Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Reich on why we need a Third Party

After this election, of course. The threat of a Trump Presidency is too great in his mind to take that chance with this election. But afterward, yes. And getting big money out of politics should be its central message, since the establishment Dems will never do it. It's the key to every other issue.

"I am in favor of a third party after November. I think that what Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders supporters ought to be considering very seriously is a kind of new progressive party — post-November — that fields candidates, that supports progressives for House and Senate races, even considers putting up somebody for the 2020 presidential race. A party that dedicates the next four or eight or 20 years to building a progressive movement politically and focussing on the politics of a progressive movement. It hasn't been done, and it needs to be done, and I think that the movement that Bernie Sanders began is the logical starting point."

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