Monday, September 12, 2016

So when Clinton is politically incorrect that's not ok?

All of Trump's bluster about claiming liberals are being politically correct if they accuse him of racism and bigotry doesn't hold water if those charges are actually true. And there's plenty of evidence to that fact, most recently in Clinton being criticized for saying nearly half of his followers are also racist and bigoted. First off, it's a politically incorrect thing to say by Trump's own standards, so you'd think that would count for points. But secondly, what she said turns out to be true from polls. So this is exactly the kind of debate we should be having, that it's proper to call out facts about Trump and his followers displaying these odious qualities. Whereas Trump's claims are so full of lies the media can't keep up with them. His followers like it when he is 'authentic' despite no facts to back it up but they cringe when Clinton does it with the truth.

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