Monday, December 23, 2019

Happy Holidays!

Those who say it is a war on Christmas to wish people Happy Holidays instead of saying Merry Christmas means they think America is a "Christian nation" and therefore Christmas is the only legitimate holiday this time of year. They deny other religions their legitimacy under the Constitution of the US, aka religious freedom in the First Amendment. What saying Happy Holidays really means is that you respect others' freedom of religion, and it expresses well wishes to them in celebrating their choice. You know, being kind, compassionate, humane: The sort of emotions the holiday should elicit from all of us instead of demanding that everyone celebrate Christmas. So in the spirit of the holiday season I'll say it again: Happy Holidays to your choice of holidays. May you have peace and hominy. (Note: hominy is the coarsely ground corn in posole, a regional southwest US soup).

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