Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We've only just begun

Here's Reich's FB post on the people's movement. Just because Sanders won't win doesn't mean we quit. We've only just begun to fight and we will fight until we the people win. Reich:

"Here's what I say to all those who are telling me Bernie should leave the race: Baloney. He should – and will – fight on, despite the worsening odds of his winning the nomination.His campaign isn’t and has never been mainly about Bernie Sanders. It’s about a movement to reclaim our democracy from the moneyed interests, and thereby have an economy that’s working for the many rather than the few.

"That movement has attracted unprecedented support in this election -- from millions of young people, from a record number of small donors, from an upsurge of progressives determined to change the system. That movement should have every opportunity to be heard and to continue to grow – not just through the upcoming Indiana, Oregon, District of Columbia, and California primaries, but also in the Democratic Party’s platform. And beyond. Real change takes years to achieve. This movement has just begun."

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