Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Guiliani continues conspiracy theories

NBC reported that Guiliani (G), upon return from his recent Ukraine trip, is still floating debunked conspiracy theories. G admitted that he wanted Yovanovich (Y) out of the way because she was interfering with G trying to dig up dirt on the Biden. Now G is claiming that Y was the corrupt one because the fired and corrupt former Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin said so. G also met with Shokin's replacement, Lutsenko, fired by the new President of Ukraine. G also claimed Y was corrupt because she turned down a VISA for Shokin, when in fact "Shokin was denied the visa by the State Department because he was seen as having wasted U.S. aid meant to battle corruption, according to testimony in the impeachment probe." The witness testimony from the impeachment inquiry all back Y's testimony and debunk the conspiracy theories.

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