama guilty of gerrymandering

See this story, where a federal appeals court ruled that in AL 12 districts were gerrymandered along racial lines. They also ruled that AL must re-draw these districts before the 2018 election on more objective criteria. Similar federal rulings previously came down in North Carolina and Wisconsin. It is no coincidence that in all these cases it is States controlled by Republicans that want to disenfranchise minorities.

Shaun Parr and Mallaurie Gysels

Country Western Worlds 2017 Division 1 Champions. Beautiful waltz.


Warren challenges Price on cuts

In this clip Warren details how Price has proposed severe cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. Then she noted Twamp's promises to cut neither and asked him if he'd honor the President's promises. Price would not answer that simple question because he in fact will not honor that promise. And given his response he will couch those cuts as somehow saving money and helping patients and Twamp is too stupid to realize it. Which is exactly what Price and his ilk are counting on.

Sanders grills Tom Price, nominee to head HHS

That is, the Health and Human Services Department. Sanders asks if Price will commit to providing every American with health coverage. Price responds that every American will have access to the best healthcare in the world. Sanders responds that access is not coverage, for Sanders has access to a buying a $10 million home but can't afford it. So basically Price's view is in line with Ayn Rand; if you can afford something it's because you deserve it, if not you don't because you're lazy. Sanders also asked Price if he would fulfill Twamp's promise to not cut Medicare or Medicaid. But we already know that Price in Congress has passionately worked to do just that.

Corporate cronyism in the extreme

So thinks Krugman of this new Administration. Twamp and almost all of his nominees got their jobs because they are Twamp's rich buddies. Meanwhile, none of them have any experience whatsoever in what they are appointed to do except for 'mad dog' Mattis, and he is as the name indicates crazy. I guess this is what Twamp and his voters meant by draining the swamp. Expertise is seen as a negative, so now we have an administration piloting the Titanic that doesn't even know that the majority of an iceberg is under water. And like the Titanic we're headed for a disaster.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

We need guns in schools because...

Grizzly bears? Colbert pokes fun at Secretary of Education nominee DeVos, who when asked if we should allow guns in schools she said it depends on the locale. In this one town in Wyoming guns in school might be necessary to fend off the grizzly bears. WTF!

Solar employs more people than oil, coal and gas combined

See this article for the facts and details. So it is according to the Dept. of Energy's (DOE) report. Of course this is due to our energy policy, which is about to go in reverse. With Rick Perry running the DOE, and GOP history, this information will be suppressed and its mission will be status quo fossil fuels. So when Twamp and the GOP keep harping on creating jobs, keep these facts in mind about where the most energy jobs already are, and could continue to be with the right policy.

Embodying ultimate concern

Interesting article touching on the themes of this forum: Nikkel, D. (2016). "Embodying Ultimate Concern." Bulletin of the North American Paul Tillich Society, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 7-13. An excerpt:

"Especially through the sense of our bodily integrity, the sense of being alive, produced by our background body feelings and the aesthetic and affective value of orientation to our environment, our embodiment evokes an intuitive sense of the goodness of life, a positive sense of the meaningfulness and sacredness of life, an at - home - ness in our skins and world, a feeling that we are in some sense 'meant to be here.' My 'ultimate' claim, if you will pardon the pun, is that this positive sense of bodily integrity and harmonious attunement to our environment entails and explains our sense of ultimate concern, rather than an immediate sense of the unconditional divine à la Tillich. In our postmodern age — or whatever age this is — this intuitive sense of the sacredness of life and why anything about our lives finally matters offers a plausible account of our ultimate concern, unlike Tillich’s mystical a priori" (12).

The "meant to be here" reminded me of this song:

The WERD: Repeal and Erase

Colbert on the Twamp and GOP strategy to leave millions stranded without any health insurance after repealing Obamacare. Yes, Twamp says 'his' plan will replace it almost immediately and cover everyone. How naive of this 3-year old mentality. He's dealing with the GOP, which has no intention of doing either. And Twamp has neither the courage nor the conviction to challenge them.

Victims of Mnuchin speak out

Senator Warren talked with them about what the nominee for Secretary of the Treasury did to them when he was with OneWest Bank. Once again, a nominee to head a department with which he has not only no affinity but is blatantly in opposition to its very existence. Note that the GOP, in charge of Mnuchin's hearing, refused to  let these people speak in the hearing.

Is this really what Twamp supporters voted for? I'm thinking not. Sorry then, you fell prey to lies and were manipulated to support the very things that created your plight. Please watch this sort of thing and wake the fuck up!

Something to lighten inauguration horror

DeVos lied to the Senate

See Scahill on this. After he goes into the usual litany of why DeVos is terrible to head the education department (and there are several), he then points out using tax documents that she lied to the Senate about not being on the board of the Price Foundation, which has donated to anti-gay causes. The documents proved she was indeed VP of that board during the time period in question. DeVos responded that the foundation's records were erroneous. No Ms. Devos, your nomination is erroneous for this or any other government position.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trump betrays his supporters again

Twamp promised not to cut Medicare and Medicaid, yet his pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, proposed a whopping $449 billion in Medicare cuts and more than $1 trillion in Medicaid cuts as chair of the House Budget Committee. When Senator Warren asked him to promise he wouldn't make those cuts as promised by Twamp he would not. That's because Twamp just said those things to fool his dupes, and his appointment of Price proves it.

The White House movers are very busy

Borowitz hits another home run:

Moving Vans Arrive at White House to Remove All Traces of Competence, Dignity

Obamacare and Twamp voters

Very informative video on how Obamacare benefited Twamp voters more than any other demographic, and yet they voted for a man who has pledged to repeal it. In talking with some of these voters many thought that Twamp and the GOP would never repeal a program that helped so much. Another complaint is that the cost is too high, not realizing that it was way higher before Obamacare. But they believe that Twamp and the GOP will somehow magically lower that cost, when in fact if (when) it goes back to the way it was before Obamacare those costs will again be unaffordable. This is supported by the fact that those interviewed could never afford health insurance before Obamacare, and they won't thereafter. This is exactly the sort of ignorance that Twamp and Republicans cherish, nurture and manipulate for their own ends.

Idiots on Obamacare

Yes, we do have to call out stupidity where it exists instead of making excuses for it, or that we have to accommodate to it with compassion. Unless by the later you mean tough love. Otherwise we continue to enable such idiocy that votes in the likes of the Twamp swamp.

China cancels 103 coal plants

Following up on this post, China is cancelling 103 coal plants that have been planned or are already under construction. As noted in the last post, even though China is rapidly transitioning to renewable energy they still had a vigorous coal agenda. So for those of you who always point to that contradiction as evidence that China is not sincere about the transition, what say you now about this development? Also recall this post where China is leading the way in solar power development. Meanwhile, back at the ranch Twamp wants to revive coal plants...

Senator Warren grills Sec. of Education nominee

She establishes that the nominee DeVos has absolutely no experience with student loans. And DeVos smirks proudly when asked these questions, as if having no experience for this important job is a badge of honor. Which of course is pretty much true of Twamp himself and his other nominees, who have nothing but contempt for government and whose goal is to extract as much wealth from the public and funnel it to their own business interests.

When asked how she would prevent waste, fraud and abuse of public funds much like Twamp University, DeVos had no ideas about how to do that but only spoke, like Twamp, about broad generalities and empty promises with nothing specific. When Warren asked her to commit to enforcing rules already on the books in the Education Department, DeVos talked around the question and did not answer directly. DeVos has only one goal as head of this department; to gut it into oblivion so as to turn it into a profit-center for private education with Twamp University as the exemplar.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What does "I want my country back" mean?

See this article. This is exactly what they want, and they're going to get it with Twamp and the GOP. An excerpt:

"So, when I hear someone say that they want to take their country back, I cannot help but look at the person making that statement and wonder, which country do they want? The one that used police to bust up unions? The one that made lynchings a celebratory outing? The one that preached a woman should be happy staying home, raising the kids and catering to her husband's every whim? The one where homosexuals hid their sexual orientation from all but their closest confidantes out of fear their careers and lives would be destroyed, and that they would be disowned by their families? The one where black people could not eat in the same restaurants at which white people ate, or drink from the same water fountains, or attend the same schools or live in the same neighborhoods."

Twamp suggests ending Russian sanctions

Robert Reich wonders why he wants to do this. The overt reason is that it is in exchange for a nuclear weapon reduction. But given Twamp's financial dealings with Russia Reich wonders if there aren't more nefarious reasons. Like it's a favor for delivering the election to him. It will open up future deals with Russia for him and his staff, as well as open additional financing. These are all reasonable speculations given Twamp's Russian holdings and loans conflicts. It's going to be fun when these are all exposed, as well as seeing Twamp get pissed on by Russian hookers.

EU considers a universal basic income

See this article. The EU has always been far ahead of the US on the progressive trends that ultimately become implemented. In this case a member of the European Parliament suggested it in a report due to the future loss of jobs to robots. The report was approved by a 17 - 2 vote and will be put before the entire Parliament in February. Given that California is the bellwether in the US I'm guessing they will be the first to suggest such a thing here.

44 representatives willl boycott Twamp inauguration

See this article. It's 44 and growing daily. This is an excellent way to make a statement about an illegitimate minority President that lost the popular vote.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Video of Conway on Twamp before she became his employee

Following up on this post, here is video footage of Conway criticizing Twamp before she was on his payroll. Same scumbag, different post.

Religious shit

Twamp's economic plan

Of course it requires that, like Twamp, one be born with a gold spoon in the mouth. The rest can go to hell.

Trump Economic Plan Calls for Every American to Inherit Millions from Father

Twamp less than carbunkle on Lewis' ass

Popular vote loser and minority President Twamp's popularity ratings would agree.

Emotive conjugation

Following up on this post,Global Guerrillas said pretty much the same thing in this post. Only now the war is being waged in online social networks instead of major media. He approaches the topic from the 'emotive conjugation," meaning the emotional content of a fact or statement is more important. And it's in agreement with how marketing is conducted to be most effective in creating an in-group, emotional identification with the product. He also recommends Frank Luntz's highly influential book Words That Work. This has been the Bible of conservative framing, and why it has been so successful in the past several elections.

Twamp is a Russian puppet

He is having Russia write a script for him and he's selling it. Twamp denigrated NATO and the EU and said we should trust Putin. He says Germany is letting in illegal aliens. Ironically, and even though untrue, Republicans have been railing for 8 years that Obama is against US interests and favors foreign interests. Now that Twamp is doing exactly that they have nothing to say, except for a few brave souls. Twamp has not only betrayed the trust of the American people, he is as close to being a Russian puppet as we can get.

Lakoff on how Democrats can win again

See this excellent Salon interview. Lakoff's work has been out there for decades yet Dems continue to communicate ineffectively and continue to lose. Obama and Senators Warren and Sanders are the exceptions and they win. Lakoff sent this info to the Clinton campaign and it was ignored, hence the result. Please learn these lessons progressives if you ever want to win elections again.We the people want what you offer but if you don't frame it properly you will never help us achieve those goals.

Update: The Lakoff blog post referenced in that article is here, with many details and expansions on the themes in the article. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Peegate starts to piss cats and dogs

See this story, wherein there are now four sources that corroborate the initial story. And there is more than one tape of Twamp's urinary exploits. Israeli spies have also reportedly been warned by American spies not to release information with the Twamp Administration until it can be determined that he is not under duress from Russia lest he destroy the evidence and/or share it with Iran.

Human Rights Watch lists Twamp as a threat

Robert Reich commented on this article, saying Human Rights Watch "has never before listed a U.S. president or president-elect as a threat." Twamp is a first for a lot of things, none of them good. Resist!

Twamp's press conference

As seen through the eyes of SNL:

The empathic civilization

I've posted this before but just watched it again and think it's worth another look.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Gary Gulman

On Colbert last night. It takes him a while to get going, but once he does it's pretty funny.

Hartmann has different tune on Booker

See this post, where Hartmann defended Booker for voting against opening less expensive Canadian drugs in to the US. In this clip (starting at 7:25) he and his panel discussed this. Even the Republican panelist admitted that these drugs are safe, and Hartmann reiterated that it's the same drugs made by the same companies. The liberal panelist said that progressives must hold all Democrats to the policies the American people want or face the consequences of being primaried and replaced. Hartmann then agrees.

Speaker Ryan lies about Obamacare

In this story Ryan lied to a constituent at a town hall meeting, saying Obamacare was in a "death spiral." That means that heath insurance gets so expensive that people would rather pay the penalty instead of buying increasingly expensive coverage. But the facts of course don't support this lie about Obamacare. To the contrary, enrollments are going up despite higher premiums. And yet again, facts don't register with Republicans because they don't fit their narrative, which has been factually proven to be ineffective at best and more beneficial to the rich, while more detrimental to the American public.

Fact checking Twamp's news conference

I know, it's an exercise in futility since Twamp supporters and most Republicans don't recognize facts when they see them. Still, for those few that still adhere to rational standards, the facts are as follows. See the link for details.
  • Trump falsely claimed that there are “96 million really wanting a job and they can’t get [one].” There are roughly 96 million people not in the labor force, but that includes retirees, students and others who don’t want jobs. Only 5.5 million of them want work.
  • Trump said that “you learn very little” from a tax return. But experts told us there’s plenty of information to be gleaned from tax returns — such as potential conflicts of interest, charitable giving habits and effective tax rates.
  • Trump claimed that “some states” have seen health insurance coverage on the Affordable Care Act exchanges increase by 100 percent. Only Arizona has an average increase that high, and 84 percent with marketplace coverage in 2016 received tax credits to purchase insurance.
  • Trump continues to oversimplify the rise of the Islamic State by blaming President Obama for “leaving at the wrong time” from Iraq. President George W. Bush set the withdrawal date. More important, there were numerous factors in the rise of the terrorist group.
  • Trump claimed that “nobody even talked about it” when hacked emails showed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign got debate questions in advance. Actually, there was plenty of press coverage when it was revealed that former CNN contributor Donna Brazile shared questions with Clinton’s campaign.

Senate intelligence committee to investigate Twamp's Russian ties

See this story. So says the Republican chair of that committee, who heretofore said he wouldn't investigate Twamp. He changed his mind in part due to Michael Flynn, the nominee for National Security Advisor, called the Russian ambassador five times the same day President Obama handed down sanctions against the Russians. If true it could very well be a violation of the Logan Act. This is just getting more interesting with each passing day, the possibility of a known traitor as President.

Twamp's Sec. of Education pick

Robert Reich commented on this article. The candidate DeVos is worth over $5 billion, with a significant portion of it invested in private education or private business working with public education. She refinances student loans. She invests in educational products and online private schools. She has a history of selling private educational programs and has long been a critic of public education. And she's going to be in charge of our public schools? Don't these humongous conflicts of interest disqualify her? Or perhaps in a Republicans eyes they are actually qualification, since their agenda is to destroy public education and turn everything into a profit center for the wealthy.