Monday, July 31, 2017

Republican ex-Congressperson: PresiDunce is nuts

Not just stupid but nuts. Robert Reich had an interesting conversation with said Congressperson on what Repugnantans are thinking about the Biggest Dump. It might come down to declaring him incompetent to impeach him. See the conversation for more.

Religion is bullshit

Continuing the last post, this Carlin reminder seems in order.

Many in the Cabinet attend this Bible study class

Oh dear God! We teeter on the very edge of becoming a theocracy with this fake Christianity that hates gays, immigrants and Muslims. And they're running our country? God help us (he said facetiously). No, we need to help ourselves and vote these fake Christians out and vote in progressives, Christian or otherwise.

Ryan contradicts PresiDunce

PresiDunce has continually been trying to taint the special prosecutor looking into his Russian ties, saying for one that he is a partisan hack. Speak of the House Ryan begs to differ.

Diana Pombo vs. Eva Igo

Sneak peek of World of Dance in the division final this Tuesday. Both of these young ladies are powerhouses and I'll hate to see one of them go. This sneak peek though for me has Igo with a slight edge. We'll see.

What the border wall is costing us

And this is just the beginning. One source for the below:

Sunday, July 30, 2017

John Cleese founds the Church of JC Capitalist

The Monty Python icon wants in on the action. I will be one of the alter boys during services. By night I'll be the hermeneutical hieranarchist and money launderer.

Mencken's frightening prophesy has come true

Catchin' a Vibe by Al Gomez

Some smooth jazz for you on a Sunday afternoon.

Hackers break into US voting machines in 90 minutes

Yes they did. At a Las Vegas hacker conference they easily broke in US manufactured voting machines revealing their several vulnerabilities. Foreign hackers working for their governments could do the same with the same ease. So why is this not a huge issue with Congress or the Presiduncy? See the link for the details.

If meet eaters acted like Vegans

Parody that turns the table on the self righteousness of vegetarians.

Evangelical fundamentalism and integral catholicism

Good article in La CiviltĂ  Cattolica by Antonio Spadaro and Marcel Figueroa of the Catholic Church. Some excerpts:

"At times this mingling of politics, morals and religion has taken on a Manichaean language that divides reality between absolute Good and absolute Evil. [...] In this Manichaean vision, belligerence can acquire a theological justification and there are pastors who seek a biblical foundation for it, using the scriptural texts out of context."

"In this theological vision, natural disasters, dramatic climate change and the global ecological crisis are not only not perceived as an alarm that should lead them to reconsider their dogmas, but they are seen as the complete opposite: signs that confirm their non-allegorical understanding of the final figures of the Book of Revelation and their apocalyptic hope in a 'new heaven and a new earth.' Theirs is a prophetic formula: fight the threats to American Christian values and prepare for the imminent justice of an Armageddon, a final showdown between Good and Evil, between God and Satan."

PresiDump once again displays his utter ignorance

Not that this is surprising, as the man has absolutely zero concept of how government works. Concerning the wealthcare losses, he Tweeted about the 60-vote filibuster rule when that rule had nothing to do with those votes. As the Senate process was doing it through reconciliation they only needed a 51 vote majority, which they couldn't get from their own Party. So the Big Dump then criticizes the reconciliation process, obviously ignorant about that as well. The Dump is good at something though: He is by far the stupidest Presidunce ever.

Bones Jones regains UFC lightheavyweight title

He knocked out Cormier in the 3rd round. Up to that point 2 of the judges had the fight even, given round 1 to Jones and round 2 to Cormier. The other judge had Jones up 2 rounds. It appeared that before the knockout Jones was leading round 3 decisively, as Cormier appeared to be gassing out. Had it gone 5 rounds it appeared Jones would have won easily by decision. The stats had Jones up 72 to 60 on significant strikes. Fight Metric had Jones up 95 to 60 on total strikes, and leading in the 3rd round 31 to 5 on significant strikes. But no need to speculate, as he knocked out Cormier in the 3rd to regain what was rightfully his.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chris Hedges on war

Continuing this post on sanitizing war:

The racist God of America

Excellent article. An excerpt:

"With our lovely regime change, it’s hard to deny the vibrant threads of prejudice strung throughout American Christianity. These days they are loudly pervasive like hot pink strands woven into white cloth. Strands that if you look, you will find have been deeply intertwined in the culture of America since the founding of our self-proclaimed Christian nation.

"I taught American history for a while and it often felt as if we were looking at a constant flow of outrageous bigotry by the hands of white American Christians who held themselves as superior in their entitled sense of manifest destiny, this deep belief that white Christians were sent by God to convert and civilize the 'savage' world of the 'other.' From the mass genocide of Native Americans, to slavery, to constant restrictions of various groups of immigrants, to turning our backs on the Jewish people fleeing genocide, to turning our backs on the Syrian people fleeing genocide – this Christian nation holds the clear belief that race, nationality, religion, and far more is a basis as to how people deserve to be treated - their worthiness of our love. It shouldn’t be surprising that our level of empathy and concern tends to decrease drastically as skin tone darkens."

Averting apocalypse

by Daniel Pinchbeck:

"In essence, to make the transition that is now necessary, we need to change our vision of progress once again. People living in healthy multi-generational communities out in nature, working less, growing food, taking care of their local ecosystems - combining the best of modern technology with some aspects of ancient and indigenous cultures - could become a new paradigm for a humane and resilient post post-modernity. We could actually resettle the rural areas as part of a movement toward decentralized and resilient communities. Resilience will be a necessary virtue in the near-future, as we confront intensifying battering from “super-storms” and other impacts of the ecological crisis. Decentralized communities that can grow their own food and make their own energy are maximally resilient.

The origami of being

From "The interior of things":

"Everything transpires as if the being of beings were a sort of origami. There are only folds: plaits, pleats, creases, waves, crevices, knots, and caves. And within each of those folds? Other fold! There are only folds coiled within folds radiating to infinity in both time and space. And if this is not enough, these folds are not fixed-crease folds, but rather are mobile folds. The wave is a better image of the fold than the envelope. A wave is a fold that perpetually folds itself, that traverses a field and that maintains its identity through the repetition of a process that is the unity of both difference and sameness. The folds of being are not fixed creases, but rather being never ceases to everywhere fold and unfold itself. Being is everywhere an undulation of folds and of undulating folds. Folds envelop one another, enfolding other folds within them. On other occasions and in other places, planes or fields undergo processes of invagination through which the surface becomes textured and riddled with crevices forming something akin to caves. On yet other occasions, that which is folded unfolds. In unfolding, that which is folded does not become a smooth or flat surface. This, of course, sometimes happens as well, though perhaps the flat surface or plane is the most folded being of all. More often, however, that which unfolds configures itself as a new formation of folds like a blooming flower."

Integral Education, Women's Spirituality and Feminist Pedagogies

New issue of Integral Review. The TOC follows:

Special Issue Introduction: Bahman A. K. Shirazi

Colbert: Repugnantans threaten PresiDump over AG Sessions

Lindsay Graham said if PresiDump tries to fire Sessions or go after the special prosecutor it could signal the end of his Presiduncy. Amen.

Colbert on PresiDump's Alaska revenge

Continuing this post, Colbert jokes about PresiDump's mob threat against Alaska.

PresiDump jokes about violence with cops

And we wonder where cops get the attitude of kill first, ask questions later. It's an entire culture that PresiDump epitomizes. Up front assume everyone else, meaning mostly black males, are scum that deserve to be punished. And his attitude is directly inciting further violence. This despicable excuse of a man sits in our highest office and is an ugly stain on our history.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Passive agressive relationship techniques

Sounds to me how typical relationships work.

PresiDump threatens Alaska Senator Murkowsky

Acting like a mob boss PresiDump had the Interior Secretary threaten to pull federal funding and shut down oil exploration in Alaska because the good Senator had the nerve the oppose the horrendous Repugnant skinny Obamacare repeal. Our Presidency had been tainted beyond repair from the criminal cabal that only cares about loyalty to PresiDump and not the American people.

PresiDump's temporary bone spurs

Coward that he is.

Thomas Frank interview

Frank wrote Listen, Liberal on how the Dim Party lost its way. In this interview it's summed up nicely with this statement: "This is a culmination of a very long-term problem with the Democrats very gradually, but definitely, abandoning the interests of working-class voters, identifying themselves instead with a more affluent group, with the affluent white-collar professionals." And they still don't see this as a problem. See the interview for much more.

It's a dire warning to integralists as well, with their 'more developed than thou' attitude and fixation on complexity to prop it up. It's a key reason why not only Dimocrats keep losing but why integralists stay isolated in elitist, insular circles with little societal impact. This also relates to the recent Gardner thread. In this case just one intelligence domain is dominant, and thinks the others are subservient, transcended and included within the logical-mathematical domain. Very much like 'consciousness per se' functions in kennilingus.

Colbert on Scaramucci's foul mouth

And even fouler soul. For a communications director "The Mooch" is a crass dolt who must think his comments are somehow 'authentic.' Yeah, they're authentic all right: authentic asshole. A perfect fit for the Blight House, forever tainted by this disgusting Swamp.

Obamacare repeal fails again!

This is cause for celebration. The Repugnantans latest effort to repeal Obamacare failed again, this time with the help of 3 Republican Senators with a conscience: McCain, Collins and Murkowski. The proposal would have eliminated the insurance mandate, kicked 16 million people off coverage and raised premiums by 20% per year in the next decade. I am happy that at least 3 Republicans had the courage to stand up to this travesty and consider the ill effects this would have caused.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The most dreaded of all dinosaurs

Especially for Tromp voters.

Micheal Moore calls for Army of Satire against Tromp

On Colbert last night. I am just one of those irritating gadflies tormenting Tromp. We need millions more to join the cause and keep incessantly swarming.

Senator Warren on Repugnantan 'skinny repeal'

"Their vote was irresponsible, it was reckless, it was cruel, it was immoral." Yep, that about sums up the Repugnantans in a nutshell. She proceeds to provide details on their 'skinny repeal,' their worst idea yet. She quotes the American Academy of Actuaries, who sent a letter to Congress pleading to not pass it because it would increase premiums and take away coverage from those who cannot afford to pay for it. Oh, facts again, to which Repugnantans are immune.

Dunkirk sanitizes war

I agree with this review in one regard when it said:"The problem is that there’s such little characterization that there’s even less emotion, beyond fear. Only a few touch points in the entire film evoke an emotional response, and this is not a good quality in a war film, at least for me. It’s antiseptic."

Another said: "It’s a sanitized, disjointed depiction of the Miracle of Dunkirk. It’s a PG-13 snooze fest, war with the edges taken off and the music turned up to 11."

Another said: "Keeping within the boundaries of a PG-13 rating when the gravity of war should be anything but sanitized, Nolan's virtually bloodless attacks are the one element that doesn't ring with the same truth as what surrounds it."

The actual fighting scenes depict no gore or carnage, or even blood. Soldiers are shot down or bombed but we don't see the result of their killing. They are just props that do not convey the horrors of war like Hacksaw Ridge. It sanitizes war so I never really felt an empathetic connection to the victims, instead just seeing them as cardboard characters to drive the plot. For me a good war movie shocks me into the realization of its horrors, and its cost in lives and carnage. This one most certainly did not.

Colbert on Tromp's transgender hatred

And the Pussy-in-Chief's cowardice in draft dodging.

At least transgender soldiers aren't pussies like Tromp

In response to the Pussy-in-Chief declaring by fiat that transgender people cannot serve in the military.

Resistance is not enough

Progressive groups are making headway. And they've taken to heart that we need to not only oppose Tromp and the Repugnantans but to develop a progressive agenda of our own to replace the nightmare. The idea is to pressure Dimocrats to accept and promote said agenda, but said Dimocrats are fighting against it at every turn. A better idea is to replace those Dims with progressive ones, which some of the groups are also fortunately working on.

Multipli City

Continuing this post, it's also important to keep in mind that developmental researchers, including Commons et al and Fischer/Stein, maintain that there is no 'center of gravity' or dominant line like the cognitive or 'consciousness per se' when it comes to this field. We truly live in Multipli City with constantly shifting 'kosmic addresses.' And please excuse the kennilingus, which I must speak on occasion.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The DNC barricades out progressive populists

Nina Turner, President of Our Revolution, with some other demonstrators approached the DNC building to deliver a petition and The People's Platform. That Platform includes "Medicare for all, free college tuition, the raise the wage act for worker's rights, automatic voter registration act, - Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act of 2017, a climate change bill for renewable energy, Justice is Not For Sale Act of 2017 for criminal justice reform and immigration rights, and and the Inclusive Prosperity Act to hold Wall Street accountable." None of that is in the Dim Party's new agenda. And the Party obviously wants nothing to do with a People's Platform.

Senator Warren gets to the heart of the wealthcare Bills

The heart of it is that all Repugnantan so-called healthcare proposals have nothing to do with providing healthcare; it's all a scam to give tax breaks to the already wealthy. Hence I will only call all these efforts what they in fact are, wealthcare. And the reality of it is that our lives hang in the balance, and many will die as a direct result. And that ain't no hyperbole per medical studies.

Howard Gardner on the 8 intelligences

Are you intelligent? The usual means of determining this is via linguistic or logical/mathematical intelligence. But there are 6 other intelligence domains that are of equal importance. Plus there are 2 other domains that he's thinking of adding to the list.

Coconut oil kills

Here's JP parodying the corruption between the American Heart Association and the vegetable oil industry.

Colbert: Senate votes to debate mystery wealthcare Bill

Colbert analyzes the insane process where the Repugnantan Senate leaders had a vote to start debate on a new wealthcare Bill that no one has yet seen, including the majority of the Senators. And it passed! JFC. No wonder this Repugnantan-controlled Congress cannot get anything done.

Les Twins on WOD

They took the top spot in their division last night, beating Keone & Mari by only 0.3 points.

Keone & Mari on WOD

The came in a close 2nd behind Les Twins in their division to make the cut to the semi-finals next week. Awesome emotional performance about the struggles in relationships.

Puddle's Pity Party on AGT

Puddles makes it though to the live show with another stunning performance.

Carpool karaoke with Usher

The next installment in Corden's popular series.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mindful self-acceptance?

Not so much. Americans have commercialized mindfulness meditation into just accepting whatever arises, when the idea is not so much that but learning how to change the negative things that arise in consciousness. Romanticizing one's "true self" is another obstruction to the hard work of self understanding.

Secretary of State finally realizes Tromp is unprofessional?

Weird that Tillerson has finally come out and said it, using the excuse the Tromp is treating Attorney General Sessions unprofessionally. That it took this long after just above everything unprofessional Tromp has done is likely a cover for Tillerson to quit, being his former oil company is under investigation for violating sanctions against Russia by selling them oil. Good, let the whole corrupt bunch quit for whatever reason so that no one has any faith in that corrupt Party of the Presidunce by the '18 election.

Psychologist: Staying single is better for your mental health

After having been in long-term relationships, and being single long-term, I'd have to agree with this assessment.

"One psychologist claims that staying single gives people a chance to 'live their best, most authentic and most meaningful life,' while also stating that the idea of a blissful marriage is entirely myth. “The available findings are telling. For example, research comparing people who have stayed single with those who have stayed married shows that single people have a heightened sense of self-determination and they are more likely to experience ‘a sense of continued growth and development’ as a person. Other research shows that single people value meaningful work more than married people do … another study of lifelong single people showed that self-sufficiency serves them well: the more self-sufficient they were, the less likely they were to experience negative emotions. For married people, just the opposite was true.”

A global inventory of organized social media manipulation

In light of the US election being hacked by foreign and domestic social media trolls, this report from Computational Propaganda Research Project is enlightening. From the executive summary:

"Cyber troops are government, military or political party teams committed to manipulating public opinion over social media. In this working paper, we report on specific organization created, often with public money, to help define and manage what is in the best interest of the public. We compare such organizations across 28 countries, and inventory them according to the kinds of messages, valences and communication strategies used. We catalog the organizational forms and evaluate their capacities in terms of budgets and staffing. This working paper summarizes the findings of the first comprehensive inventory of the major organizations behind social media manipulation."

Havoc dances for his life on SYTYCD

He did poorly in the contemporary round so was asked to dance for his life to stay in the competition. He did and was selected for a team.

Colbert mocks Anthony Scaramucci

The new Blight House communications director. That hiring caused former press secretary Spicer to resign. And both Bannon and Prebus were against hiring "the mooch." However the fact that The Mooch is not qualified for the job makes him like every other Tromp appointment. I especially enjoyed what the Mooch had to say about Tromp during the campaign and is not eating his words and kissing Tromp's ass for this job. In other words, the guy has no soul so will make a perfect addition to the fetid Swamp.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery

Official trailer for the new series beginning September 24. But it's on Pay-TV! The culture of Star Trek would never have turned this into a capitalistic enterprise.

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality

Ted talk by neuroscientist Anil Seth. The brain processes the outer world via the senses, then organizes it and projects that organization back on to the world. Perception itself is an active, constructive process. It is a controlled hallucination. Reality is just an agreed upon hallucination. And so is the perception of our self a controlled hallucination. For a longer, 1 hour presentation, see this link.

Tromp cannot pardon himself

At least that's what this Constitutional law professor said. Recent news is that the Presidunce is checking into pardoning not only his treasonous staff but himself should he be impeached and then tried for criminal conduct. According to the linked source that has never been done in the US because there is no Constitutional basis for it. To the contrary, it is totally against the Constitution.

Senator Warren on the oligopoly

She always has the right message, and that Repugnantans support it, but what about her own Dim Party? She never seems to even remotely suggest the Party is part and parcel of this too. Sanders at least criticizes the Party, but not Warren. I wonder why?

Fik-Shun on WOD

Sneak peek of his cut performance tonight. I don't know if he made the cut or not, but the performance is awesome regardless.

The Dim Party thinks it's all about messaging

This video discusses Schumer's statement that the Dim Party needs to acknowledge they are responsible for their losses, nothing else. True enough, but the video also explores how just changing the message without changing the policies and behavior is never enough. Clinton had a populist message but we didn't believe her. And we don't believe Schumer either, as his record doesn't support the rhetoric. If the Dims think they can win us over with mere rhetoric they must think we're as stupid as Tromp voters, and we are not.

IMF decreases US economic forecast because of Tromp

From this article. The Swamp is making America poor again.

"The International Monetary Fund (IMF) decreased forecasts for economic growth rates in the U.S. for 2017 and 2018 due to “uncertainty” brought by the Trump administration’s economic policies.
The IMF issued its World Economic Outlook update on Sunday saying that economic growth for the U.S. was lowered to just above 2% this year — a paltry 2.1% — down from 2.3% from earlier in 2017. In April, the IMF had initially forecasted the U.S. at 2.5%."

Jesus and Obama sitting in a bar

Ain't it the truth.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


I'm just getting around to watching this tv series I've heard so much about. The first episode highlighted for me how we are all programmed by our overlords to believe in our freedom, our individuality, our wills when it's all just a program to make of us slaves. And like that first episode, some of us are starting to wake up to the programs, to some semblance of self autonomy, and we need to resist the ideological programs that drive us into subservience against not only our own self interest but more importantly our strength in community and collaboration. This above all is the cardinal sin of the overlords, that we wake up, collaborate, and fight back. But once we do there is no stopping us.

New poll on Tromp supporters

This PPP poll confirms something I've long said about the Swampers: They are brainwashed zombies. Not all of them. There is a small number who voted for Obama and switched over. And a few more level-headed folks that rightfully hated Clinton. But these numbers are astounding. A few samples follow. See the link for more details.
  • Only 45% of Trump voters believe Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with Russians about information that might be harmful to Hillary Clinton...even though Trump Jr. admitted it. 32% say the meeting didn't happen and 24% say they're not sure.
  • 72% of Trump voters consider the Russia story overall to be 'fake news,' only 14% disagree.
  • Only 24% of Trump voters even want an investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, 64% are opposed to an investigation.
  • Only 26% of Trump voters admit that Russia wanted Trump to win the election, 44% claim Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win, and 31% say they're not sure one way or the other.
  • Even if there was an investigation, and it found that the Trump campaign did collude with Russia to aid his campaign, 77% of his supporters think he should still stay in office to just 16% who believe he should resign.

Two Tromp lawyers abandon ship

They can see that the Swamp Ship is sinking fast and there's no saving it. Tromp continues to sabotage his own defense at every turn, feeling immune from prosecution. He's even looking into if he can use the Presidential Pardon to pardon himself. I'm hoping the Presidunce takes down the corrupt Repugnantan Party with him, since they too are corrupt beyond repair.

How to get offended

Good satire for those who are easily offended.

Alex & Susan WCS

Student Alex and teacher Susan at the Go Dance (Austin) Summer Showcase. Excellent choreography and superbly performed.

Tromp's Made in America week

WTF? Most of Tromp's own products are not made in America. Do not the Swampers know this?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Colbert on Tromp's voter suppression commission

It's a solution for a problem that doesn't exist, meaning voter fraud. In the last election just 4 cases were uncovered, not the 3 million Tromp claimed. The real problem that must be fixed by the commission is that too many Democratic voters would upset Repugnantan victories and that is what must be stopped. If left to a democratic vote of the people Repugnantans would hardly ever win, so they must suppress the vote as much as possible. To their credit, they have done an effective job of overturned democracy.

The myth of mathematical reality

Great article on how the economics profession uses mathematical models to justify itself, despite the profession's repeated failures to accurately predict the simplest of empirical realities. I'm reminded of the math used to justify the neo-Piagetian model of hierarchical complexity (MHC), which model was used to justify Wilber's integral model. A lot of empirical, neuroscientic research since Piaget has proven some of his basic theses to be wrong. And yet the MHC continues to proceed with a mathematical model that is divorced from those empirical realities.

They even refuse to look at cognitive science developments like Where Mathematics Comes From, which investigates the neuroscientific biases of mathematical models, because their sacred math is a direct access into a metaphysical, Platonic reality. Like in the article they hold on to an outdated astrological model, a worldview that refuses to acknowledge updates in empirical science: The Cult of the Metaphysical Mathematical Models.

Why Repugnantans are impotent

Devastatingly accurate Forbes article by a former GOP Precinct Committeeman on why the Repugnantans cannot govern: They deny observable, provable reality, blinded as they are by a failed ideology. An excerpt follows. I highly recommend the entire article.

"When ideology rules all, acknowledging dissonant facts is treason. Reality, in that way of thinking, is a mere construct owned by history’s winners. This brand of cult reasoning explains why Republicans despise journalism, deride universities, and disregard the advice of scientists. Within the walls of the GOP cult, those who concern themselves with accuracy, who allow themselves to be constrained by empirical measures, are seen as history’s losers. They are destined to be forgotten, obscured in the shadow of The Great Men.

Republicans may keep winning elections, but they will never be able to govern until they can grapple with these four realities. Each item on this list is measurable, provable and broadly regarded as obvious. Failure to acknowledge these four truths means being as categorically, empirically wrong as it’s possible to be in the otherwise mushy, gray realm of politics:

Friday, July 21, 2017

AG Sessions discussed campaign-related matters with Russian Ambassador

Despite denying it repeatedly,  newly released intelligence intercepts show Sessions to be an inveterate liar. This report said the following. See it for the incriminating details. It's almost jail time for the Swamp.

"Russia’s ambassador to Washington told his superiors in Moscow that he discussed campaign-related matters, including policy issues important to Moscow, with Jeff Sessions during the 2016 presidential race, contrary to public assertions by the embattled attorney general, according to current and former U.S. officials."

Right to Vote Amendment

From Representative Keith Ellison:

The Republican Party knows they can’t win elections on policy alone. So a long time ago they decided to get creative and find ways to dishonestly exploit the system to their advantage.
One of the key tactics they’ve relied on is voter suppression. By disenfranchising Americans who would be most hurt by their policies, they know they can increase their chances of winning.
For years, the GOP has perpetuated myths about “voter fraud” while pushing state laws that create an unfair barrier to the voting booth for low-income Americans, senior citizens, students, and people of color.
Now Trump is taking that strategy to the next level. This week marked the first meeting of his “Election Integrity Commission” -- which he created after baselessly claiming he lost the popular vote due to “millions of people who voted illegally.”
Trump’s commision is investigating a problem that doesn’t exist and he knows it. And we know they’ll stop at nothing to institute suppressive voter laws at the national level.
While study after study has debunked the voter fraud myth, millions of Americans were kept from the polls in 2016 due to restrictive voter laws.
In Wisconsin alone, an estimated 200,000 votes were suppressed. Trump won the state by 22,748 votes. It can’t be overstated -- voter suppression is one of the most critical issues facing our democracy. 
The Right to Vote Amendment would not only protect future voices from being silenced, but also restore the vote for those who have already been unfairly marginalized and shut out of the system.
Thank you for standing with me.
In solidarity,
Keith Ellison

Blight House seeks to smear Mueller

Yep, as Mueller and his team are going to open Tromp's Russian financial ties the Blight House is now seeking dirt on the investigation in preparation to discredit anything they find. Meaning instead of refuting the truth of what they find they will try to divert attention from the revelations by once again calling it fake news. Also it can and likely will be used as an excuse to fire Mueller and quash the investigation. Standard dictatorship tactics.

Tromp's revealing NYT interview

In criticizing Attorney General Sessions for recusing himself on the Russian affair, which was the rightful and legal thing to do, Tromp reveals that said recusal was a violation of a loyalty oath. So the top cop of the US government is not to be loyal to the law and the Constitution but to a dictator? Tromp also expects special prosecutor in the Russian affair, Mueller, to be servile and avoid looking into Tromp's Russian financial ties. And if he does then "you're fired." Again, a dictator's perspective.

Colbert visits the Russian pee pee hotel room

Where the alleged tape was made of two prostitutes giving golden showers while Tromp gleefully watched.

A true American nails Tromp

Well said, and accurate.

Comparing Burger King workers in Denmark and the US

Another social democracy versus vulture capitalism comparison that tells us a lot about the human values of each system.

The sexual propensities of far left and right politics

Interesting article from Breitbart citing a study by Wyylde. Breitbart of course frames it as extreme behavior on both sides, but it is instructive. The far left liberals were more likely to engage in wife swapping, one night stands and group sex, while the far right were more likely to exhibit male dominance, like spanking, face ejaculation and penis slapping. It suggests that said liberals do so because they do not treat partners as property, true enough. They were less inclined to see the obvious indication that said conservatives indeed see the wife as a piece of property to be abused as one wishes.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tromp and the Russian money trail

Democracy Now interviews a reporter who did this story. Tromp has had real estate ties to Russian oligarchs since at least the 90s, and in fact one of them was in the room during the now infamous Don Jr. incident. The lawyer at the meeting represents one of the oligarch's firms. When we follow this money trail it's obvious the Presidunce is lying through his false teeth.

Proof Tromp voter suppression commission will gut voting rights

Here's the proof. The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993 is the target. The Act provides national protections of voter rights and prevents States from imposing proof of citizenship to vote. Kobach, who is running Tromp's voter suppression commission, tried to require proof of citizenship in his home State of Kansas and was blocked by the courts citing the NVRA. Kobach is now trying to get this done on a national level by amending the NVRA. And it seems the Swampy Repugnantans will go along with it, since it will take away the vote of millions of people of color.

Samantha B on vote rigger in chief Kobach's history

Yes, the guy in charge of the Presidunce's vote rigging commission has a proven history of, you guessed it, vote rigging.

Smith of Fox News: Repugnantans and Tromp own failed healthcare

Yes, they control all of Congress and the Presiduncy and still they cannot come up with a healthcare plan anywhere near as good as Obamacare. So Tromp says just let it fail. No, it would do fine on its own but he and his Swamp have been sabotaging it since day one. And in their ideological zeal to end it millions of people will suffer and die just to satisfy their hatred. These people are despicable and do not deserve the name of human being.

Senator Warren questions Vice Chair of Joint Chiefs on climate change

And it's risks to national security. The Vice Chairs states unequivocally that climate change will "drive uncertainty and will drive conflict." He then gives examples. When even our military understands the effects of climate change perhaps it's time Repugnantans take note? Nah, who am I kidding.

Sanders congratulates us for defeating wealthcare

He starts by giving we the people kudos for getting out there and demonstrating, for contacting our representatives, for sharing information on social media, and for flooding town halls in opposition to the cruel Repugnantan wealthcare bill. But he urges we must keep up the fight for single-payer government healthcare if we truly want a system that works for all. It will be long, hard fight but we must take it on if we have any pretense of humanity.

Why ignorant people vote against their own interests

This is from a '12 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. Not much as changed since then, to wit, Tromp.

Greg Palast on voter suppression

To discuss the kick off of the Tromp election rigging commission. Since Repugnantans simply cannot win with just the white vote they instead must disenfranchise those of color. Palast explains how they do it with a variety of suppression techniques. Interesting that the rigger in chief Kobach hasn't prosecuted anyone he's accused of voting twice.

Social democracy v. free market capitalism

The Nation provides this concise video for your edification. In Denmark you get social services for what you pay in taxes. In the US you may pay less in taxes but you end up paying far more for far less in the long run. Oh yeah, the long run is not on the US agenda. Nor is building happy, healthy, productive citizens that contribute to society and the economy. My bad. And now, the facts in comparison.

Dept. of Interior scientist reassigned after whistleblowing

This scientist alerted his bosses to the rapidly increasing danger of climate change in Alaska and his reward was to be reassigned to a completely unrelated job, hoping he'd quit. Tromp's Interior Dept. is hoping to bury this evidence. They did something similar to another 50 employees, needing to houseclean truth tellers and install their lackeys. See the link for the details of the climate danger and how he was demoted.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cat watching a horror movie

I don't often post cat videos but I couldn't resist this one.

Just Jerk on AGT

Another wow performance gets them through to the live show.

The singing Trump on AGT

He brings it again without another knockout performance. Very funny, yet this guy can really sing. He survived the cut and goes on to the live performance.

Diana Pombo on WOD

I already posted a sneak peak of Eve Igo's dance for the cut round. Last night only 2 of the 5 youth dancers remained while the other 3 were cut. Pombo, along with Igo, were the 2 that survived. Igo took first place with a very slim 0.5 lead. Pombo's performance was also awesome, below.

Colbert on failed repeal and replace

The Repugnantans have been claiming they're going to do this for 8 years. And now they have a Presidunce willing to go along with it. And they still can't get it done due to some in their own Party that have a least a remnant of a heart. Since the Senate can't get the votes to pass their version of a replacement they've taken to trying to just repeal Obamacare with no replacement. And that won't fly either. They are impotent in more ways than one, as Colbert elaborates.

Neoliberalism's con job on individualism

And not just climate change but how we approach any issue as individuals. In so doing we've forgotten how to organize into groups to win battles, which is exactly the neoliberal strategy to maintain itself. From the article:

"Even before the advent of neoliberalism, the capitalist economy had thrived on people believing that being afflicted by the structural problems of an exploitative system – poverty, joblessness, poor health, lack of fulfillment – was in fact a personal deficiency. Neoliberalism has taken this internalized self-blame and turbocharged it. It tells you that you should not merely feel guilt and shame if you can’t secure a good job, are deep in debt, and are too stressed or overworked for time with friends. You are now also responsible for bearing the burden of potential ecological collapse.

"Of course we need people to consume less and innovate low-carbon alternatives – build sustainable farms, invent battery storages, spread zero-waste methods. But individual choices will most count when the economic system can provide viable, environmental options for everyone—not just an affluent or intrepid few."

And it is we collectively that must fight to change that economic system, which has the most significant impact on mitigating climate change.

Naomi Klein on a forward-looking agenda

Continuing recent posts on a progressive agenda, Klein said we need this vision to sustain us in the long-term struggle to achieve it.

"Part of the reason why it is so important to save some space to carve out a forward-looking agenda that is really about the world that we deeply want and need is that vision is deeply healing and sustaining in these very difficult and unavoidable battles.

"Every sturdy revolutionary social movement has had that forward-looking vision -- the dream as Martin Luther King said. In South Africa, the vision laid out by the Freedom Charter sustained the anti-apartheid struggle all those years, that utopian imagination of the world beyond the nightmare. I think that it sustains us in these long struggles that, if we are to be honest, are going to take our lifetimes. This is not just a four-year battle. Not when we're talking about the level of deep change that is required. The finish line isn't in sight. So we have to find a way to sustain ourselves. And I think when we have that vision in sight, it also, to some extent, informs how we treat each other in struggle. It forces us to think long-term about the planet, about future generations, but also about our relationships with one another. We're in this for the long haul and we have to act like it."

People's Platform petition

Following up on this post, here's a petition in support of the People's Platform. Please sign if you agree. The Bills being supported are:

  1. Medicare for All: H.R. 676 Medicare For All Act
  2. Free College Tuition: H.R. 1880 College for All Act of 2017
  3. Worker Rights: H.R.15 - Raise the Wage Act
  4. Women’s Rights: H.R.771 - Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act of 2017
  5. Voting Rights: H.R. 2840 - Automatic Voter Registration Act
  6. Environmental Justice: Climate Change Bill - Renewable Energy (More details soon!)
  7. Criminal Justice and Immigrant Rights: H.R.3543 - Justice is Not For Sale Act of 2017
  8. Taxing Wall Street: H.R. 1144 - Inclusive Prosperity Act

State Dept. plans to close the War Crimes office

That's right. The office responsible for investigating and responding to war crimes is to be eliminated. It seems this is in preparation for the Swamp not only launching a war but with intent to commit atrocities in the name of freedom. Our dictatorship is shaping up by the day. As a prelude:

"The supposed shuttering of this office could offer insight into the Trump administration's priorities for foreign policy, and follows reports of possible U.S.-backed war crimes committed against civilians in Iraq, during the  U.S.-led coalition's victory over the Islamic State (ISIS) in Mosul, as Common Dreams reported last week."

Progressives pressure the Dim Party

To embrace a bold progressive platform. You know, the kind of issues the majority of the people want proven by polling. In fact it's called the People's Platform, which is a winning strategy that the Dim Party needs to fully embrace and promote if they have any chance of winning in upcoming elections. The Dim Party has to quit sucking corporate tit and get back to its roots in fighting for the working class. And the progressive resistance is going to make damned sure they do. The platform includes, among other things: "Make public colleges tuition free, establish automatic voter registration, raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, and transform the American healthcare system into one that guarantees insurance to all." See the link for more.

GOP budget would defund the Election Security Agency

And this is right after an election where it has been proven that the Russians hacked us. One might think we'd want to strengthen the ESA to ensure that further hacking would be more difficult. But no, the Repugnantans want to defund this agency because they want rigged elections, as it's the only way they can win given their policy disapproval ratings. See the link for the details.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Shook My World

Blues pick of the day.

What 'reform' means to Repugnantans

It's their code word for give more to the rich and less to the rest of us. Hartmann elaborates with specific examples on their tax redistribution to the top.

Logan Hernandez on SYTYCD

He blows away the All-Stars.

The irony of McCain's health emergency

The Senate wealthcare vote has been delayed until McCain can recover from his emergency surgery and come back to vote. The irony follows from this article. See it for the details.

"1) As Vox’s Dylan Scott explained, nothing less than a health emergency has thrown the GOP’s health reform plan into disarray

2) The senator’s office is saying the blood clot was discovered during a routine physical, which is exactly the type of preventive service Obamacare expanded and the Better Care Act could curtail.

3) The craniotomy sounds like an emergency surgery (though McCain’s office would not confirm that). Obamacare required insurance plans sold in the individual market, the fully insured small-group market, and through Medicaid to cover a list of 10 “essential health benefits”, including emergency healthcare. The Better Care Act would allow health insurers to once again sell skimpier insurance plans that might not include such comprehensive benefits. 

4) Life-saving surgeries like these would also be out of reach for more people if the GOP plan were to pass, since it’s expected to leave millions more Americans without insurance compared to Obamacare."

Colbert kicks off Russia week

He starts by updating the Tromp Jr. treason. Not only was a former Russian military intelligence operative in the meeting, Tromp Jr. received Russian documents harmful to the Dimocrats.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Kristina & Vasily sneak peak on SYTYCD

Fricken WOW. The new routine begins around 0:30 after some introductory stuff.

Eric Jones AGT sneak peek

It's magic.

Eva Igo sneak peak

From the upcoming World of Dance episode. Something tells me she won this battle. Phenomenal talent for a junior.

I've Got the Gold

Scientific study of force field around the body

From this New Scientist article, copied below.

Our brains are aware not just of our bodies but also the immediate space around us. Now, a twist on the classic rubber hand illusion can make people “feel” this space – a sensation they liken to perceiving a “force field”.

Neuroscientists have known for decades that our brains contain representations of the area surrounding us, known as peripersonal space. This allows us to grasp objects within our reach and helps to protect us.

Imagine you are walking through the woods talking to a companion, when a low-hanging branch suddenly appears in your peripheral vision. You’ll instinctively duck to avoid it: your sense of peripersonal space has prevented you from banging your head.

Hard neuroscientific evidence on the phenomenon appeared in the late 1990s in animal studies. Michael Graziano of Princeton University, New Jersey, and his colleagues recorded the electrical activity of neurons in the parietal and frontal lobes of the brains of monkeys, finding that some neurons fired not only when an object touched part of the body, but also when the object came near it.

When the researchers directly stimulated such neurons, they found that the monkeys would reflexively move their heads and limbs as if defending themselves – for example, grimacing and closing their eyes, turning their heads to one side and putting up their arms in a protective posture.

Although no one has repeated the experiments in humans, there is evidence that certain regions of our brain specifically deal with peripersonal space. For instance, some people who suffer strokes in the right posterior parietal lobe cannot sense peripersonal stimuli on the left side of their bodies, but can sense things that are further away, outside the peripersonal space on that side.

"This suggests that there is a representation similar to those found in monkeys in the human brain,” says Arvid Guterstam of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sensory trick

Watching the world burn

Unlike this guy I just can't sit idly by and watch it happening. Hence this blog, which might not be doing much but it ain't nothing.

The Dem Party's biggest donor says back the Sanders agenda

Tom Steyer donated $87 million to the Democratic cause in '16 and now says that the Dimocratic Party needs to be not so dim and wake up to the progressive agenda Sanders promotes. But the Dim Party is still reluctant to embrace that populist agenda, even when it becomes more obvious by the day that's what the people want. Steyer is convinced the key issue is the income inequality caused by the corporate oligarchs. Will the Dims get the message? Or continue losing by sucking up to the wealthy? Remains to be seen.

The man behind the Tromp curtain

The development of Bryant's philosophy

If we think of nouns or objects as process, as simultaneously being open and closed, ever changing yet in some sense ever remaining the same, as never fully manifesting in the actual, and with no overriding assholon unity subsuming them: This for me reduces the the likelihood of falling into a metaphysics of presence. Especially given the correlational aspect with respect to linguistic prepositions, which orient what I've come to call suobjects to each other in space/time.

I especially like Bryant's notion that each suobject has its own space/time, but yet when engaged with hyberobjects (like capitalism) can also be strongly influenced by their stronger gravity wells. Still, there is that withdrawn reserve that can and indeed must not only resist but change said hyperobjects like capitalism when enough suobjects coordinate their collective gravitas, for even hyperobjects are subject and open to external forces. No easy task, to be sure, but it must be done.

Byrant shifted from objects to the metaphor of the machine in a machine oriented ontology (MOO). He now sees the relationship of bodies in terms of the fold (here and here), where he further diverges from OOO. E.g.:

"Everything transpires as if the being of beings were a sort of origami. There are only folds: plaits, pleats, creases, waves, crevices, knots, and caves. And within each of those folds? Other fold! There are only folds coiled within folds radiating to infinity in both time and space. And if this is not enough, these folds are not fixed-crease folds, but rather are mobile folds. The wave is a better image of the fold than the envelope. A wave is a fold that perpetually folds itself, that traverses a field and that maintains its identity through the repetition of a process that is the unity of both difference and sameness. The folds of being are not fixed creases, but rather being never ceases to everywhere fold and unfold itself. Being is everywhere an undulation of folds and of undulating folds. Folds envelop one another, enfolding other folds within them. On other occasions and in other places, planes or fields undergo processes of invagination through which the surface becomes textured and riddled with crevices forming something akin to caves. On yet other occasions, that which is folded unfolds. In unfolding, that which is folded does not become a smooth or flat surface. This, of course, sometimes happens as well, though perhaps the flat surface or plane is the most folded being of all. More often, however, that which unfolds configures itself as a new formation of folds like a blooming flower."

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Just the wall we need

And whom we need to keep behind it.

How to kill an economy

This article explains how MBA students are being trained to be takers, and why this only ends up hurting economies. An astute excerpt from Financial Times editor Rana Foroohar:

"If you wonder why most businesses still think of shareholders as their main priority or treat skilled labor as a cost rather than an asset—or why 80 percent of CEOs surveyed in one study said they’d pass up making an investment that would fuel a decade’s worth of innovation if it meant they’d miss a quarter of earnings results— it’s because that’s exactly what they are being educated to do."

There is one good thing about Tromp

He's such an narcissistic idiot that he won't listen to his lawyers. And this will likely be the very thing that sinks him legally, since he thinks he knows better than them. I'm so glad in this regard that the man will get impeached and likely indicted for his crimes because of this sickness. It's the only good thing about him.

Newly discovered dual black hole

But it occurred 3 billion years ago. The gravitational waves it produced just got to earth in January of this year. The data is challenging our theories of how black holes are formed and operate. Those waves temporarily "kinked the fabric of space-time itself. [...] The waves shrank and expanded space on Earth by just a fraction of the width of a proton." 

Wikipedia tells us that time is distorted near and inside a black hole. 

"To a distant observer, clocks near a black hole appear to tick more slowly than those further away from the black hole. Due to this effect, known as gravitational time dilation, an object falling into a black hole appears to slow as it approaches the event horizon, taking an infinite time to reach it. [...] On the other hand, indestructible observers falling into a black hole do not notice any of these effects as they cross the event horizon. According to their own clocks, which appear to them to tick normally, they cross the event horizon after a finite time without noting any singular behaviour."

We can wonder about how we can change our perception of space-time, but it doesn't actually change space-time outside our perception. In case you were wondering...

The Empathic Civilisation

And to reiterate the previous post, this favorite has been revived to reinforce the point.

Whole earth morality

Good article on the evolution of morality. It starts with a quote by Simon Blackburn:

"I think at its simplest it’s a system whereby we put pressure on ourselves and others to conform to certain kinds of behavior. That’s the side of morality that is perhaps most obviously associated with rules, with boundaries to conduct, with limiting criminal behavior when the rules are transgressed. On top of that, there’s an element of morality that is concerned more with our sentiments and emotions, for example with sympathy and our capacity to feel sympathy at others’ distress and a corresponding motivation to do something about it. So there are two sides to morality, one more coercive and the second more gentle and humane."

Morality has evolved from self-interest to how we engage each other in groups. And that engagement evolves from caring limited to small groups to larger groups, eventually embracing the whole earth and its inhabitants. Elinor Ostram's  8 core design principles for managing a commons are then listed. See the link for much more.


Tromp and the Illuminati

A parody of conspiracy theorists like that idiot in Texas, Alex Jones.

Senator Warren on the new Russian sanctions Bill

She interviews a panel on this and all agree new sanctions are in order to thwart Russia's election interference. And yet the House is stalling its enaction and it's doubtful Tromp will sign it. Why? I think those with half a brain can connect the dots here.

Justice Dept. does favor for Russian lawyer who met with Tromp Jr.

Yes,it's real news. And a coincidence? I think not. The same lawyer who met with Tromp Jr. to provide dirt on Clinton during the election is the same one who represented a firm prosecuted by the Justice Dept. for money laundering $230 million. The Dept. let them off with a $6 million settlement, just 2.6% of the take. Crime indeed does pay. Recall our Attorney General in charge of the Justice Dept. also met with Russians. It's amazing what treason can but these days.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Shep Smith & Chris Wallace of Fox on Tromp Jr. collusion

It was clearly attempted collusion. The credibility of the Tromp propaganda that there were no meetings with Russia is clearly dead. Smith goes much further that it's just lie after lie after lie with the Tromp swamp. Fox is saying this should not be a partisan issue but of serious concern to any American. Plus there was another person at the meeting beside the former Russian intelligence officer. Just maybe the Trompers who only watch Fox will start getting in their head the real news about this corrupt regime.

New info on Tromp Jr's Russia meeting

It turns out that someone else was at that meeting, a former Russian military officer with suspected links to Russian intelligence. Junior said there were no more attendees at the meeting and he obviously lied, again (and again and again and so on). The end draws nearer by the hour for this corrupt cabal of criminals.

The reality behind welfare

For those who complain about paying for the takers of society, perhaps you'd like to know who are the real takers? Probably not, as facts can't penetrate your hatred.

Colbert speculates on what AG Sessions said to LGBT hate group

The Attorney General had a closed-door meeting with the hate group and won't release what transpired. So Colbert takes a good guess about what Sessions said to them.

Kyle & Benji performance

Two of the top male west coast swing champions did a routine together with Kyle leading. Totally awesome performance.

The Fair Representation Act

Has been introduced in the House by Rep. Don Beyer. It eliminates gerrymandering by creating larger, multi-member districts drawn by non-partisan commissions, where each district can elect more than one representative by ranked choice voting. See the article for the details. Imagine our votes actually counting!

Infinite economic growth is a cancer

I'm sharing Thomas Bonde's  FB post, an urgent and necessary message we all need to hear and share:

"If you still believe in the possibility of infinite economic growth on a finite planet with finite resources you are either incredibly stupid or mentally poisoned by ideological wishful thinking. The path of Western civilisation, which unfortunately is now planetary in scope, leads straight into the bottomless pit of mass extinction. This is already happening to a very disturbing number of species and humanity is next. I am sure the next generation is going to love us for our mindless consumption of petty shit from Chinese sweatshops, so please keep filling that existential vacuum with the temporary opiates of shiny objects. Who cares if future humans will have to breathe in toxic fumes and drink from poisoned wells? Not us, apparently, which makes me glad I didn't get around to putting more people into this sick and dying world."

For the grammar Nazis

Friday, July 14, 2017

Conman: The stupid man's superhero

The Allure of Things

Process and Object in Contemporary Philosophy. Edited by Roland Faber and Andrew Goffey (NY: Bloomsbury, 2014). Available free here. Bryant's updated version of "Time of the object" is chapter 4. Also recall this brief FB thread on it. The comments therefrom:

Seems he added sections of Democracy of Objects to this paper. Relating to the Captain Metaphysics comic, I like this:

"What Derrida articulates in this passage is a variation of Aristotle’s concept of primary substances; for the very being of primary substance is to exceed and be detachable from every context. Hence, in the case of New Historicism which strives to reduce an articulation to its context, we encounter a sort of transcendental illusion where the historicist is not discovering the contexture of relations that gave the work meaning, but rather creating a contexture, a regime of attraction, that generates meaning as an effect. It is for this reason that I refer to substance under the title of presence as local manifestation, for the manifestation of any substance is a function of its contingent context, such that every substance, in principle, harbors the power of falling into other contexts and thereby of manifesting itself otherwise than it does in this context. [...] Derrida’s account of time and diffĂ©rance gives us one way of providing a formal ontological demonstration for the thesis that substances are withdrawn" (89-90).

And the conclusion, a variation on Edwards' syntegrity:

Albert Cummings - Lonely Bed

The blues pick of the day. Some incredible guitar playing.

Greenwald defends Tromp Jr.'s collusion

Greenwald has fully jumped the shark. He is so paranoid about intelligence agencies and the Dem Party that he refused to believe the evidence in front of him. In this video he says it's not a crime to meet with a foreign agent with the intent of receiving information against our country. But it is most certainly is a crime according to 11 CFR 110.20, which cites 52 U.S.C. 30121 and 36 U.S.C. 510 and clearly states:

"A foreign national shall not, directly or indirectly, make a contribution or a donation of money or other thing of value, or expressly or impliedly promise to make a contribution or a donation, in connection with any Federal, State, or local election."

I used to value Greenwald's reporting, and still do on anything other than Russian collusion. On this topic though he has lost all credibility and isn't trustworthy.

Senator Warren on the revised Senate wealthcare bill

All the same tax cuts for the rich, insurance companies and drug companies are still there. And still the same massive cuts to Medicaid. They did add though that insurance companies can sell policies that don't at all comply with Obamacare, meaning a whole lot of nothing coverage. When those who choose  such policies get sick or injured with something beyond such minimal coverage it is we the taxpayer that will pay for their burden on the system. So basically we get no choice in supporting these free riders only concerned with choosing for themselves. That is exactly what Repugnantans mean by free choice: choice is free for them but not for us.

Fox propaganda mission accomplished

They've been so successful at lying to their viewers that the latter have become so misinformed and dumbed down that they voted for Tromp. And now Tromp is one of Fox's biggest fans, Tweeting their lies from the Presidential pulpit, further reinforcing the lies and deception. Mission accomplished Fox.

Colbert on Tromp objectifying France's first lady

The womanizing Tromp just can't help himself. He goes on to the rest of Tromp's France visit, which went just as well. I and many Americans (with a brain) are really embarrassed to have such an idiot for a President.

The Senate exempts itself from it own weathcare proposal

Not surprising that they don't want the shitty coverage they want for the rest of us. They want to allow States to offer policies that don't provide 'essential benefits' like maternity leave and mental health services, and yet policies must include those benefits in the Senate's coverage. Which should tell us that essential benefits really should be part of any healthcare plan. That is, if we want to keep our people healthy. Big if, apparently.

Most effective individual impacts on climate change

are "eating a plant-based diet, avoiding air travel, living car-free, and having smaller families." See this article for the details. And for some inexplicable reason (not) this is not being taught in schools. Seems the grimy hands of the fossil fuel industry reach right into the classroom.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lonely Fool

Some down home blues.

Naomi Klein interviews Jeremy Corbin

How to get the world we want? Be a bold progressive and put forward a strong vision with the street cred that you'll fight tooth and nail for it.

Sanders on Morning Joe

He talks about the necessity of progressives to get out to conservative districts and make people aware of what's going on, particularly healthcare right now. They need to let the working class everywhere know they are fighting for them and not just the wealthy few. And they need to provide the mounting evidence that Tromp lied to them and is only hurting them with his policies. And most of all, to stay true to their values with which the majority agrees, and be willing to fight like hell for we the people.

Benji & Alyssa

Swingcouver 2017 invitational Jack and Jill, 1st place.

The Libertarian vision of America

Excellent article. A small excerpt from it follows on the vision they've been working to create for decades. And are succeeding, if we but look at current Repugnantan policies.

"Tyler Cowen, the economist who co-presides with Charles Koch over the cause's academic base camp [...] has spelled that out. You might want to sit down to hear what he envisions for the rest of us. He has written that with the 'rewriting of the social contract' underway, people will be 'expected to fend for themselves much more than they do now.' While some will flourish, he admits, 'others will fall by the wayside.' Since 'worthy individuals' will manage to climb their way out of poverty, 'that will make it easier to ignore those who are left behind.' And Cowen didn't stop there. 'We will cut Medicaid for the poor,' he predicted. Further, 'the fiscal shortfall will come out of real wages as various cost burdens are shifted to workers' from employers and a government that does less. To 'compensate,' this chaired professor in the nation's second-wealthiest county advises, 'people who have had their government benefits cut or pared back' should pack up and move to lower-cost, poor public service states like Texas."

The updated Senate wealthcare Bill

Just came out today. This link breaks down the changes simply and concisely. For example, the new plan would:

Allow insurers to offer cheaper, slimmed-down coverage as long as they offer at least one plan meeting Obamacare standards. Experts have warned that such a provision could severely threaten access to coverage for sick patients.

Overhaul the traditional Medicaid program covering low-income children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities. Instead of receiving open-ended funding from the federal government, states would receive a set amount per enrollee and have new flexibility to run their programs. Certain vulnerable populations could be protected from the spending cap. States would have the option to add work requirements for able-bodied adults.

See the link for more.