Monday, December 30, 2019

The pressitutes lie about a strong economy

Excellent piece on the corporate media's lie about a strong economy. As a fact check, what's in your wallet?

"Record inequality and corporate profits are what media presstitutes call a 'Strong Economy'. Corporate propaganda outlets have an inherent interest in cloaking class warfare by equating a strong economy with the prosperity of the investor class, even as it comes at the expense of everyone else."

"Despite what media say, most Americans believe that the economic system is rigged to benefit the wealthy elite at the expense of the working class (CNN; Pew Research; Common Dreams). Do the standard economic metrics deployed by corporate journalists accurately capture and explain the feelings and economic situation of most American workers?"

"Corporate media tells nothing but self serving lies! The so-called 'strong economy' is strong for no one but the top 1% parasites. Check your wallet — it's likely empty! That's the evidence you should believe."

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