Saturday, September 14, 2019

Nikki Glaser: New stand up

As usual, sex is featured and she's funny.

Maher's Overtime discussion

Ball and Moore have it right, that Medicare For All is the healthcare answer, and that Bernie is the candidate to provide it as well as take on the corporate oligarchy and Dump's fascism. Maher btw was against this "government takeover" of healthcare and the other two noted that the existing Medicare system is the most effective and lowest cost by far. I also agree that Maher is wrong in claiming if the government is involved it can't be good. I think it was Ball who countered well how is that working out in the current for-profit heath(don't)care industry?

George Washington on updating gun law

Good point George.

Billboard ad in NM

That will be placed on the likely routes Dump takes when visiting New Mexico. In case you're not familiar, the colors refer to our famous chili peppers. It may as well have said: "In NM we like democracy and human beings, hold the Dump."

What's wrong with this picture?

Could it be....racism?

Who is the better businessman?

Can't argue with that. Well you could but you'd be wrong.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Sanders on democratic socialism at the debate

The moderator tried to compare Venezuela's brand of socialism with Bernie, a typical and false Repug tactic, but Bernie set him straight right quick. I'll take what he describes any day, as it's far more like Scandinavia and far better than the current US socialist handouts (thefts from we the people) to big business. Democratic socialism works the other way around: Big business pays its fair share of taxes and it is distributed back to we the people who earned all those profits for them.

If you're black and support Biden

Then listen to Nina Turner in this video discuss Biden's answer last night to slavery. Then she compares Sanders' policies on racial issues.

AOC challenges Repugs over impeachment

She has by far the best arguments to do it now. Granted the Senate Repugs won't convict, but they should have to bear the consequences of that vote in future elections, as well as their legacy. Otherwise the Dems will also have to bear the consequences for not doing their duty.

Dem Debate: Healthcare freedom and cost

This was a topic in last night's Dem debate. Biden and other centrists kept saying Medicare for All is taking away your freedom of choice, that people like their current, private healthcare plan and want that choice. Warren made the astute observation that she never met anyone that liked their private insurance, and neither have I. Sanders made the point that under MFA people have true freedom of choice of doctors, hospitals and procedures, all of which are limited by private insurance.

Then Biden came up with the Repub talking point that MFA costs too much, and that it will increase working class taxes. Warren made the point that you have to compare current healthcare costs to that of MFA, which shows that the former costs more in premiums, co-pays and deductibles than the much smaller increase in everyone's taxes. Sanders also pointed out what the current system costs, and that MFA, by cutting out the middle men, would cost far less, be more efficient and provide better service.

All in all Sanders and Warren made the far better argument for MFA than any of the specious criticisms.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Vampire Weekend - Sympathy

As performed on Colbert last night.

Good one Beto

And agree 100%. This is a weapon of war and used that way against we the people. And no you paranoids, that doesn't mean all guns. The rest though should be regulated, registered, insured and licensed along with other sensible reforms.

The real State of the Union

Just the facts ma'am. That is, if you accept facts.

How to change a lightbulb

Funny satire on the candidates.

Stop making sense

This doesn't.

World Freedom Rankings

You can see the whole report here. Funny how the US Repugnantans are always using the word freedom as a cover for every one of their exploitative, subjugating and slave-inducing policies. No wonder the US has dropped to 53.

"Challenges to American democracy are testing the stability of its constitutional system and threatening to undermine political rights and civil liberties worldwide. As part of this year’s report, Freedom House offers a special assessment of the state of democracy in the United States midway through the term of President Donald Trump. While democracy in America remains robust by global standards, it has weakened significantly over the past eight years, and the current president’s ongoing attacks on the rule of law, fact-based journalism, and other principles and norms of democracy threaten further decline."

"Freedom House has tracked a slow overall decline in political rights and civil liberties in the United States for the past eight years, punctuated by an unusual three-point drop for developments in 2017. Prominent concerns have included Russian interference in US elections, domestic attempts to manipulate the electoral system, executive and legislative dysfunction, conflicts of interest and lack of transparency, and pressure on judicial independence and the rule of law. [...] Its decline of eight points in as many years is significant."

The paradox of tolerance

Yes, if Nazis (or the Borg) invade our space with the intent to 'assimilate' us (turn us into slaves), then by all means photon torpedoes, full spread. And/or incite species 8472 to kick their ass.

The paradox of tolerance or a performative contradiction only applies in limited and obviously inadequate dichotomous logic with the axiom of the exclude middle. Fortunately cogsci has come a long way since then and proven its erroneous assumption.


Judiciary Committee votes on impeachment inquiry

Continuing this post, the House Judiciary Committee voted this morning along Party lines to "set procedures and rules for future impeachment investigation hearings." Nadler thinks the debate on whether it is an impeachment inquiry or investigation is moot, as he sees them as the same thing. The whatever it's called will investigate issues beyond the Mueller Report and increase the Committee's authority beyond it's previous bounds.

Repugs on the Committee said the resolution doesn't really go further than what they have already been doing, and that a formal impeachment requires the full vote of the House, so it's just more smoke and mirrors. Plus the Committee can subpoena all it wants but the Dumpsters will just ignore them like in the past and the Dems won't do anything about it.

Dump will manipuate the government to stay in power

Good article. Dump's already been doing it and will only increase his efforts knowing he'll likely face indictments when he leaves. So the last line of defense is Congress, and that is headed by Pelosey.

"And so that leaves as the last line of defense… House Democrats. Speaker Pelosi has been trying to do the minimal amount of oversight necessary to avoid a revolt within her caucus and among the grassroots. Outside of efforts to supplement the public parts of the Mueller Report and the belated effort to obtain Trump’s taxes, Democrats have filed almost no lawsuits to enforce their oversight requests for documents and testimony. That’s despite unprecedented and intentionally complete stonewalling. Don’t take my word on it. Trump told reporters that 'we are fighting all the subpoenas.'"

"Even though Pelosi’s situation is historically unprecedented, she does have options. For one, she could act like impeachment is a real option rather than visibly gritting her teeth and informing all within range of her voice that she thinks impeachment would be bad for Democrats. No matter Trump’s braggadocio, it is unlikely that he wants to be the third president ever impeached—and the first to run for re-election under such a cloud. Pelosi strongly desiring to take the option off the table, alternately, empowers Trump to think he is above the law so long as he occupies the White House."

Commons Transition articles

From their FB post. See their website for more.

We’ll be continuing our coverage of the new Commons Transition Primer website over the holidays and, today, we’re happy to present the Short Articles section: These are concise Q&A-style texts explaining the main ideas about a Commons Transition. To maximize understanding we’ve provided infographics and case studies, with videos of communities using these strategies in practice. Potentially unfamiliar Key Concepts are highlighted in black; clicking on any of these will open a pop-up with the relevant definition.

Finally, all short articles feature two tabs at the bottom of the text:

- A TL; DR (Too long; didn’t read) tab, opening a very brief summary of the text.
- An additional resources tab, with links to the P2P Foundation’s vast knowledge commons,additional articles, research papers, categories and videos pertaining to each topic.

We hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Nadler proceeds with impeachment

And Pelosey says ok (we'll see). Well, at least a vote for it in his Committee.

The difference between Sanders and Warren

Good comparison here. When it comes to we the people, Sanders listens to us and that is what drives his policies. Warren is more the top-down approach, where the smart leader of an elite vanguard decides for us. Sanders fights against the billionaire class and for the workers with democratic socialism, Warren wants to reform capitalism and placate the upper class liberals. Sanders is the enemy of the DNC, Warren courts them. Sanders is a populist, Warren a technocrat. See the link for supporting arguments and decide for yourself. You no doubt know by now where my vote goes.

A list of 141 Dems with courage

And it's growing. And who is blocking it?

Correction: Actually the link says 134, which is 57% of the 235 Dems in the House, a majority. Seems the Party leaders don't subscribe to democracy.

An informative new poll

Pretty much sums it up. I'll leave what that says about the 30% up to you.

Cowboy Economist evaluates the Dem candidates

"The time for compromise candidates is over. [...] It's Bernie Sanders, possibly Elizabeth Warren, but none of the others even come close" (12:45).

The Plame conspiracy

Continuing this post, given that Plame was in the CIA, the latter considered by some to be a Deep State conspiracy against I'm not sure what exactly, it's interesting that she's a die-hard progressive. How does that factor with Deep State conspiracies? Liberal commie post-modernists out to make us all gay? She does drive a souped-up Chevy, which has to mean something sinister, right?

Thunberg: "If we can save the banks we can save the world"

Continuing this post, she's right. Now if you can only get establishment Dems to agree. That or replace them with progressives who already agree and are willing to do something about it. 

Young people must vote

Give them Bernie as the Party flag-bearer and it will happen. If not, more unlikely.

It's more than disagreement

Of equally valid viewpoints. Some views are discriminatory and invalid. We can say this about a host of other issues, like putting kids in cages. In that case it's inhumane cruelty and should be illegal, not just another valid opinion. And there are not "good people on both sides" with Nazis on one side. There is no compromise with hate, prejudice, xenophobia etc. We must continually call out this BS false equivalency whenever it is used.

How does Game B evolve?

Continuing this post, I'm looking over this recent document on the nature of Game B. I like this from the section "how does Game B evolve?":

"The modus operandi is not writing down the new rules of the world in some manifesto. The modus operandi is experimenting and prototyping and discovering what you didn't know and correcting and evolving and... emerging. This produces elegant outcomes. Formulas don't work and they have terrible unintended consequences, e.g. communism. We shouldn't imagine we have the answer."

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Dem Party is part of the climate crisis

According to this article:

"And as bad as climate deniers have been, the climate minimizers in the media and the Democratic Party may be even more dangerous, because they claim to acknowledge the science, even as they speak about 'prudence' and 'balance,' -- as if avoiding an imminent existential catastrophe was somehow in the same ballpark as balancing the budget, or other proximate goals."

Hence we progressives who realize the need for urgent and drastic action like the Green New Deal have to fight both the Repug deniers and the corporate Dem appeasers.

How corrupt Repug Party has become

Closer to the Fascist Party by the day.

Dump's Executive Order providing control of the weather

Signed of course with a Sharpie. From Borowitz:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In what some congressional Democrats are calling a flagrant example of Presidential overreach, Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order giving him total control of the weather.

Under the terms of the order, Trump would assume the unilateral power to create all meteorological conditions, including but not limited to hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hail, sleet, and wintry mix.

After signing the order, a beaming Trump pronounced “total victory” over the weather, which he called “the enemy of the people.”

“I have been treated very unfairly by the weather,” Trump said. “The weather is a horrible person.”

On Fox News, Sean Hannity praised Trump’s decision to seize control of the weather and compared it favorably to former President Barack Obama’s weather policy, which he called “a trainwreck.”
“Obama just let the weather run wild,” Hannity said.

Although Trump’s executive order is certain to face legal challenges, White House sources indicated that the President was ready to press forward with an additional order giving him dominion over all living things, the planets, and the stars.

Jeremy Rifkin's new book: The Green New Deal

Just released today. Here's the publisher's blurb below. You can see a preview here.

"An urgent plan to confront climate change, transform the American economy, and create a green post-fossil fuel culture. In The Green New DealNew York Times bestselling author and renowned economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin delivers the political narrative and economic plan for the Green New Deal that we need at this critical moment in history."

Valerie Plame for Congress

Her bad-ass ad is below. Her agenda is progressive. She supports the Green New Deal, the Community Clean Energy Training Act, the Dream Act, Dump's impeachment, banning assault weapons and more. She is running in my home State of New Mexico, but not in my district.

Progressives have the winning narrative

This article provides the proof. But we must keep reinforcing it often, as there are dark forces trying to undermine it. Beware especially of the centrist, establishment Dems, who are joining Repugs in this dirty work. Progressives have the winning narrative, as it comes from we the people, so let's keep drilling it.

"Striving to arrive at some mythical center has decimated the middle-class [...but] progressives have finally honed the narrative. [...] Bernie Sanders did what many on the Right have done successfully. He repeated a narrative ad nauseam. Repetition even if not true more often than not tend to stick. The difference is that Sanders provided a truthful and accurate description of the problem with a framework for solutions. [...] Going forward it is imperative that they do no allow politicians and operatives from the Right, let alone Democratic Centrists, to upend the now well-honed Progressive narrative."

Not to worry, Sanders will keep up the good work and overcome both of those foes.

Huge comet headed toward earth!

Ok, it's a metaphor, but same difference. And call it what it is: Climate Crisis. Or maybe Climate Comet?

20 ways Dump is copying Hitler

Review of a book on the topic by Burt Neuborne, one of America’s top civil liberties lawyers. According to the first Mrs. Dump her husband kept a book translating Hitler's speeches in his nightstand, so we can see where he gets his hateful rhetoric. 

Just the bullet points of the article follow. See the link for a lot of detail to fill in the skeleton. Bottom line: Heed this serious warning, for this is where we're headed again if we don't take political action.

"Here are 20 serious points of comparison between the early Hitler and Trump.

1. Neither was elected by a majority.
2. Both found direct communication channels to their base.
3. Both blame others and divide on racial lines.
4. Both relentlessly demonize opponents.
5. They unceasingly attack objective truth.
6. They relentlessly attack mainstream media.
7. Their attacks on truth include science.
8. Their lies blur reality—and supporters spread them. 
9. Both orchestrated mass rallies to show status.
10. They embrace extreme nationalism.

Cowboy Economist: How to identify socialists

Continuing this post, here are some helpful tips from the Cowboy Economist.

Reich: How Repugnantans rig the system and how we beat them

They can't win with their policies or values so they cheat. Reich explains how the 2020 election is so important, because Repugs will further gerrymander their States to prevent losing for the next 10 years. The corrupt Repug Supreme Corp majority has ruled to allow this to continue. States can take this power out of legislatures by instituting independent commissions to draw voting districts, like CA and WA have. But again, fair vote counting is required to win elections to institute such laws.

Repugs also rig the system with voter ID laws, purging voters and other methods that specifically target demographics that typically vote against them, like the youth, elderly and people of color. They realize they'd lose otherwise so cheating has become their only method of retaining power.

Solution: We the people must show up in droves for the '20 election. And that is only going to happen if we have candidates like Sanders and AOC all the way down the ticket who will fight tooth and nail against this corrupt system. Just any old establishment Dem will not turn out the vote necessary to win, so we the people need to get busy and champion those progressive candidates that truly champion us. The stakes are far too high to gamble on a moderate centrist more inclined to maintain the corrupt status quo.

Bernie: "This is really really crazy shit"

Bernie will tell it like it is. People liked Dump for the same reason, only in Bernie's case he is really really fighting the crazy shit instead of piling it higher and deeper like Dump.

I love me that democratic socialism

You would too if you knew what it even is. And if you cared about human beings. Two big ifs I guess in today's hate-filled fascism. Just remember that FDR was reelected so many times that the forces of evil (Repugnantans) had to impose Presidential term limits.

Discrete phase shift in human evolution

Aka the collaborative commons. From this article by Brent Cooper:

"Human evolution is going through a 'discrete phase shift' characterised by three things:
1) At the social level, we are moving from a differential advantage economy (private, scarcity based), to an economic system where everybody's well-being and incentives are accounted for with no externalities. 'It's not communism, or socialism, or capitalism, it something that was not possible before.'
2) At the level of infrastructure; we're moving from linear materials economy abstracting from the earth to create products to turn into trash, to a sustainable closed loop materials economy, where trash is a new resource.
3) At the level of a super-structural, memetic shift, everyone is seen as facets of one integrated system. All issues are global and existential, threatening the biosphere."

I still can't help thinking that we must distinguish between reporting on this emerging phenomenon and trying to institute it top down from some elite emergentsia. It seems the latter want to control it though not only description but prescription, which could very well miss what's happening with people who know nothing about the theories of metamodernism or the collaborative commons but are enacting it nevertheless. Do these people even need the theory to enact it? Apparently not. Do the theories help it along? Questionable.

CA Bill to protect gig workers

Great news for workers. California will lead the world with this new Bill. It's already passed the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committee and now moves to a full Senate vote. It will use a 3-part test for companies that want to label a worker a contractor.

"A company will have to complete an 'ABC test' to classify a worker as a contractor, proving they are (a) free from the company’s control, (b) doing work that isn’t central to the company’s business, and (c) have an independent business in that industry. If the worker doesn’t meet all three of these standards, they will be classified as an employee and entitled to benefits including unemployment insurance, health care subsidies, paid parental leave, overtime pay, and a guaranteed $12 minimum hourly wage."

Monday, September 9, 2019

The demographics of the Repug Party

Why do you think that is?

The complicated and the complex

Continuing this post, in this interview Krakauer notes a distinction between complicated and complex systems. Examples of the former are simple relationships like billiard balls bouncing off each other or the orbits of planets. Such systems scale well with repeating patterns. But complex systems like human beings have highly connected components that are integrated over different time and spatial scales with no dominant factor, so models of them require the same sort of complexity to describe them. Simple, mechanical, complicated models are not sufficient.

That's my issue with power laws in general and the model of hierarchical complexity in particular. It seems to take the notion of power laws that might apply to some relatively simple, complicated mechanics and apply them to everything. Whereas complex systems require a different mathematical model that itself adapts to a system at more complex scales. But instead theorists look for short-hand, merely complicated descriptions that force-fit the phenomena into its tidy little equations.

Which also reminds me of Cilliars below discussing the distinction between complicated and complex systems.

Tired of the same old story

Continuing the last post, this article highlights that both the educated youth and the uneducated working class are disillusioned with elite authority figures. And yet they still long for connection, for organizing in groups of the like-minded, a story that binds them. The old stories from authorities on high no longer work, as they've seen how they've been exploited and abused by them. So let's give them a new story that empowers them while questioning the elite. It's also why I wrote this.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

How to save the human race

In this interview Korten said "the starting point is to come together around a common story: We are living beings born of and nurtured by a living earth." Hence repeating and sharing this story over and over in as many ways and forums as we can changes how we interpret our reality to the point of the majority of us living this story in our daily lives.

Living beings in a living earth labor to maintain and support each others existence, so labor is literally the foundation of how it works. This means that the benefits of our labor should go to those who labor, not to some exploitative system where the owners of capital get the majority of the fruits of our labor with no regard for that labor or the living system which provides the resources. Hence worker owned and democratically run business is aligned with this new story.

By changing our story we can and will change our society and our representatives to implement an agenda resonant with this story. Change the Story, Change the Future is the name of Korten's book so let's get busy changing it.

Dump joins a band

I think their name should be Psycho Dictators.

Khabib v. GSP?

GSP said he'd like to have that fight but the UFC said no.

Dump's version of Mein Kampf

Since Dump was so influenced by it he decided to write his own version. Well, to hire a ghost writer, as Dump has the worst words.

Diet for a better planet

This video shows the direct relationship of our dietary choices and the climate crisis. Beef production is the main culprit and the main cause behind the disastrous burning of the Amazon. If you really care about personal measures to fight the crisis, consider at least cutting down on meat consumption. You might also find that your health improves too.

How dictators manipulate Dump

And make no mistake, they are leading Dump and Dump is following their agenda. The Mueller Report concluded that Russia interfered in our election to benefit Dump and that Dump gladly accepted that interference. It's right in The Report. Also dictators flatter Dump to get him to support them while attacking our allies. Again, there is an abundance of daily evidence in the real news to this effect.

Granted a majority of Dump voters will remain loyal and the above evidence will have no effect. But we are also seeing signs in polling that at least  a small minority of Dumpsters are being affected by these realizations and are changing their minds. It is this minority that we need to keep hammering at frequently in social media, for their votes against Dump will prove to be his downfall.

NC judges toss Repug gerrymandering

Since the Supreme Corp decided that it wasn't their job to rule on gerrymandering, that it was a States issue, a North Carolina judicial panel ruled that their legislature's gerrymandering was unconstitutional and they need to go back to the drawing board and do it again. The redo process will be monitored by an outside referee.

Although the legislature said they'd abide by the ruling they did not rule out an appeal. I can see this appeal going all the way back up to the Supreme Corp, which previously said it wasn't their business but might make it so now that their own gerrymandering agenda has been legitimately challenged at the State level.

The power of social media

I consistently hear from other liberals that just posting on social media has little to no effect on voting behavior. They offer instead that one must get out in the streets and protest, or run for office, or anything other than engage social media, which in their minds is ineffective.

But numerous empirical studies show quite the opposite. This one for example showed that targeted Facebook ads increased Trump voters by 10% in the 2016 election. This effect was strongest on non-college educated voters who used Facebook as their main news source. Social media also stimulates people that have lost interest in politics to vote, the typical non-voter.

This study shows how social media influences Millennials to get politically involved and to vote more consistently. Their social media use motivates them to contact their representatives and demand the sort of polices they want enacted. Social media provides them with real-time social interaction so that they feel included in the process, another voting motivator.

This study showed that people who consume more news media are much more likely to be civically engaged, including voting. It "suggested that messages on users’ Facebook feeds could significantly influence voting patterns." It noted there are now thousands of studies that show how social networking sites influence offline behavior.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

7 faces of an emerging global movement

By Otto Scharmer. He said:

"The emerging wave of youth movements in 2019 differs from the 1968 student movement in a variety of ways. One, the key figures are young women, not young men. Two, they are arguing for a change in consciousness, not just for a change in ideology. Three, they are intentionally collaborating with earlier generations, not just fighting against them. And four, they are using technology in intentional and new ways."

Just the bullet points of the 7 ways follow. See the link for details.

1. The Decline of the Far Right
2. The Rise of the Greens in Europe
3. The Collapse of the Center
4. The Axial Shift in Politics
5. The Axial Shift in Our Economy
6. The Axial Shift in Learning and Human Development
7. The Nordic Secret: Can We Take It Global?      

Maher's monologue

He jokes about Dump's Sharpiegate.

Maher on healthcare

Since healthcare is a key issue in the upcoming election, how about people taking some responsibility for their own healthcare? An issue that no candidate is discussing is diet,  which when poor is a leading cause of many diseases. Maher is right that making people aware of their eating and fitness habits is not fat-shaming, it's health promoting. We the people definitely do need good access to affordable healthcare, but we also need to do something about our own healthcare by eating healthy food and doing some exercise.

Our rights and our values

The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are in our Declaration of Independence. And you can't have much of any of them without healthcare. So by extension we indeed have a right to healthcare embedded as a basic human right. Other developed countries have figured that out. It's time we do too. Medicare For All.

And by the way, there is no right for an ordinary citizen to own an assault rifle in the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment is specific to guns within a "well-regulated militia." That doesn't mean private citizens loosely organized by fanatical, paranoid delusions about the evil government. Or organized by an unethical group of gun manufacturers (NRA) that cares far more about profits than the human right to life. It's time we get our values in line with our rights.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Dump's latest editing

Too funny.

But that's politics

Why yes, yes it is. Those rigging the system are counting on you avoiding any participation and responsibility.

Electric vehicles lower the cost of oil

Continuing this post, the Green New Deal will invest in renewable energy, which development will drive the price of oil down to $10-$20 per barrel to be competitive as a transport fuel. Long-term that is reduced to $9-$10 per barrel. Less demand for oil, less war. And more health and well being for all. According to this article:

"The new research, from BNP Paribas, says that the economics of renewable energy make it impossible for oil to compete at current prices. The author of the report, global head of sustainability Mark Lewis, says that 'renewable electricity has a short-run marginal cost of zero, is cleaner environmentally, much easier to transport and could readily replace up to 40% of global oil demand.'"

Colbert jokes about the climate town hall



Sanders: Green New Deal cuts military spending

By cutting the need for oil, a major cause of war.

Divided brain, divided world

I was reminded of the video below, and this longer examination of the ideas therein. Here's the blurb from the latter:

"Divided Brain, Divided World explores the significance of the scientific fact that the two hemispheres of our brains have radically different ‘world views’. It argues that our failure to learn lessons from the crash, our continuing neglect of climate change, and the increase in mental health conditions may stem from a loss of perspective that we urgently need to regain. 

"Divided Brain, Divided World examines how related issues are illuminated by the ideas developed in author and psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist’s critically acclaimed work: The Master and his Emissary. It features a dialogue between McGilchrist and Director of RSA’s Social Brain Centre, Dr Jonathan Rowson, which informed a workshop with policymakers, journalists and academics.

"This workshop led to a range of written reflections on the strength and significance of the ideas, including critique, clarification and illustrations of relevance in particular domains, including economics, behavioural economics, climate change, NGO campaigning, patent law, ethics, and art."

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Pox's Shep Smith on Sharpiegate

He makes fun of idiot Dump, as well he should.


This is no time for that centrist impulse power. It's time for maximum warp drive!

Dump completes his border wall

With the same tool that proved the hurricane would hit Alabama.

Jesus is watching you

A good one that reminds me of the ending of Tarantino's new movie, a must see if you're a fan.

Colbert: Why can't US Repugs be like Britain?

He discusses how during Johnson's speech a member of his own Party got up and moved to the other side, thereby eliminating his majority. In addition, 21 conservatives voted against him so Johnson is kicking them out of the Party. Colbert wonders if they can do it, maybe we can too. No chance, as our Repugnantan Party, with a very few exceptions, have sold their souls and just go along with Dump no matter what.

Winners and losers in the climate debate

According to Vox.


Inslee, although not present, was a winner because his climate agenda was referenced by several candidates. And his continued participation off stage with candidates on the issue.

The Sunrise movement for keeping up the pressure on the topic, in effect forcing this town hall.

Sanders, for having the most comprehensive and detailed policy proposal to date and defending it quite well.

CNN, for having the guts to hold a long, substantive discussion that was executed fairly well.

The audience, for bringing in their personal stories and holding the candidates' feet to the fire.


Biden, for flubbing the fossil fuel contributor question, lacking a clear vision and declining to ban fracking.

Why you can't get a girlfriend

I had to share this one, spoofing Peterson and his fans who blame pomo Neo-Marxists for everything.

Ball: Sanders, Warren shine in climate town hall

The rest no so much, particularly Biden. The town hall highlights why the DNC didn't want to have this debate, as they wanted to protect their chosen one Biden from exactly what happened. Their only hope is that people didn't want the marathon. So it's up to us to highlight the progressive winners and the big losers like Biden, like in the video below.

Crystal also emphasized that it was we the people that forced the issue of climate crisis onto the national stage. If it wasn't for us this never would have happened, so we must keep up the pressure and demand of our candidates that this issue is front and center for the electability question. The town hall proved who is and isn't electable based on this keystone issue.

Vigeland on Biden's climate performance

She found Biden lame at best. Biden was asked by Anderson why he was meeting with a natural gas executive having a big money fundraiser for him the day after the town hall. And this after he took a "no fossil fuel money" pledge. Biden claims he didn't know the guy was a natural gas executive. Seriously? There's more in the video. Is this really our candidate to defeat Dump? I don't think so.

AOC and the new culture war

From this article:

"If 2018 was the year of Jordan Peterson, then perhaps 2019 will be the year of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. With the breakthrough of AOC, the Culture War has entered a new phase."

Another good quote follows highlighting that it is we the people using social media that must participate in whatever way we can by banding together, sharing information and memes, promulgating a commons worldview. Individually we obviously don't have the impact of AOC, but like her we use social media: No, like her we are "in it," and together we can change the narrative.

"AOC’s mode of collective intelligence, by contrast, is decisively new media. The Congresswoman from the Bronx is not a culture warrior trained by and for the broadcast television wars of the 90’s. AOC is an Achilles dipped up to the heel in the Styx of decentralized media. Her style of communication is fluid, continuous and direct. She does not stand above and outside of the conversation, attempting to influence it with authoritative ‘good opinion’. Rather, she is in it — sensing and responding to a 'social' that is always present and that is coextensive with her identity. In this crucial sense, she vastly more like the Insurgents than the elder Democrats that happen to be sitting next to her in the Congress."

A multi-perspectival worldview

In this FB post Bauwens mentions "equiprimacy = no human attribute is intrinsically superior or more evolved than any other" and goes on to quote Jorge Ferrer:

"Intrapersonal cocreation consists of the collaborative participation of all human attributes—body, vital energy, heart, mind, and consciousness—in the enactment of spiritual phenomena. This dimension is grounded in the principle of equiprimacy, according to which no human attribute is intrinsically superioror more evolved than any other. As Romero and Albareda (2001) point out,the cogni-centric (i.e., mind-centered) character of Western culture hinders the maturation of non-mental attributes, making it normally necessary to engage in intentional practices to bring these attributes up to the same developmental level the mind achieves through mainstream education. In principle, however, all human attributes can participate as equal partners in the creative unfolding of the spiritual path, are equally capable of sharing freely in the life of spirit here on earth, and can also be equally alienated from spirit."

Amen. It's sort of like what I mean by hier(an)archical synplexity. It's also what Lakoff means by the difference between real and false reason. There was then some discussion about how our emotional biases infect our reasoning, so the notion of a purely abstract and objective reason promoted by the Enlightenment is misleading at best. Lakoff addresses that sort of false reasoning.

But the thing is...

Team Human and the Commons economy

Article by Douglas Rushkoff noting that optimizing human well-being should be its base. Some excerpts:

"The commons is a conscious implementation of reciprocal altruism. Reciprocal altruists, whether human or ape, reward those who cooperate with others and punish those who defect. A commons works the same way. A resource such as a lake or a field, or a monetary system, is understood as a shared asset. The pastures of medieval England were treated as a commons. It wasn’t a free-for-all, but a carefully negotiated and enforced system. People brought their flocks to graze in mutually agreed- upon schedules. Violation of the rules was punished, either with penalties or exclusion.

"The commons is not a winner-takes-all economy, but an all-take-the-winnings economy. Shared ownership encourages shared responsibility, which in turn engenders a longer-term perspective on business practices. Nothing can be externalized to some 'other' player, because everyone is part of the same trust, drinking from the same well."

Vote out establishment Dems, vote in progressives

Continuing this post, what the establishment Dems are doing is stalling until the next election, shirking their duty to impeach a dangerous Presidunce. There has already been more than enough evidence to do that ages ago, so the continued investigations to me are just show to appear like their doing something.

I have no doubt we can beat Dump in the next election if it is fair. But we already know that the Repugs lie, cheat and steal in elections so we'll need an extra strong turnout to counter that. And running same old centrist Dems just will not inspire that kind of turn out. Strong progressives that actually represent the will of the people is what will ensure that sort of turn out.

As an aside, San Fran passed a resolution declaring the NRA a domestic terrorist organization. That is the sort of will needed to show the people the government is listening to them. Pelosey would never have the will to do that sort of thing. I'm hoping the people in her district vote her out in favor of the Dem Socialist challenger.