Friday, April 15, 2016

Transcendent metamodernism

Following up on this post, below is an excerpt from Abramson's article x. Recall in the previous post that philosophy must reflect the broader context of our daily bread. Otherwise it becomes a stale game of inbred, elite intellectualism jailed in ivory towers never to affect the daily life of those not so privileged. In that sense the art of Watts and like ilk do indeed directly affect us, not through some arcane philosophical argot but through easily accessible formats that reflect our embedded experience, e.g. a fuck shit stack. This excerpt from "On transcendent metamodernism" is in the context of art that reflects our lived experience.

"But a still more intriguing question is whether antipodal analyses are any longer useful, or whether the time has come to speak of multiple dimensions of reality, actualities that are irresolvably contradictory and deliberately incalculable, and a state of affective response in which contemporary humans feel perpetually overwhelmed, but not critically degeneratively so. Whereas postmodern theories of hyperreality invariably metaphorized erasure of the line between fact and fiction as a gradual process of degeneration, collapse, and decomposition, metamodernism approaches contradiction, paradox, and ambiguity as reconstructive forces, and emphasizes not singularity qua collapse but multiplicity qua transcendence" (7).

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