Sunday, December 22, 2019

Jacobin: Bernie is the one who can beat Dump

Completely accurate analysis here.

"Trump can be beaten, and the way to do it involves winning three key groups of voters in these Rust Belt battlegrounds: first, the Democrats and independents who backed Obama twice before turning to Trump; second, Obama voters who declined to vote in 2016; and third, the even larger group of Americans who do not typically vote at all."

Bernie is the most popular Dem candidate. Populism rules the day and won for Dump. It can and will win for Bernie because he is the genuine article and people now know Dump is a fake and a liar.  Bernie appealed to those rust belt workers in the '16 primary who barely went for Dump when Clinton was the nominee. He also inspires the youth vote to participate unlike any other Dem. He has raised the most money on his side and will continue to do so, and all from we the people, not big money. He is also the one most likely to bring out at least some of that half of the country that didn't vote.

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