Thursday, January 26, 2017

Republicans lie about being fiscally conservative

I know, big surprise. They are proceeding to provide funding for Twamp's border wall, which they estimate will cost $12-15 billion. Never mind that more accurate estimates come in around $27-40 billion. Plus the GOP refuses to say what will offset this cost, which has been their standard procedure before when claiming fiscal responsibility. E.g. they refused to fund these projects if there weren't offsets: Hurricane Sandy relief; 9/11 first responders bill; Flint water emergency relief and several others.

So their claim of fiscal responsibility only applies to programs that actually help people but goes out the window when it comes to ideological, corporate cronyism. And rest assured, we will pay for that wall with cuts to social programs while the corporations continue to get welfare subsidies. And if you believe Mexico will pay for it...again, the idiots will believe it. The rest of us can just lube up our assholes and bend over.

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