Thursday, October 18, 2018

Kimmel interviews Ocasio-Cortez

We need many more like her in Congress. We first need to get her in Congress. Vote.

Reagan tells the truth about social security

It has nothing to do with the deficit. McConnell is lying about that. The other truth is that McConnell and his Repugs want to raid the social security trust fund, meaning steal our money, for their own purposes.

Mistaking socialism for capitalism

Let's start from the first truthful tenet.

What Democratic angry mobs do

This is considered violence to Repugnantans because it's more effective than actual violence.

Sam Bee update on voter suppression

This is happening all over and it is right in the open voter suppression because they know the Supreme Corp will let them get away with it. Democracy much? Apparently not.

Dump denies facts about Saudi bone saw torture/murder

This is seriously sick shit when our Presidunce tries to cover up torture and murder because he gets money from the Saudis.

Some Native and Democratic oversensitivity is why they lose

This is exactly what Democrats lose elections with their over sensitivities that miss the point. Point being, Warren does have Native ancestry and Dump is a racist. She never claimed membership in any tribe. If you want to defeat Dump and his Dumpsters quit being babies and responding to their narrative. Attack them, not Warren who will help you receive the rights and benefits you deserve. Recall Maher's accurate comment on this.

Snopes fact check on voter suppression

The initial question is on provisional ballots, and whether you can request one if you've been purged from the voter rolls. It provides factual information on what to do if you need to case a provisional ballot. But the fact check does a lot more; it reports on all the voter suppression going on around the country, and what to do about it. Please pass this along, thanks.

Silverman on voter suppression in GA

Repugnantans cannot win without cheating and they know it so they cheat.

Colbert: Dump's science fiction

And it's not even science fiction, which is typically extrapolated from science fact. Dump is strictly idiotic delusion.