Monday, January 30, 2017

Democratic votes on Twamp's appointments lack spine

Following up on this post, Slate has documented Democratic votes so far on Twamp's appointments. The author can see some of the appointments as within a reasonable and justifiable Democratic vote, like Mattis for Defense Secretary and Haley for UN ambassador. But on several other appointments too many Dems gave in on despicable appointees, like Kelly for Homeland Security, Pompeo for CIA Director, and Ben Carson for HHS.

Speculation has it that some of these Dems are up for reelection in two years so want to appear to be bi-partisan.
But this only shows the weakness of such losing Dem strategy. The Republicans have been successful with obstructing everything Obama proposed because it demonstrates conviction and dedication of values. The Dems still believe voters want them to play nice and compromise and NO WE DO NOT. Progressives also want their reps to have a spine and stand up for what we believe. And thing is, so do most Americans, as poll after poll shows most agree with progressive policies. Now if only we could get the Dems in Congress to stand up for those policies and fight tooth and nail against every Republican or Twamp proposal that is against those issues. Which pretty much means almost every issue.

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