Saturday, June 4, 2016

Integral Life Crowdocracy interview

Over at FB IPS Balder linked to a new book on Crowdocracy. Someone else then provided a link to an Integral Life interview with its author by Kennilingam. My response:

I listened to the free first 5 minute clip, since I don't have (or want) a subscription to IL. Therein Wilber acknowledges that there is a shift happening that this thread has voluminously documented. But then he launches into yet another sales pitch claiming that his AQAL model is part of this shift. And of all the various expressions of the collaborative commons above none of them have used the AQAL model, or any model whatsoever. This shift is happening from the outside in, in that the practices of peer production made possible by social media is inculcating a different consciousness. Its more of an organic movement than a top-down model-first imposition that leads the way. That very fact is what is motivating this shift, and to do model first is still part of the old school.

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