Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sanders is one of the few exceptions

Following up on this post, Sanders is one of the few Democratic exceptions to the establishment rule. His entire career has been spent defending the working class and asking that the elite pay their fair share and treat their workers with dignity, fair pay and benefits. Here are a few excerpts from his latest diatribe, examples of what Thomas Frank said the Democratic Party has long forgotten.

"That increasingly globalized economy, established and maintained by the world’s economic elite, is failing people everywhere. [...] During my campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, I’ve visited 46 states. What I saw and heard on too many occasions were painful realities that the political and media establishment fail even to recognize."

"Let’s be clear. The global economy is not working for the majority of people in our country and the world. This is an economic model developed by the economic elite to benefit the economic elite. [...] We also need a president who respects the democratic rights of the people, and who will fight for an economy that protects the interests of working people, not just Wall Street, the drug companies and other powerful special interests. We need to fundamentally reject our 'free trade' policies and move to fair trade. Americans should not have to compete against workers in low-wage countries who earn pennies an hour. We must defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We must help poor countries develop sustainable economic models. We need to end the international scandal in which large corporations and the wealthy avoid paying trillions of dollars in taxes to their national governments."

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