Friday, April 8, 2016

Ten basic principles of metamodermism

I've recently discovered Seth Abramson at Huff Post, as he's writing articles on the Presidential election. Going to his website I discover that metamodernism is also one of his interests. E.g., on the essays link see "the 10 basic principals of metamodernism." I'll just provide the bullet points below; see the article for details:

1. Metamodernism as a negotiation between modernism and postmodernism.
2. Dialogue over dialectics.
3. Paradox.
4. Juxtaposition.
5. The collapse of distances.
6. Multiple subjectivities.
7. Collaboration.
8. Simultaneity and generative ambiguity.
9. An optimistic response to tragedy by returning, albeit cautiously, to metanarratives.
10. Interdisciplinarity.

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