Friday, November 15, 2019

Bernie mocks snowflake billionaires

Yeah, those poor billionaires who steal and hoard our country's wealth are crying about fair taxation. TFB snowflakes, pay up.

Naomi Klein endorses Bernie

Most of the true progressives are lining up behind him for good reasons. Naomi explains hers, one being we need a fierce fighter given the fierce and corrupt opposition to democracy, humanity and the planet.

Reich: Billionaires cheated their way to the top

Robert Reich shows us exactly how they got rich, and it was far from on their own merits. And it certainly wasn't from their much vaunted free market competition. To the contrary, cheating via anti-competitive behavior is how they got to their current status. Just the bullet points are below from the article. See it for the details.

1. Exploit a monopoly.
2. Get insider information unavailable to other investors.
3. Buy off politicians.
4. Extort big investors.
5. Get the money from rich parents or relatives.

Ilhan Omar right about Stephen Miller's racism

From this piece. I can't wait to see how Kellyanne Conway spins this one.

"When the congresswoman Ilhan Omar called Donald Trump’s top immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, a white nationalist in April, the chorus of outrage from Republicans could not have been louder.

"The attacks on Omar were puzzling to anyone who knew about Miller’s role pushing hard-right immigration policies in the White House, but now a Southern Poverty law Center report analyzing 900 leaked emails between Miller and staff at Breitbart news reveal that she was right all along.

"The emails, sent between 2015 and 2016, expose how Miller frequently used white supremacist literature as a reference point for broader ideas. He linked to white nationalist websites such as VDare and American Renaissance; he promoted material from the conspiracy theory hub Infowars; shared conspiracy theories that a 'white genocide' would be brought to America by immigration; and he touted the policies of the former president Calvin Coolidge, whose beliefs on racial purity were praised by Hitler."

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Repugnantan fake logic

In defense of a real criminal.

Rutt interviews Bret Weinstein

An excerpt from the transcript follows. The podcast is here. Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist. Weinstein:

"So more or less our problem is that the magic of humans arose through an evolutionary process driven by an arms race in which human beings were their own worst competitor. So at that point that one reaches what my PhD advisor called ecological dominance, that arms race causes a massive jump in, essentially, computing power. And that computing power came along with all of our best and worst characteristics. So it resulted in a spectacular capacity for collaboration, but the objective of that collaboration is increased competitive capacity against other groups with similar powers.

"Now I don’t think we can spend too much time worrying about whether or not that was a good process, it got us this far, and it has given us the capacity to understand where we are. But what it has done is it has created a drive that is now outstripping our capacity to compensate for its consequences. So that quote you read from my website, essentially, is about what I would call a sustainability crisis. Now conservatives often hear, when a liberal like myself starts talking about sustainability, they assume that we are cryptically talking about climate, about which there is much disagreement in some circles. I’m not talking in particular about climate, I do think we have a climate problem, but even if it were false, we still have a sustainability problem in which we are simply using resources and creating waste in a way that simply, mathematically, cannot continue indefinitely.

Greta and Bernie are right on the climate crisis

We're in a climate crisis and we need to vote for those who recognize that fact and authentically pledge to effectively address the crisis. The Green New Deal is one of those solutions. Here's Bernie and here's Greta. She said:

"My message to the Americans is the same as to everyone – to unite behind the science and to act on the science. [...] We must realize this is a crisis, and we must do what we can now to spread awareness about this and to put pressure on the people in power. And especially, the US has an election coming up soon, and it’s very important that for everyone who can vote, vote."

Colbert on absurd Repug distractions

He looks at the bizarre, debunked conspiracy theories that counsel for the Repug's used to question Taylor. It only further demonstrates that they'll do anything to distract from the facts.

Nicolle Wallace is appalled at what her Party has become

She's a lifelong Republican that served in two GOP Administrations, and she can't stand the twisted denials that those in her Party are using to defend a criminal Presidunce (4:20 in the video).

Colbert: Bose Fact-Canceling Headphones

Funny skit on how the Repugnantans are just sticking their head in the sand to avoid the damning facts so far presented.