Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hartmann: How American democracy can die

And is in that process right now. The Dumpsters are violating the law at every turn, including ignoring Congressional subpoenas. What can we do about it? Congress can find violators in contempt. They can go to the courts to find their subpoenas legal and must be obeyed. But any judicial ruling must be enforced, and it's up to the Attorney General to do so. So what if he ignores the Congress and the Judiciary? What can we do about that?

Hartmann provides some history of 3 times former Presidents ignored Supreme Corp rulings. It was Jackson in two of those cases, the portrait of which hangs in Dump's Offal Office and whom he admires. Since there is no recourse if the President and his Atty. General won't enforce the laws made by Congress and adjudicated legal by the courts, then what? There goes democracy.

Also see Hartmann's article on the topic here for more.

Parody of Dem candidates freaking over Biden

Funny clip from Showtime.

Carpool karaoke with Celine Dion

That latest installment from Corden's popular segment. You can see a bonus clip here.

High points in Buttigieg's Pox town hall

I'll give him credit where it's due for these clips. I particularly like his point that liberals have to "change their vocabulary" to reach a wider audience. And when he compared Dump to our penchant for a fascination about gross things.

Warrios go to the finals again

For the 5th straight year in this overtime win. And all without KD.

Reich: Why we must legalize marijuana

First and foremost, its illegality has been an unmitigated disaster in all areas. On the plus side, taxing it creates much needed revenue for public investments. The industry creates jobs. It's a matter of racial justice and equality. States that have already legalized it prove all this.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Hierarchical complexity in human brain connectomes

A new neuroimaging study on brain connectome hierarchical complexity (HC) that seems to support my notion that, like basic categories, HC arises from the middle out as 'bridges' rather than bottom-up or top-down. E.g.

"Dividing the connectomes into four tiers based on degree magnitudes indicates that the most complex nodes are neither those with the highest nor lowest degrees but are instead found in the middle tiers. […] The most complex tier (Tier 3) involves regions believed to bridge high-order cognitive (Tier 1) and low-order sensorimotor processing (Tier 2)."

"The results show that hub nodes (Tier 1(t)) and peripheral nodes (Tier 4(b)) are contributing less to the greater complexity exhibited in the human brain connectome than middle tiers. In fact, this is particularly true of hub nodes."

Also note that "this concerns wholly separate considerations of topology to the well-known paradigms of small-world and scale-free complex networks."

Scared shitless fitness

A bold new fitness program guaranteed to eliminate your shit.

The privilege of ignoring politics

Which to me is basically the privilege to not give a shit about anyone else but oneself and one's personal relations. We as a society are hopefully about a lot more than just selfishness.

Sanders: Beating Dump is not enough

His interview on Meet the Press yesterday is below. Yes, we need to defeat Dump. But we also have to defeat the fossil fuel industry if we hope to have any chance of literally saving our environment, and hence ourselves. The science is clear: We don't have much time to do so we a need strong, urgent shift to renewables, not half measures.

Sanders also counters establishment Dem false framing with an agenda supported by the majority of Americans. And that agenda is exactly what will appeal to former Dump voters, who now release that Dump promised the same things but lied to them.