Monday, January 22, 2018

Lichtman predicts Dump impeachment

Lichtman predicted Dump would win and everyone thought he was nuts. Now the Presidential historian tells us that the Muller investigation will reveal impeachable offenses and will lead to that result. To paraphrase the song from Jesus Christ Superstar: For the sake of the nation, this Dump must be impeached. 

PS: This in no way implies that Dump is a Christ like figure. Anti-Christ would be much more like it. And I'm only suggesting impeachment, for, as I said, I'm paraphrasing here. This should be obvious to anyone with half a brain, but just in case Dumpsters have mistakenly found their way here.

Speaking of swamp monsters

And Dump gave him this power, overfilling the Swamp to corrupt everything.

Kochs pay off Ryan for the tax Bill

Just days after the tax bill was passed, Speaker of the House Ryan got $500,000 in campaign contributions from the Kochs, who will benefit in $ billions from the legislation. This used to be of course illegal, but not anymore thanks to corrupt laws paid for by the Kochs and their fellow oligarchs, as well as the Supreme Corp. making money free speech. The Swamp everyone was supposed to be against is doing better than ever.

Dimocrap Senators cave on shutdown

They made a big show out of a government shutdown over the need to get a clean DACA bill passed. So today they caved on a promise from Senate leader McConnell that he'd hold this clean vote by February 8. Thing is, McTurtle had made this exact promise in the past and didn't follow through. What makes these Dims think he'll do so this time? It seems they just chickened out yet again, leaving their spine in the trash bin. That is, for those very few that ever had one in the first place.

House progressives backing challengers in primaries

The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) is backing progressive primary challengers in 2018. Of course the establishment corporate Dims are having a fit because they hate progressives. But the CPC has correctly diagnosed that Americans want people to represent them, not the 1%. And recent special elections are a clear indicator of this fact, given the progressive candidate wins. See this link for the CPC candidate picks.

The 1% got 82% of all wealth in 2017

According to Oxfam International. Hence GDP numbers that include the wealth generated do not take this into account, as this increases income inequality, a far more important statistic. This upward redistribution of wealth is not based on work or on goods produced, but merely on being born into it and on tax policy written by and for the wealthy. This is a clear sign that the economy based on this type of theft is in its death throes.

Schumer on the facts of Dump's government shutdown

Dump walked away from two bi-partisan deals. He also rejected Schumer's offer to include The Wall in negotiations. This is Dump's Shutdown and we need to repeatedly shout it from the rooftops.

The women's march

Hundreds of thousands of women in the US marched against Dump and his Dumpsters over the weekend. This is my favorite sign from the march.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sanders responds to Dump's racist murder ad

In this clip they show the ad first and Sanders responds. The ad is in direct response to the Dems holding out for a deal for the Dreamers in the spending bill. The ad explicitly suggests that the Dreamers, brought here as children from Mexico, are murderers and by supporting DACA it means that the Dreamers are going to murder people. The facts are that  "Dreamers commit crimes and are incarcerated at a staggeringly lower rate than native born Americans. In one survey, 90% of Dreamers reported that they held steady jobs. In the same survey, 72% were pursuing higher education. And most Americans, regardless of party affiliation, support a clean DACA bill that would allow the Dreamers to stay in the country." Dump is clearly a despicable racist doing the worst kind racist baiting.


Really nice jam by Daft Punk.