Sunday, December 15, 2019

Smore Brooks

Continuing this post, around 1:02:30 he's talking about Peterson, whose psychoanalytic work might be relevant to a small audience. But he shouldn't be talking about politics because it's "like giving a child a bazooka." Which of course reminds me of my seminal essay "giving guns to children."

Around 1:04:00 the interviewer brings up American politics, particularly Sanders as a State socialist. Michael quickly disabuses him of the notion in that Sanders has always been about the decentralization of worker democracy, where workers at the very least have a say in their work all the way to worker-owned and operated businesses.

Yes, Sanders wants to centralize a single payer government healthcare system, a necessity to overcome the inequities of private insurance. However it decentralizes the actual healthcare in that people can still choose their doctors in their local communities, i.e, none of that is determined by a central State owning and governing healthcare.

They go on from there to note that markets are fine, capitalism is the problem. And that Marxist materialism is a much more equitable means to achieving parity and fairness.

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