Monday, February 24, 2020

Giridharadas on corporate cognitive dissonance

He reiterates what I've been saying about being stuck in the old story which has cognitive dissonance with the new story:

"Many of this establishment are behaving in my view as they face the prospect of a Bernie Sanders nomination like out-of-touch aristocrats in a dying aristocracy. Just sort of, 'How do we stop this, how do we block this?'"

"Last night was a historic win that I think a lot of us are still struggling to understand. It's historic because we may be seeing that we are paddling through a bend of a river in history here. Something is happening in America right now that actually does not fit our mental models. It certainly doesn't fit the mental models of a lot of people on TV. It doesn't fit the mental models of a lot of people in the parties. It doesn't fit our cultural mental models."

Not sorry aristocrats. You can't stop this tidal way of a new story. We the people and democracy are on the march and there's no stopping us and our champion Bernie. Not me, us.

Krugman and Wolff debate about Sanders and socialism

Here's the blurb from Democracy Now:

"As Bernie Sanders’s runaway win in Nevada cements his position as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, the Democratic Party establishment and much of the mainstream media are openly expressing concern about a self-described democratic socialist leading the presidential ticket. His opponents have also attacked his ambitious agenda. Last week during the primary debate in Las Vegas, Bernie Sanders addressed misconceptions about socialism. Invoking the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Sanders decried what he called 'socialism for the very rich, rugged individualism for the poor.'

"For more, we host a debate on Bernie Sanders and democratic socialism, featuring two well-known economists. Paul Krugman is a New York Times op-ed columnist and author of many books, including his latest, Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future. One of his recent columns is headlined 'Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Socialist.' Richard Wolff is professor emeritus of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and visiting professor at The New School. He is the founder of Democracy at Work and hosts the weekly national television and radio program 'Economic Update.' He’s the author of several books, including Understanding Socialism.

Dispelling myths about Medicare For All

This is Judith Deutsch's presentation to the New Mexico Humanist Society last Saturday. It includes rebuttals to the myths as well as explains Jayapal's Medicare for All Act of 2019 (HR 1384). To see Bernie's Senate version visit here.

Cooper interviews Bernie

See Richard Romaine's insightful commentary on it here. This is the inherent bias of corporate media. It's doesn't have to be the extreme craziness of Matthews saying Bernie would kill him in Central Park, or Todd claiming it's like the Nazis. It all comes from the underlying corporate story that they all buy unconsciously and takes many forms, even the seemingly innocuous like this interview.

The good thing is that Bernie reframes it into a different story of people being empowered by government, and that government by the right people means they are servants of we the people. That is an entirely better story that corporate media just cannot accept, because in their minds the elite like themselves are to be followed with their story. Sorry, the people's revolution is changing the story, like it or not.

The Political Mind

Book by George Lakoff, free pdf here. An excerpt:

“One can see in scripts the link between frames and narratives. Narratives are frames that tell a story. They have semantic roles, properties of the role, relations among roles, and scenarios. What makes it a narrative-a story-and not just a mere frame? A narrative has a point to it, a moral. It is about how you should live your life-or how you shouldn’t. It has emotional content: events that make you sad or angry or in awe” (250).

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Even Todd is accepting reality today

Chuck reports on Sanders' crushing victory in NV with every category of voter demonstrating Bernie's broad base of support.

Plouffe: Dems should quit the contested convention narrative

In this piece Obama's former campaign manager admits that there is plenty of talk about it in the Party. And that they should cut it out and support Bernie, "the future of the Party." Plouffe "ridiculed all discussion among Democrats that party members or opponents of Sanders should push for a brokered Democratic National Convention in July." He also suggests that candidates who really have no chance should drop out and face reality.Will they?

Why the Dem Party hates Bernie

Yet the Dem Party projects all of their own hate onto Bernie and his supporters. And what is it they really hate? We the people and democracy.

"Bernie Sanders' surge over the last six weeks has driven the Democratic party and the corporate media to vomiting up unglued totally irrational gaslighting disinformation madness. In just the last few weeks national professional opinion shaping pundits have:

*Likened Sanders' supporters to nazi brown shirts
*Voiced angst that should Sanders' become President Bernie would have him shot in Central Park
*Characterized Sanders' black women supporters as 'Misfit Black Girls' (the pundit, Jason Johnson himself, is a black man)
*An MSNBC pundit let out an audible "he makes my skin crawl" during a show simply at the mention of Sanders' name.
*And corporate media has launched a disinformation campaign solely aimed at Sanders' supporters, calling them 'trolls', 'Russian assets' and the above mentioned 'nazi brownshirts'

The most troubling of all the anti-Bernie venom in corporate media is how they've lately aimed their contempt at Bernie Sanders' supporters. The very same people they'll demand to support whoever the Dem nominee is. How the Democratic establishment through it's corporate media can shit on millions of people, then demand those very same people vote for them in the general election, is insane, an insanity borne of willful ignorance. Corporate media pundits live in a comfortable privilege bubble. They literally can't understand how anyone can not be content with the corporate status quo, I mean, those pundits are doing great! Isn't everyone?"

Bernie's crushing NV caucus win

As of this morning, with 60% of precincts reporting, Bernie got 33.2% of the first vote, 39.3% of the final vote and has 46% of the county convention delegates. So much for all the negative corporate media spin on his electability etc.

Krugman dispels the socialist myth

So much for Dump and the Repug's favorite Bernie talking point. Not that Bernie needs it, having so far decimated that myth in every debate and interview when he's been accused of it. Bring it on Repugs; Bernie wins on that one.

Silver on contested convention

Nate Silver previously discussed this possibility here, noting that so many candidates in the race increases the possibility of no candidate getting enough delegates in the first vote. He also reiterated it last night after Bernie's huge NV victory on the possible motives of the other candidates staying in the race to the convention when he said:

"Sanders is by far the most likely Democrat to win the nomination with a majority of pledged delegates. Other candidates are mostly hoping for a messy outcome in which they win the nomination by plurality — potentially at a contested convention."

Saturday, February 22, 2020

NV Dem Party asks caucus workers to sign NDA

Meaning non-disclosure agreements to prevent them from talking to the press. I guess if NDAs are good for their favorite Gloomberg then NDAs are good enough for them to prevent the truth from coming out about what they are doing. How anyone can still have trust in the Dem Party is astonishing to me.

Biden's new Gloomberg ad

I bookmarked the start of the ad. I give Biden credit for this good one. If you don't like the commentator before and after the ad you can skip it.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Hartmann: Bernie's released medical information

This is for all those who falsely claim that Bernie is not being transparent about his heart situation. That claim is absolutely absurd and just more fodder for an anti-Bernie narrative. Listen to the facts and STFU.

Another corrupt DNC rule

I just discovered another insidious DNC convention rule: If a candidate doesn't get a majority of delegates in the first round, then formerly pledged delegates are freed to change their pledges in a 2nd round ignoring the popular vote altogether. How democratic! No wonder all the popular vote losers are so excited. These rules are brought to you by the Democratic Party, whose slogan is: We don't give a shit about your votes.

It seems it's up to we the people to put so much pressure on the DNC to abandon any hope of doing this. Contact your Senators, Representatives and your State Party with your concerns.

Bernie's campaign conduct instructions

Like this will affect those establishment Dems programmed by the fake Bernie Bro narrative.

We are the ones we've been waiting for

And our time is now. New song for we the people.

TYT on the contested convention

Ana nails it except when she said if Liz was leading Bernie would have also answered like the others. There is nothing in Bernie's long history to suggest that. That aside, TYT is right though about how anti-democratic that process is, how it's a direct assault on we the people. So why aren't supporters of those who would accept a contested convention screaming about abandoning the will of the people and a democratic process? Instead they are trying to justify it! They give Warren's later justification as an example (5:07). This really is the upside-down world of the book 1984 when even Democrats are doing it. And again why Bernie must be our nominee if we ever hope to return to some form of democracy.

I know, defenders are once again going to cry "See, those mean Bernie Bros" when it's just astute political analysis exposing their own contempt for we the people.

Only Bernie chose democracy

Excellent article in Jacobin on the underlying premise of a contested convention: It is authoritarian and anti-democratic. And only Bernie stood up for democracy, a frightening occurrence in a Democratic Party debate. This is exactly why Bernie must be our nominee and not any of the others.

"With a billionaire onstage and every candidate but Bernie Sanders open to unelected and unaccountable superdelegates choosing the nominee, last night’s debate showcased clearly the choice facing Democrats: rule by the majority or rule by plutocratic elites. [...] Democracy is a broad and widely contested principle. But a group of unelected party apparatchiks handing victory to a candidate with fewer votes would represent an indisputable violation of it — particularly as a means of overruling a dynamic popular movement powered primarily by working-class activists and small donations. In an environment where millions rightly feel their country is ruled by the wealth and power of a handful of political and economic elites, it would be nothing short of a suicidal act for the Democratic Party. And yet it was a potential course of action left open by every politician on the stage save one."

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Who are the superdelegates?

See this wiki on the 775 superdelegates. Care to guess which way they'll influence a 2nd convention vote? Also remember the Constitutional one person one vote rule? These people get to vote twice.

Saagar on Dem answers to contested convention

He has it right. Their responses make clear their intention to stay in all the way to force a contested convention. And the Party has rules for that which favor a candidate other than Bernie. How convenient that they kept these rules for just such a situation.

Krystal v. Green on contested election

Adam Green is a Warren surrogate. So Saager brings up Warren's response to the contested convention question last night. Green previews the spin on this: That it would be "ranked choice" voting to override the candidate with the most votes if they don't get a majority. But ranked choice works with everyone who voted for the candidates to get their 2nd choice. The convention systems is to give superdelegates the extra votes for their 2nd choice; it's not we the people getting that opportunity. And we know the majority of the superdelegates are biased for a more establishment candidate.

Krystal makes the additional point that the Dem establishment keeps harping on how Hillary won the popular vote and should have been elected, that the Electoral College is unfairly biased. And yet when it comes to Bernie they want the same sort of biased process to override the popular vote. The ranked choice framing sounds good on the surface but as noted above it too is a corruption of that very process where Party insiders get a 2nd choice, not we the people.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Dem candidates on a contested convention

This is a scary premonition. The moderator asked if there is a contested election would the candidates agree that the person with the most votes wins it? Bernie of course said yes, but all the other candidates said a version of "let the system play out," meaning let the Dem rules decide who to choose. Does anyone else find that acceptable?

"Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic candidate on the debate stage who thinks the candidate with the most delegates should win the party’s presidential nomination even if he or she doesn't have a majority.

"His rivals on Wednesday night in Las Vegas say the party should let the convention play out according to rules set by the party, which allow for multiple rounds of voting if a candidate is unable to get a majority of the delegates on the first round."

Abrams' PAC takes $5 million from Doomberg

Following up on the last post, Abrams' PAC Fair Fight is specifically to ensure fair elections.  So Stacey is asked about Doomberg's $5 million contribution to the PAC, and if his spending $millions on his campaign is consistent with the PAC's goals? She hedges her answer and it's disappointing. If she now accepts Doomberg's VP offer something is drastically wrong.

Will Abrams be Doomberg's VP pick?

Don't do it Stacey. He's a racist and against pretty much everything you believe in. TYT lays it out.

Bernie v. Doomberg on social security

Medicare and Medicaid. Bernie's latest ad in prep for tonight's debate.

Edwards and position 0

From Metatheory for the Twenty First Century (Routledge 2015):

"In addition to the five positions Roy outlined in the Preface, we have included an additional position inspired by Mark Edwards' comments. In his exchange with Roy Mark makes the point that there is also a position that is focused on the context or 'clearing' of the integrative theory engagement, as opposed to the content or metatheories being engaged. Since this position signifies the conditions or context for any encounter between integrative metatheories to occur we have placed it prior to the other five positions and used a '0' to designate it" (24).

Bernie Bro parody

So mean! Yet so true.