Monday, May 15, 2017

Which moral judgments are better?

We must make moral value judgments about what's better for society. We decided that slavery was antithetical to a democracy as but one example. Another is that an authoritarian regime is antithetical to a democracy. Another is that implementing climate science is better for the very survival of the human species than continuing fossil fuel use. It's fair game to do so when comparing liberal and conservative world views, using science, of course. Science itself must make these value judgments instead of sitting idly on the sidelines.

Yes, there is plenty of woo woo on the liberal side, like anti-vacination, anti-GMO and far out conspiracy theories. It too has its confirmation biases. But I or others in this Meetup 'in-group' have yet to espouse that sort of liberal nonsense. Our focus is supporting our claims with science. So yes, in that sense we are biased toward the scientific method of validation, but that's a good thing. And no, I've seen scientific studies that show liberals are indeed more open to changing their confirmation bias when presented with new facts and evidence.

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