Saturday, December 28, 2019

Bernie on the kind of society we want

He said it best in his FB post. The choice is ours.

"When it comes to billionaires benefiting from the generosity of the American taxpayer, the holiday spirit is alive year-round. Nearly 100 of the top Fortune 500 companies now pay nothing in taxes.

"Meanwhile, the Trump administration is kicking 700,000 hungry people of their nutrition benefits.
Republicans defend these cuts to food assistance by saying that keeping people hungry will make them work harder. But we know this is just about cruelty.

"This is what oligarchy looks like: Trump’s appetite to shower the ultra-wealthy with corporate welfare is endless – and so is his administration’s willingness to assault our nation’s most vulnerable and hungriest families.

"Ultimately, we must make a choice as a society: will we tolerate the insatiable greed and cruelty of the billionaire class, whose control over our political system lets them take food out of the mouths of hungry school kids? Or do we build a humane, equitable society that ends poverty, hunger, and homelessness – and allows everyone to live with dignity?"

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