Saturday, October 3, 2020

Dems ready to surrender on Coney Barrett

Continuing this post, per Sirota some Democrats have given up any hope of stopping Coney Barrett's nomination. Specifically, Senators Durbin and Whitehouse. Segal and Teachout penned an op-ed in the NY Times laying out 19 procedural ploys to delay it yet too many Dems side with the quitters given their Party's "culture of learned helplessness." They wrote:

"Premature assertions of hopelessness are endemic to establishment Democratic politicians. This even passes for savvy: If nothing ever happens, because you convince yourself nothing can be done, then you’re never wrong."

The NY Times wrote:

"Democrats have opted against using parliamentary tactics to grind the Senate to a complete halt to try to delay a confirmation vote until after the election on Nov. 3, as some progressive groups have demanded."

What would McConnell do in this situation? We know the answer. In addition to those 19 procedures he'd lie, cheat and steal to prevent a Supreme Corp pick that he didn't want. We Democrats don't have to resort to his unethical practices because we have 19 legal procedures to achieve our goal. We all need to contact our Senators and demand that they fight like hell to protect our long-term rights via the Corp. We must exert the utmost pressure with threats of a primary to get rid of them and follow through on those threats. It's time Democrats grow a spine and fight back for we the people instead of caving to those who don't give one shit about us.

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