Sunday, June 17, 2018

I'm sick of meta anything

Continuing this post, I don't care for Stein's descriptions of modernism, postmodernism and metamodernism. The last is sooo transcend and include, but where is the "negate and preserve" he talked about in this piece? Not everything is included, and mutual understanding is not always the goal when something like a defunct worldview is to be negated instead of bargained with. He was quite clear about that when it came to capitalism but in this talk so far (I'm only 20 minutes in) the sweetness and light of mutual (meta)understanding is cloying my taste buds.

Update: He describes as time goes on (25+ minutes) via his critique (negation) of earlier educational approaches and how they're better under metamodernism.

Mind/body practices enhance the ego, not quiet it

Per this new study by Gebauer et al. (2018), Psychological Science, 1-22. The abstract:

"Mind-body practices enjoy immense public and scientific interest. Yoga and meditation are highly popular. Purportedly, they foster well-being by 'quieting the ego' or, more specifically, curtailing self-enhancement. However, this ego-quieting effect contradicts an apparent psychological universal, the self-centrality principle. According to this principle, practicing any skill renders it self-central, and self-centrality breeds self-enhancement. We examined those opposing predictions in the first tests of mind-body practices’ self-enhancement effects. Experiment 1 followed 93 yoga students over 15 weeks, assessing self-centrality and self-enhancement after yoga practice (yoga condition, n = 246) and without practice (control condition, n = 231). Experiment 2 followed 162 meditators over 4 weeks (meditation condition: n = 246; control condition: n = 245). Self-enhancement was higher in the yoga (Experiment 1) and meditation (Experiment 2) conditions, and those effects were mediated by greater self-centrality. Additionally, greater self-enhancement mediated mind-body practices’ well-being benefits. Evidently, neither yoga nor meditation quiet the ego; instead, they boost self-enhancement."

This reminds me of an old Mark Epstein paper where he said:

Maine keeps ranked choice voting

The people of Maine approved it via ballot in 2016 but the legislature passed a law to delay it until 2022. The people got the necessary votes to veto the legislation on another ballot, so now ranked choice voting will go into effect. This type of voting allows one to truly choose their preferred candidate, but also to choose their second best in case their first choice gets the fewest votes. Maine is the first State to implement this in a statewide election.

Dump environmental agenda: 80,000 additional deaths per year

Per this paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is without the least bit of hyperbole that I can safely and unequivocally say that the Dumpsters are mass murderers. Their chart is below. See the link for its many medically scientific details.

12 Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment

A book by Israel Regardie. I used to be a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Regardie was one of my mentors through his many books. A copy of that book can be found at the link for anyone interested in the wesoteric hermetic tradition. Invoke often, inflame thyself with prayer!

Aleister Crowley on framing

Crowley reiterated a verity of framing with his famous adage from Book Four of his tome Magick: "Invoke often. Inflame thyself with prayer."

The way I frame

I had a long discussion with a FB friend who challenged me on my framing, asking why it was so inflammatory, why I no longer judiciously or objectively analyzed the underlying social issues involved. My conclusion to him:

And I get your examination of the underlying issues. We know that such examination is beyond the minds of most Americans who vote.To the contrary they find such examination part of the 'elite' problem. So framing the way I do might seem superficial and/or inflammatory and/or whatever, but this is the kind of stuff that influences the average voter, whom we need to win elections so that progressives can implement more democratic policies. This is war and "certain rules don't apply" in this crisis.

Roger Stone met with Russian for Clinton dirt

The Washington Post uncovered emails between Stone and an associate on this meeting. When confronted with it Stone admitted to it, even though he previously lied about any meeting with any Russians. Granted the emails showed that the meeting went nowhere but there was a meeting nonetheless with the intent to buy dirt on Clinton.