Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Response to Norman Goldman about the Dem Party

I heard a bit of the show about an hour ago. He admitted that both the electoral college and the Democratic superdelegates are specifically designed because they don't trust we the people. And that the Dem Party is further designed to support itself over we the people. That it no longer represents we the people, and does represent their moneyed backers, is indisputable. And we're supposed to become a part of that?

Sanders only ran as a Democrat because if you're not in one or the other of the two major parties you have no chance. Since you like to get at the core issue, that's it: the two-party system itself is corrupt. To have a vibrant democracy of the people requires a multi-party system that allows for those other Parties to actually have a chance to compete in the system.

The Green Party, for example, has been around a long time and done all the required things to get on ballots etc. That is, they agree with you on taking the long view and working toward it. And they are very much aligned with the Sanders agenda. But after all that work they still have no real chance in the rigged two-party system. That is, unless the likes of Sanders and Warren realize that if they want to put people before Party they need to either join the Green Party or form a new one.

There is absolutely no hope left for the Democratic Party after a long, slow struggle to change it, to wit, the Progressive Caucus. Year after year their agenda and budgets are right out of Sanders' playbook and they never get enough votes to matter or even change the majority corporate Dems one iota. To suggest that even more long effort at Dem Party reform is part of the problem, not the solution.

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