Sunday, January 19, 2020

NYT Bernie interview

The New York Times is doing open interviews of the candidates to decide whom they will endorse. This clip of their Bernie interview is enlightening in that he succinctly focuses on the core problem: People voted for Dump because they are disheartened that the political system is rigged against them in both Parties and the corporate media. And we need a true representative that will fix that system instead of just demagogue about it. Being the Times is itself part of that problem I can't see them endorsing Bernie, but that they released the video is commendable. You can see a full transcript of that interview here.

Let's face it

Those that believe pathological liars are that kind of stupid. Yes, I sympathize with those so duped and want to help them nevertheless with public policy. And understand that they are being manipulated. But that doesn't negate that they are stupid for so easily falling prey to it.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Korten: Change the Story, Change the Future

Continuing the last post, this presentation emphasizes how our stories organize our perceptions of reality. The neoliberal story is destroying us and the planet so we need a new story to heal and enrich us and the world.

The 5 filters of the mass media machine

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now narrates this short video on Noam Chomsky's notions of manufactured consent.

Maher's monologue

He's back from a 2-month vacation.

What jobs?

Addendum: And we have made sure there are no better jobs so f___ you.

AOC: Inequality in a nutshell

She said in her recent FB post linking to this article: "The Dow soars, wages don't. Inequality in a nutshell." It's long past time to quit gauging how well we workers are doing by how well the rich are doing. It does not trickle down; we are being pissed on and we know it.

Meagan Day on the manufacted Bernie story

Good analysis of the corporate media manufactured story against Bernie. The disappointing part is that there's no way around Warren not only participating in it but feeding it as a political strategy to once again label Bernie as a sexist. It seems more than likely it is the result of Warren's strategists who were previously on Hillary's team, who did the same thing in 2016. Bottom line: It is a corporate strategy to defeat a working people's candidate, because we just can't have we the people in charge of our politicians. Well TFB, because that's exactly what we're going to have.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Bernie's Iowa State Director on the Warren flap

Krystal asks her about it and Misty said the voters there don't care about political gossip; they are much more interested in the issues and how Bernie is going to help them. More evidence that the corporate media has lost on their failed strategy to trash Bernie.

Post debate polls, Bernie leads

Krystal breaks down 3 polls and it's apparent that people are not buying the corporate media sexist story. Sanders is leading in NH at 23%, Butt 18%, Biden and Warren 14%. In a new national poll Bernie 20%, Biden 19%, Warren 12%. Last new poll: Bernie is the most popular Senator in the country at 65%, Warren  at the lower end at 40%. How come? Voters care about the issues, not BS stories designed to create conflict. It didn't work corporate media. We the people are see right through your fake woke sexist crap.