Friday, January 27, 2017

Twamp's voter fraud lies seek to further disenfranchise opponents

It's been a GOP ploy for ages and now the Biggest Loser, because he really lost, is joining the bogus campaign. His investigation into alleged voter fraud by 3 - 5 million people has zero evidence, and will come up with none if it is honestly conducted. But that's a big if. Never mind that all previous government investigations into this claim came up empty. We need a new one to placate this smallest penis, Biggest Loser, not my President.

The real goal? To give further ammo to those Republican states that have already disenfranchised hundreds of thousands with voter ID, cuts to early voting, Interstate Cross-Check, and many more nefarious laws. That ammo doesn't have to be based on facts, just to incite its stupid base to believe it's true. And they've proven that is an easy chore given the last and other recent elections.

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