Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dump in the room with Cohen and Pecker

According to this story, Dump was in the room when Cohen and Pecker were conspiring to keep negative stories out of the press to protect Dump. Combined with the recorded conversation between Dump and Cohen "you now squarely place Trump in the middle of a conspiracy to commit campaign finance fraud." Cohen is going to jail for this and other crimes. Let's hope Dump follows shortly.

Lent responds to Harari

Lent said:

"Apparently unwittingly, Harari himself perpetuates unacknowledged fictions that he relies on as foundations for his own version of reality. Given his enormous sway as a public intellectual, Harari risks causing considerable harm by perpetuating these fictions. Like the traditional religious dogmas that he mocks, his own implicit stories wield great influence over the global power elite as long as they remain unacknowledged. I invite Harari to examine them here. By recognizing them as the myths they actually are, he could potentially transform his own ability to help shape humanity’s future."

I will only list the bullet point fictions below. See the link for the details:

1. Nature is a machine.
2. There is no alternative.
3. Life is meaningless so it's best to do nothing.
4. Humanity's future is a spectator sport.

Weinstein on Harris v. Peterson

Weinstein on the vindication and challenges in Sam Harris v Jordan Peterson. He also explores evolution in terms of new solutions are needed to solve our problems, not the myths of old. It's a question of what is transcended and included and what is transcended and replaced.

Case against Dump illegal campaign payments closing in

This report provides the details and the case seems airtight. It's just about Mueller time.

Beto is the least progressive of the bunch

He's getting a lot of attention as a progressive savior, but is he? The Other 98% said in this post, commenting on this article:

"Beto receives more money from Big Oil executives than any Senator except Ted Cruz. Even the dreaded healthcare industry is stepping in to support him...and he's deep in with Wall Street which is why he opposes taxing them. In short, Beto is great for Texas, but in a national presidential race, he would be the *least* progressive of all major candidates."

Real v. fake Christianity

"Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." --Matthew 25:40.

Mary Queen of Scots

I'm so looking forward to this one.

Corporate responsibility

I know, it sounds like a contradiction in terms. And under current law it is. So let's change the law and make them responsible. The Repugs are always harping on personal responsibility, so let's take them up on it and make corporate board members personally responsible for their bad behavior.

Courts likely to strike down Repugnantan power grabs

The Repug legislatures of WI, MI and NC are trying to pass laws that limit the powers of the duly elected Governors and Attorneys General. But legal precedent in State Constitutions show that they are violating the separation of powers clauses and the courts are likely to overturn any such legislation. I guess though it depends on who holds the majority on the courts in question, including their State Supreme Corps.