Sunday, January 29, 2017

Democrats still don't have a spine

And to some degree that includes Sanders and Warren. In this clip they discuss how both of them voted for some of Twamp's nominees, like Ben Sleepwalking Carson. What's with maintaining this losing strategy of "let's try to get along." The Republicans held firm to oppose and obstruct everything that Obama did, and they continue to win with the argument that Congress is ineffective. Not what Republicans are in charge of all of Congress as well as the Presidency, now it the perfect time for Democrats to oppose everything they propose, including and especially Twamp's swamp appointments. And yes, all of them. None of them are acceptable. So when Twamp and his cronies fail, and they will most certainly fail bigly, and if Democrats oppose everything, then the public has no one to blame but the Republicans and will remember that the Democrats fought against those failures at every turn. But still Democrats lack spine for an all out war against the real enemies of the people. And make no mistake, this is a war and the enemy must be defeated if we ever want our democracy back. Compromising with evil is complicit in that evil, even if it's a little bit like Sanders or Warren.

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