Monday, April 25, 2016

More on the progressive revolution

See this Rolling Stone piece. It's happening people. Now that we've energized and active in the Sanders campaign we going to build on that to fight for a government truly of the people, for the people and by the people. Some excerpts:

Encouraged by the momentum Sanders' campaign has generated, the young people heading up some of the last decade's most influential social movements are grappling with how to build a new kind of politics, as active in the streets as it is in the halls of power. [...] While millennial organizers may have been excited about a Sanders administration, many see a bolder goal on the horizon: an alternative to politics as usual, one that's of, by and for the grassroots. From backing candidates up and down the ticket to marching on Washington, activists are looking to create a popular outlet for anger at the status quo, with electoral teeth."

"'We need a movement party that's decentralized, that many people can identify with, organizationally and individually.' She likens such a formation to the Tea Party — not in its Koch Brothers funding or Fox News cheerleaders, but in the more than 900 local chapters that led a values-driven transformation of the Republican Party from town halls and church basements. 'Anyone across the country can identify with the Tea Party. 'The open-source nature of it … that's something our movements already are. We need to actualize that in a party structure.'"

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