Friday, May 12, 2017

Joshua Greene on moral cognition

Another really good resource I just discovered is Joshua Greene's work on moral cognition. This link has several studies he's done on both quick and slow moral processes, roughly analogous to Haidt's intuitional and Kohlberg's rational traits.

And this Greene interview on the evolution of morality.

"Biologically at least, we only evolved to cooperate in a tribal way. Individuals who were more moral—more cooperative with those around them—could outcompete others who were not. However, we have the capacity to take a step back from this and ask what a more global morality would look like. [...] If a morality is a system that allows individuals to form a group and to get along with each other, then the challenge is to devise a system that allows different groups to get along—what I call a meta-morality."

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