Monday, April 25, 2016

Robert Reich on a progressive third party

The following is from his FB post. I agree it's time for a third Progressive Party. Only Reich is talking future tense, when the Democratic Party is already long defunct and the time is now for the new Party.

"The real battle is not about pushing the Democratic Party to the left, as the media wants to characterize it (see article below, for example). It’s about getting the Party to recognize that the current concentration of income, wealth, and political power is not sustainable – neither politically nor economically – and to join in the movement to reverse it.

"Nor, for that matter, is it a 'battle for the soul of the Democratic Party,' as the media are portraying it. Far more Americans are independents than they are Democrats. If the Democratic Party doesn’t become a leading part of this movement, the Party will become irrelevant to the future. And millions of Americans – especially but not exclusively younger Americans -- will abandon the Democrats and begin a third party that will lead the charge."

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