Monday, October 5, 2020

Proactive Progressive Populism 2

The next generation of my blog is here. After a decade with this blog I decided for a new look and a new start. All posts going forward will be at the new linked address. Thanks for your support here over the last decade and I look forward to your reading at the new location.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Dem Senators face a critical test tomorrow

According to Sirota, McConnell desperately wants a consent agreement for an adjournment resolution, because keeping the Senate open will allow the Dems to use procedural measures to delay the Supreme Corp. nomination. They could deny McConnell, forcing any resolution to include that delay until after the election. This is another test to see if the Dems have what it takes to practice what they've preached to use every arrow in their quiver. Tomorrow will tell.

Don't fall for the abusive manipulation

We're now well aware of who is trying to lay this on us and we won't be fooled again.


Reich: Twit and Repugs don't play fair

Reich lays into the lying, cheating and stealing Repugs, not least of which is the hypocrisy and double standard on the pandemic and Twit's illness. Then there's the Dems wimpy, losing strategy of playing nice and fair in response. Reich says he understands the latter, that they want that sort of society. But they will never get it by playing by rules the other side not only shuns but outright despises. Dems need to learn from Bernie and AOC that you can fight fairly yet fiercely and win. There's a difference between that and interpreting fairness from a place of weakness and surrender. From his FB post:

"For about a minute today I found myself feeling sorry for Donald Trump. The poor man is now 'battling' Covid-19 (the pugilistic verb is showing up all over the news). He’s in the hospital. He’s out-of-shape. He’s 74-years old. His chief of staff calls his symptoms 'very concerning.'
"Joe Biden is praying for him. Kamala Harris sends him heartfelt wishes. President Obama reminds us we’re all in this together and we want to make sure everyone is healthy. But hold on: Why should we feel empathy for one of the least empathetic people in the world? Out of respect. He’s a human being. And he’s our president.
"Yet there’s an asymmetry here. While the Biden campaign has taken down all negative television advertising, the Trump campaign’s negative ads continue non-stop. And at almost the same time that Biden, Harris, and Obama offered prayers and consoling words, the Trump campaign blasted 'Lyin’ Obama and Phony Kamala Harris' and charged that 'Sleepy Joe isn’t fit to be YOUR President.'
"Can you imagine if Biden had contracted Covid rather than Trump? Trump would be all over him. He’d attack Biden as weak, feeble, and old. He’d mock Biden’s mask-wearing – 'See, masks don’t work!' – and lampoon his unwillingness to hold live rallies: 'Guess he got Covid in his basement!'
"How can we even be sure Trump has the disease? He’s lied about everything else. Maybe he’ll reappear in a day or two, refreshed and relaxed, saying 'Covid is no big deal.' He’ll claim he took hydroxychloroquine, and it cured him. He’ll boast that he won the 'battle' with Covid because he’s strong and powerful.

What goes around comes around

 Let's vote for poetic justice.

SNL: 1st Presidential debate

With Alec Baldwin playing Twit and Jim Carrey playing Biden.

Twit's covid update

I was watching Meet the Press where they were discussing the conflicting reports about Twit's health. Dr. Conley, Twit's personal physician, presented a rosy picture yet the Chief of Staph (infection) reported otherwise. They were just commenting whether the Conley could be believed when the program was interrupted by him with an update, who again painted a rosy picture. 

However after that update NBC interviewed their medical contributor, Dr. John Torres. He said he was concerned because Twit is taking dexamethasone, which is indicated for severe symptoms for those who are mechanically ventilated or requiring supplemental oxygen. It is strongly contraindicated for mild to moderate symptoms. He further commented that to him it indicates more is going on that Twit's doctor is reporting. Given how Meet the Press started with questions about that doctor's credibility, along with Twit's long history of lying about every thing, we have good reason to doubt their reports.

Senator Johnson tests positive, then goes to fundraiser

Yet another example of Repugnantans putting other lives in danger for money. While he did wear a mask, he took it off to make his presentation claiming he was 12 feet away from anyone. This after we've learned that that distance is irrelevant in an enclosed room.This is the same guy who opposes state-wide mask mandates. Just another death merchant participating in genocide. Yeah, let's vote for that.

Pro death Repugnantans

Despite their lying spin, actions speak louder than words.