Monday, April 18, 2016

Real and false reason revisited

A couple quick observations on the last post. As I noted ad nauseum in this forum, the notion of 'rationality' in this system is the deficient or dissociative phase of what is termed formal operations in developmental speak. It is so abstract that it is divorced from other people and the environment, from it's own very embodiment. It is what Lakoff calls false reason. It manifests in an entire philosophy explored at length in Philosophy in the Flesh.

And this disembodied, abstract and false reason is the unconsciously accepted background cultural worldview assumption from which we launch our notions of further development a la the Model of Hierarchical Complexity. As I noted in the real/false reason thread, postformal operations so defined maintain and extend this dysfunctional and deficient 'reasoning' into more complex complications. Hence we get so-called postformalists completely subservient to the dictates of a rampant capitalism, even singing its praises in a more 'developed' form like conscious capitalism, because they are still caught up on this Higher Selfish meme of deficient rationality carried into more 'complex' postformal levels.

And yet, as explored in this thread there is another form of complexity, one which is not surprisingly more aligned with the emerging neo-Commons movement, a complexity not so twisted by the deficient rational structure. I'd add that this 'real' reasoning also manifests in the sort of emerging forms of polydox spirituality we explore at length in the IPS forum.

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