Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ralph Nader w/Hartmann on civic org convention

They start by discussing that in order for a movement to gain traction it must 1) be supported by the populace and 2) have access to dissemination via the media. And that right now big media simply refuse to even report on such matters. This includes issues of agreement and coalition between left and right. Then they move to an unprecedented conference coming up where several civic activist groups come together to promote populist issues. It will also give us the tools for effective civic action in our communities, with plenty of real life examples of success. Go to for more. (Note the conference can be streamed online.) But again, will big media even cover it? Who cares, we can through our social media connections. Let's get busy people and engage participatory democracy. If you don't you will lose it. (Also see part two on the interview here.)

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