Friday, August 31, 2018

Meet another Dump racist

I know, the two words are redundant. Here's one more for your list.

Back to screwel

What Betsy DeVos has in store for your return to the school year in this video.

Amazon pays employees for positive Tweets

These are some seriously stupid employees that sell their soul for a lousy $50 gift certificate. If they grew a brain they'd be fighting for wage increases and better working conditions, worth far more than a quick high. As it is their wages are so low they need public assistance to get by, Amazon thereby having us pay for its expenses. And the thing is Amazon can well afford this but Bezos prefers to give almost all the profits to himself to spend on a pipe dream of space travel. How about coming down to earth and sharing with those who made your fortune. Sanders explains.

Cuomo/Nixon debate

Nixon fought like hell but is still down 30 points in the race. We need her brand of fighting spirit. Even if she loses she is bringing to light the shadows within which Cuomo lurks. Also see this Nixon interview after the debate, where she notes Cuomo was against the $15 minimum wage and only agreed to sign it when forced to. She goes on to other issues where Cuomo is pretty much Repugnantan lite.

Dump cuts fed worker pay raise

He gave $trillions to the rich in a tax cut, which then caused a budget deficit. So what does he do? He cuts the promised pay raises to the working class. The swamp grows by the day.

Senator Warren: Close and seal the revolving door

Great idea, a lifetime ban on Congresspeople becoming lobbyists. And sitting legislators and administrators cannot hold stocks. Take away the incentive to fellate corporations and defense contractors while they're in office. You know, make them serve we the people. I know, a hideous concept to those in Congress. Make it so only those who want to serve run for office. Make it a progressive platform plank, this vow. People will vote for it since we really want to drain the swamp.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

CA votes for carbon-free electricity by 2045

They will shift to 100% renewable energy by this date, provided it's approved by the Senate and signed by the Governor. Hawaii has already done the same. We are fortunate that we have these progressive States leading the way into a healthy future despite the regressive monsters in the Dump Administration.

Why did consciousness evolve?

From David Barash, evolutionary biologist and professor of psychology at University of Washington.

"Brief explanatory excursion: it is a useful exercise to ask what brains are for. From an evolutionary perspective, brains evolved not simply to give us a more accurate view of the world, or merely to orchestrate our internal organs or coordinate our movements, or even our thoughts. Rather, brains exist because they maximise the reproductive success of the genes that helped create them and of the bodies in which they reside. To be adaptive, consciousness must be like that. Insofar as it has evolved via natural selection, consciousness must exist because brains that produced consciousness were evolutionarily favoured over those that did not. But why? One possibility is that consciousness gave its possessors the capacity to overrule the tyranny of pleasure and pain."

Andrew Gillum interview

He won the Democratic nomination for Florida Governor. Well spoken and committed to helping the people of that State with better wages and opportunities.

Preach what you don't practice

Fake Christians below. Sounds a lot like the Repugnantan Party: Fake representatives.

Nikki Glaser's vagina

She's the one that brings it up in this interview. She starts out with plastic surgery on her lips and ends up with her vagina. She's soooo funny.

Poreotics move to the Division final

Best score in their division last night with a 91.7.

Charity and Andres on WOD

They had the highest score (92.7) in their division last night and move to the division. Granted it wasn't as good as their previous 100 score but still pretty good.

Our 'freedom' in a corporate capitalistic system

And we'll fight like hell by continually voting for the Wall builders that give us this so-called freedom.

Why the rich love Burning Man

Quite the indictment of the Silicon Valley masters of reality.

"The top-down, do what you want, radically express yourself and fuck everyone else worldview is precisely why Burning Man is so appealing to the Silicon Valley technocratic scions. To these young tech workers — mostly white, mostly men — who flock to the festival, Burning Man reinforces and fosters the idea that they can remake the world without anyone else’s input. It’s a rabid libertarian fantasy. It fluffs their egos and tells them that they have the power and right to make society for all of us, to determine how things should be."

Free Frontiers e-books July 2018

You can see their latest offering of free e-books here. This one looks of particular interest to me: Insight and Intuition - Two sides of the Same Coin? Their blurb:

In the field of intuition it is widely accepted that problem solving proceeds in a more or less graded fashion from problem formulation to problem solution as previously encoded information is activated by clues to coherence. The resulting pattern of activation differentially sensitizes a person to new information that is pertinent for the solution. Eventually, the continuous (and rapid) build-up of coherent information is sufficient to cross a threshold of awareness or noticing. Accordingly, implicitly acquired knowledge and experience play an important role because their content is assumed to be non-consciously and gradually activated in memory from clues in the environment that initiate an automatic spreading of activation. These assumptions are summarized in what has been known as the continuity model of intuition.

On the contrary, the current literature on insight problem solving favors a discontinuity model. Particularly, insight is linked to processes that restructure the mental representation of a problem. It is assumed that prior knowledge and inappropriate assumptions result in self-imposed constraints that establish a biased representation of the problem and thus prevent a solution. Consequently, a discontinuity model suggests the first intuitive apprehension of the problem to lead to an impasse and has to be overcome by relaxing these constraints to find a solution.

Until now, there has neither been theoretical discussion nor empirical investigation on the continuity/discontinuity distinction. Our open research questions include the following:

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Jesus and little boxes

For the song "Little Boxes" see this link.

UN scientific paper says capitalism has to die

In order to save the planet. "The team of researchers from various academic institutions throughout Finland who wrote the report gave a sobering assessment of the planet’s future if the current economic order continues unabated. Namely, that all rich Western countries have based their societies on an abundance of cheap energy, which the scientists say is no longer a reality."

"Economies have used up the capacity of planetary ecosystems to handle the waste generated by energy and material use. [D]ominant economic theories as well as policy-related economic modeling rely on the presupposition of continued energetic and material growth. The theories and models anticipate only incremental changes in the existing economic order. Hence, they are inadequate for explaining the current turmoil."

"In order to meet this goal, however, scientists cast doubt on the ability of renewable energy sources to be able to sustain humanity’s current energy consumption rate.The only viable solution to attain a goal of zero emissions is, according to the paper, for humanity to use substantially less energy."

The Commons Economy Game

You can download it here. The blurb:

We introduce to you the new Game of the Economy of the Commons, a card game that allows to understand, in a playful way, the dynamics of this economy which puts the focus on the "sharing" instead of in the transaction and profit-making. This economy is different from that of the market and is articulated around a communal resource and the community that produces it and benefits from it.

Everyone is a winner! In the game, each player chooses a card which will be the project to be made sustainable, from a commons approach, finding out how to co-produce it, what resources to use, how to share it and how to co-govern it. The game finishes when all resources have managed to be sustainable, so no player can win on its own.

A base race in Florida

The progressive Dem won despite the polls and lack of money. The Dump Repug won his primary because he's a strong Dumpster. This is turning into a Sanders-Dump election, the base of both sides coming out in record numbers. One thing is clear in this election: Establishment out, populism in on both sides. Now we get to choose our populism: Humanitarian versus authoritarian.

How AI can save humanity

An AI developer tells us that AI can liberate us by doing the routine jobs, thus liberating us to pursue human values like love and compassion, which AI lacks. It thus frees us to spend our time developing our humanity instead of our zombanality. Also see this blog post and the comments that follow it on the book Homo Deus concerning this issue.

Christina Wells

Another moving and powerful AGT performance also likely headed to the finals.

Zurcaroh on AGT

Amazing performance on AGT last night. They are deserving of the finals.

Dump loses again with North Korea

Yeah, some negotiator. More like Biggest Loser in the History of the World.

Zinke is the environmental terrorist

Some more progressive primary wins

It's not just a blue wave; it's a progressive wave. Progressives won again in their primaries last night in these gubernatorial races: David Garcia in Arizona Governor and Andrew Gillum in Florida. We the people are voting for those who are of us and for us. No more establishment Dims that are only in it to line their pockets. When progressive candidates stick to the people's values then we will vote for them and they will win.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Know your parasites

Especially the most virulent and deadly kind that live in feces.

The coming shitstorm

And here's the shit getting stormed.

Developing tensegrity in the human body

Continuing the last post, here's an example of applying compression and leverage in a Tai Chi form, performed by Master Zeng Chen Dong.

Synergetics by Buckminster Fuller

I found a free copy of the book here, of particular interest to us syntegralists. The following sections relate to my writing on leverage and compression here.

792.30: Tension and Compression: Everything we call structure is synergetic and exists only as a consequence of interactions between divergent compressional forces and convergent tension forces.

792:40: Tidal Complementarities: We have demonstrated experimentally that tension and compression always and only coexist. One can be at high tide of visibility and the other coincidentally atlow tide, or vice versa. These tidal covariables are typical complementarities: They are not mirror images of one another, but must always balance one another complexedly in physical equations.

Buddhist hermeneutics

Here's one for my fellow BuddhaPests, Thompson's recent article "Sellarsian Buddhism." A few excerpts:

"Garfield thinks that there is no self, that nothing exists that deserves to be called a self. I think that our body and experiential sense of self deserve to be called a self. Garfield thinks that the experiential sense of self is based on illusion—the illusion that self-identity is real and the illusion that conscious awareness is self-presenting or reflexive. I think that the experiential self is a construction but not an illusion, that the construction depends on the reflexivity of conscious awareness, that reflexive awareness cannot be reduced to metacognition or introspection, and that self-construction, as both process and product, performs important functions, such as autobiographical memory.

Daniel Gil completes stage 1 of ANW finals in fastest time

Is this his year to go all the way and win the $1 million?

Jensen and Jay Jay

Perform this Tahitian dance. I and even the judges didn't know how well they performed it technically but it was great to see this culture's dance represented. The costumes were amazing.

Hannalei and Marco on SYTYCD

My fav performance last night among several excellent ones. Jay Jay and Darius were eliminated, and both are far better dancers than Slavik, who made it to the finals. That's why I detest people voting when they know nothing about dance.

Manafort sought Mueller plea deal

To ward off his next trial in DC. Talks broke down and as of now there is no deal. Does this mean Manafort wants to flip too? I hope so. Dump must be removed from the high office he has desecrated.

The corporate Dims are greedy, not pragmatic

And they are doing their best to fight the progressives in their own party. The linked piece makes clear they are against progressivism, despite it being popular with the majority of their own Party, because they want big money to keep rolling in so that they can keep supporting it. They do not give a shit about we the people so we the people need to replace them.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Physicians for a National Health Program

Their single-payer web page is here with the facts. Bottom line: The majority of doctors support single payer because it covers everyone and is financially feasible and fair. For example:

"The system would be funded in part by the savings obtained from replacing today’s welter of inefficient, profit-oriented, private insurance companies – and the system-wide administrative waste they generate – with a single streamlined, nonprofit public payer. Such savings, estimated in 2017 to be about $500 billion annually, would be redirected to patient care."

"Existing tax revenue would fund much of the system. According to a 2016 study in the American Journal of Public Health, tax-funded expenditures already account for about two-thirds of U.S. health spending. That revenue would be retained and supplemented by modest new taxes based on ability to pay, taxes that would typically be fully offset by the elimination of today’s premiums and out-of-pocket expenses for care. The vast majority of U.S. households – one study says 95 percent – would come out financially ahead."

Also see this article on the war over the Mercatus Report.

Dump refuses to honor McCain's service

The Blight House prepared a statement honoring McCain's service but Dump refused to release it like the spoiled brat child that he is. Dump is the one that dishonors the high office he holds.

Time to stand up for your rights

As Bob Marley sang: "Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights." If you don't then game over too.

Why do the poor make poor decisions?

It has nothing to do with character but everything to do with lack of money. And that lack has nothing to do with their effort. This TED talk clearly demonstrates that living in poverty interrupts healthy brain functioning and hence decision making. It induces scarcity thinking that inhibits long-term thinking and planning. The solution is simple: They need money so provide a basic income guarantee. Numerous studies have proven that when the poor can afford to eat and take care of essential bills they start to make better decisions and contribute to society through their work and other contributions.

District judge annuls Dump's attacks on public sector unions

Dump issued a number of Executive Orders making it easier to fire federal workers. The American Federation of Government Employees was one of the claimants that won in the lawsuit. This of course will likely go to an appeals court and ultimately the Supreme Corp.

Nebraska's community owned energy

Yes, red State Nebraska has implemented this progressive policy that puts energy in the hands of the people.

"In Nebraska, 121 publicly owned utilities, ten cooperatives, and 30 public power districts provide electricity to a population of around 1.8 million people. Public and cooperative ownership keeps costs low for the state’s consumers. Nebraskans pay one of the lowest rates for electricity in the nation and revenues are reinvested in infrastructure to ensure reliable and cheap service for years to come. [...] Payments (in lieu of taxes) from the state’s publicly owned utilities exceed $30 million a year and support a variety of social services throughout the state—including the public education system."

Socialist programs in the US

And true, Dumpsters and Repugs want to privatize every one of them.

FDR's economic bill of rights

Seems reasonable to me if you give a shit about humanity.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Maxime and Torri

I wish our local social dancers had even a fraction of this kind of musicality.

China hits carbon goals 12 years early

According to Schwartz Report they are already close to achieving the Paris Climate Accord carbon emission marks set for 2030. They are slowing their industrialization and reducing coal usage while pursuing green growth. This seems in large part due to their collaboration with Rifkin in implementing the third industrial revolution. Recall Maher saying we should team up with China to combat the Dump/Russia pact.

Gaethje KOs Vick

Wow, nasty punch puts Vick's light out.

Demand Medicare For All of your Democratic candidate

This has to be a deal breaker if we give one shit about the health of the American people.

How spontaneous social norms emerge

In this experiment they discovered that the best way to establish a social norm was in a a random environment. At first it was chaos, but a bifurcation point was reached where this dissipative structure created an orderly consensus spontaneously. As I've pointed out before, this is exactly how the collaborate commons is emerging without need of structured modeling from the enlightened elite, integral or otherwise.

The article ends by asking how much of a committed minority is needed to change that spontaneous social norm, which this other article explores. But that begs the question of whether this committed minority arrived at their consensus spontaneously or via the structured modeling that the experiment suggests doesn't work. Again this implicates the collaborative commons, an emerging minority that is arising spontaneously and likely to eventually change the dominant narrative.

Pox's Cavuto busts Dump

One of the near reasonable voices at Pox Views.

Veganism isn't the answer to saving the world

According to this article. Some excerpts:

"Rather than being seduced by exhortations to eat more products made from industrially grown soya, maize and grains, we should be encouraging sustainable forms of meat and dairy production based on traditional rotational systems, permanent pasture and conservation grazing. We should, at the very least, question the ethics of driving up demand for crops that require high inputs of fertiliser, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides, while demonising sustainable forms of livestock farming that can restore soils and biodiversity, and sequester carbon."

"So there’s a huge responsibility here: unless you’re sourcing your vegan products specifically from organic, 'no-dig' systems, you are actively participating in the destruction of soil biota, promoting a system that deprives other species, including small mammals, birds and reptiles, of the conditions for life, and significantly contributing to climate change.

What is consciousness, and can machines have it?

Good article by Dehaene et al. in Science journal (358:6362, Oct. 2017). The abstract:

"The controversial question of whether machines may ever be conscious must be based on a careful consideration of how consciousness arises in the only physical system that undoubtedly possesses it: the human brain. We suggest that the word 'consciousness' conflates two different types of information-processing computations in the brain: the selection of information for global broadcasting, thus making it flexibly available for computation and report (C1, consciousness in the first sense), and the self-monitoring of those computations, leading to a subjective sense of certainty or error (C2, consciousness in the second sense). We argue that despite their recent successes, current machines are still mostly implementing computations that reflect unconscious processing (C0) in the human brain. We review the psychological and neural science of unconscious (C0) and conscious computations (C1 and C2) and outline how they may inspire novel machine architectures."

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Gaps in our focused attention

Two papers released in the journal Neuron discuss these gaps, which happen 4 times every second. Hence the object of our focus only gets these quick snapshots and we have to piece them together to create the appearance of continual attention. The reason our focused attention is diverted so frequently is due to evolutionary selection pressures to remain vigilant to dangers in the environment around us. Thus any environmental distraction will interrupt our focus with this frequency.

This reminds me of what I wrote in my review of Thompson's book, chapter 2:

Even Pox Views now calling Dump a liar

Poor Benedict Donald can't watch Pox now without some of its news division calling him what he is: A liar.

DNC cuts super delegate power

Thanks to the progressive wing applying continual pressure and the DNC membership agreed. Super delegates still exist but they now do not get to vote on the first convention ballot. It's about time that the DNC corporate leadership started listening to we the people. But this is just the first of many more battles with these corporate lackeys, so progressives keep the ferocious fire under their fat cat asses.

Kara Swisher: Keeping tech honest

Talking about platforms like Facebook she wonders why they didn't build social responsibility into it. This is partly because the techies don't understand much outside of their specialty, like the humanities (see 4c), thereby not having a sense of how their tech impacts the broader world. They assume that somehow the tech will magically solve these broader problems, but Facebook has proven beyond doubt that they do not, instead exacerbating them. And ultimately it seems to boil down to an adolescent boy's emotional quotient (EQ).

How to deal with trolls

This is musicality

I wish our local social dancers had even a fraction of this kind of musicality.

Dump just can't quit Putin

We also know who is the top in this picture.

Maher interviews Brennan

The former CIA Director who rightly claimed Dump is a traitor and had his security clearance revoked. He reiterates Dump is a traitor and we should not run from but embrace that accurate description. Pay heed to his dire warnings if you want to see democracy survive this Presiduncy.

Maher: Dumpsters and Repugnantans merge with Putin

Dump and the Repugs realized they could not dominate an increasingly young and darker-skinned populace by popular vote so they decided to team up with Russia and rig the system. By doing so they've inherited Russia's decades-long and well-honed propaganda which works on the ignorant. Maher encourages progressives to wake up and do some merging themselves. Insightful yet funny as hell.

The spectacular failure of American morality

A piece by Umair Haque. Just a brief excerpt follows. Please see the link for a much more developed argument.

"America developed a moral philosophy that’s utterly unique in the world, and in history. One that’s solely its own, not used anywhere else — and is fatally, weird, gruesome, and backwards, when you think about it. It goes like this. American morality says that what’s good for everyone is acting aggressively in our own self-interest. Bang! Collapse. History and human nature say exactly the opposite is true: what’s best for us is doing good for others."

Friday, August 24, 2018

The neuropolitics of voting

In this MIT Technology Review article. Some firms are using tech to monitor our eye and facial responses to various stimuli to not only determine our emotional responses but to manipulate them toward a particular result. Our facial expressions often reveal our nonconscious preferences and are thus more easily manipulable. One factor is the delay in our responses from a stimuli, indicative of indecision and thus more easily manipulated. The faster the response the harder it is to change the opinion. Something to think about for those of us who like to take our time to consider many variables.

Democratic Dump voters draw a line

Per this video some Democrats who voted for Obama and then Dump draw the line on issuing a pardon to Manafort. This would factor in their next vote. Also some said if the Mueller investigation proves Dump colluded with Russia that too would affect their next vote. These were voters in NE PA, coal country, where I come from.

After Buddhism

From his book:

GA election board rejects black voter suppression

Updating this post, a GA elections board took less than a minute to vote down the proposal to close 7 of 9 polling places, mostly in black neighborhoods. See the links for the whole story. There is some sense of fair play in a few places, even in conservative Georgia.

Reich: Unchecked and unbalanced

Reich nails it again on how the Repugnantans will do nothing to check the runaway fascist Dump. They refuse to protect the Mueller investigation. In fact, House Repugs filed articles of impeachment against Rosenstein, who overlooks the investigation. They did nothing when Dump kidnapped refugee children. Dump insults our allies and cozies up with Putin and again, they do nothing. Dump uses his office to profit his businesses and again, nothing. The Repugs have abdicated their responsibilities to check this Presidunce in order to consolidate their agenda and power. Vote the corrupt charlatans out in the mid-terms.

Weisselberg, CFO of Dump Org, is granted immunity

Yet another one in Dump's criminal conspiracy has flipped on him and been granted immunity. Weisselberg through the Dump org reimbursed Cohen for the payment to Stormy Daniels, but claimed he didn't know what the payment was for. We'll see about that.

A new politics from the left

From this article. See it for much more.

"Hence the importance of participatory democracy being built into the institutions of a new kind of state and a new kind of party. This break from past mentalities will mean strengthening initiatives for change arising outside the existing political system that may not necessarily see themselves as political. This approach underpins a distinct vision of socialism that does not hang on the notion of a centralised, all-knowing state. Rather it envisages the state as a facilitator and support for networks of autonomous, collaborative production, already prefigured in the many co-operative, peer-to-peer and social enterprises stimulated by the revolution in information and communication technologies. The need for a new politics is converging with the opportunities (still precarious and contested) now opening up for a new economics. I will suggest below how their decentralised /distributed, yet coordinated, organisational logics converge."

What is integral postmetaphysical spirituality?

From Bauwens and Berge's paper:

Integral is the general term originally used to refer to Wilber's integral theory, or the integration of body, mind, soul and spirit in self, nature and culture. The idea is that there are increasing levels of progressive development within all those domains, and to explore how those domains interrelate. Metaphysics generally refers to the exploration of reality. Postmetaphysics then is a kind of metaphysics but without some of the assumptions and premises traditionally associated with that study. Those include the notion that humanity can accurately perceive reality as such either through some meditative state of consciousness, and/or through the notion of pure Platonic forms via abstract, a priori reason. The postmetaphysical turn in philosophy (see Habermas below) instead grounds metaphysics in the empirical study of intersubjective cultural communication and (see Thompson below) second generation cognitive science which sees the topic as embodied, enacted, embedded and extended is all domains. Wilber also explores this in the referenced book. All the above is then applied to the domain of spirituality, which also evolves through these developmental changes.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Jim Jeffries interviews some QAnon nutbags

I'm inclined to think these are paid actors and it's a comedy bit because it's so bizarre. If these wackos are for real then holy shit.

Dump loses Pecker

I couldn't resist that headline. David Pecker, head of The National Inquirer, was given immunity and is now cooperating with investigators. He provided evidence for Cohen's story that Dump directed Cohen on the hush money to women. The end is coming much quicker than expected for the Mob Boss.

Season finale of Dump reality TV coming soon

We hope.

70% of Americans support Medicare For All

According to this poll, which includes 85 percent of Democrats and 52 percent of Republicans. And yet the corporate Dims "are trying to appeal to so-called 'moderates,' [and] are actually alienating the vast majority of potential voters on key issues. [...]  Centrist Democrats [are] still intent on appealing to moderates who they believe want to preserve the for-profit health sector." When the f____ are these Dimocraps going to wake the f___ up?

Good name for a song

Catchy phrase. Someone should write that song with a sort of Beach Boys feel. 

We've gone from great to worst, oo ah, Obama Lama Ding Dong
We've gone from smart to dumb, oo ah, Obama Lama Ding Dong 

And so on.

Senator Warren's petition for Anti-Corruption Bill

Continuing this post, here is Senator Warren's petition to support the Act. Please consider signing it. Her email blurb about it is below.

Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to EIGHT criminal counts this week including a campaign finance law violation for paying off Stormy Daniels. And he swore under oath that Trump directed him to commit a federal crime.

This has got to stop – and that’s why I’ve just introduced a bill that is the most sweeping new anti-corruption legislation since Watergate. This bill would plug huge legal loopholes that encourage sleazy fixers like Michael Cohen – and make sure people like him don’t get anywhere near the White House.

This bill needs citizen co-sponsors like you to put pressure on Washington to clean up its act. Please add your name to support the Anti-Corruption Act and stop the Trump administration – and any administration – from rigging the system.

Karen y Ricardo on WOD

They did it again on World of Dance with the highest score of the evening, 99. These are the likely winners this year, simply amazing. I also liked that it wasn't straight Latin patterns but more of a creative, interpretative styling done to Rumba and then Cha Cha rhythms.

Cohen asks to help Dump Foundation probe

NY State issued Cohen a subpoena in this investigation after Cohen offered to help with it. Cohen is now singing several tunes to implicate the Dump crime family, and he was there for all of it. I'm skeptical that Cohen is doing this out of a duty to country as implied in the video. But whatever the motive, I don't care if it brings down this corrupt and illegal operation that is ruining what's left of our democracy.

10 signs of gentrification

Tracey Ullman does it again in this rap battle.

Oil industry wants another free ride

Talk about the takers. The oil industry is directly responsible for climate catastrophe and yet deny it. But when it comes to building a wall to protect it against such catastrophe they want a public bailout. Yet one more example of capitalizing the profits and socializing the losses. These are the same people that decry socialism except when they create a huge mess. If they want to build a wall to protect their refineries from rising sea levels then let them pay for it, since they created the problem. That's just business, as they're fond of saying.

Another example of ignorance

The same folks who rail against socialism are literally driving on it.

Tracey Ulmann and Repugnantans

In this skit she is applying for a job but has one catch in her resume: A conviction for crimes against humanity. Both she and the interviewers remind me of the Repugnantan Party and Dump, how the Party overlooks and is complicit in Dump's crimes against humanity, particularly kidnapping and unjust imprisonment of children.

Poll: Sanders beats Dump

According to this new Politico/Morning Consult poll, Sanders gets 44%, Dump 32% and 24% undecided. It's the undecided voters that determine the result though, so progressives have a lot of work to do to get enough of them to put Sanders over 50%, especially in the rust belt States lost last time. And of course the polls don't account for all the voter suppression in the red States, and continued Russian interference. So chances are Sanders would need at least 55% of the vote to make up for that.

Manafort juror: One holdout caused hung jury on 10 counts

Paula Duncan, a juror in the trial, noted that only one juror prevented guilty pleas on all 18 counts. She said the evidence was overwhelming on all counts. She also said the jury ignored Gates' testimony, as it seemed self serving. It was the voluminous other evidence that convinced them. Of particular note was that Duncan admitted to being a Dump supporter and wanted Manafort to be innocent but the evidence convinced her otherwise. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Centrists are the most skeptical of democracy

According to this study, centrists are self defined as those in the middle of the political spectrum. They are:

  • Most skeptical of democracy;
  • Least likely to support free and fair elections;
  • Lease likely to support liberal institutions; 
  • Most supportive of authoritarianism (except for the far right).

So much for the mythical rational or even-tempered center.

Delay Kavanaugh: Appointed by unindicted co-conspirator Dump

The latest Democratic ploy asks for Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Corp to be delayed because he was 1) appointed by Dump, now an unindicted co-conspirator with Cohen in criminal activity and 2) being so should not be able to select his own judge, one who has flatly stated that a sitting President is above the law. Especially so since Dump may very well go before the SC when he is himself indicted. The Repugnantans of course could give a shit about obeying the law if it suits their purpose to violate or ignore it. Which of course makes them complicit in those crimes.

How many does it take to tip the scales?

25% of a group according to this study published in Science journal.

"A new study finds that when 25 percent of people in a group adopt a new social norm, it creates a tipping point where the entire group follows suit. This shows the direct causal effect of the size of a committed minority on its capacity to create social change."

And this is encouraging and a key reason I do this blog:

"While shifting people's underlying beliefs can be challenging, Centola's results offer new evidence that a committed minority can change what behaviors are seen as socially acceptable, potentially leading to pro-social outcomes like reduced energy consumption, less sexual harassment in the workplace, and improved exercise habits."

Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act

Are you against corruption? For law and order? Then fight against the former and fight for the later with Senator Warren. You know, American values that made this country great to begin with. Help make it great again. Support the Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act.

Glennis Grace does it again on AGT

I agree with Simon. Not only can she sing but the arrangement with the key changes exhibits incredible talent. Although I detected a bit of a falter on the transition to one of those key changes (1:15).

How Dump will build his wall

Since he's shitting so many bricks lately.

Dump relocates to new Dump Tower

Soon, very soon. Law and Order! Truth and Justice! The American way!

Facebook deletes 652 troll accounts

The Russians are at it again, this time joined by the Iranians.

"But the aims of the latest campaigns appeared to be similar to those of past operations on the social network: to distribute false news that might cause confusion among people, and to alter people’s thinking to become more partisan or pro-government on various issues."

Some of the fake accounts included Liberty Front Press and related accounts, Quest 4 Truth, Press TV.

Hannahlei and Cole

My second fav performance of the night. Unfortunately Cole was also eliminated.

Magda and Darius on SYTYCD

My fav routine of the night. Unfortunately Magda got eliminated in this episode.

Manafort guilty on 8 counts

What's next? Pardon? Will he rat out Dump to Mueller? That he went to court instead of pleading guilty seems to indicate he's relying on the pardon.

Lanny Davis: Dump directed Cohen to commit crime

Davis is representing Cohen. Cohen said under oath in his plea deal that Dump directed him to commit a crime, meaning the payoffs to women. This is confirmed by the Presidunce's own lawyers, who admitted as much to Mueller. Further, Davis said Cohen would never accept a Dump pardon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Evanescence - Hi-Lo ft. Lindsey Stirling

Two of my favs team up. Lindsey's solo starts around 3:35.

Russian hackers target anti-Dump conservatives

According to Microsoft with permission of the Justice Dept. The Ruskies are obviously trying to thwart any anti-Dumpers, which tells us they are certainly for the Biggest, Stinkiest, Pile of Dump the world has ever seen and smelled.

CNN is real news


"Overall, we rate CNN left biased based on story selection that often favors the left. We rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to misinformation and failed fact checks from guests and pundits. However, CNN’s straight news reporting would earn a High rating for factual reporting. (5/16/2016) Updated (D. Van Zandt 6/15/2018)."

The Young Turks fact check


"Factual Reporting: HIGH
Notes: The Young Turks (TYT) is an American political commentary web series that was created by journalist Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Dave Koller. Currently co-hosted by Uygur and Ana Kasparian, its stance is progressive/left-wing; although its primary focus is on political commentary, the program provides opinion on topics of varying news genres.  Although very left biased in delivery the Young Turks do a decent job of sourcing their information with credibility. (5/15/2016)"

Ben Swann reality check

So let's give this guy a reality check:

Bias: Extreme Right, Propaganda, Conspiracy, Fake News

"In review, Truth in Media attempts to investigate stories that the mainstream media won’t cover. One of the reasons why the mainstream media won’t cover these topics is because they are not true or have been debunked. For example, Ben Swann has promoted the Pizzagate conspiracy theory as well as those related to the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre. Swann has expressed skepticism of the scientific consensus that vaccines do not cause autism. Further, almost all of Truth in Media’s stories favor the right and discredit the left. Truth in Media/Ben Swann also has a poor track record with fact checkers. Overall, we rate Truth in Media a Questionable source based on overt right wing bias, promotion of conspiracies and a poor track record with fact checkers. (7/19/2016) Updated (D. Van Zandt 2/9/2018)."

Pox Views rating from Media bias/fact check

See the whole report here. It is a fake news organization. An excerpt:

"Fox News has also been deemed the least accurate cable news source according to Politifact. [...] Overall, we rate Fox News strongly Right-Biased due to word and story selection that favors the right and Mixed factually based on poor sourcing and spreading conspiracy theories that later must be retracted. (7/19/2016) Updated (M. Huitsing 6/15/2018)."

Also check out the link to Politifact. 

Sweden's lifestyle

This is what could make America great again, actual democracy.

A better US slogan

A far better slogan, given the rampant racism Dump has unleashed.

List of fake news sites

There are a variety of places that list them.

I thank Dump for at least this

He's given permission for people to be bold about their racism, xenophobia and hatred. Hence people I formerly considered friends have openly revealed this side of themselves so that I could know they are no longer friends. Thank you for that Presidunce Dump. You've helped me get rid of some deadwood I didn't know about before.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Wolff on a democratic economy

We have long held as ideal a democratic political system, but our economic system is still locked in feudalism. Wolff asks why can't we update our economic system to democracy too?

"Instead of hierarchical or vertical, with a tiny, unaccountable leadership at the top, we didn’t do that. We said, there is no leadership. Or to put it differently, if there is a leadership, it has to be elected by the workers in an enterprise; they have to have the right to recall these people. In other words, that the workers in a place have democratic rights in the workplace, that are roughly analogous to the politically democratic rights we have in the communities where we live. If you did that, all the decisions that we have lived with, and that have produced the economic problems with which this conversation began, would be different."

Wild horses in high country

I saw this on FB and liked it, a piece by Kim Wiggins.

Sanders is not buying the media framing

In this clip the media once again tries to frame it as socialism v. capitalism. Sanders isn't having it, instead talking about the issues based on the values of fairness and equality for all. You know, good old American, democratic values. This is what will make America great again.

Giuliani: Truth isn't truth

Todd gets Giuliani to admit his entire reason for defending Dump is to muddy the truth and lie out his vampire teeth. I choose to believe Comey, who has a long history of honesty, versus Dump, who lies every time he opens his mouth. And Mueller will give us the truth shortly, which of course the Dumpsters will call fake.

Georgia wants to close 7 of 9 polling places

In a rural southwest county. And no surprise, these polling places are in predominantly poor and black neighborhoods. Not only that, there is no public transportation to the remaining 2 polling places from these neighborhoods. Such blatant voter suppression cannot be any more obvious. Grep Palast and Georgia Coalition are suing the instigator of this, Brian Kemp, the GOP Governor candidate and current Secretary of State.

Progressives plan to protest DNC meeting

A progressive alliance with set up informational pickets at the DNC's 3-day meeting starting Aug. 23. and Progressive Democrats of America will lead the charge. One agenda item is to restrict the influence of superdelegates. Another is to make the DNC's finances transparent, especially since they will allow fossil fuel PAC money. We need a strong opposition to both Parties when they kowtow to big money instead of we the people.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hanauer: Re-claiming the true center

Great analysis by one of the 1%. Establishment Dems are set on 're-claiming the center' but which center? He shows that they're talking about the ideological center when they should be talking about the majoritarian center. The latter is where the majority of we the people reside, which on the ideological scale is in fact what the establishment in both Parties calls the 'far left.' The policies the progressive candidates propose, like a living wage and healthcare for all, are what the majority of Americans want. That is the center from which we should operate, not some imagined ideological split between two Parties both bought and paid for by the oligarchs.

Where willful blindness leads

And all for a buck. Ok, maybe a few trillion of them.

When you lie on your resume about sheepdog experience

It's Presidunce Dump being chased by the press. Sheep hunt!

Maddow interviews Brennan

His first interview after Dump revoked his security clearance. What is crystal clear is that it is Dump doing the witch hunt against a legitimate investigation into his treason and obstructing that investigation. Hence he's going after the people who he acknowledges are part of that investigation. I'm grateful to this dedicated patriot speaking up for American values and institutions when the Presidunce makes a mockery of them.

Why do establishment Dems hate ranked choice voting?

The video discussion below thinks it's because then they couldn't blame third Party voters for ruining elections. And not only that, with ranked choice voting then people could be free to vote their conscience and pick their next choice if their preference doesn't win the majority of votes. It also gives third (or more) candidates a voice that the corporate Party duopoly does not want; they want only one choice choice from either Party, a corporate stooge. Without it it's also easier to blame the third wheel for losing an election then looking at your own corrupt Party. All that goes away with ranked choice voting.

Ex-Pox Views analyst on Dump

He had to leave Pox because they kept selling this Giant, Stinking Dump on our country. He reiterates it in this interview, in addition to being convinced that Dump is at best a Russian stooge. Dump will be the biggest permanent shit stain on our nation's history.

Ben and Victoria

At Jack and Jill O'Rama 2018. I love the way Victoria improvises to the music. She's right up there with Tatiana in the regard.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lakoff podcast: The art of political rhetoric

Listen liberals to the science. Lakoff: "Democrats believe in science when it comes to issues like climate change, but when it comes to the science of communications and how our brains work, they act more like science deniers. They tend to believe in an outdated, unscientific model of human reasoning. It's time to recognize that all politics is about morality."

Dump's classic bigoted hits

Get this one-time hit collection today. Hurry! Call now.

Why did Benedict Donald cross the road?

Kimmel explains the entire nightmare known as Dump with 10 responses to this joke question.

Extended preview of Michael Moore's new film Fahrenheit 11/9

The diatribe below I believe came before the last election in '16 and Moore was right. And if enough Democrats don't turn progressive, meaning representing these same people who voted for Dump, then it may happen yet again in '20. Listen Liberal.

We're on the path to authoritarianism

Good talk by Historian Timothy Snyder. First off, get rid of facts and truth, then sell fictional, bigoted myths. Oft times this is an intentional strategy, as the fascists know what they're peddling is a lie. But Dump goes a step further in that he has no conception of facts or truth to begin with, as his whole life has been a lie. He genuinely believes his own lies. He then feeds this to an ignorant base that also cannot tell the difference and just believe in and follow what they think is a strong, successful leader. Again, a myth not based in reality.

Snyder does though encourage us to fight back, as we can all do something to combat this madness, however small. The small stuff adds up if we all do it. And we must take that individual responsibility now, for if we do not then we will continue down this road to fascism. It is that serious. And that is the truth.

Debunking myths about socialism

Are revealing the truth about it. It cares about people and wants equal opportunity for all. Wait, that sounds like what we associate with democracy and America. Exactly. Socialism is patriotic!

Warren on accountable capitalism

Continuing this post, in this interview Warren discusses her newly proposed Accountable Capitalism Act. Sounds more like democratic socialism to me, a good thing. And maybe a better way to frame it. And talk about authenticity: She has it and she's proved it her entire professional life.

Maher's monologue: Omarosa week

He catches up on her revelations and other news.

Maher: Public image v. authenticity

Maher explores this phenomenon. He shows that many people like Dump because he says what he means, that is, he's authentic. Never mind that his authenticity is deplorable; he's authentic deplorable. So Maher criticizes the politically correct, the image we present to the public, which usually is no where near what we really think and feel.

Hence strong progressives that drop the bullshit centrist imagery and fight like hell for the people are also authentic. They fight in no uncertain terms and tell it like it is and we love it and vote for it. It's the same phenomenon that got Dump elected and he's a bald faced liar of the largest magnitude. Image when all Democrats quit their servile catering to the rich and return to their roots of genuinely fighting for the rest of us. When they are authentic about it like Sanders and Warren they too will once again win elections, because we the people want authentic politicians that are really what they say they are.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Pox's Shep Smith on the Steele dossier

Smith first comments on Brennan getting his security clearance revoked. At 2:15 he said this about the Steele dossier:

"For context, the research in the dossier includes 17 memos produced by the former spy Christopher Steele. They allege misconduct and a conspiracy between members of the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election. Some assertions in the dossier have been confirmed. Other parts are unconfirmed. None of the dossier, to Fox News' knowledge, has been disproven."

Embodied cognition and embodied mindfulness

The podcast is below. The blurb follows:

"Evan Thompson discusses Embodied Cognition, 4E Cognition, and the problems with studying the mechanisms of mindfulness from a brain-only perspective. Evan is a writer and professor of philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He works on the nature of the mind, the self, and human experience by combining cognitive science, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, and cross-cultural philosophy, especially Asian philosophical traditions. Evan holds a thoughtful, critical view in these times of turbulence regarding mindfulness research and methods of delivery, 'Mindfulness is not in the head. Being mindful is an embodied, social practice not a private mental state or special pattern of brain activity. Mindfulness is embodied understanding.'"

The real reason for The Wall

Built by fear of just retribution for our own actions.

Pastor Robert Mueller's indictment song

Amen brother Corden.

Colbert: The free press fights back

Colbert reports on hundreds of news sources fighting back for their Constitutional rights against the fascist bully Dump. As usual Colbert helps us laugh at Dump dumping on our rights.

Senator Warren: The Accountable Capitalism Act

She's proposed this in the Senate. If corporations have the legal rights of personhood then they should be held accountable like a person. This Act would require the biggest corporations (revenue over $1 billion) to have a charter of corporate citizenship. It demands that corps take account of all stakeholders, including customers, employees and their communities. Workers would elect 40% of Board members. Political activity would need 75% of shareholder and 75% of Board approval. It would limit corporate executives ability to sell their stocks to dis disincentivize stock buybacks.

Of course we'll need to elect progressives to Congress, as the corporatists in both Parties will never go for it. It is a good rallying election point though, something that most Americans would support and demand. You can see the proposed Bill here.

Social Democrats of Denmark present the facts

Continuing this post, like Krugman the Social Democratic Party of Denmark debunks the Pox Views' hit piece on their society.


These are the lyrics to a song I wrote while an initiate of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a western esoteric tradition (aka wesoterica). Therein we enacted spiritual experiences via ritual, ceremony, symbol, iconography, costumes, movements, gestures, invocations, astral projection and activating all the physical senses. I wrote this song as an opening for a ceremony celebrating the feminine. It uses Tarot Major Arcana imagery, as Tarot was one of the tools we used to activate the various psycho-dynamic archetypes.

Oh Goddess of the sea and land, open the door of dreams to me
Hourglass shifting grains of sand, the door without a key
Soundless boundless bitter sea, the moon of man's desire
The deep dark well of memory, it's you that we admire
To thee do we aspire…Goddess

Goddess it is you we call, with our song do we enthrall
Come speak to us in our sacred hall.

Dark one of the night of time, before the Gods were born
Priestess beyond the virgin veil, darkest hour before the morn.
From thy robe the sea sprang forth, the earth your cubic chair
Crown the moon upon your head, wrapped in mystery your hair
Jachin and Boaz in your lair…Goddess

Dark Goddess it is your we call, with our song do we enthrall
Come speak to us in our sacred hall.

Bright mother in the midst of day, the father in your womb
The dove descends into your heart, wheat springs from the tomb
With flowing stream you carve the stone, a crown of stars adorn
Generate the sacred image, matrix seed of form
And all creation born…Goddess

Bright Goddess it is you we call, with our song do we enthrall
Come speak to us in our sacred hall.

Alike in light and darkness too, we cannot see you clear
The scales of justice balance you, strength lets us draw near
Sandalphon raises up her wand, and parts the polar two
Unveil the star of innocence, let us gaze at you
The dancing world we view…Goddess

Twilight Goddess it is you we call, with our song do we enthrall
Come speak to us in our sacred hall.

Goddess it is you we call, with our song do we enthrall
Come speak to us in our sacred hall…Goddess

Krugman on Denmark's social democracy

Good article on the benefits of Denmark's social structure. They've embraced a large government dedicated to enhancing their people's lives. Public spending is more than half their GDP.  Nearly two-thirds of their labor force is unionized. Krugman compares their lifestyle with America.

"Danes are more likely to have jobs than Americans, and in many cases they earn substantially more. Overall G.D.P. per capita in Denmark is a bit lower than in America, but that’s basically because the Danes take more vacations. Income inequality is much lower, and life expectancy is higher."

He shows the difference between straight socialism, wherein the government owns the means of production, with the type of social democracy they have, which is "a market economy where the downsides of capitalism are mitigated by government action, including a very strong social safety net."

He concludes that if we want a more humane and prosperous society for all then we need these sort of policies, whatever you call them.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fallon as Dump on Omarosa's book

Good jokes and impression.

Ariana Grande carpool karaoke

The latest in Corden's hit segment. Their stop for coffee is pretty funny. Their Little Shop of Horrors duet is awesome.

Dump's daughter-in-law on tape bribing Omarosa

Yep, Omarosa released the tape of Lara Dump bribing her with $15k per month after she'd been fired from the Blight House. Listen to the tape. Dump calls it a job but the conditions make it clear it's a bribe to be quiet about anything Omarosa learned in the Blight House. The entire family is a criminal conspiracy.

Senate resolution: The press is not an enemy of the people

This is what we've come to in the Dumpster fire. The Senate has to unanimously pass a resolution reaffirming the necessary role of the press. Truly amazing.

"Resolved, that the Senate affirms that the press is not the enemy of the people; reaffirms the vital and indispensable role that the free press serves to inform the electorate, uncover the truth, act as a check on the inherent power of the government, further national discourse and debate, and otherwise advance the most basic and cherished democratic norms and freedoms of the United States; and condemns the attacks on the institution of the free press and views efforts to systematically undermine the credibility of the press as an attack on the democratic institutions of the United States..."

The Adventures of Ed the Head, Chapter Eleven

In the same document here, starting on page 76. Warning: Graphic sex in this chapter. As the document grows it takes a bit longer to load so be patient. Enjoy.

Palast: Voter theft update

On Hartmann's show. Voters are disappearing in droves from Florida's rolls. Check your voting registration with the Sec. of State. You might have to take additional steps to get back on if you've been purged or given a provisional ballot. Palast explains.

Dump's wall is in the racist heart

Cartoon Dump explains.

Framing notes

Posted by Lakoff, notes by Kim Ellis. Here's the referenced video.

Growing up preparation

May as well learn young what work is really like for most of us.

Brennan: True American patriot

Here's part of his resume. His only crime: Accurately criticizing Dump. So who is the criminal here?